Disclaimer: The Cirque Du Freak and it's characters belong to the one and only Master Shan.

Chapter 1:

My name is Larten Crepsley. I am a vampire. I was chosen as a hunter to find the Vampaneze lord, and we did find him. I fought him and tossed him into a pit full of spikes, he died. I thought I had won. I stood up and looked over all the Vampaneze and my fellow hunters, Darren Shan, Vancha March, Harkat Mulds, Debbie hemlock, and Alice burgess. They also thought I had won. I stood there beaming, until a half-vampaneze named Steve Leonard, slammed into my back. I fell forward and caught a spiked chain that was caught on Steve's arm. I hung there over the stake pit, only a few feet from my death. Steve was being dragged along with me. I knew that no one could get to the deck hanging over the pit in time to save us. I knew my death was near. I looked around until I caught the eye of my assistant, Darren Shan. I looked at his face; it was full of sadness and fear. I cared deeply about him and I know he cares the same way, so I looked at him with the same look he had. I told him I was sorry, sorry that I failed him and the other hunters. I told him I was proud to have been his teacher and then he looked at me and told me he was proud to have been my assistant. Then I looked up at Steve, he was staring hatefully back at me. He asked if I had made peace with the vampire gods yet. I told him that I had done that along time ago. I glanced back at my friends and smiled. Then I screamed to the heavens 'Even in death may I be triumphant!' Then I let go of the chain. It was a long drop and I thought I would never land. I glanced behind my shoulder to see the stakes coming up fast. I moved my head. Then all I felt was pain. Searing pain, and the blood moving from my body. I could not breathe. I closed my eye and listened to my heartbeat slowly stop. Then all the noises, the screams, the sights, gone. It all went blank...

A/N: It's a bit short and I apoligish for any miss-spellings I was using notepad to write this.