"It's over here!" yelled the man with woolen boots and a big fur jacket. I open my eyes to see five men walking towards me with shining freshly sharped knives. Startled, I slow start to back away from everything. And everyone. My fur cold and wet as it had been drizzling, and the wind blowed the rain into the cave I was resting in. A quick glance behind me, and I sprinted for my life. "Get it!" screamed the men as they ran after me. Faster and faster my legs took me, out of breath, I stumbled behind a bush and layed down. Fortunately, the men ran straight past.

Walking down the wooden floor to the kitchen, my mother was standing there dishing up bacon and eggs on toast. "Here you go love" said my mother sweetly. My father was killed my hunters four months ago, I was devastated. I quickly scoffed down my breakfast as I needed to get ready for another day of school. School wasn't my number one priority for me because I wanted to travel to Canada and explore the mountains, but of course I have to go to school even though I am a wolf.

That's another thing, I'm a wolf. I was born one as my mother and father are wolfs too. I hate it how people underestimate wolves, saying we will eat them, because that's only a stereotype that you see on the movies.

As I walk to school I see Tom. Those piercing blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and rosy red cheeks would never want a curly red headed with freckles. He probably doesn't even know I exist.

He winks at me then all of a sudden I feel my ears and tail pop out…

The rest coming soon.