AU Glee.

Santana Lopez owns a very high class, underground sex club in New York City. Sex, Power, and above all Money control everything within this universe. Santana meets her match, one Quinn Fabray, and her world turns upside down.

I own not one damn thing, and this story is rated 'M" for a reason. If you don't like it, don't read it.

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Nervous wasn't the word. In fact, there couldn't be just one word to describe her feelings. She was almost sick with fear as she drove into the underground parking structure that she was pointed to a few minutes prior. Confusion was definitely a word that could be used at the time. The thirty story building she was parking under was empty. For Sale signs hanging in random spots all over the outside of the building. There didn't seem to by any light coming from any of the hundreds of windows. Regardless, her the confusion was somewhat cleared up once the parking garage door she pulled up to opened, and she pulled inside. The lights were dim, and it was sending chills down her spine. As she drove inside, she looked into her rear view mirror. She watched as the large garage door slowly sank closed. She was officially committed to what she was doing.

"No turning back now...", she whispered to herself.

She drove a few feet until she came to another garage door. It was closed, and the word 'PRIVATE' was stamped across it in huge red letters. She rolled her window down, reached out and shakily pressed the call button like she was told. Minutes later, a large, African American man, built like a line backer, appeared from a smaller door that was next to the garage door. He approached her window, and leaned down.

"How you doin' this evening, Blondie?"

"I...I'm fine, thank you", she answered, nervously.

"Good to hear. Can I have your name please", he asked, as he looked on the screen of the iPad he was holding.

"Um, it's Quinn. Quinn Fabray."

"Okay, Ms. Fabray, I have your name on my list right here. Would you mind giving the name of the member who invited you here this evening?"

"Blaine Anderson."

"Alight, you passed the test", he said, with a wink. She smiled nervously."I'm sure Mr. Anderson told you, that as a guest, you're required to pay an entrance and tour fee of two hundred dollars cash."

"Oh! Yes, he did", said Quinn, as she reached into her purse. She went into her wallet, and pulled out two one hundred dollar bills. She smiled shyly, and handed the money to him. Never in her life had she spent two hundred dollars to tour anything, much less a place she hadn't ever once been to.

"Thank you. Ms. Fabray, welcome to Temptation Playground, my name is Azimio. Now, when you pull through, you'll wanna' park over to your left, those are the guest spots. If you become a member, you'll be allowed to park in the members area. Between you and me though, the only advantage to those spots, is that they're closer to the elevator", he said, with a wink. Quinn giggled nervously."Speaking of the elevator, this is your key card. You'll need it to open the elevator doors. Once you leave this building, it will be deactivated, since it's just a guest card. Again, if you become a member, you'll get a different key card."

"Thank you", said Quinn, as she took the card.

"Once inside the elevator, you'll need to go to the twenty-seventh floor. There will be a girl up there with a bad-ass attitude. Her name's Lauren, but don't call her by name, cause' she don't take well to strangers. Give her your name, she'll take care of you, alright?"

"Alright, sounds good. Thank you...A...Azi...", she stuttered.

"Azimio, and you're welcome, Blondie. Have a good evening, and I hope to see you again soon."

Quinn nodded politely, and waited for the second garage door to open. When it did, she drove forward, and parked where she was told. She looked around, and noticed there were plenty of other cars inside of the garage. She couldn't help but think it was funny. It was supposed to be an exclusive place. She wondered just how many other people in New York City were members of an exclusive, underground, homosexual brothel. As she rode the elevator up, her phone went off. She glanced down at the screen, and saw that she had a text from Blaine.

Waiting on U. Please say U R still coming. Don't back out! - B

She was about to answer, but she knew she'd see him in a few minutes, so opted to ignore it. Her stomach was in knots, and she wanted nothing more than to just relax. She knew there was a bar where she was going, so her plan was to get a drink before she did anything else. When she reached the right floor, the doors opened, and she slowly stepped out. She was in what looked like a medium sized lobby type area. The entire room was red, with the exception of the floor, which was black tile. It was much fancier than she had thought it would be. There was a large fountain against one wall, and the room smelled like roses. It was a beautiful room, and she could have stood for hours distracting herself with it. Only, she didn't get the chance. The sound of somebody clearing their throat took her from her trance. She looked to her right, and noticed a fairly large woman sitting on a stool, reading a magazine.

