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Chapter 13 – A Game of Cat and Mouse

Following Harry's birthday, the teens all enjoyed their free time. For about three hours a day, they trained in their physical sports. It being close to a year now, Godric wasn't pushing the teens that hard in swordsmanship as they were already doing wonderful. The training with Harry channeling his magic through the sword was going well. Even in their martial arts classes, they were learning well. Each of them was already sitting at about a green to blue belt level. They didn't need to go all the way, but there was no reason for them to not do well. Harry was higher still than the rest due to perseverance and determination. He was already working hard to gain his brown belt.

"You are doing quite well with your lessons Harry," stated Godric. "You can relax this year with your swordsmanship. The lot of you has pretty much learned everything that I can teach you. I mainly wanted you to learn how to cast spells using the sword rather than a wand. Your quick mind and sharp abilities have picked up the skill faster than I would have thought possible. Then again, I should know by now to never doubt your abilities."

"You all did say that it was in my best interest to stop holding back and show my true potential," responded Harry with a smirk. "I'm not holding back anything anymore. I'm proud to show my true colors and strengths. I enjoy learning and I'm glad that you all think I'm worth the time and effort. I wanted to do this to the best of my abilities and the compliments I keep getting from all of you sound like I have accomplished what I set out to do. Thank you for taking the time to work with me and thank you for making all of this possible."

"You are more than welcome," said Godric. "I have no doubt that if Dumbledore were still in charge, you would be even worse off than you were when we stepped in. Between him and Dolores Umbridge, they were on the brink of killing you. You are a delight to teach and we appreciate the manners and attitude that you have when it comes to learning what we have to teach. We are proud of all of the Champions. You are more than proving that what we expected of you is what you are able and willing to give. We can't be any prouder of you if you tried."

"I like that even though you all stated one of you would tutor us, that you all scrapped that and are all working with the group of us," said Harry. "I was wondering if we would start getting private lessons from the one that chose us as a Champion. There has to be something that each of you can still teach us. We would be honored to learn from the best that has ever stepped foot into this building. The four of you have made learning fun and easy. With the help of Severus and Minerva, we are learning faster than you all can come up with lessons."

"You all are already getting the one on one time," said Godric with a raised eyebrow. "While we do TEACH you as a group, your sponsor is the one that handles any situation where you need guidance or a firm hand. We were thinking about just getting rid of the idea. However, even though Helga is your sponsor, I'm sure you noticed that from time to time Rowena or Salazar takes a special interest in a certain aspect of your training or control of your powers. Helga just ensures that your emotions are seen to."

"That makes sense I guess," admitted Harry. "It's nice to be able to talk to her when I have a concern about something. I do like the fact that each of you will work with us one on one from time to time to help us in our studies and such. It makes things feel more like a family. We are learning more than just the curriculum. We are also learning how to work as a family. Draco and I hated each other pretty much on first sight. However, we have worked through all of our differences and we act like long lost brothers to one another. The four of you dead people along with the live professors have taught us how to do things both separately and as a group. I wouldn't change any of that for anything."

"While not our intentional goal, I am also pleased with the way things have turned out," Godric responded. "At any given time, I have seen one or more of you turn to your dorm mates for help, guidance, or advice. We are pleased that you don't always have to depend on someone older for guidance. Some of you have skills that the others need. We are glad that we were able to help you all realize that you needed each other and that it was ok to depend on one another at times."

Harry and Godric talked late into the evening. Many things were talked about and discussed. They talked about his leadership skills as well as his ability to think coherently during a chaos situation. They discussed how they could help some of the others in the same capacity. Some things Harry wasn't sure about and wanted to research a bit before he called in the founders and tutors. He wanted to be independent just as much as everyone else from time to time. Therefore, he would periodically look though his books for information. That didn't mean that his concerns were any less troubling than before.

It was one evening when Harry was doing some studying at his desk that he let his mind wander for a bit. He knew that Salazar stated that Voldemort wasn't a blood relative of the founder, but Harry was concerned that other things could and would come into play. He decided to write down his ideas so that he could discuss it with the whole group. He was already trying to research his own answers, but he wasn't having much luck with that. Even Madam Pince couldn't really give him any ideas as to where to look.

"I would love to help you Harry, but I can't," she said apologetically. "I don't think we have any books that would even remotely tell you anything about what you are looking for as the ritual that you described is something VERY dark. We just don't carry information about things like that here in the school. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help to you. Even the restricted section won't have that kind of information as most of the books were removed during the time that Dumbledore was here and were never returned. I'll be speaking to Minerva about getting them found and given back to the library. Even then, I'm sort of leery about having them here as they are dangerous and shouldn't be in the hands of minors."

"Not to worry Aunt Irma," soothed Harry patting her arm in a placating gesture. "When Draco, Hermione, and the others get here, we can discuss it with Salazar and see what he has to say. I'm just concerned that since he did what he did that he can get around some of my magical spells that I have cast on the castle to keep everyone safe. If anyone would know, it should be him. Thanks again for your help."

With a smile for the old librarian, Harry left her and went enjoy the sun. Luna was with her father looking for one of their mysterious creatures. Harry loved that she was still humoring her father as she was even though she knew that the creatures he was searching for didn't exist. Harry often smiled when he thought of the quirky blond. She was the highlight of his life and she well knew it. That she loved her father enough to humor him made Harry slightly jealous about not having a living parent of his own. He knew that everyone called him a family member, but deep down, to Harry it just wasn't the same. Even despite these thoughts, Harry would never begrudge one of his Tower mates their time with their parents.

