Adamandriel being one of the greatest Supernatural headcannons to date, and this website giving it no love, this was born. Beware the angst in oncoming chapters.

Time passed. Adam didn't feel it. Sam left. Adam didn't feel it. Soul after soul was sent under, condemned to eternal damnation.

Adam, he didn't feel any of it.

Lucifer. It was all Lucifer. Day in and day out, year after year, he was only what Adam was conscious of. The pain. He would try to beg and plead and yell and scream, but nothing would come of it. The thing was, Lucifer never laid a finger on knife on him. He isn't the evil torturer Adam pictured him as. But he possessed so much hatred for humanity, for Adam, even when Michael was long gone, he still received punishment. After all, he did say yes. And it was like fire. Adam's personal Hell consisted of unfaltering flames consuming his whole self constantly.

And there was nothing he could do in his own defense. So goes life locked in a cage with Satan. Instead, Adam hoped. He waited. He knew not of how long he'd spent in the hole. To him it was centuries. Hundreds upon hundreds of years. But he remembered something Dean had said. He had been sent to Hell, too. Worse torture for a nobler cause, though he said it had only felt like forty years. Reality has it that a spent brief four months before he was saved.

Speaking of being saved, where in Heaven was his angel? When was it going to his turn to be 'raised from freaking perdition'? He knew the life he had led was never exactly holy, then again, if his half-brother's sin smothered existence was considered righteous, he might as well be a saint. After all, he was a child of John Winchester. Didn't that account for something? His brothers permanently on Heaven's most wanted list, so surely he had some minuscule importance? Nope. He was just another disposable, recyclable meat suit.

He didn't blame Dean. And if he knew Sam was topside, he wouldn't blame him either. The brothers never dwelled on Dean's trip down under, but what little they told Adam of included Sam's trying absolutely everything to get Dean back, and that absolutely none of it worked. He knew that duty called from more urgent matters. So if they were together, he knew what they would be doing- saving people, hunting things. Though he never belonged to it, he knew that was the family business.

The angel would be with them, too. The 'traitor of Heaven'. His time with Michael granted him an all access pass into the angels feathery little brain. And upon entrance, he learnt that he could be incredibly bipolar. One minute he was compassionate, brave and sympathetic. (Or at least, a shadow resembling those. His like weren't too familiar with emotion.) Then the next he was a regular insecure middle child thirsting to prove himself. How did that even happen, for an angel? He once believed that, if they existed, they were all beautiful, all powerful creatures full of love. There was a lot Adam had been wrong about- angels weren't God's flawless musicians. They were ill tempered crybabies. Lucifer wasn't a malicious drill sergeant of death. He was a misunderstood rebel with daddy problems. In the cage, that made two of them.

Sometimes, when the fire seemed to be reclining, Adam wondered if he had been turned into a demon. He wondered how long it would be until his humanity was gone. Until his soul was gone. But he could still feel, he still longed for his old life and desperately wanted to resurface earth. He still grieved his mother and felt…. Love? Devotion? Loyalty? Whatever it was, he still felt something for his half-brothers. He knew as long as he had those feelings, he was still human. So he held on to them with everything he had. Through his eyes flashed every last good recollection he had swimming around his convoluted head. Every movie, song, television show, any Earthly object he could think of.

Though he found he was rapidly losing his memory.

Each day became more and more of a struggle.

Now he found himself enveloped in darkness.

Until he met a massive wall of light.

Things to know:

1. The next chapter will feature Samandriel

2. Adam can see angels in their true form.

3. Post Hell is very different for Adam than it was for Dean.

4. The Winchesters and Cas will most definitely be making an appearance.

5. Destiel is my OPT. Just throwing that out there. Won't be included it this. Nope. Not at all.