Guess who went to see Rise of the Guardians again today? ^_^ And now, my best friend is addicted. Now, I wrote most of this while fast asleep. My sleepy fics are usually the ones that are so sweet and fluffy, they cause cavities. Be warned: This is one of them!

Tooth glanced at Jack out of the corner of her eye and smiled. There was a tiny lump in the front of his hoodie that led up to a small, russet face peeking out from his collar. "I'm glad you like him." She commented.

Jack blinked before putting his free hand on the stuffed fox's head. "I got Rusty when I was two. He was the only toy I wouldn't share with my sister." He smiled softly as more memories surfaced. "I think I'll call this guy Alistair."

"You aren't calling him Rusty?" The fairy tilted her head in confusion.

"No. I'm not the same as I was when I was two and this fox isn't the same stuffed animal. Alistair means 'defender of mankind'. Seems fitting, don't you think?"

"Very." Tooth looked up at Jack and she saw another brief, tender glimmer in his eyes.

Jack's eyes met hers and his breath caught in his throat. Yet again, his cheeks took on a blue tinge. "Um...are we having a moment or something?"

The Tooth Fairy giggled slightly. "I guess so."

The young Guardian widened his eyes comically. "Oh no! It must be the fever! The Guardian Sap Disease has finally hit me!" He let go of Tooth's hand in order to clutch his heart. "I feel myself growing faint! The cold is doing nothing for me! The end must be near!"

Tooth burst out laughing.

Frost grinned before falling back in the snow, playing dead. "It's over for me, Tooth! My vision is getting blurry! Don't let Bunny steal my staff after I'm gone!"

"Oh, Jack..." Tooth shook her head, laughing softly. "In the months you've been with us, I've laughed more than I have in years."

Jack sat up, smiling brightly. "Good to know. It seems that I have a lot of work to do. It can't be healthy to go for years on sparse laughter!" His eyes fell on her prism-like wings, which reflected the icy blue glow of the snow and the cold light of the stars. The moon caused the ground to shimmer in all of the colors of the rainbow, dancing until they met with the ebony border where sky began.

The Moon could not have created something more beautiful. Of this, Tooth was positive. Everything about him was wonderful: the frosty shimmer on his ragged clothes, his silvery hair, his crystal eyes, and his pearly teeth every time he smiled. His voice was like snow. It was soft, cool, and contained a slight edge that could either hold joy or pain.

Jack's face blued under the fairy's violet gaze and he slowly stood up. "Hey, Tooth?"

Tooth's wings perked up. "Yes?"

"Think fast!" Quick as lightning, a blue snowball left Jack's hand and struck Tooth's face, scattering into a series of shimmers.

Tooth felt an adrenaline rush as the snowball hit her. When the sparkles cleared, she saw everything through Jack's eyes. The entire world was a playground and the snow was the only thing that mattered. The snow, Jack, and her. Another burst of excited laughter left her and she flew forward, pushing Jack into a snow bank and darting back tauntingly.

Jack shook snow out of his hair, a grin coming to his face. "So, that's how you wanna play." With a chuckle that was on the border of being maniacal, he stood up again and swept his staff across the ground, sending a wave of snow in Tooth's direction. When the fairy dodged by flying into the air, he shot after her.

He was almost distracted by the bright glow of her soft feathers, but not quite! Taking careful aim, he hurled another snowball. This one hit her in the back, causing her to fall for a few seconds.

Tooth regained altitude and turned around suddenly, causing Jack to fly right into a handful of snow. "You forgot this, Winter Boy!" She giggled, shooting straight up toward the clouds, followed closely by Jack.

She barely had time to relish her victory before a snowball hit her wing, causing her to suddenly plummet. She fell straight into a pair of hoodie-clad arms. One look at Jack's devilish smirk was her only warning before she was rapidly brought back to earth and tossed headfirst into a snow bank.

After a few humiliating, cold minutes of yanking her upper body out of the snow, fully aware of the muffled sound of Jack's laughter, Tooth stood up. She brushed snow from her arms, fluttered her wings, and tried to maintain some semblance of dignity. "That wasn't funny..." She pouted.

