Han solo the red nosed reindeer

*you know Leia, Luke, Wedge, Wes, Chewie, and R2, Winter and Hobbie, dak, and C3-PO… but do you recall the most famous star wars reindeer of all! Han Solo the red nosed reindeer…*

It seem like a normal morning when han solo awoke from the frigidness outside on corellia he slowly made his way to the refresher unit and up to the mirror but what han saw frightened him "YYYYIIIIPPPPEEEE! Chewie HELP!" han screamed from his room chewie, luke and, leia all crowded outside han's door "han are you alright?" luke asked through the door "NO! KID DON'T LOOK AT ME!" han screamed showing his antlers then he slipped out the door leaving the three friends gaping and staring "Han you're a reindeer! Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!" leia said fainting "leia sweetheart oh gods luke what am I gonna do how did I end up this way?" han said pacing and then getting his huge antlers stuck in the wall