"Oh, hello. You must be...".

"I must be what", she snapped, looking up.

"Nothing...nobody...I mean...Oh God. I'm sorry", said Quinn.

"Relax, don't worry about it. You gonna' stand there looking around, or you gonna' go inside?"

"I'll be going in. Sorry...".

"It's fine. Come on, let's have your name", she said, picking up an iPad from the table next to her.

"Quinn Fabray, I'm a guest of Blaine Anderson."

"I see that. Alright, welcome Quinn. My name is Lauren, but you really don't need to call me that."

"I won't. What should I call you?"

"Nothing, you don't need to address me at all, I'm just the door chick", she answered,"You got that?"

"Yeah...yes, I...I've got it", answered Quinn, nervously.

"Good to know, now hang on a second."

Lauren grabbed her cell phone, and started texting on it. While she waited patiently, Quinn decided to text Blaine back, since the process was taking much longer than she thought it would.

I'm right outside. See U in a few. - Q

Quinn shoved her phone into her jacket pocket, and looked back up at Lauren. She was simply reading her magazine as if she'd been doing it all day long. She was about to say something, but lucky for her, Lauren spoke first.

"She'll be right with you."

"Um...who will?"


"What, is she like the whore house tour guide or something", asked Quinn. She was trying make a joke, just to lighten the tension, but it failed miserably.

"First of all, don't say whore house when you're around here, it's frowned upon, and you will get your ass beat. Second, you should probably respect Santana from the minute you meet her. She's not a tour guide, she runs this whole operation, and if you piss her off, you will regret it. I'm in a good mood, so how about I give you tip?"

"Wait, this is a good mood for you? I'll be honest, I'd hate to see you in a bad mood", said Quinn, one eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, keep that notion in the back of your mind. As for my tip, be lucky you're even getting one from me. Worship the ground Santana walks on. You're a guest here, and even if you become a member, you'll be new. If you don't know people around here, you don't get the luxury of joking around, or being a smart ass. Trust me, keep your attitude in check, and listen to what you're told while you're here tonight. Also, know that me telling you this right now is a bigger favor then my own mother would ever get from me", said Lauren, not looking up from her magazine.

"I'll remember that, thank you."

"Yeah, you'd be wise to do so."

At that moment, the double doors, which were coated in red velvet opened before Quinn. She was greeted with the face of a beautiful, dark haired Latina, dressed in a sexy red and black outfit. She eyed Quinn from head to toe, before making eye contact with her, and smirking.

"You must be Quinn."

"Yeah...yes. I'm Quinn."

"Damn, your boy Blaine didn't do you justice, you're a lot sexier than I thought you'd be", laughed the Latina as she walked towards her."Welcome to Temptation Playground. My name is Santana Lopez. I run things around here", she said, extending her hand.

"It's nice to meet you", said Quinn, as she shook the woman's hand.

"I know it is, you don't have to tell me."

Quinn liked the woman. She already knew that her confidence was the very trait that completed her as a person.

"Before we go inside, I need to know...can you handle it?"

Quinn swallowed hard, and looked right at Santana. She was intimidated, and she knew that the Latina had picked up on it. She also knew that she was loving it a little too much.

"Can I...handle what?"

"That sexy little fantasy that lives within the back of your mind. The inner feelings you've been suppressing for years about feeling another girl's tongue inside of your mouth. The urge to put your hands on a girl's ass and squeeze as hard as you can. The want of a female's body rubbing up against yours, breathing into your ear, begging you for more...".

Quinn's eyes grew wide, and her mouth went completely dry.

"Mhm, that's right baby, Auntie Tana knows. You can't fool me. You smell like the inside of a closet, so don't be so modest."

"Did...Blaine talk to you about me or something?"

Santana laughed and grabbed one of Quinn's hands.

