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Adam is alone. it's been eleven days since he woke up one morning to a Samandrielless hotel room, and he hasn't received any sign of life from the angel at all. It had only been his second week of freedom from Hell, and he was in the fastpass lane to a full recovery. He's still none the wiser about his next move. He did nothing but wait for a week in anticipation that Samandriel would come back, and now he's being forced to realize that he actually might not.

So he sits, as he's been sitting for the past ten hours, with his legs folded under him on a narrow chair at a small table, his head being supported by both his hands and his eyes downcast. In his mind he replays the last day before the angel'd left, searching for any context clues as to where he would disappear to.


Eleven days earlier


Adam woke up after the first noiseless night since leaving Hell in a breathless gasp. Noiseless, though not dreamless.

"Sam." He sputtered, because the image is still too fresh in his mind.

"Uh, what?" the angel asked, rushing to his side, believing Adam had taken to shortening his name and is calling for him.

"No, my um… Sam Winchester."

"Your brother?" Adam flinches at the word 'brother', and feels incredibly juvenile for doing so because in his mind he hears "he said the 'b' word" and he's not in fucking third grade anymore. "What of him?"

"Where… where is he? Is he- are they… okay?" Adam asked guiltily. Guiltily because he's been topside for a week and a half and hasn't thought of either of his brothers once.

"Somewhere in Kansas, if I remember correctly." Which he does. "They're still hunting."

Of course they are, Adam thought. Though he doesn't know his brothers damn near at all, he knows they'd never quit, no matter how many vampires or demons or the fucking devil himself they have to deal with. He wonders if this is what's next for him, too. And no, he's not a hunter, that's for sure. But he's a Winchester (by blood at least, Adam can't deny that) which means a pair of skin starved ghouls and a dickwad angel with some serious daddy issues won't be the last of his troubles.

"But we were in Hell, and Lucifer and Michael and how-"

"Castiel. Castiel extracted Lucifer from his soul, well, extracted the soul altogether, and pulled him out of the cage."

Castiel, god damn it [no pun intended]. Adam wanted to ask Samandriel if it were actually possible for an angel to bleed himself dry, and the estimated number of years Cas has left before he does so for the sake of his father's sons. He doesn't, though, because the name rolled off his tongue with hesitancy and underlying sadness that Adam's not sensitive enough to decode.

"And what, left me?" Adam asked, finally sitting up and stretching- he hasn't had a night that easy in over five hundred years. The guilt is gone from him now, replaced with offended confusion- he knew there was no 'profound bond' between them, but he had thought he and Castiel were okay with each other, and having an all access pass to Michael's really fucked up brain stored the stockpile of any information Adam could've possibly wanted about the angel (most of which Michael regarded with disapproval) made him like the guy more.

"Don't take it personally," Samandriel reassured him, fiddling with a coffee maker he learned how to use all of yesterday. He personally finds it treacherous, but Adam is practically 50% of the stuff. "It's a difficult thing to do, trust me. Extremely dangerous, also. Sam was nearly killed in the process. And despite that he was soulless for a year and had hallucinations of Lucifer so bad that…" that my favorite brother lost his mind fixing him he doesn't say. "and you were still Michael."

"Right. Michael. Shouldn't I be, I dunno, like seriously disabled or something? Michael liked to remind me of the state of his ex-vessels, and despite Hell, I'm no worse for the wear." Which is not only a pun Adam didn't intend to make, but also probably the most contradictive statement ever said in the state of Kentucky.

The angel could only shrug. "God does perform miracles."

"Why would God care about me enough to fix me?"

"Well I care about you enough to have saved you." And thank everything Samandriel has just the level of uncultured innocence that that leaves no awkward tensionin the air, because he means it, Adam knows. And though he'd like to think of himself as a tough independent Hell-breaker who don't need no angel the weird part of his mind finishes, he can't help but be comforted by the verbal proof that his saving is not just the product of a rebellious teen's first joyride. But Adam has to remind himself that the angel did attend his birth. Which, until now, he hadn't felt compelled to ask about.

"The demons have been planning the apocalypse for millennia, of course. They knew that someday destiny would lead two long lines of hunters of the supernatural together, and from them two sons. We knew that they would be of great import as well, and we've had our sights on them since their great grandparents. After Azazel planted Sam's demon blood addiction and set the house on fire, which, they told you that, right?" he continued when Adam nodded, though he had been kindly unaware of the involvement with demon blood, but then he figures Sam and Dean feel as though they can break the world so long as they put it back again. "Right, well, Heaven kept up with John Winchester, which led to your mother, and to you. My authorities wanted to ensure that you as a newborn wouldn't be approached by demons for any purpose, and I volunteered."