Finally, the students were due to arrive back at school for the new school year. Harry had Sirius take him to platform 9 ¾ so that he could ride the train with everyone else. He stood out enough as it was and refused to be made a spectacle just because he didn't ride the train. He made rounds with the rest of the prefects to help ensure that the students weren't doing something foolish. The new Potion's Master was on the train, and Harry politely hid from the man so that he didn't hurt his feelings. He knew that the man was deeply interested in him due to his fame and Harry wasn't about to cater to such nonsense. There were a few changes in the staff during the summer months and Harry didn't want to spoil the fun for everyone. To him, they would see soon enough.

Later that evening, Harry and his dorm mates went up to the school in the carriages. He paused long enough to pat the thestrals in a calming manner before entering his carriage. Upon arriving, they sat at their table and watched as the new students were brought in and sorted. Harry clapped for each student as did his dorm mates. To them, it no longer mattered what house a student was sent to. All that mattered was that the students would be given the chance to improve their life by learning what the professors had to teach.

"I have a few announcements to make before you all enjoy your meals," stated Minerva catching everyone's attention. "I just want to give you an update on the professors of the school. We are pleased to announce that Remus Lupin is still with us for another year to teach DADA. He is still the co-head of Gryffindor Tower. Lady Narcissa Malfoy will be teaching years one through three both potions and transfiguration. Madam Figg will be teaching Muggle Studies. Professor Horace Slughorn will be teaching potions for the years four though seven. Madam Longbottom will be teaching transfiguration to the students fourth year and above. Professor Hagrid still hasn't completed his studies yet, so Professor Grubbly-Plank will still be the COMC professor for. Molly Weasley is our care lady, and she has asked you all to remember that magic is forbidden in the corridors. She told me that she plans to removes most of the items on the list that Mr. Filch had put as many of the items were harmless. From the report I received, she has made significant headway already."

"We want you all to understand that if we catch you in the Forbidden Forest, you will get both detention and point loss," stated Filius. "Since last year, we have had an improvement in the behaviors of the students and we hope that you haven't forgotten how to be upcoming mature young men and women since the summer. There are still some dangerous creatures running around the forest. We have had a team of experts come in and remove most of the acromantulas that lived in the forest. However, there are still some there and they are dangerous and poisonous. At this time, they have not all been caught."

"Let's also keep in mind that Albus Dumbledore is still on the run from the law," piped up Harry. "I was able to stop him a bit, but as long as he is out and about, he can still cause problems. Also let's not forget that the Dark Lord is still out there causing mayhem. We have done some things to keep you all safe here in the castle, but if you are out of bounds and putting your life into danger by being where you aren't supposed to be, then you are risking more than points and detention. It could mean your lives. We are enforcing this rule to make sure that you all stay safe and learn how to protect yourselves while learning how to control your magic."

"That brings me back to a point from last year," stated Minerva. "Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, and Susan Bones are all equivalent in status of an apprentice. This means that if they see that you are causing problems, are seen out of bounds, out after curfew, or other rule breaking activities, they have the right to dock points and give out detentions. If for whatever reason you decide that you don't wish to abide by their punishment, I will make sure that the punishment is doubled. You have been warned."

"Now that all of that has been stated, let's enjoy the meal that the elves have worked so hard for," suggested Filius. "They were quite pleased to have many of you return so that they could prepare this feast for you all. They do love to take care of us and we wouldn't want to disappoint them by letting the food get cold."

"This year some of you may be asked to assist the professors in some of the classes," stated Minerva to the group below them, as the students started to eat. "Draco is great in potions and may be asked to help some of the younger years. Harry is great in DADA, Charms, and a couple of other courses, so the professors may ask you to help. Hermione, I know you are skilled with your wand in Transfiguration, so be prepared to be asked for help. Luna, if anyone starts to show signs of the gift of a Seer, we will direct them to you. Susan, we will ask for your assistance with Herbology along with Neville. Hannah, Blaise, and Daphne, I'm sure that you will be asked as well as you are just as gifted as everyone else. You are ALL very highly trained in most of the subjects taught in the school."

"I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will be honored to help the professors," stated Harry. "I have one request to make. I don't want to offend anyone, but I would rather learn potions from either Narcissa or Severus if at all possible. From what I know of Horace Slughorn, he is a good friend of Dumbledore, and he collects trophy students. I don't want there to be any troubles between he and I in that regard. So would it be possible to arrange that for me please? I'm firmly in the mindset that I'm not a trophy for anyone. The closest that anyone can claim that title is Luna, and that's because she and I are to be married after she graduates."

"We can let Severus teach you potions," said Minerva after a moment of deliberation. "He is a Master after all and he can get you through your NEWT classes just as easy as anyone else. I have no problem with it. Judging from the look on his face, I would say that he doesn't either."

"I have no problem teaching the whole Champions Tower potions," stated Severus. "All of them have passed their courses with good grades. I know that Neville went back to Gryffindor Tower as he is a prefect, but for those that are still taking the class; I would be willing to teach them all. I would suggest that Luna let Horace teach her as she is a year behind the others. He can get her through normal OWLS. I'm also thinking that everyone should go to Horace except Harry, Draco, and Hermione. With them being so advanced, they may get bored with Horace."

