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Tsunade was in a complete state of shock as she stared at the masked Naruto. Although she didn't let him see it, she was awestruck at the information she had received two days ago. The Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand and holder of the one tailed demon Shukaku had been defeated in combat by a blonde haired shinobi who used explosion ninjutsu. The report sent from the Sand stated that Gaara was preoccupied with both fighting the highly skilled shinobi while also defending the village from the opposition's large scale explosive attacks. The report also mentioned that the user wore a black cloak with red clouds, allowing Tsunade to conclude exactly who conducted this assault.

There was no question that the Akatsuki was responsible for the attack. She was almost completely sure that the missing nin responsible for the attack was the infamous Deidara of Iwa who had been reported missing from the Stone Village. This added another powerful shinobi to the ranks of known Akatsuki members that already included Itachi Uchiha and Kismake Hoshigaki. Tsunade also knew that the Akatsuki generally traveled in pairs but still was out of the loop regarding who Deidara's partner was.

Tsunade made a decision to help their allies in crisis by sending one of her most well qualified and skilled teams to assist. The ideal solution to the situation would b to apprehend both Akatsuki members while also managing to save the Kazekage, but she doubted that it work out so well, not with two S-ranked shinobi involved as the opposition. The most qualified team that she could think of who also had vast experience with each other was Team Seven.

This of course didn't included Naruto, after all Sasuke and Sakura didn't even yet know that Naruto was even back in the village There was also no chance that the team would work in the slightest due to Naruto's obvious disdain for his old teammates. That's why mere hours after the information was received, Team Seven was deployed to Suna.

Despite being confident in the team's abilities, and the abilities of the Sand shinobi, Tsunade couldn't help but be worried about the mission. After all, she had just sent her apprentice off to fight two s-ranked criminals along side the last remaining loyal Uchiha. The other thing Tsunade was worried about was Sasuke's involvement in conflicts with the Akatsuki. There was always a chance Itachi could be involved. The last thing she wanted was Sasuke to get a new desire to village due to his lack of skill compared to Itachi. Sasuke was skilled, very skilled actually but she could easily tell that he wasn't yet on the level where he could defeat his brother.

This worry caused her to also deploy Guy's team which also included one of the most skilled ninja from the now rookie nine, Neji. Although Guy acted like a fool at times, there was no question he was a force to be reckoned with. Once he unlocked the sixth gate, there were only a very few people strong enough to stop him. Unfortunately all Akatsuki members could easily hold there own with Guy and likely even beat him.

All of these fears and concerns culminated into Tsunade summoning Naruto to come by her office. She was well aware of the fact that she would be sending a jinchuriki to fight his hunters but she felt it necessary to do so. From what she had seen and heard of Naruto's skills, he was one of Konoha's elite shinobi. There was no use in shielding him from exiting the village, he'd eventually have to confront the Akatsuki and why not do so while being surrounded by some of the best shinobi Konoha had to offer.

As a Tokubestu Jonin Naruto wasn't required to go on missions with a team but Tsunade was considering sending him alongside one other shinobi. The last mission showed that nafruto was indeed strong but it also showed he wasn't invincible. He'd come fairly close to dying and may have had Ino not been alongside him. However, she had faith in him and his abilities so she decided to leave the decision on whether or not to bring someone alongside up to him. She knew that likely the only person he'd consider would be Ino.


A bird masked ANBU member had summoned Naruto to Tsunade's office on emergency notice. Naruto rushed to the Hokage's office, surprised to have been summoned on emergency notice. He was extremely curious to see what it was about. He opted to go through the window; it was just so much easier then having to actually go through the building.

Naruto leapt off the roof and onto the window ledge. As he peered his head in he saw Tsunade staring right at him. Naruto was about to question her about why she was staring at the window but she then spoke up.

"I figured you'd skip go through the building."

Naruto smirked under his mask and leapt into the building.

"So why did you call me in on emergency notice?"

