Han solo and the ghost of corellian hollow
written by Morgan gravely

to this day han jonash solo believes in sprits of the after life but at one time even after luke skywalker and princess leia organa tried to convince him he didn't believe but one Halloween night will change han solo's whole outlook on the ghostly world…

It was a dark gloomy Halloween night princess leia, luke skywalker, Chewbacca and han solo were telling scary stories to some ewoks including wicket who came to visit corellia for a while they sat around the camp fire in the deep dark cold woods luke was getting ready to tell a story of the headless horseman of all corellian hollow he started
"once upon a time in these very woods a battle raged on between north corellia or the skinnies and south corellia or the blue coats when the brave skinny shot his gun taking the head of a blue coat clean off after the battle was over the other blue coats couldn't find his head! And to this day he searches for a new head to replace the one that was lost" luke said finishing the story han called to his horse nightmare "well guys I'm going back to the falcon I'm beat chewie you can come later if you like" han said climbing on his black Arabian "be careful han not to run into the headless horseman of corellian hollow" luke and leia joked "oh come on please I don't believe in hocus pocus like that good night you two and happy Halloween" han called starting to ride away han kept his blaster close and rode fast through the windy night when all of the sudden han heard more hooves beating on the road behind him "clip clap clip clap!" went the loud hooves "whoa nightmare" han whispered to his horse looking behind to see the ghost of the headless horseman "ok nice try kid and chewie I know your just trying to scare me but when the ghost didn't stop and take off the mask like he expected it groaned "I want a head!" han knew as his heart started to race that the ghost was real he jumped back on nightmare and raced for long covered bridge the headless horseman could not follow when he got there so when he finally made it the headless horseman disappeared in a burst of fire han then raced back to the falcon never ever stopping
that was the day han solo started to believe in ghost and every Halloween han solo rides that same path to find the headless horseman of south corellia
the end… or is it?