"I'll allow that so long as Horace doesn't start to badger her due to being my betrothed," stated Harry. "I don't want to escape that scenario just for her to fall into it due to being the one that will marry me. She has just as much right to her privacy as I do mine."

"I'll make up their schedules personally and speak with Horace," assured Minerva while nodding in agreement with Harry's statement. "The three of them are taking the exact same classes, so it wouldn't be that hard to get them together. Horace is a little more lenient with his potion students than you are. The three you are willing to teach are highly advanced and would more than likely be bored."

Harry and company laughed at Minerva repeating what Severus said without realizing it. When she did realize it, she too laughed at her blunder.

"There is something that I want to discuss with everyone when we start settling down for the night," said Harry with a serious look on his face. "It has something to do with some of my research or lack of during the summer. I need all the information that I can get. As some of the professors are more knowledgeable than I am in things, it might not be a bad idea to ask people like Professor Slughorn to join us. He is older than most and would probably be able to help with answers."

"I'll arrange it for you," said Minerva. "I suggest that you eat. Poppy and your elves are starting to get upset that you have hardly touched your food. I'm sure I would get just as much of an earful as you will as I'm the one chattering and keeping you from eating. Add in that I'm not eating either and we would all get into trouble of some sort. Just because I'm older doesn't mean I'll be able to get off the hook if they decide to start fussing."

Everyone laughed as they began to eat. Once the meal was over, Harry and his friends assisted in helping the students get to their dorms. Though it was still early, usually on the first couple of nights, the students were sent to their dorms so that they could get used to where they were going and get to know their fellow house mates. There weren't very many staying the Champion's Tower this year. It was just the four champions and Hermione staying there. Everyone else went back to their dorms as they were in a position to assist with their house. However, even those that returned to their dorm knew to go to the Champion's Tower once their charges were seen to each evening for training. All were curious about what Harry wanted to discuss with them. It wasn't long before Harry could see them returning via the Marauder's Map.

"Over the summer, I had a lot of time to think about certain things," explained Harry as everyone was comfortable. "The major thing that I was having trouble with was the fact that during the whole incident in the graveyard the night Cedric died, my blood was used by Riddle. I have been searching all summer trying find information about if there was any way he could get around my wards now that he has my blood in him. So far I haven't been able to find any information due to the books being missing from the library thanks to Dumbledore."

"While that is a concern, it isn't one that you have to worry about," said Salazar thinking for a moment. "He may have used your blood to regenerate his body, but he can't get around your wards like you think he can. I can see you are fixing to interrupt me, so I ask that you let me give the full explanation before you do so. Yes he used your blood to regenerate a body for himself, but he doesn't have your family magics. It just doesn't work that way. I could give Draco a blood transfusion right now and it will have no effect on his status."

"There is a difference between using the blood and using the magic," said Rowena picking up for Salazar. "Anyone can become a blood brother or blood sister, but it won't affect their magical core. With that being said, Riddle could probably now claim to be a Slytherin from Sal's line, but it still isn't going to make a difference to those that know better. It will only be in his mind that he is. The magic from the line will not be there for him to use because you didn't give it to him. It will just not work. He could probably call forth the magic right now to strip you of the title of Heir of Slytherin, but the most that would happen is that he would stand there for a few hours waiting for it to take effect. Those that do blood adoption are actually GIVING the blood AND the magic. Riddle taking your blood didn't give him the magic. You would have to give it to him and you didn't."

"Your worry was a sound one," assured Helga calmly. "Please don't ever doubt that your worries aren't founded. When it comes to Tom Riddle, he is a bane and anything is possible with him. However, we know what he can or can't do. Even Horace can look at you and see that things are going to be just fine. We want you all to know that even the smallest of your fears should be spoken of and let us address them. There is nothing wrong with worrying. It's when you don't ask that we feel you are neglecting yourself and those that could learn from the information that we can give to you."

"Professor Slughorn," said Harry turning to the man. "I don't wish to hurt your feelings, but I don't want to be one of your trophy students. From the conversations that I heard on the train, it seems to me that the only reason that you took the job here at Hogwarts was due to the fact that I'm a student here. If that's the case, then I will ask that you not take the post and return to your retirement. We can always have Severus teach fifth through seventh year potions and let Narcissa pick up fourth year."

"I will admit that I was excited by the prospect of teaching you," admitted Horace. "However, my duty is to the students. I will stay and teach. I know that you are going to be taught by Severus and he is a skilled Potion's Master. My feelings, while slightly hurt, are not as important as your level of learning or sense of self-worth. You are more than able to learn from who you want. My loyalties are to the light and not to Albus. I heard what he did and some of the stunts he pulled. I, for one, am appalled by what he did to you and to others. Never let it be said that I don't care. If you ever need me for anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I have taught in this school when Minerva was a student here. I have been around for a long time."

"Thank you," said Harry. "All I want is to be a normal student. I know that I'm advanced and such, but I want to have a normal time in lessons until the day I graduate. I was just nervous that you were placing more interest in me and not on the actual student body as a whole. Now that we have that cleared up, I can relax knowing that you do want to share your knowledge with impressionable minds."

"Now that we have all of that cleared up, would any of you like to learn a little more history tonight?" asked Rowena. "I have a story to tell that I would like for you all to learn."