"Do you remember Gaara of the Desert, jinchuriki of the one tailed beast?"

Naruto's facial expression grimaced at the mention of the red haired boy. It was pretty hard not to remember the red head that carried the giant gourd of sand. His obsession with killing still stuck in his mind, as well as their fight during the chunin exams. Most people would remember a fight involving someone transforming into the one tailed demon raccoon, that thing was ridiculously powerful, as was the Gaara himself.

Gaara had reminded him of himself when they had fought. He remembered telling Gaara that the two weren't too different at all, both sharing the burden of being a jinchuriki. The only difference was Naruto had found friends who he fought to protect and who he had faith in, where as Gaara had none.

Naruto supposed the two were very similar now, as Naruto was down to maybe two people he cared about, that being Jiraiya and Tsunade. He supposed he cared for Ino a little but they had only had a few conversations and experiences together. He definitely wouldn't classify themselves as friends.

"Yeah I remember him, pretty hard to forget the guy. What does this have to do with him?"

Tsunade quickly remembered that Naruto had no knowledge of the international affairs that had occurred during his absence.

"Well while you were gone Gaara was named Kazekage of Suna. With his ascension to the role, we were able to forge an alliance with his village. Our alliance had been going very strong but Suna has just entered into a crisis. Gaara was defeated in battle while defending his village from the Akatsuki. We've identified the member as Deidara, a missing nin fro Iwa who utilizes explosive clay. I believe I don't have to inform you of who the Akatsuki are and their abilities."

Naruto was cringing under his mask but nodded his head in agreement. He absolutely despised the Akatsuki, he planned on personally killing each member and making sure his or her deaths were long and painful. Jinchuriki were already burdened with having the tailed beats inside of them, but now they had to deal with people hunting them down. He was also surprised that Gaara had become a Kage, last he remembered Gaara was obsessed with killing almost everyone. All the people in Suna must be pcyco if they made that lunatic their leader.

Despite his confusion on Gaara becoming Kazekage, he was angry that the boy had been captured. He was very similar to the red haired jinchuriki after all.

"So what exactly would you like me to do?"

"I've already sent team 7, which I believe your familiar with, and team 9, Guy's team to assist in the retrieval of the Kazekage, but I'm nervous that this may not be enough. I would like to send you to assist these two teams in dealing with the Akatasuki. Besides Deidara there is one other member but his identity is unknown. I have no plans to have you interact with anyone from Suna, I'm sending you solely for your combat abilities. I'm also giving you the option of taking a medical ninja with you."

Naruto was slightly angered that team 7 would be present on the mission, but was more so pleased with his inclusion in the mission. He was pleased that Tsunade wouldn't be forcing him to go alongside a team. The only medical ninja he'd even consider bringing was Ino, but he didn't feel like bringing her along. It would only hold him back plus the opposition was way out of her league. The Akatsuki barely compared to the Kumo shinobi they had fought.

"I'll pass on bringing a medic alongside me. Sakura will be there who I hear has become pretty skilled so if I do end up needing attention I suppose she can help. The only person I'd consider bringing would be Ino and this is way to dangerous for her."

Tsunade nodded her head, accepting his statement.

"Very well, you leave immediately, we believe that the Akatsuki members have moved just to the border of Suna so the journey shouldn't be too far. Also the other two teams don't know you'll be arriving so make sure you inform them of your arrival. Also Naruto…. I know you don't want to work alongside team 7 but if you have to, at least try and act civil."

Naruto smirked slightly at her statement.

"Won't make any promises Hokage-sama."

Said Naruto before leaping out the window. Tsunade groaned at his response but expected no less. She doubted that Naruto would ever be able to function well alongside team 7 again. She was nervous about Naruto though. If the Akatsuki were presented with an opportunity to capture him they wouldn't hesitate to do so.

