Ch. 15- Luffy vs. Mihawk

One Piece © Oda

Blizzard, Ken, Marine K9 Unit © Me

Last time, Luffy and Blizzard had been saved by Boa Hancock, who gave them the key to Ace's cuffs. Ivankov learns that Kuma has now become a human weapon and no longer has his old memories of being a Revolutionary, or being human for that matter. Buggy and his followers prepare to put Operation: "Make Captain Buggy Famous" into action, and Doflamingo offers to make an alliance with Crocodile. Meanwhile, Luffy and Blizzard continue their charge to rescue Ace, but standing in their path is the World's Greatest Swordsman: Dracule Mihawk.

"Dammit!" Luffy cursed. "He's too strong for us! Blizzard and I don't have time to fight him, right! We gotta save Ace!"

SWIP! The two Straw Hats suddenly disappeared from Mihawk's eyes.

However, Mihawk remained in his spot and looked around, looking between the fighting Marines and pirates. Then, he spotted two familiar blurs in the distance.

"Found you…" the swordsman said.

BOOM! With a swing of his mighty sword, Mihawk cut Luffy in the shoulder, catching him by surprise.

LUFFY! Blizzard thought.

"UGH!" Luffy grunted as blood spilled from his shoulder.

"Nice try," Mihawk said, "but you and that mongrel are not out of range, yet."

SHWUMP! KRASH! Luffy ended up crashing into a wall. Blizzard immediately ran to his aid, but then, he suddenly froze as he felt a sudden jolt of pain shoot through his body.

Oh, no… Blizzard thought. These arrows in my back…and the wounds I got from fighting with Ken…I think they're getting worse!

At that moment, Luffy stood up, clutching his wounded shoulder.

"Unh…!" he groaned. "Dammit! H-he cut me!"

WATCH YOUR BACK! Blizzard yelled in thought.

Luffy looked up, as if he had heard his dog's thoughts, and as soon as he did, he saw Mihawk, dropping down towards him, the blade of his sword pointing downward.

"HOLY-" was all Luffy could utter before he dodge the incoming sword, which landed with a loud THUNK!

TUMP! SHRSHHH! Luffy somersaulted backwards before he landed on his feet, although he did slide a bit.

"Out of our way, Straw Hat!"

"Yeah! Leave Hawk Eye to us! We'll stop him!"

Luffy looked up and saw that two New Kama candy boys had lunged at Mihawk with swords drawn.

"Remember us, Hawkeye?!" asked one.

"We challenged you to a duel in the past and lost to you!" said the other. "But now that we're New Kamas, we're way stronger than last time!"

SLASH! Mihawk easily took the two candy boys down with one swing of his sword.

"I never bother," he began, "to remember the face of garbage such as you."


Mihawk turned and saw Luffy in Gear Second mode, once again.

Wait…what are you doing?! Blizzard asked in thought.



Luffy gasps, and that's when an image came to his head. He had fired a Gum-Gum Bazooka at Mihawk…only to have his hands chopped right off.

Not only that…but he could've sworn that he heard Blizzard…talking. Not like the frenzied barking of a dog, but…actually talking like a human being!

Suddenly, KRASH! Luffy stopped his attack before it could finish, pounding his fists into the ground before looking at Mihawk.

"That was a close one," he said. "If I attacked him, he would've cut my hands off!" He then looked at Blizzard in a confused manner, and the wolf-dog returned his gaze.

What are you staring at me, for?! Blizzard thought.

"Blizzard…did you…did you just…talk?!" Luffy asked.

Talk? Blizzard thought. What kind of gobbledygook are you going on about?! I can't talk! I'm a freaking dog, for god's sake!

"Okay…this is weird," Luffy said. "I-I could've sworn I heard you yell at me to stop my Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka or else Hawk Eye would cut off my hands!"

Blizzard stared at Luffy with wide eyes.

You…you heard me?! he thought. But…but that's impossible! I was barking! How could you understand what I was saying?!