Jack still couldn't stop snickering. "It was from where I'm standing."

"You totally cheated!" Tooth couldn't bring herself to be truly angry, but she wasn't about to let Jack win this! "You hit my wings!"

"All's fair in a snowball fight!" Jack walked over. "No rules required. That's why it's my favorite game!"

"Really?" Tooth took a step closer, tilting her head challengingly. "Then how do you tell who wins?"

"Last one standing, duh!" Jack shook his head and leaned forward on his staff.

"I see." Tooth nodded. "Very well, then. You clearly have superior knowledge concerning- Think fast!" She suddenly opened her wings and zoomed straight at Jack, shoving him effectively to the ground. She leaned over him, pinning his chest with her right hand. "So, who is the last one standing, Jack?"

Jack laughed. "Alright, alright. You got me." He started to sit up, then froze. Their faces were so close, the tips of their noses were just barely touching. "Uh..." His entire face turned blue at that moment.

Tooth, realizing their close proximity, turned bright red. For some reason, she couldn't find the strength to move away. Instead, she found herself moving even closer. Closer...

His lips felt like snowflakes melting on her skin. She tilted her head to get a better angle and kissed them gently.

Jack breathed in sharply before feeling every muscle in his body relaxing. He closed his eyes and leaned closer to return the kiss. He felt feathers caressing his neck and the hand he brought up to frame her cheek. His heart burst when she began to stroke his hair, sending a delightful chill throughout his body. His skin was growing colder, taking on the sharpness of ice. Only his lips remained at their normal temperature, as they were being continuously warmed by hers.

Tooth marveled at his silky hair, his freezing hand against her cheek, and the way they just seemed to fit together. She became aware of a warm, tingling sensation in her chest that was rapidly evolving into something grand. She could feel a soft lump in the front of his shirt where the fox Alistair resided, causing her to smile against his lips.

Their kiss was chaste and pure, for they were Guardians of Childhood and any other kind of kiss was utterly foreign to them. This was the kiss of two lovestruck children in a meadow, but one that carried the deep-rooted undertones of two adults who have loved each other for an eternity and who had an eternity to express their love. It was slow, sweet, and gentle.

The Tooth Fairy was the first to pull back, though she did so very reluctantly. When she opened her eyes, Jack's were still closed and there was a serene smile on his face, as if he was trying to memorize that moment. She leaned down again, touching her nose to his and nuzzling him softly.

Jack's eyes fluttered open and he leaned up, nuzzling her in return. "Y'know, that was my first kiss." He muttered.

At this, Tooth paused, a worried expression coming to her face. "Is it okay that I-"

"Yeah!" Jack's face was alight with joy. "It totally is!" He sat up and cupped her face. "It's so okay, I'm gonna let you have my second kiss!" He touched his lips to hers, relishing the strangely-welcome warmth. "And my third." He kissed her forehead. "And my fourth..."

Jack eventually stopped saying numbers and Tooth eventually lost count as her fellow Guardian peppered her face with snowflake kisses. It felt beautiful! She imagined falling asleep in her own bed, Jack nestled against her, kissing her eyelids shut.

Never before had warmth felt so good! Jack kissed her face eagerly, not wanting to miss a single detail.

"Hey, Tooth?" He asked when he finally pulled away. "Does this mean you're my girlfriend?"

Tooth blushed, giggling softly at the question. "I guess it does. I've never had a boyfriend, so I don't really know what the rules are."

Jack snorted impatiently, helping Tooth to her feet and hugging her, the stuffed fox creating a soft shield between the two. "Let's say we are. I hate rules."

Tooth snuggled against him, folding her wings. "That sounds wonderful." Despite the frigid air and Jack's frosty skin, she felt warmer and more alive than she had ever been before. The next words that came to mind were true, but they would not be spoken aloud for awhile.

Little did she know that the same thought was going through Jack's mind:

I love you.

I can't believe how many people on the site have Guardian fics with heavy make-out scenes and mention of sex. Dude, they are Guardians of CHILDHOOD! They are INNOCENT! Is it so hard to keep them that way?

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