"Sweetie, trust me, I know how you feel. Most of the new clients feel the same, it's nothing different for me. Follow me to the playground."

She rushed her towards the doors, and Quinn's nerves were suddenly pulling at her more than they had been since she'd gotten there.

"Lauren, you better cheer the Hell up. You always scare the Hell out of all the new clients. You're such a bitch", laughed the Latina.

"Yeah, well it takes one to know one, doesn't it Boss Lady?"

"You knows it baby, you knows it", answered Santana as she pulled the paranoid blond through the doors. Quinn couldn't help but stare wide eyed, jaw dropped at what she had just been pulled into. She wasn't expecting the size of the place, or the amount of people. She wasn't even sure what she was expecting, but she knew it wasn't what she was looking at. A large lobby type hallway, flooded with random people. Drink's in their hands, talking and chatting. A ways down the hall, she could see a large glass elevator, with two spiral stair cases on either side of it. The entire place, as she could see it so far, looked like a multi-story night club.

"So this is Temptation Playground. We're large, in charge, and full of gay. You'll see lots of faces and personalities up here. You'll see familiar faces, famous faces, but no matter what, as a member you are expected to respect people's privacy", explained Santana.

"I don't know that I'll be a member yet", said Quinn, politely. She was scared of Santana, but got a certain vibe from her as well. One that made her feel that she could be somewhat forward with the Boss lady. The funny thing was, she felt like she already knew her. Like she was a person she would have gotten along with when she was younger. Only Quinn had changed a lot over the years. She had gotten in touch with the person that lived inside of her, and wasn't about to let go of that. She needed it, especially at that time in her life. After all, the person living inside was in the closet, and needing that one special female that would hold her heart in the palm of their hands until the end of time.

"Trust me, sweetie", laughed Santana."By the time you leave here, you'll be a member. That's not a suggestion or a maybe kind of statement, it's a promise. One that I'll keep."

Quinn wanted to throw up. She was so nervous, yet excited. It was as if her mind and her stomach were at war with one another. Santana asking her if she could handle it wasn't okay with her. Not that she thought it was rude, or out of line. She just didn't understand how somebody she had just met had the ability to see right through her so clearly and quickly."Come on, let's find your lady boy buddy."

Quinn smiled at Santana's nickname for Blaine. She was led into the very large bar area, where Blaine was sitting and sipping on a drink. When he saw Santana approach with Quinn, he jumped up.

"There you are! Finally! I was so worried that you weren't coming anymore", he said, giving her a comforting hug."I see you've met the lovely and flawless Santana Lopez."

"I have", answered the blond, with a smile.

"Lady Boy, you didn't tell me she was such a hottie. It's just a damn shame I'm off the market, I'd totally rock this one unconscious", she said, gesturing towards Quinn.

"Oh God, Santana, stop. You'll scare her off", laughed Blaine.

"Oh no way, she's not going anywhere. We have a tour to take. Now, before we get started, would you like a drink?"

"God yes...", breathed Quinn.

Blaine laughed, and rubbed Quinn's back."Obviously you're nervous. Just relax."

"I thought you might want a drink. In fact, I was pretty sure you needed one. Puckerman! Bring your ass over here please", Santana snapped, as she pounded her fist on the bar top. Quinn watched as a fairly attractive man, with a Mohawk, made his way towards Santana."Quinn, this is our head bartender, Noah Puckerman. However, such names as Mohawk, Straighty, and Cute Buns are permitted."

"Jesus, are you kidding me, San? Stop corrupting the new members", he snapped.

"Please, like you could come into a place like this, and not be corrupted", laughed Santana.

"No, you can just call me Puck", he said, looking at Quinn. She just smiled and nodded politely."What can I get you to drink?"

"Vodka and Cranberry with a lime, if you don't mind", she answered.

"Feel free to make it somewhat strong, Straighty", laughed Blaine.

"Blaine, do not screw with me right now, it's been a long ass day", snapped Puck, as he started on Quinn's drink.