The students got themselves situated around the desks while some of the professors made their way out of the room so that they could assist in keeping an eye on the students. It wasn't long before they were ready and Rowena launched into her story.

"The ghost that you all know as the Grey Lady is actually my daughter," explained Rowena. "She was the highlight of my life and one that was skilled in many forms of magic just like I was. She was older than her sister by about ten years. There is a rumor that she stole my diadem and hid it away. There is also a rumor that on my deathbed I asked for her and sent the Bloody Baron to find her. These rumors are half right and half not. She didn't steal my diadem. I sent her to hide it in one of our ancestral homes. Suffice to say that she didn't make it there and back. I did send the Baron to find her, but it wasn't to bring her back. It was just to check up on her. I didn't know that he was under a spell that would cause him to do what he did. I wasn't on my deathbed when she was killed."

"Why did you send the diadem away from the castle?" asked Harry. "Wouldn't it have been easier to hide it here? With all of the defenses that this place has, there must have been somewhere that you could have hidden it that it would have been safe. There are many rooms, corridors, and other places here that no one would have been able to access if you used the right wards and such."

"That would have been my son's fault," said Salazar. "Even though I never had any trouble with the students or my fellow founders, one of my son's did. He was staring a war and even I was having trouble as I was starting to get on in years. He waited until I was old enough to not be able to fight him before he stated his campaign. It was his goal to unit all four relics of the founders together so that he could have the ultimate power. As you know, the sword is goblin made and can imbibe that which makes it stronger. The cup has or had healing powers. The locket gave the power of parseltongue, which he didn't have. Then you have the diadem which increases the wisdom of the wearer. He wanted to rule the wizarding world unopposed much like Tom Riddle today."

"We tried our best to keep him from getting the relics," continued Rowena. "We didn't want our hard work to be undone. Therefore, I sent Helena out of the castle in secret to have her bring my diadem to one of the secret locations that only the Ravenclaw line could get to. By the time I sent out word to check on her, she was already targeted to be killed."

"Apparently my son found out that she was going and he used dark magic on the Baron," stated Salazar with disgust on his face. "His name was John Lafayette. He got the title of Bloody Baron later due to his actions which resulted in the deaths of Helena and himself. He was of the lineage of the crown of state, but he didn't get to be a part of it due to his magical background. Getting back to my story, he was placed under the Imperius Curse and sent after Helena. He loved her and wanted her. Once the spell was cast, he didn't remember any of it."

"He sought her out on her travel and almost caught her before she was able to hide the diadem," said Rowena. "From what she has told me since, the two of them began to argue and she pleaded with him to stop what he was doing. She could tell that something wasn't right, but she was unable to help him as Salazar's son was stronger in magic and the spell was cast using parseltongue thanks to the Locket. Due to that, she couldn't counter it. When she refused to tell him where she hid the diadem, he killed her. Upon her death, the spell broke. Apparently Siegfried made it so that John would realize what he had done. The job was to either get the diadem, or die trying."

"Thus since he couldn't get her to tell him, he killed her causing him to fail," stated Harry. "Once he knew or realized what he had done, I'm guessing the second part of the spell kicked in and he took his own life. If I had to wager a guess, his own actions away from the spell would have caused him to do it anyway as he murdered the one woman he loved most in the world."

"You are absolutely correct," said Rowena. "He was her soul bond and he had killed her. Whether he was under a spell or not, you all know that you can't kill your soul bonded and live. He ended up taking his own life as the spell that Siegfried cast broke. This is how he is now known as the Bloody Baron. We have had conversations with both Helena and John since their deaths. Both have gotten over what happened and have continued their love in the afterlife."

"What happened to Siegfried?" asked Hermione. "Someone would have to have known what he did and put a stop to him. He couldn't get the diadem as it was already gone. History stated that Rowena died not too long after Helena did. Unless history was wrong once more, we would be interested in hearing what happened next."

"I died about fifty years AFTER my daughter," said Rowena. "The history says that I was on my dying bed when she was murdered. I wasn't. I was just sick and the healers were busy tending to me. I recovered in a few days and it was then that the other founders and I decided to teach Siegfried a lesson about what he had done."

"By this time Rosemary had already left the castle and we didn't know what was going on with her," said Helga. "This is how the Ravenclaw line survived. She was married and hiding. She had children and that's how Luna is the heir today."

"I did the same thing to Siegfried that Harry did to Albus," proclaimed Salazar when Helga was done. "I stripped him of his family magic and his place as heir of the Slytherin line. At first we were concerned that the Ravenclaw line had ended, but we know that it didn't. My second son inherited my name, titles, and everything else upon my death. We wanted Siegfried to understand that what he did was wrong. Even after I stripped him of everything, we made sure he couldn't harm anyone in the castle again. We stripped him of his memories and we made sure that he couldn't remember that he was of my line."

"He lived for about two more years before he was murdered for causing a brawl in an inn in a muggle town," said Helga with indifference in her voice. "I wanted to go and tend to him, but the others asked me to let the muggle healers do it. Suffice to say, he didn't make it. All of our hard work was on the brink of being undone, so we decided that we were going to be more careful about what happened in the future. This is what caused us to combine our magic and cast the spell that would tie our souls to the castle upon our deaths. We wanted to ensure that our descendants would keep up with the idea that we started to teach all people with magic how to train their minds and bodies to learn the control needed to make them outstanding witches and wizards."