Naruto hurried to his apartment and grabbed all materials he might need. He always had Nuibari on him but he took an extra amount of senbon with him. He also grabbed a storage scroll containing supplies needed for a weeklong mission. He had no clue how long the mission would last but figured it wouldn't take longer then a week. Naruto guessed that the Akatsuki wouldn't take long in doing whatever they needed to do to obtain the power of each tailed beast. After grabbing his supplies Naruto made his way to the gate and immediately departed to the Suna and Konoha boarder at full speed.


Naruto had been traveling a little over 7 hours. He had taken a few shorts break to make sure he didn't use up too much energy. All the strength he had would be needed to combat the Akatsuki. So far he'd encountered 2 members, Itachi and Kisame as well as a former member in Orochimaru. In all these encounters he had been completely outclassed and almost useless, this time would be different.

Naruto stopped his tree jumping and preceded to climb up to the top of the one he was currently on. He perched himself at the top of the tree and scanned the surrounding area. As he looked over the forest he noticed a large amount of smoke emerging not too far away. He was nearby where Team 7 should have been around the time. As he peered at the area he heard a large explosion go off as even more smoke began emerging from the area.

Naruto darted to the area, which was only around two miles away. At sprinting speed Naruto neared the vicinity in a few minutes. He perched himself on top of a tree branch that allowed him to see the battle from a considerable distance. As he looked on he saw Kakashi and Sasuke facing Itachi. Sasuke's hatred for the Akatsuki member was clearly visible due to his cringing and shaking. Kakashi was clearly struggling to prevent his student from making an irrational decision.

"I see you've improved Sasuke but you're still not strong enough to defeat me."

"Shut up you bastard! I'm going to finish you right here right now!"

Screamed Sasuke, obviously angered by Itachi's statement.

"Sasuke, you need to calm down, we both know how powerful he is but we can defeat him if we work together."

Sasuke nodded his head in agreement with Kakashi's statement. Team 7 had completed countless missions together and there teamwork would be put to the test during the battle.

"First we'll try and negate his genjutsu abilities."

Whispered Kakashi as he went through the hand signs for the hidden mist jutsu that were familiar to almost everyone in the vicinity. Kakashi had copied Zabuza's mist technique when they fought, a battle which both Sasuke and Sakura were apart of.

Naruto smirked at how convenient this was. He doubted Itachi new he was in the area, which provided him with a perfect opportunity to attack once the mist fully converged on the field. Naruto looked on as Kakashi's mist began to cover the field and commenced his attack on the Uchiha clan assailant.


"Sasuke, I'll attack first as a distraction, then you need to come in behind me and try and finish him off, alright?"

"….Fine, but I'm going to try and kill him and there's nothing you can say that will stop me.."

Kakashi groaned at his student's stubbornness. If they managed to capture Itachi they could gain very valuable information on the Akatsuki. Granted this was much easier said then done.

Kakashi began by throwing two kunai at the older Uchiha, only to hear a clanging of metal signifying the deflection of the weapons. The copy ninja followed up by creating a shadow clone that he sent beneath the ground. Kakashi proceeded to activate his chidori before rushing at the Akatsuki member.

"You do realize that your lighting blade defeats the purpose of the mist Kakashi, correct?"

Questioned a calm Itachi as he faced the direction of the incoming Kakashi, listening to the direction of the chirping lightning.

The clone of Kakashi lunged at the motionless Uchiha, only to have its forearm caught by the cloaked man. Itachi pulled out a kunai with his free hand and impaled what he thought was Kakashi, only to hear a poof of smoke. He then suddenly felt a surge of force from beneath him. Itachi attempted to leap from his position only to have two hands grasp both his legs. Itachi looked up to see Sasuke pointing one hand at him with a mad grin on his face.

"I've waited a long time for this BROTHER!"

Sasuke channeled lightening chakra into his hand before dispersing it in a straight spear like line at Itachi.

"Chidori Sharp Spear!"