"Uh-Oh...did you have a bad day today today, Puck", teased Blaine, with a huge smile on his face.

"Yes, I did so please just...shut the Hell up."

Quinn could tell that Puck was probably one of the ones to mess with around that place. He was obviously fun to pick on, and everybody knew it. She liked it.

"Oh boo hoo, what are you talking about", asked Santana."Why was your day soooooo hard Puckerman?"

"How can you even ask me that? I work for you, enough said right there."

"Don't listen to his pampered ass, Quinn. He's probably the highest paid bartender in the entire city. He's just being a little bitch about it", teased Santana."Don't act like you ain't got it easy, Puck."

"Yeah, sweet! I make money, but I never have time to spend any of it because I'm here more than I'm not", he shot back, as he placed Quinn's drink on the bar."That will be...".

"No, just put that one on my tab, Puck", Blaine cut in.

"Thank you", said Quinn.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Quinn was on her second Vodka and Cran, Blaine had another drink, and Santana had taken two shots. Once the nervous blond had calmed her nerves a bit, it was decided they should start the tour. It was what she was there for after all.

"Alright, so obviously that was the bar area. Most people assume that after you pay to be a member, you drink for free. That's so not the case though. If you're drinking up here, you're paying for it, because only serve top shelf liquor. The bar itself seats fifty, and I recently had to order more tables, because members were bitching. Anyways, you just met the best bartender in the world. I'm short on tenders right now, so I admit his hours are a little ridiculous. That's why he's being such a bitch right now."

"He's not gay", asked Quinn, as they strolled into a different room."I'm only asking because you said one of his nickname's is Straighty."

"I wish that man was gay", laughed Blaine." He is straight as a line."

"True, he is but for him I make exceptions", stated Santana, as they approached a a doorway. "Now, here we have the Red Light Lounge. As you can see, it's one of the more popular area up here."

Quinn knew right away why it had that name. All the couches in the room were white, as well as the tables, and floor. However, the lighting in the room was a very dim red. Almost too dark to really see anything, but it worked. It looked amazing, and the room itself smelled like cherry. There was at least twelve or thirteen people hanging out inside the room with drinks. Some just sitting and talking, other kissing and holding each other.

"I like this room, it's amazing", said Quinn, sipping her drink."Smells good too."

"Thank you" said Blaine, proudly.

"Oh, is this one of the rooms you designed", asked Quinn.

"Are you kidding me, I had him design the entire club. All except the third floor. Those are the living facilities, I'd prefer to have my employees design their space as they please."

"The people who work here, they also live here?"

"Most of them, yes. My muscle doesn't. Azimio, Lauren, Dave and my security guy, they live elsewhere. As does Puckerman, but he might as well just move in upstairs. Anyways, on weekdays, certain employees are assigned to certain rooms. Usually it's the ones who make the big money, and have the most clients. On the weekends, it's pretty much a free for all, anybody could be anywhere. If an employee is assigned to one place, their client has to be in whatever room they are working in. Only until they retreat to a private room for...other activities. However, since it's Monday, Red Light Lounge is assigned. Tonight, the room belongs to Sunshine and Sweet lips."

"Sweet Lips", questioned Quinn.

"Oh yeah, all my babies have nicknames. You're free to call them by their real names if you want, but they all have nicknames. Oddly enough Sunshine's actual name is Sunshine."

"I see", said Quinn.

"Did you say my name Miss Santana", asked a tiny Asian girl who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"I did sweetheart, I was just explaining something", smiled Santana, as she ran her fingers though tiny girl's hair."This is Quinn, she's taking a tour and might become a member. Say hi, Sunshine."

"Hello Quinn, my name is Sunshine. It's very nice to meet you."

Quinn smiled. She couldn't help it, the girl's English wasn't very good, but she sounded cute.

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you too."

"Have any of your clients shown up yet", asked Santana.

"No, one is not coming, and the other is running late", answered Sunshine, attentively.

"Okay, do me a favor, and help Puck out at the bar until she gets here."

"Yes Miss Santana", said Sunshine, and she was out the door headed for the bar area.