"Our only sadness is that some of our descendants didn't keep the same ideals that we did," said Godric. "We have stepped in at times during the years to assist with getting them back on track, but we never had to do what we are doing today. Once our heirs started to leave the castle and not come back, other powerful witches and wizards started to change what we set up. Therefore, we come to what happened with Dumbledore. He was able to take over as he was the strongest wizard around. While he may have done things that were sneaky and underhanded, he was powerful. He started out following some of the old ways. It didn't last as the power started to go to his head. We know that the three heirs sitting in front of us today would never do something like that. We made sure that we waited for the right ones to step in and become the ones that would bring back what we set up to where it should be."

"Your trust in us is much appreciated," stated Susan speaking for Harry and Luna as well. "We would like to believe that we will do what we need to do to see to it that what you started will still be around for centuries to come. There will come a time when we make a mistake or wrong judgment, but we are intelligent enough to know that not everything will be perfect. We are also skilled enough to know that we can work together and bring about the path that was set up to start with. I don't want to lose everything due to some pureblood bigots that insist they are better just because they have been in the magical world longer."

"That's very wisely stated Susan," said Minerva. "We all know that Harry would never do anything that would cause harm intentionally to another living being. He didn't even like doing what he did to Albus. We know that sometimes accidents will happen. We also know that you will work together and bring about the transformation of our world back to where it's supposed to be. The three heirs along with their supporters will do what's right and justice will prevail."

"As it's getting a bit late, why don't we let these teens get to some sort of comfortable activity before they head to bed?" suggested Severus. "Classes start tomorrow and we want them to get some rest. I know that Harry is an insomniac, but even he looks a bit tired right about now. We thank you for taking the time to teach all of this stuff to us. Even a person like me loves learning what really happened as opposed to the second hand guesswork that others have propagated all this time."

With a smile, Neville, Daphne, Hannah, and Blaise left the tower. It wasn't long after that the professors all left as well to get their nightly rest. Harry sat there for a bit longer processing what he learned. He enjoyed the history lessons and was delighted with knowing about the real events instead of the lies and falsehoods that were being taught today. He didn't like knowing that some of history got so distorted that good people were being blamed for evil things when they had no part in it. He went to bed after kissing Luna good night and within moments, he was sound asleep. Severus checked on the teens later that evening and gave a sigh of relief when he saw them all getting their much needed rest.

The next day, schedules were given out. Harry and company looked over and were delighted to see that from time to time, they were to act as an assistant rather than a student in a class. Each also noted that they had plenty of time to get all assignments caught up and completed.

"It's a lot easier only having about three classes a day rather than what we had last year," admitted Harry as he, Hermione, Draco, headed to Potions. "Last year I was in class for about eight hours a day and that's without all of the extracurricular activities that we were doing."

"Don't forget to conceal your gun," whispered Hermione pointing at the said weapon. "We don't want other students to know that we have them. They're supposed to be a secret after all. I wonder what Severus is going to teach us in class. I can't wait to get started. I know that he is very skilled and he has changed some of the potions that normal instructors are used to."

When they entered the tower, they saw Severus working with some of the cauldrons on a table. He worked with the three with not only identifying, but told them that they would be making them this year. He knew that these three wouldn't have any trouble with the brewing of the potions.

"Hermione and I already know how to brew Polyjuice Potion," admitted Harry to Severus. "We brewed it in second year. We had the weasel with us, but he wasn't much help. We brewed it with success even if something did go wrong with it."

"What happened to make it go wrong?" asked Severus. "If you brewed it correctly, there shouldn't have been a problem. What happened to make it go wrong?"

"I accidentally used cat hair," stated Hermione with a sigh. "I thought it was human hair, but it wasn't. That's the reason I was in the infirmary at that time. We did brew it right, but the item used to change me into a person was wrong."

"Where did you learn how to make that potion?" asked Severus. "This is a good lesson for those that need to learn it. I'll make sure to send a copy of my memory to Horace so that he can teach his classes what they need to learn."

"We got Moste Potente Potions from the restricted section," explained Harry. "Lockhart signed a pass for Hermione to get the book. We wanted to find out if Draco was the Heir of Slytherin. While it was a good learning experience, it was also a waste of time. Not only was Draco not the Heir, but Hermione was almost harmed in the usage. Maybe Draco can tell this story to the students he will be assisting with when he does his assistant duties coming up."

A few weeks later, Sirius and Ragnok entered the castle. Harry and Luna were there to meet him with Minerva as they walked up the path to the door. When they arrived, Harry ran into the arms if Sirius, happy to see him again.

"Ragnok and I have some great news to pass on to you today," said Sirius. "If you could grab Neville and meet us in Minerva's office, I would deeply appreciate the assistance. Trust me when I tell you that things are going to be better for that young man coming up really soon."

Grinning with excitement, Harry raced away to Gryffindor Tower. Upon reaching the portrait, the Fat Lady smiled at him and opened to give him entrance. He walked in to find Neville cowering from Cormac McLaggin. The older boy was busy yelling at Neville. Neville was trying not to back down, but Cormac was bigger and taller than he was. Cormac even had his wand in his hand while he was busy threatening Neville. It was pointing in Neville's face. This caused Harry to step him and assist his friend. Harry flicked his wrist and caused the wand to fly to him. Angrily, the older boy turned around to confront his attacker.