Itachi quickly realized this jutsu would be fatal and pumped as much chakra into his legs before releasing it. A large amount of chakra would be required to be released from Kakashi's chakra re-enforced grip.

Kakashi attempted to hold on but the amount of chakra Itachi pumped into his legs was too much as he darted into the air. Itachi quickly flew through hand signs for a fireball justu aimed at his younger brother. Sasuke was preparing to swing his chidori spear upwards but was forced to leap away from the incoming fireball.

Itachi was beginning his dissension, attention almost completely focused on where Kakashi might have gone after loosing his grip. Itachi believed he only really had to worry about two people, Sasuke and Kakashi. The pink haired girl as well as the Suna elder weren't much of a threat from what it looked like. The pink haired girl was clearly a medical ninja, but she had been studying under Tsunade so Itachi assumed she could pack a punch. Itachi also knew better then to underestimate the Suna elder but she didn't appear eager to enter into the fight.

His focus on Kakashi was halted abruptly as he was forced to lean back to avoid what appeared to be an oversized senbon. As the needle like weapon passed overhead, Itachi was able to see it be pulled somehow back to where ever it was thrown. The blade was relatively hard to see within the mist.

Itachi landed on the ground, only to be confronted by Kakashi who proceeded to enter a taijutsu sprawl with him. Kakashi led with a punch to the face, which Itachi easily sidestepped. The copy nin followed up with a kick aimed at Itachi's torso which Itachi caught. Sasuke then appeared besides Kakashi, chidori in hand, lunging at his older brother. This forced Itachi to drop Kakashi's leg and duck under his younger brothers lunge.

Itachi darted away from the two Konoha nin, creating a shadow clone along the way. Sasuke and Kakashi chased after him until unknowingly coming face to face with Itachi's clone.

Itachi stood in place, concealed within the mist, trying to figure out who had launched an attack at him while he descended from the air. It couldn't have been Kakashi and he doubted it was Sasuke since Sauske had charged with a chidori from the opposite direction from which the weapon had come from. Right now Kakashi and Sasuke were occupied with a clone, which had an explosive tag, attached to it. If it got in trouble it would simply detonate itself.

The older Uchiha's thoughts were once again interrupted as he was forced to dodge three incoming projectiles. Itachi leapt back a few feet, watching as three senbon indented into the ground. The choice of senbon immediately caught his attention as Konoha nin as well as Suna nin were almost always utilized kunai. Senbon were traditionally used in Kiri and rarely anywhere else.

"You work pretty well in this mist, don't you?"

Came a high-pitched voice, which echoed in the mist. Itachi didn't enjoy the shrill voice but it didn't' effect him. After all, he did deal with the most violent and cruel people in the shinobi world.

"I didn't realize that I would be entertaining another Konoha shinobi…"

"Hehe, such a lack of enthusiasm Itachi. Don't worry though, I'll provide you with some fun and surprises."

"Well you don't seem to be much of head to head fighter, you'll need to do better then senbon to amuse me."

Muttered the Akatsuki member. Naruto was careful not to laugh to loud as to not attract the attention of Kakashi or Sasuke. Naruto created a shadow clone and attached an explosive note to it before sending it in to combat the elder Uchiha.

Itachi was definitely curious about his newest opponent. He sure seemed to talk a big game but the Uchiha doubted he would compare to his brother or Kakashi. Itachi pulled out a kunai, ready to deflect any long-range attacks the man may use. He knew that the new shinobi utilized senbon but besides that little was known about him. Itachi stood silently, attempting to pick up on the slightest bit of sound his opponent may make.

The Akatsuki member barely managed to pick up sound behind him, causing him to whip around with his kunai in hand. Itachi came face to face with what seemed to be a Kiri ANBU mask that had a Konoha symbol engraved in it. The man behind it had relatively shaggy hair that appeared to be a light blonde; the color couldn't be clearly made out due to the mist. His new opposition wielded the peculiar needle like weapon in his right hand and was lunging at his heart.