Luffy shook his head, and then rubbed his eyes. When he opened them, he saw Blizzard, giving him his usual barking.

Now Luffy was really confused. What was happening, here? First, he could foresee Mihawk's attack, and then he could hear Blizzard's voice? Could it be that the pressure of rescuing Ace from being executed was putting such a strain on his mind, that he started to hear and see things?

"Straw Hat!"

Luffy and Blizzard looked up and saw Mihawk beginning to raise his sword again.

"You're much calmer than I had expected," he said.

SWAK! Mihawk swung his sword at the two Straw Hat Pirates, who ducked down in the nick of time. As they did, they saw both the Marines and the pirates pause in the fighting and look on in shock.

The slash of Mihawk's sword was so powerful, it broke the tsunami that Aokiji had frozen.

"Look out!" cried one of the Marines aboard the battleships. "The iceberg is falling!"

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The iceberg had fallen on three of the battleships.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Crocodile stood before Jozu, who is under the control of Doflamingo.

"You and I, join forces?!" Crocodile questioned. "Don't act like we're equals, Doflamingo. That is, unless, you wanna be my henchman or something."

"Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…" Doflamingo chuckled. "And here, I thought that being in prison might've humbled you. At least a little."

"Guess not," Crocodile said, "because if it had…I'd have never come here. SABLES!"

WHRRR! SHWOOOOO! Crocodile unleashed a giant whirlwind of sand on both Doflamingo and Jozu.


As this was happening, Buggy had unfortunately found himself trapped in the sandy whirlwind.

"CAP'N BUGGY~!" the prisoners cried.


Back with Luffy and Blizzard, the two found themselves locked in battle with Mihawk, and so far, it looked like it was a lost cause, for all they are doing is dodging the swings of his sword.

"What will you and your dog do, now, Straw Hat?" asked Mihawk. "You're only getting farther away from your brother if you keep this up."

He's right! Blizzard thought. We can't just keep dodging his attacks like this! We can't just run passed him, either, because then he'll keep attacking us! What do we do?!

Luffy growled in frustration. He knew he could nothing to withstand Mihawk's attacks. He may be made of rubber, but rubber can still get cut. He needed some way to distract Mihawk. He knew Blizzard couldn't do it, even if he wanted to. Those arrows on his back could be a real hindrance to him, after all.

Suddenly, Luffy spotted something- or much rather, someone- up above.

It's Buggy, flying helplessly in the air from Crocodile's Sables attack.

"Hey! I just got an idea!" Luffy said.

Oh, please share, Blizzard thought, sarcastically.

WROING! Luffy stretched his arms out and WHAP! He grabbed Buggy right out of the sky.

"Hey!" Buggy said. "I'm saved!"


WHAP! SHWAK! Mihawk swung his sword, but instead of cutting Luffy…he ended up Buggy in half instead.

Lucky for Buggy that he couldn't die from getting cut like that.

IS THAT EVEN AN ATTACK?! Blizzard thought.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE PLAYING AT, STRAW HAT?!" Buggy questioned as he grabbed Luffy by the collar of his vest.

"Hey, don't yell at me!" Luffy said as he held Buggy back. "I'm not the one who cut you!"

You know, for once, he has a point, Blizzard thought.


SHNIK! Luffy threw Buggy's upper half at Mihawk, who continued to slash the clown pirate into pieces, but even still, Buggy remained intact.


POP! Buggy fired his Muggy Ball from the tip of his shoe at Mihawk.


KLANK! Mihawk easily deflected the Muggy Ball…right back at Buggy.

KABOOM! A huge explosion went off, engulfing Buggy.

"NO!" the prisoners cried. "CAP'N BUGGY!"

Luffy and Blizzard continued to running, now that Mihawk was out of their way.

"Thanks, Buggy!" Luffy called. "I'll never forget you!"

Ah, I never cared about him, anyway! Blizzard thought.

"We're not finished, yet," Mihawk said as he turned to try and attack the two fleeing Straw Hats.

"Vista!" Marco called. "Go and help him!"