"Huh. So my father, he's kind of the super important but he's got no real involvement? He was never a vessel or seal or whatever?"

"Basically, yes." The angel figures it's best that Adam remain unaware of John Winchester's five minutes of fame as Michael also, because he assumes he would probably feel like a hand-me-down. "He.." Samandriel's face scrunched up with intense focus, and his voice is uncertain of himself "dug and dug but never struck gold."

"Your first human analogy?" Adam grins. "Congrats angel boy." Those last two words were supposed to be said silently, and Adam would be a few shades darker than a tomato with embarrassment if Samandriel hadn't looked so accomplished.

The rest of the day passes uneventfully. The day before, Adam had fallen and twisted his ankle, and protested just before the angel could lay his healing hand on it. "Actually Samandriel, I think I want to heal the human way. First time in a while." He'd said, which was something the angel regarded with utmost confusion, because as infinitely intelligent as he was he didn't understand the meaning of sentiment. So they chose to sit on the bed and watch Teen Wolf. ("Dude. You've got to be kidding me." "I think it's fascinating." "teenage werewolves. Not even the actual kind." "Surprising, yes, that the true nature of werewolves is unknown by the media." "Did you just…? Twice in one day, look at you.") Adam tried not to feel proud, tried being the operative word. He rolled his eyes and muttered about how to enjoy a show like that he had to be a fifteen year old girl, but when he sat down to watch the first episode of the second season, it wasn't reluctantly.


There was nothing, he decides finally. If Samandriel left by his own conscious choice he neither warned Adam nor took him along. He wouldn't do that, Adam thought. He wouldn't do that to me. But if not that, then what? Was he taken by Crowley? Crowley, who was explained to him as following:

"Basically he used to be a crossroads demon, but now he's the king of Hell."

"The king of… I thought Lucifer was the king of Hell!"

"Lucifer? Nah, Lucifer's old news."

You're behind the times, Adam, he heard.

"How did it happen then?"

"Eh, details are blurry. Castiel, Leviathan, et cetera et cetera. I wasn't really involved."

And on that subject Adam asked nothing else.

Now, though, he curses himself for not pressing for more information. Samandriel's done a pretty good job of filling him in on all he missed, but he finds none of that helpful. What good is a Prophet of the Lord if Adam can't contact him? He's forgotten all the numbers of Sam and Dean's, forgot Castiel's, forgot Bobby's, which it was explained that that one wouldn't matter anyway. He had few friends before being eaten, and finds that he can't recall name nor face of any of them. Samandriel's number had been dialed at least forty times before it stopped ringing and went straight to voicemail.

It occurs to him then that he's never really been alone before. He lived with his mother the first nineteen years of his life, then briefly with Sam and Dean, and then all those years with Lucifer. He's never gone more than four days on his own. And now here he is, with two properly functioning ankles and not a reason to use them.

His mind begins to wander. What if Samandriel died? Adam's gathered that a favorite pastime of angels seems to be killing other angels, and especially if there's already a price on his head. It's completely plausible, he realizes, that he could've been tracked down and smote. It could've happened right in that hotel room.

Or, or Samandriel is still alive. He's being held somewhere, about to be killed. And Adam is just sitting around twiddling his thumbs when he could be doing something. Doing what, he has not a clue, but if Cas went missing he's pretty sure Sam and Dean would go looking for him. Should he, then? Where would he look? And how? What if he came back and Adam was missing, so they searched for each other for eternity?

Though he realizes he's going to have leave soon. Their stockpile of food is down to one box of pizza Bagel Bites, and if he wants to keep staying at the Inn he's going to have to pay for it, which will be slightly difficult seeing as he has no job, no person information, no ID or social security card.

He doesn't know what to do.

It's a right good thing Samandriel returned when he did, Adam was a few thin lines off from hopping a train and uprooting the entire state of Kansas to find his brothers.

Samandriel does return though, but he looks like he just had all his feathers plucked out of him. Adam would've thought he was sick if hadn't known better. He wants to be mad, but thinks that if he yells Samandriel's ears will shatter like glass. Or he'll start crying. Or both. When he speaks his boyish voice sounds gruff and leathery. "Long story short." He says before Adam has time to do much reacting, "I died."

"You what?" Adam's already on his feet patting Samandriel's shoulders as if to make sure he's actually there.

"Died. I was dead. Cas killed me." he answered, unbothered.

Adam jumped back. "Cas-"

"wasn't himself. he was sort of made to do it, ordered by my sister named Naomi. And then she brought me back. Strange, my siblings are, I tell you."

"Holditholditholdit." Samandriel held it. "You died. Like, dead died."

"we've established this." the calm in his voice is really starting to piss Adam right off.