"She is too cute", laughed Blaine."It's hard to believe she's old enough to work here."

"I know, but it works out. As twisted as it is, I have a lot of members that like how young she looks. I can't tell you how many times she's had to wear footie pajamas and carry a baby bottle for certain members. Hey, Quinn...I bet you would never guess that the Mayor's daughter has a thing for Asian girls."

"Wow, no I wouldn't."

"Yeah, she spends so much on Sunshine and Sweet Lips, it's ridiculous. I think she's in love, but you don't know that", laughed Santana. "Moving right along...".

They moved to another room, and Quinn's eyes grew wide.

"This is the E- Lounge. E for Entertainment. Occasionally we have people preform music, but as you can see, it's mostly for the dancers."

Quinn looked around. There was pretty decent sized stage with four or five stripper poles on it. A DJ booth to the right side of the stage, and seating ranging from tables and chairs, to couches and stools. Only one of the poles was occupied, and it was by a tall, blond haired, leggy, dancer. She was surrounded by six members, all of then with hands full of cash. Not that the girl would have noticed, she was too busy hanging upside down with one leg wrapped around the top of the pole.

"Whoa, she's really flexible. Pretty girl", said Quinn.

"She's pretty to look at but that's all you get to do. If I find out that you proposition her, I will kick your pretty pale ass and you will not be permitted back."

Blaine couldn't help but laugh to himself. All the color is Quinn's face drained, as she stared wide eyed at Santana.

"You got that", she asked, a little too sweetly.

"Yes, I got it. Am I allowed to know her name?"

"Her name it's Blue Eyes. She's our number one female dancer, and she manages certain things around here. Also, in case you were wondering, the reason why she's off limits, is because she's mine. All mine", the Latina stated proudly.

"I figured", smiled Quinn.

"I'd introduce you to our number one male dancer, but he's probably doing a private dance. See those double doors on the left side of the DJ booth?" Quinn nodded, as she brought her attention to where Santana was pointing."Through there are all the private rooms for dancing. Just keep in mind, that not everybody here dances. Only a select few."

A few minutes later, they were in the elevator headed to the second floor. Quinn couldn't believe the amount of time, effort, and above all money that went into the place. The elevator was glass, and even though it was only one floor up, and there was more than one spiral staircase to get to the second floor, it was very fancy. There was just so much to look at through the glass walls of the elevator.

"Blaine, how long did it take you to design this place", she wondered.

"About a year. I had lots of other projects, if you can imagine, but I did manage to keep Santana here one of my top priorities", he bragged."As if she'd have it any other way."

"Oh Hell no I wouldn't have it any other way. Not only is he one of the best interior decorators in New York, I couldn't pass up the wankyness. The fact that I own a sex playground, and it was designed by famous decorator, Blaine Anderson, yeah way too awesome to pass up. Even if most people don't know it. Gets me every time I think about it", she laughed."He did get a free membership out of it. Which lead him to the love of his life."

"Kurt is barely the love of my life, Santana. He's just my little toy."

"Porcelain is more than just your toy, he's your baby. I don't know why you won't admit it."

"Because it's not true."

"Whatever", laughed the Latina as the three of them stepped off the elevator.

"I can't say I've been on an elevator with a better view", said Quinn.

"No, you can't", agreed Santana."So this next lounge we're heading into next it called the Rainbow Lounge. It's a pretty...interesting lounge, so you might have to avert your eyes."

"Wait, what is that supposed to mean", asked Quinn, nervously.

"It's a lounge we're you're allowed to do more then just kiss in front of everyone else", giggled Blaine."We don't have to go in there, as long as you know what it is."

"Oh I think I've got a pretty good idea. Let's not go in there right now", said Quinn, stopping dead in her tracks.

"Oh come on, just take a peek. It's pretty damn sexy, not about to lie", said Santana. Before Quinn could say a word or even argue, the doors to the Rainbow Lounge opened, and a male and female came out laughing together.

"Oh, two more of my babies."

"Oh my god, Blaine", said the male, as his eyes rested on the trio.

