"Harmony! Get up now." my mother called from downstairs. "It's your first day at your new school and you will not be late."

"God, I'm already dressed mum." I said as I rushed down the stairs.

"Morning sweetie." dad kissed me on the forehead.

"Hey." I smiled at him as I continued to walk into the kitchen. I sat at the dinning table and took a bite of my plain wholemeal toast.

Mum came up to me, huge smile plastered on her face. "I have a present for you." she sang.

I put my toast down. "Cool." I said as she handed we the wrapped gift. I ripped the paper off to reveal a diary. "Thanks mum." I tried to sound as grateful as possible.

Dad walked in and I looked at him, pleading for help with my eyes. But he just gave me his there's-no-way-I-can-get-you-out-of-this-one smiles.

"When I was in high school I wrote all of my deepest thoughts in a journal, and so I thought that maybe you could do the same." mum smiled. "So do you like it?"

I stood up. "I love it." I said as I gave her a hug. "Well I'm off to school." I said as I threw my toast in the bin and grabbed my bag.

"Dressed like that?" mum asked, shocked.

I looked down at my ripped stockings, black ankle boots, and a black dress with little pink and purple roses and lime green leaves, black cardigan, and my blonde hair slightly teased and down. "Yeah." I shrugged before turning around and heading for the door.

"Harmony, don't forget that your uncle will be picking you up after school." mum called as I closed the door behind me.


"Matt, are you sure it was a good idea coming back?" I asked my husband.

"It's the best thing for her." he smiled as he held my waist. "Plus you needed to come back. I can tell you miss him." he raised a cocky eyebrow.

"Stefan is a vampire, there's no future for me in the relationship." I told him. "He only opened my eyes to love, which led me back to you." I kissed him.

"As long as it stays that way, 'cause there's no way I'll go down without a fight." he laughed.

"Well hopefully he'll stay away from Mystic Falls until she graduates." I sighed. "I can't see her heart break like mine."


Dear diary,

At least that's how I think you start these things. Well anyway, my name is Harmony Gilbert. Well I didn't really like the sound of Harmony Donovan (which is my dad's last name), so I changed it. But my parents, Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert, are married so technically my mums name is Elena Donovan.

So anyway there's the thing. We just moved to this town where my mum and dad grew up. It's called Mystic Falls. Apparently they missed the place. Well anyway now I have to start at a stupid new school, with a bunch of weird kids that will stare and point at me because I'm not from around here. We lived in Atlanta my whole life, and that's also where my nonexistent friends live… I don't really like bitchy show-offs, and that was the entire population of my school. And I have no doubt this school will be the same.

Well my mum gave me this diary. She said it was so I could write like her, but I know it was so I could write my thoughts and she can read them, so I won't be hiding this in an obvious spot.

Anyway I have to get to class soon, so catch ya! xx

I sat under a tree. I slipped my book into my bag and plugged my earphones in. As I sat and watched all the students gather up into their secluded groups of friends.

I sighed. Feeling the loneliness push in on me. I guess the saying 'Me, myself and I' is all I need to say to explain my high school years.

"God. Sarra stop perving on all of my friends." this boy snapped at a girl who was rolling her eyes at him. He was tall and fair skinned. He had black hair and from what I could see, green eyes. He was absolutely hot, and absolutely out of bounds. I never get involved with boys.

"I'm not perving!" she told him. She wasn't as tall as him, but she also had black hair and green eyes. But her skin was a little more tanned then his. The moment I saw them, I knew they were twins.

The school bell rang before they could kill each other, so I headed straight for my first class. English. As I walked through the halls I kept my headphones in, but my music was off. I always pretend I can't hear or see people, just so I don't see them starring or talking about me.

As soon as I walked into the class, my eyes lock onto a desk close to the window and at the back of the room. I rushed over to it casually and placed my bag onto the seat next to the one I sat on. There is no way I'm sitting next to a complete stranger.

"Hey." suddenly the guy from outside was sitting next to me, and my bag was placed next to my feet. He smiled, showing a perfect row of straight white teeth. "I'm Jack."

I allowed a slight smile to form on my lips. "I'm Harmony." I told him before looking away and staring out the window.

"I know who you are." he laughed quietly. "We don't get many new kids, especially ones that look like you." I went on high alert straight away, trying to cover myself, thinking he meant I was weird looking. "No, I mean, well… you're… you know… hot."

I looked at him and saw he was nervous. I smiled, and I mean I gave him a proper smile. "Thanks you're not too bad yourself."


"So, brother, when were you going to tell me about your trip back to Mystic Falls?" Damon asked as he sat on the couch with his feet on the coffee table.

"I wasn't." I told him. "I guess I assumed you'd follow me anyway, so why tell you where we're going."

"So you wanted to surprise me? Aren't you just friendly all of a sudden." he looked at me, curious as to what I'm up to. "So are you going to school?" he asked.

"Not today." I said as I headed upstairs. "Maybe tomorrow."

"Don't go stealing hearts." he called, and that's all it took. I knew he knew about Elena.


"You can sit with me if you want?" Jack said as we left chemistry. So far I had English, history and chemistry with him. I had free period second, and that was the only time Jack hadn't been by my side.

"Sit where?" I asked, completely confused.

"At the lunch table." he laughed. "You really don't know how to talk to people."

"I already told you, I've never, ever had a friend." I shrugged as I followed him to his table.

He led me outside and to a table where there were a lot of people. There were mostly guys, and I could tell instantly that Jack was on the football team.

"So you wanna sit with us?" he grinned.

"You mean, do I want to sit with the coolest guys in school and the girls who wish they could be noticed by those same boys, who just so happen to be on the football team?" I asked looking at him as if he was suddenly some strange person I've never met.

"Well yeah. Come on, you didn't know I was on the team?" he asked, noticing I was unimpressed.

"What, am I suppose to read your mind?" I asked, getting a little annoyed.

He shrugged. "I just thought you knew." he said before giving me a flirtatious look over.

I rolled my eyes. "Good bye jack." I called as I began to walk away.

But he didn't give up. He followed me, trying to apologise. "Look, I'm sorry. I just thought you'd think I was a jerk if I told you. I was going to until you told me you never really liked the idea of being friends with someone like that."

I stopped. "Fine." I sighed. "If you promise you won't be a self centred jerk, then I'll sit with you." I told him.

"Deal." he smiled as we turned back and walked over to the table.


I sat in the office at home trying to work, when there was a knock at the door.

"Coming." I called as I rushed to the door. I opened it and found the most unexpected person standing there. "Stefan?"

He looked me with the kindest smile. "Hi Elena."

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