Itachi skillfully ducked under the incoming lunge while using his kunai to hit the bottom of the weapon, causing it to fly into the air. The man began to leap back, generating chakra into his feet to push off from the location. Itachi followed suit, channeling chakra into his legs and exploding off the ground after the masked opposition. Itachi wasn't impressed so far by the arrogant ninja who now seemed too merely be an ANBU member who wielded a strange weapon.

Naruto's clone was pleased with how its plan was coming along. Itachi was now airborne going after him. The clone pulled at the wire from Nuibari, causing the dislodged blade to begin returning to its wielder.

Itachi thought the opposing shinobi was done, as he appeared to be gaining ground on the also airborne opponent. This was until he noticed a twitching motion in the masked man's right hand. Itachi turned his head slightly, only to see the weapon that he had dislodged from his opposition's hand flying past him. When his gaze returned to the masked man the blade was already in his hand. Itachi tossed the kunai he was wielding at the ninja who began to rapidly spin his blade skillfully in order to deflect the incoming projectile.

As the two began to descend to the ground Naruto's clone cocked back his arm with Nuibari in hand before throwing it at the Akatsuki member. The clone threw its copy of the blade directly at where Itachi would land, making it difficult for the older Uchiha to avoid it. Itachi quickly realized he would be unable to deflect or dodge the incoming weapon, instigating him to fly through hand signs for his fire ball jutsu.

The Akatsuki member aimed the jutsu at the ground, using the force of the jutsu to propel him into the air a little higher. This allowed for Nuibari to hit the ground before Itachi landed. Itachi landed a few feet from the weapon that was currently lodged in the ground. He began to rush towards it, planning on grabbing it but the blade was pulled back into the mist.

A few seconds after Naruto's clone pulled on Nuibari's strings to return to its hand, the mist began to clear. Naruto cursed under his breath, guessing that Kakashi was calling off his jutsu. Naruto didn't want to be revealed to team 7 if necessary so he rushed his next plan of action. He sent his clone rushing at Itachi, planning on detonating it when close enough.

Itachi's clone stood in place, as the real one hid behind a tree a short distance away. Itachi had strapped an explosive tag to it, hoping to take out the shinobi who was clearly aiming to impale him with the needle shaped weapon. Itachi's clone was able to see much better through the fading mist and made out the figure of Naruto's incoming clone. The clone tossed its blade at what it thought to be Itachi. The Akatsuki member's clone allowed the blade to pass through him but moved slightly to make the wound appear to not be fatal. Right as the blade passed through its body the man in front of Itachi's clone vanished, only to suddenly appear behind him grasping the needle that had passed through his shoulder. Naruto's clone jerked up on the wire inside of Itachi, drawing a sharp grunt of pain from him. At the same moment the real Naruto and Itachi brought up one hand, making the signal to detonate the clone each had made.

Both ninja frowned at the outcome as both had used nearly the same strategy. The explosion rocked the battlefield, causing smoke to rise just as Kakashi's mist finished clearing. Both were also hiding in the trees away from the open field.


"Kakashi, why'd you disperse the mist?"

Asked Sasuke who was panting slightly. Kakashi had managed to take out Itachi's shadow clone with a kunai from behind while it was distracted chasing Sasuke. They stood in the clearing waiting for Itachi to resume his attack. To their surprise the enemy on both their minds emerged from the woods without an attack in motion.

"You didn't tell me you had ANBU here with you Kakashi, you seem to have me greatly outnumbered."

Kakashi was immediately confused by this statement, as was Sasuke. Itachi picked up on the feeling of confusion, which was clearly visible on the jonin and his younger brother's face.

"What exactly are you talking about Itachi?"

"So you two don't know the ANBU who attacked me? He was quite the talkative one, I suppose they've allowed more talking in the ranks since my time."

