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Chapter II: Misunderstandings

"What in Gwen's name happened here?!"

Brinhelm the Elder cried, son of Noah the elder. His age-worn beak and feathers clearly defined his years as every bone in his body shook as he crooned over the younger generation.

Rory cringed next to Boston, who shielded her with his strong figure. Malachi pulled himself out of the snow and shook off while replying to the older penguin,

"Brinhelm, sir, we were only having some fun."

All of the younger penguins mentally slapped Malachi.

"Fun?! Is the indulgence of fun worth the very lives of our brethren?" he spoke with a gruff, hoarse voice. His eyes glaring.

"We didn't mean for things to turn out like this, sir." Rory spoke, stepping in front of Boston with pleading, emerald eyes.

"It was an accident—!" Serah chimed in with a shrill voice, angered by the elder's lacking will to listen to reason.


Placing his flipper in front of the female penguin, Boston warned her with a deep voice, their eyes meeting with strong emotion.

Everyone was silent, as nearby penguins began to look on in curiosity.

Brinhelm grunted menacingly before pointing his flipper to the direction of the singing schools,

"Get to class."


In the hollowed out ice-room of Ms. De'Canta, the penguins took turns practicing harmony. With only a few days before graduation, the student were simply sliding through class perfecting their singing muscles.

"Can you believe that blowhard, mangy pile of ruffled feather?" Malachi grumbled as he fixed his feather-hair.

Harper rolled her eyes, "Chill out, Malachi. We're lucky we didn't get suspended."

"But seriously, what a kill-joy." Rory mumbled with a grin as she nudged Serah who was humming along to the choir of the school next door.

With a slow turn of the head, Rory glanced back at Boston who stood behind her, obviously distracted. His indigo eyes were locked on a certain penguin at the front of the class, who was singing the high-pitch solo of the harmony. Her name was Aria, shy but confident in a beautiful form, and renowned for her brilliant amber eyes.

Rory smirked.

"That Aria is quite the vocalist."

"Hm, what?" he stuttered.

Rory always found it adorable when Boston stuttered, since he was usually so well composed.

"Even her feathers have a heavenly glow to'em." Rory elbowed the male gently with a brow raised. "You thinking about sharing a few notes with her?"

Boston blushed furiously, "Come on, Rory, you kiddin'? I don't have a chance with her."

"What are you talking about? Besides, your kids would be so cute."

"RORY!" he replied with a stark cry causing everyone in the class to turn around, including Aria.

Her amber eyes caught Boston's deep blue ones, the hue of blush red invisible under his feathers. She giggled at the funny expression on his face. Boston smiled.

Serah let out a muffled snort, trying to hold back her laughter, along with Malachi. Harper simply smacked her forehead with her flipper.

Rory whispered sneakily to her taller male friend, "Your welcome."


Graduation Day


It was early—only hours before the ceremony would commence. The air was slightly warmer today, the great sun high in the sky emanating its tingling rays of sunshine on the icy earth below.

Sitting on the edge of the berg, the deep blue water far below, Rory gazed out over the ice dotted waters. Her thoughts were filled with the memories of her youth, hanging out with her friends, and the internal search for her own heart song.

"I can't believe we've come this far…" the words left her mouth with little notion, drifting away on the wind.

"Me either."

Rory spun around to see Serah, who was smiling at her friend with a heartfelt gaze. Rory returned the grin, with one of her own as her friend joined her.

Both penguins sat on the edge in silence reflecting on everything that had happened thus far in their lives. They reminded each other of funny stories long forgotten and emotional roller coaster moments in either's bumpy life. They laughed together like nothing had changed.

"Whatever happens, we'll always be friends. " Serah said, smiling with her usual beautiful grin.

Rory sniffed, but held her form together as she smiled back.

"Count on it."

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