"Hey Seiko…have you ever seen a weird shape in a cloud?" Satoshi asked. He and Seiko were on a hill, laying down, staring at the sky. School had let out early that day, and everyone else was busy, so they decided that they would hang out together, alone. Seiko rolled onto her side and looked at Satoshi.

"Yeah, all the time. I once saw a cloud the shape of my panties. And if you don't believe me, you can have a look yourself!" Seiko joked. Satoshi knew that Seiko was joking, but he couldn't help but blush a little. Satoshi usually acted normally when Seiko acted perverted, but this was different. Satoshi knew now they were dating, and if Seiko was as perverted and sex obsessed as she acted, he would be having sex with her by tomorrow. So any of Seiko's jokes, just might not be jokes. Satoshi laughed and kissed her on the cheek.

"You're funny." Satoshi said. Seiko giggled.

"Yeah, but if you ever ARE interested, just tell me. I could be a bit more serious about it." She teased. Satoshi grinned.

Suddenly, there was a loud wail. "BIG BRROOOOOOOTHEEEERRRR!" Yuka screamed. Satoshi looked at Seiko.

"You wait here." Satoshi said. He then raced off to where he heard the noise.

Satoshi approached the play ground that was near the junior high. He first saw Yuka, who was struggling against three other guys. Before one of the guys saw him, Satoshi hid behind a slide.

Shit, what the hell am I going to do? And what are those guys doing to Yuka?! Satoshi said, as he watched the guys still struggling to hold Yuka.

"Leave me alone you sick perverts!" Yuka screeched. "I'm no slut!"

"Oh yeah? Well you will be soon." one of the guys said. He then forced Yuka onto a table, and tried to pull up her dress. Yuka was able to kick the boy in the stomach, and break free. She got half way through the play ground, but she tripped and fell. The guys approached her. One of the guys slapped her.

"Little bitch, try that again!" the guy said. Satoshi had enough. He exposed himself. Satoshi was usually a coward, but when someone threatened his sister, he was brave enough to fight a lion.

"HEY!" he shouted. "YOU!" the guys looked at him.

"I JUST CALLED THE POLICE. THEY'LL BE HERE SOON!" Satoshi shouted. The guys, who were not so bright, believed Satoshi, and ran away. Satoshi walked over to Yuka. "Are you okay?" Satoshi asked. Yuka nodded.

"Y-Yeah…thanks for rescuing me." Yuka said. Satoshi smiled.

"You're welcome. I would never let you get raped by a couple of thugs." Satoshi said. Yuka smiled.

"That's why you're the best big brother in the world!" She said, hugging him. Satoshi smiled and hugged her back. Yuka didn't know why, whether it was just because her brother rescued her, or because she was a little disoriented from being smacked, but she thought her brother looked handsome.

"Come on…lets get you home." Satoshi said. He then pulled out his phone and texted Seiko what he was doing. He then grabbed Yuka's hand and took her home. When they arrived at their door step, Yuka looked at Satoshi.

"Satoshi…I just wanted to say….thanks." Yuka said. Satoshi looked at her.

"You've been saying that all the way back." He said. Yuka giggled.

"Yeah…I guess I did say that the whole way back. But this time…I have something special." Yuka said. She then swiftly kissed Satoshi on the cheek. She then ran inside. Satoshi felt his cheek burn where Yuka had kissed him. After a couple minutes, he went inside the house, and went inside his room. Not knowing what trouble he'd get into soon.