Kakashi began to process the information he received. There was obviously someone else who was assisting in their fight with Itachi. That would explain the explosion that had gone off while they were dealing with Itachi's clone. As he was thinking this mist began to re-appear on the battlefield.

"Kakashi, did you activate this again?"

Questioned Sasuke, gaining a disapproving nod from his sensei. Kakashi had a pretty good idea who was casting this jutsu. There was only one other person from the leaf who now casted that jutsu, and that was the newly returned Naruto Uzumaki.

Why he was here was still a great mystery to him.

Itachi examined the mist that was now covering the battlefield. It was much denser and chakra filled, making it slightly more difficult to utilize the sharingan, however his eyes were advanced enough to where the mist still didn't affect his ability to see chakra with eyes. What the mist did hurt was ability to pick up on slight muscle movements in order to determine his opponent's attack. The ANBU masked man somehow seemed exceptional at fighting in the mist, making almost no sound at all when moving or striking. It was as if he was using silent killing, however that technique was almost strictly used in Kiri as well. Itachi would have thought his opponent was from Kiri had he not seen the Konoha symbol engraved in his mask since the man's fighting style seeming to be modled around Kiri habits.

Itachi knew he was at a disadvantage fighting all three of these opponents since he could only use 40% of his chakra due to Pain's shape shifting technique. Out of that 40% he had started with, he now was around 15%. Itachi was standing quietly listening to any sound he could pick up until he heard a multitude of poofs signifying clones were being made. He knew he only needed to stall a little longer for the extraction of the Shukaku to be completed.

Naruto created around25 clones, all armed with Nuibari and all attached with explosive tags. Naruto was going to launch an all out close combat offensive against the Akatsuki member, himself included.


Naruto knew where Itachi had been standing before the mist descended and was hoping he had remained in the same position. Itachi was actually quite skilled at maneuvering in the mist, making little noise when moving. Naruto and all his clones took out 10 senbon each before firing them at the position they believed Itachi to be at from their elevated tree location. Skidding was heard from dodging the incoming senbon, signifying that Itachi was in the same position as before.

Itachi drew a kunai after managing to dodge the hundreds of senbon that had descended from the mist. HE assumed that it was a strategy to locate him so he expected an attack soon. His assumption came true as he spun around just in time to catch an incoming needle. Itachi was planning on pulling at the blade to see if there would be resistance but before he could do that another long needle was coursing towards him from his right. Itachi ducked, letting the blade pass overhead, only to see a figure catch the blade a few feat away. Itachi released the Nuibari he had in hand and took a defensive stance facing the masked figure. After all, he only had to stall for time for his mission to be a success. If the Shukaku were sealed his mission would be a success.

Naruto caught his actual Nuibari a few feet away from Itachi. Naruto spun around before throwing the blade at Itachi who deflected it with a thrown kunai. The blonde pulled back on the wire back into his hand sharply before once again throwing at the Uchiha who ducked underneath it. Naruto fired off multiple throws at the Uchiha who managed to dodge each one, granted with a bit of difficulty. With each throw Itachi was forced to duck or dodge with a backwards step, drawing him closer to Naruto's waiting clones.

Itachi was struggling to deal with the rapid speed at which the large needle was being thrown at him. He was unable to pull out a weapon, cast hand signs or get out of range of the weapon. Who ever was wielding the weapon would fire the weapon at great speed and after it was dodged would quickly pull it back into the mist and out of sight, only to repeat the process a second later. The mist made it impossible for Itachi to see where the weapon was coming from until it was a couple feet away. He was definitely on the defensive and was confused when the man's attack halted. This confusion was short lived as five different copies of the weapons flew at him from all different directions.

The Akatsuki member ducked underneath the five blades as they all bisected each other overhead. Itachi was forced to army roll forward as two more copies of the blade came down at him from directly above. He quickly realized that there were a multitude of clones that were throwing these weapons and his movements were so rushed due to their necessity that he couldn't worry about the sound he was making, revealing his location to his enemy in the process. He wished he had more chakra to work with for this fight but at this point he could probably only use one more jutsu. His sharingan was also draining chakra but that was the only thing keeping him in the fight at this point.