"So your sister killed you, then she brought you back to life." Adam sat on the floor next to his bed.

"Yes." Samandriel sits beside him.

Fucking angels. "And you're just…. Fine with that?" adam gestured wide with his arms to indicate the incredulousness already shown comically on his face.

"Not the first time something like this's happened, not even close. And it won't be the last, either."

"Oh, okay. Yeah. Of course. Aren't angels…. Forget it. so how was it? dying and whatnot."

Because he's a dumbass who can't pick up on sarcasm, Samandriel shrugs. "I've had worse."

Adam is this close to punching him in the face. "what happened?" he asks when it occurs to him he hasn't.

"I was captured by Crowley and sent to some abandoned building where he tortured me and almost ended up killing me. Cas saved me, killed me, brought me to Heaven where I was resurrected." The angel says, then tacks on "Oh and I saw your brothers."

"You saw Sam and Dean?" Samandriel nods. "What are they doing? How are they? Did they mention me? They didn't die did they? Did you mention me?"

"they're doing well I suppose, basically the same as the last time I saw them." Samandriel squints. "Although, I think they're better with Castiel there. Happier, if happiness can exist for a hunter at all. I didn't get time to talk with them, but I'd like to have. They're still looking for tablets and waiting for the prophet to translate them. That's all I know."

"Still trying to close the gates of Hell." Adam asked as a statement.


"Do you think.." he turned to look at Samandriel, "do you really think it can be done?"

"Yes." He said again, but he hesitated.


"It can be done. But not easily. To do something of that magnitude requires Devine assistance. "

"The hell does that mean?"

"Help from God." When the angel spoke again he was very quiet. "And even with that, he who conducts the actual closing of the gates ritual will be severely damaged, if not killed. Adam," his eyes were wide. He looked like a four year old, "one of your brothers has to die."

Adam looked down. To lock Hell, Sam and Dean would do anything. "Not that they wouldn't both be willing." He says finally. "In fact they'd probably try to beat each other to it."

"The only thing is, your brothers' lives are still of great import to Heaven."

"What? W'do you mean?"

"They have still have work here. And if they die completing the trials, that's it. They're done."

"They couldn't come back?" His brothers don't stay dead, Adam knows.

"Nope. That's why an angel's never done it. They're too scared to see what would happen."

Adam was uncomfortably unsettled.

"There's also an angel tablet, apparently." Samandriel says, looking amused for some reason.

"For what, closing Heaven?"


"Really? Why does Heaven need to be closed?"

"you should know that angels don't belong on Earth." Adam stiffened.

"Pretty hypocritical of you." He mumbled.

"I was stationed here, thank you. And I'm not going to run off and start an apocalypse. Angels can send humans miracles from inside Heaven, so there's no reason for us to be here if there're no demons. What?" he asks, when Adam makes a face.

"Just.. demons, y'know?" Samandriel raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. He doesn't know.

Adam sighed. "Okay. When I met my father, you know what was the first thing he taught me? Not how to ride a bike, not how to treat a girl… he taught me the demon exorcism." And Adam doesn't mean to, but he starts laughing, and Samandriel follows. Adam laughs until he has tears in his eyes, and Samandriel begins to look less broken.

"So what are we gonna do?" he asks, still smiling but calmed down.

The angel shrugs. "Not much we can do, right now. I guess we wait until Castiel gives us the all clear, and then join up with them."

Adam freezes. "Them? As in: Cas, Dean, and Sam?"


He exhales sharply. "Well, call it a God damn family reunion."

"Is that a problem?" Samandriel asks, looking genuinely worried, bless him.

"No." Adam lies. "I'm just. No, it's not a problem Samandriel."


"It's fine okay let's just… you're alright, right? You looked pretty fragile a minute ago."

"I'm just weak is all. It's temporary."

"I guess getting killed takes a lot out you. Hell, I know it does."

"As I said. It's temporary."

"Okay. So what now then?"

Samandriel tried not to smile. "There's always.." he began sheepishly, "Teen Wolf."

Adam rolled his eyes.

"I'm starving dude."

"We can get food." The angel reassures. "and then Teen Wolf?"

Adam'll never admit that Stiles Stilinski is starting to grow on him. "And then fucking Teen Wolf."

Two episodes and a bag of sour cream and onion chip later, they're watching Jackson Whittemore turn into a giant lizard when Adam says "I thought you were gone for good. Left me to figure my way out of this shit sack myself."

The angel's eyebrows knit together "Of course not." He says with calm concern, "We've got Hell to close. And you're still healing."

Adam wants to press on about 'what if we didn't' or 'what happens after that' but for a being that never sleeps, Samandriel looks exhausted. So he'll take it.

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