"That will be fifty points from Gryffindor for yelling at a prefect," stated Harry. "It will also mean a detention for you as well for pulling out your wand on said prefect. If you even think about opening your mouth to belittle me, I will strip you of every privilege that you have without even thinking about it. My advice is to stand there while I get what happened from some of the other students. Lavender, please tell me what happened."

"Neville was sitting in his chair reading when Cormac came up to him," explained Lavender quickly at the look on Harry's face. "He wanted to know why you weren't interested in being a part of Professor Slughorn's club. Neville was trying to tell him that Snape was tutoring you in potions and Cormac got ugly. He started saying bad things about you and Snape. He was saying things about how you think you are so much better than everyone else when you were just a miserable nobody looking for more fame and sympathy. Neville got upset by this and took ten points from him. This is what started McLaggin threatening him. You entered right after that and saw what happened from there."

"Let me make this VERY clear to everyone in this dorm," hissed Harry in anger. "As the heir of the founder of this house, I can do things that most people can't. I am allowed in all of the dorms of this castle. Being the heir of TWO of the Founders means that, I have more pull and rank than anyone else. It isn't anyone's business as to why I do what I do except my own and those that are responsible for my care. Due to the problems that this has caused, I'm deducting fifty more points from Gryffindor. You will be reporting to Professor Malfoy for your detention schedule for one week. Upon completing that week, you will serve a second week with Professor Longbottom. I will also be informing Headmistress McGonagall about your abysmal behavior."

"Thanks Harry," said Neville standing by him. "You came in at the right time. I think he was about to hex me. I would have been better had he not caught me by surprise. Anyway, I know that Narcissa and Gran will make his life miserable when you tell them what happened."

"Oh you can bet on that," assured Harry. "I would expect him to lose more when I tell the professors about this. I came to tell you that Sirius and Ragnok want you to come with me to the Head office. I think they have some news for you. We can talk with Minerva at the same time. Oh and for the record McLaggin, I will be giving your wand to the Headmistress and she can decide what to do about you from there. Now report to your dorm room and do not come about again. Colin, if he does please send someone to Professor Lupin immediately."

When he got the acknowledgement, he and Neville left the tower and headed to Minerva's office. Upon arrival, he and Neville launched into their explanation of what happened. Minerva assured Harry that his punishment would be seen to immediately upon the ending of the meeting in the office. Neville looked at Sirius and Ragnok with excitement and curiosity in his eyes. Sirius, seeing the look decided to put the poor teen out of his misery.

"As you know Neville, the goblins have been working on your mother and father for months now," explained Severus. "Just the other day, Ragnok came to see me at the Ministry. Your mother and father are starting to take well to the treatments that the goblins are giving them. It shouldn't be but another couple of months and they will be able to walk and talk to you. Your mother already has motion about her, but she is progressing faster than you father due to the difference in the Cruciatus Curse used upon her. While he had the Crucio Maxima, she didn't. She just had multiple normal ones. Therefore, she is healing faster than he is."

"It won't be long," assured Ragnok. "They are progressing faster than we anticipated. Their minds are still in some kind of shock, but that's normal considering what they went through. We have already spoken with your Grandmother and she knows what's happening. She thought it would be a great gift for all of your hard work for us to give you the good news in person. While waiting on you to arrive here today, we arranged for you to come for two hours every Saturday to visit them until they are fully healed."

"Will there be any lagging illnesses or side effects?" asked Neville with joy in his voice and on his face. "Will they make a full recovery or will they have some sort of affliction that is latched onto them due to the length of time that they have been ill?"

"It is my belief that they will make a full recovery," assured Ragnok. "That isn't to say that they will be able to resume their jobs as Aurors, but they will be able to do things like normal people. If I had to guess as to something that would be wrong, I would say that from time to time they would have shaking fits. I can't explain it better than that. The curses used upon them will more than likely cause them to have tremors from time to time. We will just have to see. I don't want to give you full hope, but there is no reason that within the next couple of months that they won't be talking to you and hugging you and such."

"I can't thank you enough," whispered Neville with tears in his eyes. "The healers at St. Mungo's said they would never recover. I won't care about their tremors or shakes so long as they can speak and see me and know who I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"You are more than welcome Heir Longbottom," assured Ragnok. "Thanks to some of the assistance of the Ministry, the costs for the treatments have already been seen too. Your family will not have to worry about paying us as the fee has already been taken care of by others."

"Why don't you go and tell your friends the good news?" suggested Minerva. "Harry will see to Sirius and Ragnok while I head to deal with a troublemaker in Gryffindor Tower. I'm very happy for you Neville."

"Thank You," called Neville over his shoulder as he raced from the room. Minerva laughed a bit as she followed him out. Harry went to the goblin and his godfather and chatted with the both of them for a while. He knew that there were things that needed to be done, but he also knew that they weren't that important at this time.

"The Headmistress tells me that you are once more well ahead in your studies," remarked Sirius as Ragnok took his leave. "She tells me that you are still maintaining your spot as the highest GPA in the school. I know it's only been a short time, but that is quite an accomplishment. Severus is telling us that you are making all of the potions he is assigning you with ease. We even hear that you are already creating more spells. That's quite an accomplishment for someone your age. You made two in your fifth year, and you have created a couple more from what the professors are telling me not to mention those crystals that you are selling faster than you can make them. Would you like to explain what you created?"