Two clones rushed at Itachi from his left and right, each lunging at him with Nuibari. Itachi leapt over their strikes, pulling out two kunai and throwing them at the figures, causing them to disperse. As he began descending to the ground he heard a jutsu being called out.

"Earth Spider Sewing!"

As Itachi landed he glanced down to see wires in square patterns hastily beginning to over lap. He pulled out a kunai in each hand and was able to lean down and stop the wires from overlapping by intercepting them. The only issue with this was that it left him completely stationary. If he released his hold on either kunai his calve would be sliced in half.

Naruto grinned maniacally under his mask, he finally had him! Naruto leapt onto the wire, which was being pulled on by his clones. From behind Itachi the wielder of Nuibari threw his blade through the Akatsuki member's right thigh, drawing a loud grunt of pain. Naruto swiftly landed on the wire on other side of Itachi, catching the blade that had passed through his opponent's leg. He left a ten-foot distance in order to generate a good amount of speed behind his blade for passing through flesh. He then tossed Nuibari through Itachi's left thigh, drawing another painful grunt. Naruto was surprised that Itchi could still maintain his hold on the kunai despite the pain he was likely experiencing. The blonde then leapt slightly in the air before throwing his blade at the hunchbacked Itachi's left shoulder. Just as the blade finished passing through Itachi's shoulder Naruto pushed down on the wire causing the blade's motion to swerve into a straight line, apposed to indenting into the ground.

Itachi was in arguably the worst position he'd ever been in a fight. He was hunched over with wire coursing through both his thighs and his left shoulder. He was also hunched over attempting to prevent wire from slicing his calves in half. The jutsu would end soon at this rate.

"This must really suck for you huh?"

Questioned Naruto with a huge grin under his mask, gaining no response from the Uchiha.

"So quiet…. Well we can change that!"

Yelled Naruto as he jerked up on the wire that coursed through Itachi's body. The sharp jerked caused the wire to be pulled upward, cutting through a great mount of flesh. The painful slicing of flesh caused Itachi to weaken the resistance his kunai were applying to the wires. The wires rapidly crossed over at a high speed, cutting Itachi calves in half as his body collapsed to the ground as he let out a scream of pain. Naruto released his clones and his hidden mist technique as he laughed.

"HEHEHE, music to my ears!"

Screamed Naruto. Sasuke and Kakashi both heard the familiar high pitched laugh and immediately recognized who it came from. As the mist cleared Sasuke and Kakashi were able to see the masked blonde swordsman who currently had his blade's wire passing through Itachi who was laying on the ground. The two rushed over to the blonde immediately.

"Get away from him you psyco! I'm the one who gets to end him, not you!"

"You see I would love to Sasuke but I'm afraid he's already on his way to death, look at all this blood loss!"

Chuckled the mask Naruto Sasuke was cringing but looked at he condition of his thought to be brother. His calves were sliced in half while his thighs hand long wounds going up them from the wire. Kakashi was rather disturbed at the site as he looked at the two feet that were laying on the ground separated from the body. Sasuke was about to yell at the man he probably hated second most, only behind Itachi until his brother muttered something.

"We….We'll meet again…"

Said the older Uchiha with a smirk on his face until his body seemed to transform into that of a Suna shinobi's, leaving all there confused. It was clear they had all fought Itachi, but it also appeared that they hadn't fought him at the same time as the dead and abused body in front of them was surely not that of the older Uchiha brother.

I hope the fight was written all right. I want to emphasize that Im trying really hard to not make Naruto seem over powered. At this point in the story naruto couldn't beat Itachi one on one. In this fight Itachi can only use a slim amount of his actual chakra because its not actually him fighting and he's been worn out quite bait by Sasuke and Kakashi when there fight starts.

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