"Kurt...what the Hell, I thought...", Blaine started, in confusion.

"Come here you two", ordered Santana, and they quickly complied."Quinn meet Porcelain and Sugar Baby."

"Hi", squealed Sugar Baby."You don't have to call me Sugar Baby if you don't want because my real name is Sugar. But it's whatever, I'm not really picky. At least when it comes to my name. Are you a natural blond, because your hair is like ridiculous pretty", she rambled.

"Sugar! Down girl", snapped Santana, jokingly.

"Sorry, Miss Santana."

Blaine just stood silently. He was looking down at the ground, and didn't seem happy at all.

"It's nice to meet you both", said Quinn, smiling a little at Sugar's energy.

"Porcelain, did you let her drink Red Bull or something", asked Santana.

"It wasn't me, she got her own drinks. Downstairs earlier she asked Puck for Vodka and Redbull, but she said hold the vodka", defended Kurt."I apologize Miss Santana."

"It's okay, my hansom little porcelain doll", said Santana, as she caressed his cheek."I still love you."

Quinn could tell Santana had an abundance of control over the people that worked there. She clearly worked hard for it, and was most likely getting off a little because of it. She was always touching them, and talking sweetly to them. Yet, no matter how sweet she was, they always answered her as if they feared her. Quinn wasn't sure if she liked it, and she wanted to find out why that was.

"Blaine, what's the matter? You look so sad", observed Sugar.

He didn't answer. He just calmly sipped his drink, and looked away.

"Oh my god, alright. Porcelain and Blaine, step aside and solve your issues. The tension is fucking killing me", said Santana.

"Whatever", breathed Blaine, as him and Kurt stepped away. They started arguing back and forth, and Quinn couldn't help but be a little concerned. Blaine was her best male friend, and he had been raving and ranting about the place to her for months. He seemed much happier to her, and she knew it had something to do with Kurt. Or Porcelain rather.

"You said you requested not to work in the Rainbow Lounge anymore, why were you in there", Blaine was asking.

"Please, like I'd really debate my room assignments. You know I could never do that Blaine!"

"Then why did you tell me that you would?"

"Oh my God...", breathed Kurt, grabbing Blaine's drink, and taking a sip.

"Sugar Baby...", said Santana."Be a good girl, and go drink some water. After, please return to the Rainbow Lounge, I can only assume one of your clients is waiting on you."

"Yes Miss Santana", answered Sugar.

"Oh, and no more Redbull baby."

"Yes Miss Santana."

With that Sugar was gone, and Santana's attention rested on Quinn. She was still listening and watching her friend and his 'toy' fighting.

"You have to be careful here,Quinn."

"Excuse me?"

"It's not hard to fall in love here. Sure, certain fantasies are played out. Things can get pretty kinky, however, if a client wants something real, they are allowed to go after it, if they want it bad enough. We do some pretty extensive match work with our clients, so the whole love thing isn't exactly out of the question. I can tell you, your boy Blaine there...he has for sure fallen in love with Porcelain. He didn't plan on it, but it happened. It does happen."

"I can see that. Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by extensive match work", questioned Quinn, as she finished what was left of her drink.

Fifteen minutes later, they were back on the first floor, seated in Satana's office. Blaine had been left upstairs to deal with his problems, but Quinn was wishing he was in the office with her. Santana was seated at her desk, leaned back in her chair, with her feet up on the desk. She had a cocky little smirk on her face and it was freaking the young blonde out.

"So, before we get started I need to sense that I have some sort of commitment from you. I know you didn't get the full tour, however you've seen enough to be able to form some sort of opinion. What do you think of Temptation Playground?"

"I can see the appeal. It seems like you've thought of it all."

"It should seem like that, because I have. I know sex, I have since high school, so I figured out a way to make money from it. I'm not pimp, and the people that work here are not hookers, or prostitutes. This is not a whore house. Tell me, did you notice that the people watching my girlfriend dance weren't throwing their money at her from their seats?"

"I did, yes."

