Barbosa glanced at the ships' red fanlike sails and sleek build that sliced through the ocean, like a knife, silently on the full moon lit night; she was onboard the Red Carp.

She rolled her eyes at the murmurs of the extra crew members, the crew of the Black Pearl, catching tidbits of how they thought Sinbad was going to kill them all in their sleep and loot their carcasses.

'Fools…' she thought, 'We're headed to Davey Jone's locker to drag Sparrow and the Black Pearl back from the afterlife… Sinbad is just generous enough to help.'

Just then, she heard a small yelp above her, "Rat, so help me- no, don't you dare push- GAH!"

She looked up just in time to see Sinbad, the captain of the Red Carp, fall from the crows' nest, or the Bilge Rat's perch, and stop abruptly just at her eye level, dangling by a thick rope wound around her foot, her ponytails flopping down and her face beet red, "Raaaaaaaaaat…!" she growled before roaring and writhing around like her pet snake that lived in her small turban, "YOU'RE A WALKING DEAD MAN!"

Barbosa smiled, amused, as more rope fell down and made a bow at the shorter pirate captain's waist, Rat hanging by a few ropes and grinning to her, "I hope you enjoy the present señorita!"

Both captains blushed as he disappeared above the sails, Sinbad looking away from Barbosa awkwardly before going back to trying to free herself from the rope; Barbosa finally grinned and quickly sliced the rope, catching her with a smirk, "Well, well, well, I suppose it's just ye and me now Sin."

She flinched, Barbosa setting her on her feet and keeping a hand on her waist, "Now... what to do with my 'present'…"

Sinbad gulped, blushing insanely as Barbosa drew closer and whispered gently, "Close your eyes Sinny…"

She did as was told, feeling herself locked into an embrace and relaxing, feeling safe as the world melted away, sea and sky, and leaving them alone. She sighed, "I missed you Babes…"

Barbosa smirked and held her closer, "I missed you too Sins… I was wondering when we would get some alone time."

With a smirk, and winding her arms around her mates neck, Sinbad nuzzled her cheek, "I'm glad that we finally are alone…" she grinned, "Let's see, the crews are asleep, just you and me on deck… about now I would have had a little dinner and candles just for us but no thanks to the Bilge Rat, I'm behind schedule…"

With a laugh, Barbosa kissed her cheek, "Oh Sins, you romance crazed Teddy Bear…!"

She gave a fake pout, "Aww! I wanted it to be special for you Babebosa!"

She grinned, cupping her cheek, "Well, think of it this way; it's special because the crews aren't up here with us."

Sinbad smirked, leaning up and kissing her nose, "You do have a point there darling…"

"Of course I do…" she whispered, "as always."

With that, she leaned down and kissed her lips, glad to be alone after so long.

Sinbad broke the kiss for a moment, smiling as they came up for air, "I love you Barbosa..." she cooed, gazing into her eyes that his behind her glasses.

"I love ye too Sins..." she whispered, pecking her forehead, "Ye really are a thief."

"Oh?" her mate grinned, "But I thought we both knew this darling"

"Aye... but, ye stole what black stone I call my heart." she smirked, holding her closer.

Sinbad smiled, leaning her head into her shoulder, "And you have taken mine."