"It's easy to explain the outcome of one of them if a bit difficult to cast," explained Harry. "I basically reworked the Petrification Spell. Instead of petrifying the whole body, I can use it to petrify parts at a time. The spell doesn't really need words, but you should use them none the less if you are first starting out. I have the spell copied and Severus and Minerva said they would see to it that it gets a patent and a copyright. The other spell is one that's similar to the Fire Whip Spell, but I changed some of the words and can do the same thing but with water, ice, air, or earth. That spell took me most of the summer to get right. However, it's not that difficult. Once more, Severus and Minerva stated they would make sure that the credit for the spell goes to me. They want me to start teaching them to the upper year students."

"That's great pup," exclaimed Sirius. "Now that you are speaking about copyright and such, we were able to find the authors that have been writing books about you. Each one of the authors that has written stories, books, or has merchandise with your name in it has been sued for all royalties. Each book is to be taken off the shelves. All accounts have been seized until you are recompensed for each book sold that mentioned your name. From now on, the only time you will see your name in print is if YOU personally give permission for it to be done. Before you ask, let's just say that your vaults have probably doubled by now. The authors using your name and story have made a fortune and they had to forfeit said fortune to you."

"Thanks Sirius, I appreciate you taking care of that for me," said Harry with a smile. "I know that you are busy with being minister and such. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do that for me."

"Well I just got the solicitor on the job," assured Sirius. "I didn't really do all that much. I just made sure that I was getting steady reports on their success or lack thereof. They have been paid out of the winnings, so you don't have to worry about that. I made sure that everything was taken care of. YOUR job is to get good grades and learn everything that you want to learn. MY job is to make sure you are taken care of."

Harry was about to reply when he froze. Luna ran up to him and Sirius could see that something was wrong instantly. Neither teen were looking good. He could tell that both were in sight well as in the wards.

"Sirius, we have some Death Eaters on the grounds," hissed Harry. "It's time to recapture the traitors that escaped justice the last time. Pettigrew is on the grounds as well. It's time to capture that rat once and for all. He must be able to tell Voldemort information regarding what's going on in the castle. As we don't have the link anymore, I couldn't tell you what he is up to. We need to capture these people and deal with them. However, I want Pettigrew to suffer for what he has put our family through."

"There is a way we can capture him and be done with it," explained Minerva. "There are three of us that are an animagus. While Pettigrew knows of me and Sirius, he DOESN'T know about you. Therefore, you can assist us in capturing a rat as all cats chase rats. When you are in your animagus form, you can travel in the shadows. We haven't worked with you yet on it as a human due to many other lessons, but as a Shadow Cat you can always just sneak up behind him and grab him."

"Who else is on the grounds?" asked Sirius. "If you give us names, we can deal with them as well. We want as many Death Eaters out of the war as possible. We haven't been able to find Albus yet due to him hiding pretty well. We can't track him as his magic is too low for us to do anything with. Once we have him, we will make sure that he can't get away again. For now, we need to concentrate on the people trespassing here now."

"It's the Lestranges," said Harry. "We have the brothers and we have the Carrow siblings. They are a pest from what I read up of their past endeavors. They are all four very wanted criminals that are the top in Voldemort's court now that Bellatrix is dead and Lucius is in prison. We need to get all five of them. Enough is enough and it's time that he stops sending people here to threaten the castle, me, and the students. Let's get them."

With that, the group headed out to capture some Death Eaters. The students were already in their common room, so it was easy to keep them there. Harry and Minerva worked together to see about getting Peter. They used the Marauder's Map to find him. It wasn't that hard to do when one sat and thought about it. All the residents of Hogwarts had to do was to find the offender on the map and then use the tunnels to sneak around and ambush the attackers. The founders repeatedly told the Champions that it was what they did in their day when they were almost invaded or someone got past their defenses and got into the castle. They didn't have the map, but they knew from the start when someone was there that wasn't supposed to be.

Minerva and Harry came around the corner in the corridor that Peter was running in. He was in his rat form and was heading for the Slytherin dorms. Harry and Minerva exited the tunnels and transformed into their animagus forms. From there, the chase was on. While Molly was given an extra fifty years for some of her schemes that went with what Ron and Ginny did, she never really was a main character in the crimes. Therefore, time was just added to her parole. She had begun to take the corridors one at a time and seal all holes and such so that people like Pettigrew couldn't get in the castle. Thus was the situation that the rat animagus was currently in. He was cornered by two cats and had nowhere to run. Minerva quickly transformed and stunned the rat before he had the chance to run again. From there, he was placed in an unbreakable cage and sent to the Head office.

Once Harry was sure that Minerva had Peter, he used the shadows of the corridor and disappeared from sight. From there, he raced through the shadows and waited. He knew that there were vampires out and about in the shadows waiting for an unsuspecting fool to fall prey to their hunger. He shifted back into his human form and waited. Soon, the vampires grouped around him with hunger in their eyes and their fangs showing.

"Rather than come at me I have something better for you if you are interested," stated Harry taking things slowly to get their attention. "As it stands, you will all perish should you try and attack me. I am the owner of all three Hallows. You won't stand a chance against me. As far as I can tell, you are all hungry and I have a good meal for you if you are interested in working with me. If not, we can battle right here and now and you will lose. From there, I can come up with another solution to the invaders of my castle. What is your decision?"

"Speak!" hissed the lead vampire. "Your words ring truth in some ways. What meal are you speaking of and what do we get out of it?"