"That's because it's not permitted. There is no throwing cash around, and there is no loud cat calling, and whistling. When you watch the dancers, you place the money on the stage, and if you have comments to simply say what's on your mind, you do not yell and scream like an animal. This place is meant to be classy and respectable. I'm not saying we don't deal with drama, but when drama occurs, it's dealt with quickly. I make sure of that."

"I noticed, that this is a very respectable operation here, and I do admire you for it."

"I appreciate that, thank you for saying so. Now, what is it that you do for a living, Quinn?"

"Is that important?"

"When you're a member here, yes it is", laughed Santana, as she sat up. She opened her laptop, and started to type."It's alright, let's just see what pops up on Google."

"You don't have to do that, I can just tell you", said Quinn, laughing a little.

"Oh, nice, a photographer. Wow, a very successful one! You've shot for Vogue, Allure, In Style...damn. You must be good. I see you've even got your own Website."

"I do. To be honest...the fashion stuff isn't really what I like to shoot", stated Quinn.

"I see that. These photos on your page are much more...personal."


"Alright, well you obviously have money. We like that around here. You still haven't told me. Do you want to be a member here?"

"I...think so."

"That's cute, but you have to know so. I'll ask once more, do you want to be a member here?"

Santana was obviously a straight forward kind of person. No bullshit. Quinn liked it, but she was also somewhat intimidated by it. She had a life, a good one, a real one. However, she longed for something so much more. She had a feeling she could find it there.

"Yes. I want to be a member here."

"I love it", smiled Santana."And, I knew it. So let's get down to it then. The membership fee is five grand, and thirty-five hundred a month after that. You're allowed to have fun with more than one person here, however most of the time, people like to have just one toy. What are you wanting to do?"

"I think I'm more interested in having just one for now", stated Quinn, quietly.

"We can do that for you, no problem", said Santana, with a wink. A second later, the door opened and Quinn saw Blue Eyes walk through the door.

"Hi baby", she said happily."I've been missing you."

"Hey you. Been missing you too. You have good timing, we have a new member, and we need to find her a match. Can you help me please", asked Santana.

"Yeah, I can help, I'm on break."

"Baby, this is Quinn Fabray. She's Blaine's good friend."

"Hello", said Quinn.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. I'm Brittany, or...Blue Eyes. You can call me whatever", she said, as she shook Quinn's hand."You're super beautiful."

"Oh wow, thank you", laughed Quinn.

"Come see me, baby", purred Santana, eying her girlfriend up and down."Damn you look sexy."

Brittany giggled, as she moved to Santana, and sat on her lap. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, while Quinn sat awkwardly wishing that it would stop. It was so clear how they felt about each other, lovingly and passionately. However, it didn't stop Quinn was being uncomfortable.

"Mmmm...sorry about that Quinn. I can't help it, my girl is just so...mmmm", said Santana, giggling.

"San,'re embarrassing her", said Brittany."Let's get her a match."

The tall blond stood from her lover's lap, and switched on a flat screen TV that hung on the wall behind the desk. Santana pulled something up on her laptop screen, and it appeared on the TV behind her."Let's get the information we need from you", she said."Oh and as you can see, we're pretty high tech here. We got it like that...if you know what I mean."

After Quinn filled out a profile, and answered some questions about what kind of girl she was looking for, they settled in to discuss her options.

"Okay, so you're a love maker, you're not really into dominatrix, or fetish. You're looking for somebody that you can talk to, and who will listen?"

"As weird as that sounds, yes."

"Oh boy", laughed Santana.

"What's so funny", asked Quinn.

"I promise you Quinn, you will be falling in love with somebody. You're going to be one of those clients."

"Why do you say that? I won't, I won't fall in love."

"Yes you will, because it's what you're looking for", stated Brittany, sweetly."It's not like a bad thing, it's okay."

"No, no I just recently discovered that I want to sleep with women, not men. I confided in Blaine and he eventually told me about this place. Trust me, it took him a long time to convince me to even take the tour", defended Quinn."I'm not here to fall in love."

