I came home from college yesterday and saw Rise of the Guardians today. It's been awhile since a movie has made me feel like a child again. It was so sweet, innocent, and beautiful! My only regret is that I saw it in 2D. After seeing the imagery, I know that this movie was MADE for 3D! Either way, though, it was awesome and I'm definitely going to see it a few more times. Another thing I noticed is that Jack Frost/Tooth Fairy is the cutest thing since puppies. (Well, okay. Bunnymund as a tiny little bunny is the cutest thing since puppies... But Jack and Tooth come right after!) This is going to be a two-part trip into Adorable Fluff Town. Enjoy!


Tooth gaped at the flushed, coughing form in Bunnymund's arms. "Jack?" She fluttered out the door, meeting the Easter Bunny halfway up the path to her castle. "Bunny, what happened?!"

Babytooth was hovering over Tooth's shoulder, making quiet, worried noises, her wings humming.

Bunnymund rolled his eyes, his nose twitching in irritation. "Found the little ding bat passed out near the Equator. Was mumbling something about not being done before Christmas tomorrow." He shook his head. "Got himself sick from the heat, he did! Thought I'd bring him here. It's colder here than at the warren and there's no chance of getting near the Pole tonight."

Jack's head lolled to the side and he groaned, licking his dry lips. "So hot..."

"Oh dear!" Tooth's hand flew to her mouth. "Babytooth, tell the others to prepare a bed in the highest room in the tallest tower! Open all of the windows and prepare a bowl of ice water and a rag. Also, see if there's any nectar ice cream in the freezer."

Babytooth saluted and chirped brightly before turning and flying as quickly as she could toward the castle.

Bunnymund started walking up the path again, Tooth fluttering nervously by his shoulder. "Poor little bloke..." He murmured, his green eyes briefly showing a hint of affection for his fellow Guardian.

The Guardian of Fun was clutching his staff weakly against his chest, making pained moaning sounds. "Tooth...?" He blinked up at the Tooth Fairy, noticing her for the first time. "Tooth, could you tell the kangaroo to let me go? I gotta..." He groaned, his head falling back again.

Tooth's heart hurt to see him like this. "I hope he'll be better by tomorrow. He'd hate to miss the Christmas party." As they entered the castle, she tried to brighten up. "Well, at least he's well enough to make jibes at you, Bunny."

"Good as gold..." Bunnymund muttered dryly, looking around at the expansive, busy tooth chamber. "Please tell me you have a bloody elevator."

"Right this way." Tooth flew toward one of the gold-bordered lifts.

When they got to the top, the room prepared for Jack was already growing cold and a simple bed was prepared with cool, white sheets. On a nearby table sat a frosted bowl of water and another bowl filled with cream-colored ice cream. Bunnymund gently set Jack down and propped the staff against the bed's headboard.

"Was almost...almost done..." Jack groaned. "I gotta..." He tried sitting up before wincing, yelping slightly, and falling back on the snow-colored pillows.

Tooth was at his side immediately, wringing out a cold rag and touching it to Jack's brow. "Any idea why he was in such a hot area, Bunny?"

Bunnymund's nose twitched. "Dunno, but there was water everywhere. Looked almost as if the hoon was trying to make it snow."

"Why on earth would he do that?" The Tooth Fairy wondered, dipping the rag and wiping Jack's flushed cheeks with it. She glanced toward Bunnymund and chuckled when she saw the nervous look on his face. Now that Jack was settled, he kept glancing longingly toward the door. Having known him for years, Tooth knew exactly what was on his mind at the moment. "Still haven't gotten anyone their Christmas presents?" The Easter Bunny was notorious for waiting until the last minute to go Christmas shopping.

"No!" Bunnymund replied defensively before scuffing a large foot on the ground. "Maybe..."

Tooth giggled. "Go ahead, Bunny. I'll take care of him."

At this, a knowing smile came to Bunnymund's face. "I see."

The fairy's cheeks flushed and she glanced to the side. "Don't you have shopping to do?"

"Yeah, alright." The Easter Bunny chuckled. "See ya later!" He walked back toward the elevator. "I'll tunnel out at the ground floor."

"Bye!" Tooth watched Bunnymund leave before turning her attention back to Jack, a tender smile coming to her face. The young Guardian had nuzzled his cheek into the cold cloth, a relieved expression intermingling with his discomfort.