"I can reward you handsomely for doing something for me," explained Harry. "Inside of Hogwarts, there are four Death Eaters. I happen to know that the Dark Lord is intent on killing your whole species due to not bowing down to him. I will actually pay you to deal with these four people. Your reward is the money and the knowledge that you are picking off some people that are mainly responsible for the death of some of your people."

"Which people are you referring too?" asked the vampire again. "We are not in need of money, but if you are giving us the enemy of our people as food, we can come to some kind of arrangement. We just need to know who it is that we are going after. If they are ripe enough, we will not bother you anymore while you are traveling the shadows. We can see your Aura, Emrys. We know you have the power to back your words. Who are we to feed on?"

"The Lestrange brothers and the Carrow siblings are out and about in my castle," answered Harry to the delighted hiss of the vampires upon hearing those names. "You may enter my home and take out the four of them. All I ask is that you limit your feeding to them and not to my students or the people there to assist in their capture. Do me this one favor and I can work with you in the future if you ever need me for something. I abhor killing, but I'm tired of having to fight stupid people determined to enslave everyone. Should I fall, your people will fall as well. I have no doubt you would rather work with me and stay free rather than be slaves to a monster."

"Give us ten minutes and we will have them," was the reply before the vampires disappeared from the shadows. Harry left the shadows as well and called all of his companions together. From there, he told them what was going on.

"You all told me that this was a war and that sometimes we have to do things we don't like," he explained to them. "Right now, I have a small force of vampires sweeping the castle looking for both sets of siblings."

"You have VAMPIRES around the students?" hissed Minerva interrupting him. "What were you thinking Harry? Have you lost your mind? They will kill the students. I can't believe that you did something so foolish."

"If you would just listen to me for a moment, I can finish telling you what transpired," hissed Harry right back annoyed. "I was talking with them in the shadows. I told them who was here and gave them the option of destroying the people who were the biggest supporters of their slaughter in the last war. Once they learned who was here, they were more than willing to work with me rather than be destroyed by me. They called me Emrys. They know who I am and can see that I have the power to wipe them out. I have been given their word that they will only go after our attackers and no one else. I would appreciate it if you gave me a little bit of credit. I do have a brain in my head you know."

Minerva sat there stunned. Harry snapped at her and called her down for her words. Everyone there knew that he was acting in his capacity as owner of the castle. He was also not Harry Potter in this endeavor. He was Harry Potter EMRYS and right at that moment, he was demanding the respect that he deserved.

"The fight is just about over," said Luna with her eyes glowing. "The Lestrange brothers are already gone and the Carrows are about to be taken down. One vampire was killed, but things are going smoothly. Harry's plan went exactly as he wanted it to. None of the students are in any danger as they are only after the people that are responsible for so many deaths of their kind. As part owner of this castle, I support my future husband for his actions. I also agree that you should place a little more faith in him Minerva. Your words, while acknowledged, were insulting and you should know better than to talk like that to someone. Harry never does anything without thinking about the consequences and the outcome."

"I do apologize for accusing you, but I don't apologize for worrying about the students," stated Minerva plainly. "It isn't like Harry told us what he was planning. You all may own the castle, but I'm still the one responsible for the wellbeing of the students. So while I may have been distraught and spoke without thinking, I believe that we are all at fault."

"The last two Death Eaters are caught and are gone," said Harry. "Hogwarts is now safe for now. The vampires are taking their meal back to the shadow realm and are content knowing that the four main people in Voldemort's army are now gone and can't hurt their species anymore. As for what you said, you are absolutely correct. We are all at fault. I would have told you my plan if there was time for me to do so. However, sometimes I have to act as I see fit in order to protect the students. While you ARE the Headmistress, it is still part of my job to do what I think is best. However, we shouldn't argue the point amongst ourselves. We won't always agree on everything and this is one of those times. Shall we reward the students for being so well behaved? They don't even know what happened due to being locked in their dorms and the attackers are gone with no one but us any the wiser."

"What do you suggest we give them for a reward?" asked a mollified Minerva calming down. "They have been behaving extremely well considering all that has happened. Let's also not forget that Pettigrew is in my office in a cage. He needs to be tended too. He isn't going anywhere at the moment, but I would prefer him to be out of the castle as soon as possible."

"Let's give the students a slumber party," suggested Susan. "We can have the boys in one room and the girls in another to prevent inappropriate behavior. We can have buffet foods and finger snacks provided. We can tell them that so long as they stay in the area we set up, they can go back and forth between the game room we can set up for them and their sleeping room for the night. That way, they feel like they are being rewarded for their hard work. We can give them certain guidelines about boy and girl inappropriate behaviors and such."

"That's a brilliant idea," agreed Minerva smiling. "Sirius and I have to tend to business. From there, I'll set up the party. Thank you all for your timely actions in making sure that the castle stayed safe and the students didn't come to harm. I'll talk with you all later."

With that, Minerva and Sirius left the room to deal with the rodent. It was a fine cat and mouse game for the Headmistress. She was also secretly pleased with Luna and Harry for standing up to her and telling her that she didn't have the right to speak like she did to them. It wasn't about what she said, but about how she said it. That no further apologies were needed made it all the better.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I can stop right here. This chapter just got away from me and went on and on. I have a few more things to do before the story end and I want to make sure that the last few chapters are as full of detail and such as the ones before this one. Thanks again for all of the support that you have shown me during the creation of this story.