"I promise you that you will. Just remember, I promised that you'd be a member by the end of your tour. Look what we're doing right now", said Santana."Don't be ashamed. Blaine isn't the first to fall for his toy. It happens more then anybody here would like to admit."

"It really does", added Brittany."I think it's sweet."

"You're both wrong", stated Quinn."Just so wrong."

Deep down, Quinn knew that they might be right. However, there was no way she would admit it. Quinn did want love, and she would do whatever it took to find it. Even if it meant becoming a member of an underground, sex playground. Subconsciously, she had a hidden agenda in becoming a member, but she couldn't even admit it to herself, much less to two people she had just met.

"Well, moving along...", smirked Santana."We do have some matches here, so this is what we'll do. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Oddly enough, Tuesdays we have a line up for new members. A line up is when you get to meet new girls personally, we find it's much more effective."

"More effective then what", questioned Quinn.

"It's just better than having our clients pick the girl from the books, or the computer profiles", answered Brittany."It's sexier, and it's easier. When you get to meet a girl, and you're looking at her face dead's easier to picture what you've been fantasizing about."

"The books?"

"Baby, grab a tablet and show her", said Santana.

Brittany picked up an iPad from the desk, and did some things on it before handing it to Quinn.

"Just scroll through. The photos I pulled up are the girls that match what you're looking for", the tall dancer explained."The books are just photos, you don't get any real info from looking at those."

Quinn took it, and started swiping through photos. They were professionally taken, glamor shots of each girl. Some in suggestive positions, others in much more simple poses. All the girls she was looking at were gorgeous. She thought it would be amazing to take photos of some of them, she couldn't help it. As a photographer, she had developed somewhat of a third eyeball. It was something that she had gotten used to pretty quickly. She made it through about eight different girls before she landed on one that she couldn't stop herself from staring at. Looking at the photo of this girl particular girl was making her heart pound faster and hard. It damn near took her breath away.

"Wow...", she whispered.

"Did you just say wow", asked Brittany."Who are you looking?"


"Show us", said Santana.

Quinn lifted the tablet from her lap, and turned it so they could see.

"Oh my God, I knew it", squealed Brittany, happily."I knew she'd pick her."

"You knew what now", asked Quinn.

Santana just started to laughed and shake her head.

"That's Star", said Brittany."She's very popular."


"Yeah...she's a feisty one, but she's got a soft side", laughed Santana."Would you like to meet her?"

"What's her real name", asked Quinn, as she went back to staring at the photo. The young women was clearly shorter than most. She had dark hair, and chocolate colored eyes. Her lips were pouty, and full. Her body seemed flawless, and Quinn wanted to know how her skin felt. She looked soft, like silk. She looked cold, as if she wanted to be held.

"Well, you'll have to ask her what her real name is when you meet her", said the Boss Lady."I think you'll like her."

"Who takes these photos?"

"We do", answered Santana."Why, you don't think they're good enough?"

"No, I think they're nice. They look like head shots."

"That's what we were going for. We like to show off how attractive our toys are."

"I see", answered Quinn, as she ran her fingers over the photo."God...she's beautiful."

"Alright, well be here tomorrow night at nine o'clock. The line up starts at nine thirty, and we'll make sure you meet Star. Bring five grand in cash, and be prepared to sign a few things. After that, your membership will be complete", said Santana. Quinn nodded."Just know you're about to enter a whole new world. A world that you've never known, one that will take some getting used to. It's addictive, Quinn. You won't want to leave, ever. It's dangerous. This whole operation is illegal, and you're taking a huge risk."

"Why are you telling me all of this if you want me to be a member? I mean, it kind of feels like you're trying to scare me away", said Quinn.

"I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't warn you. We have fun here, don't get me wrong. It's just important that you know what you're getting yourself into. Notice how the profile you just filled out was rather personal? So now I have you exactly where I want you. I have information on you. So, if for some reason you ever choose to be deceitful, and betray the trust of this place...I'll be able to take you down. I can ruin you, you're family, and everything that you love about your life. Don't fuck my business."

"I understand."

"Quinn Fabray...welcome to The Temptation Playground."