"Yes, sir! Leave it to me!"

WHOOM! A familiar figure blurred through the battlefield. KLANG! He clashed swords with Mihawk.

"You're 'Flower Blade' Vista," said Mihawk. "Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates' 5th Unit, I assume?"

Vista chuckled.

"Why, yes!" he said. "Nice to meet you, too, 'Hawk Eye' Mihawk! How do you know me?"

"Only a fool wouldn't know who you are," Mihawk replied.

Back with Luffy and Blizzard…

"Looks like we made it, somehow!" Luffy said as he and Blizzard kept running to the plaza. "Who is that guy, anyway?"

Let's not worry about him, now! Blizzard thought.

"Well, whatever," Luffy said. "Blizzard, we better thank that guy when we get the chance!"

I'll remember that, Blizzard thought. Right now, we've got bigger things to worry about!

Mihawk is still locked in battle with Vista, but his mind seemed to be elsewhere.

It's not the power of his Devil Fruit or his techniques, he thought. That boy possesses some sort of quality that makes people, even his enemies, want to help him. And in these seas…that's the most formidable power of all!

"Get outta my WAY!" Luffy shouted.

BAP! He punched a Marine out of his way before he and Blizzard continued onward.

As the scheduled time of Ace's execution draws ever closer, many truths are revealed, one after the other. Due to the escape of over 200 prisoners from the impregnable Impel Down, many vicious pirates continue to flow into the battlefield.

The spectators can hardly believe what they're seeing. This battle…no…this war could actually determine the fate of the entire world!

The viewers around the globe can only watch helplessly, and wait for the outcome of this war that will decide the future of all.

At the plaza…

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku, sir! Preparations are complete!"

"Even the contraption at the bay?"

"Yes, sir! Everything, sir!"

Ace sat on the scaffold, still awaiting the blade that would bring his death.


On the Sabaody Archipelago, everyone is watching in anticipation and fear.

"Hey. It looks like they're getting ready to start the execution!" said one of the spectators.

The mother from before gasped and quickly covered her son's eyes, not wanting him to see an even greater display of violence than all the things that had been transgressing in the battlefield.


Back at Marineford…

"Oh, no! Look!" cried one of the pirates. "It looks like they're getting ready to kill Ace!"

"Right now?!" asked another pirate. "But they can't! It's not time, yet!"

"Were we too late, after all?!" asked one more.


On Sabaody…

"They're gonna start the execution!"

"But I don't understand! There's still loads of time, left! What's going on?!"


"Cut the broadcast on all video Transponder Snails!" Sengoku ordered. "We mustn't lose the world's trust! The shock of what's about to happen might shatter the belief that people have in us! There's no need…to broadcast this tragedy to the rest of the world."

Luffy gasped.

"Oh, no!" he said. "They really are gonna kill him, early! Blizzard, we gotta hurry!"

What do you think I'm doing, here, Luffy? Blizzard thought. Picking daisies?!

"ACE~!" Luffy called to his brother as he and Blizzard ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

"In just a few hours," Sengoku said, "the inhabitants of the world only need to know…that the Marines were victorious. That's all we need."

Suddenly, one of the pirates spotted some mysterious shadowy figures appearing at the bay.

"H-hey!" he called to his fellow buccaneers. "Look! At the bay! Something's coming this way!"

"Those aren't our guys! The Marines' forces are coming from behind the ice!"

"What are those things?!"

Whitebeard looked down to his right.

"So," he said, "those are the World Government's human weapons."

"Those are the Kuma guys from back at Sabaody!" Luffy exclaimed.

What the hell are they doing here?! Blizzard thought.

"K…K…KUMA?!" Ivankov sputtered.

It is revealed that Sentomaru had arrived, and behind him…is a fleet of Pacifista cyborgs.

"All right, men!" Sentomaru cried. "We've waited long enough! Our time has come!"

About an hour-and-a-half into the battle, the forces of the Marines make their move. The tide of battle shifts as the final stage draws near!


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