"Tooth...?" Jack's frosty blue eyes were hazy. "Can I go yet?"

"Not yet." Tooth dipped the rag again and started wiping the sweat from Frost's neck.

"But, I'm not done." He insisted. The cold water was beginning to slowly wake him up. "I gotta..." He tried to sit up again, only to be gently pushed down again by the Tooth Fairy.

"Shh." Tooth stroked his silver hair. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt how soft it was. 'It's even softer than Bunny's fur...' She mused.

"I wasn't finished..." Jack continued to protest. "I was gonna-" He stopped suddenly as Tooth moved away to wet the rag again. "Um...could you keep doing that?"

She stared at him for a moment, not comprehending. "Doing what?"

"What you were doing just now." Jack gestured weakly toward his head.

Tooth blinked before she realized what Jack was talking about. She blushed brightly. "O-Okay." She whispered. She wrung out the rag and placed it on his brow before moving closer to methodically stroke his hair. Her purple eyes softened at the content smile that came to his face. "What were you trying to do, Jack? You know that there are some places where it simply cannot snow."

"It's my first Christmas as a Guardian." Jack mumbled. "I'm responsible for snow. If I give everyone in the world a white Christmas, even where it's not supposed to snow, everyone will have to believe in me, no matter what."

The fairy paused to flip the rag over before returning to her ministrations on Jack's downy hair. "People believe in you, Jack. You don't need to endanger yourself like that. You've made it snow throughout every continent where it's possible, according to North."

"I just...I wanna make sure." Jack sighed. "I don't want to be invisible again."

"You won't." The Tooth Fairy soothed, her gaze full of sympathy. Centuries of isolation and bitterness don't go away overnight, it would seem. She could see the depth of Jack's fear in the nervous twitch of his lip and the slightly-frantic look in his blue eyes. "You won't. As long as one child believes, you will never be invisible again. And you know that Jamie will always believe in you."

"I know. It's just..." Frost trailed off, coughing raspily.

"I understand. The thought is still frightening." Tooth removed the rag, noticing that Jack's reddened skin was beginning to slowly pale once more. "Here. Try to sit up against the headboard."

While Jack slowly moved to a sitting position, Tooth took the bowl of nectar ice cream from the table and took a small spoonful. "Open up."

Jack obediently opened his mouth, swallowing the ice cream painfully.

"That's it. It'll cool you down and heal your throat." Tooth encouraged, offering another spoonful.

Jack took it, his expression slightly less pained this time. "Thanks, Tooth." He murmured. "It's nice..." He paused to take another bite. "It's nice having someone take care of me. No one really has since...before." He glanced to the side, obviously thinking of his human memories.

Looking at how vulnerable he was at that moment, Tooth wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against him and stroke his soft hair, lulling him to sleep. The mere thought of Jack fast asleep nestled trustingly in her arms was enough to cause her wings to ruffle and her amethyst eyes to glitter lovingly. "If you ever need to lean on someone, you know where to find me."

Jack smiled shyly, his paling cheeks taking on a blue flush. "Thanks." His eyes locked with hers and widened slightly, as if he had seen something he hadn't expected to see.

'Oh dear!' Tooth inwardly cursed herself when she realized that she had been gazing at Jack with unguarded affection. 'He saw!' Averting her eyes, she offered another bite of ice cream. Frost took it without another comment. In fact, he didn't speak at all. When Tooth looked back at him, she saw that his head was beginning to fall forward and that his eyelids were drooping.

She placed the ice cream on the table before helping Jack lie back down once more. She thought about putting a blanket over him, but decided against it. 'He needs to get colder before he can handle any form of warmth.' She brushed his hair off of his brow. "Sleep well, Jack. I'll wake you up tomorrow if you're well enough to go to the party."

"Pfft! What do you mean 'if I'm well enough'? I'm not missing my first party at the Pole!" Jack snorted, closing his eyes. "Night, Tooth."

He opened an eye briefly and the tender glimmer reflected in its icy depths caused Tooth to remain speechless long after her fellow Guardian was fast asleep.

I hereby name this pairing FairyFrost. What do you think? Also, who else felt a tear come to their eye when Jamie finally could see Jack? I totally didn't cry! I just happened to have nacho salt in my eyes at the time... Peace out! I'll get the next chapter up probably within the next 24 hours. It'll probably be from Jack's POV and will detail the following Christmas party. ^_^