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Chapter 15 – Renewing the Blood: Epilog

Harry and company were ready to start the new school year. They knew that this was the last for most of them. Luna would be the last of their clique when it was all said and done. Fred and George were already gone and Harry, Draco, and Susan were the last along with Neville the others that were friends with the Champions.

"Harry, we need to talk to you about something important," called Minerva while she waited for Harry and Luna to come down the stairs. Upon them arriving, she continued with her thought. "Your birthday is in a couple of days. We need you to stay at Gringotts that night or even here in the tower. The reason being is that you will come into your full magical majority and we don't know how powerful that will be due to being a dual heir of the founders."

"What was it like for Susan?" asked Harry. "Did she have any problems with coming into her majority? She is the heir of Helga after all. I know she is now formally known as Lady Hufflepuff. She sent me a letter to let me know that it was official. I have it in my room. She didn't say anything about her magical inheritance though."

"Her magical inheritance was more powerful than most, but it wasn't that bad," stated Amelia. "She was uncomfortable for a little while as the magic settled into her system, but she wasn't in any actual pain. It was more like she was having a hard time of the month with cramps and such. Her core did expand more than a normal witch or wizard, but it wasn't that bad."

"It just felt like I was sick due to something I ate," admitted Susan hearing the last words her aunt said as she entered the room and guessed correctly what they were talking about. "Once the entire thing was done I was back on my feet within a couple of hours. Many of us will be here for your magical inheritance as we want you to know that you have our support. We knew already that you would be powerful with just the Potter inheritance, but coming into the inheritance from two founders will be painful for you."

"That's not counting my Pendragon and Emrys lines opening up as well," said Harry with a miserable sounding voice. "Are there potions I can take to make it less painful and such? I would rather not have to hurt any more than necessary if I can help it. Add to that, I don't want someone else getting hurt due to my magic being all over the place either. I want this to be as safe as possible for everyone."

"We were talking about that," answered Severus. "The founders have all discussed this and have agreed that you should take some mild pain potions BEFORE your inheritance starts. That way, they are already in your system when the magic takes effect. We don't want you to hurt any more than you want to be hurt, but there is only so much we can do. We still have to allow nature to take its course. We promise you that we will do what we can. Poppy and I will be with you the entire time monitoring your system. With the help of Draco and Susan, I can even help by doing Legilimency on you. That way, I can talk to you in your mind and get the information I need to be able to assist you better."

"That sounds good to me," replied Harry. "This way, we can record our findings and such as well. We can do a sort of documentary on what it's like to become the new Lord of a founder's house as well as the new Pendragon or Emrys. I assume that Hermione will be here so that she can take notes?"

"Yes," answered Minerva. "We talked with her mother and father and explained what was happening, and they have given their permission for her to be here to assist you. We can always ask her if she is willing to take notes. I doubt seriously that she would object. She does love doing things like that."

"Perfect," exclaimed Harry. "The more of you that are here, the more my subconscious will allow me to stay calm. I have no doubt that between Luna and Fawkes singing, that their songs will soothe me as well. I just want to get this over with. When it's all said and done, I just want to finish my last year at Hogwarts and live my life when my betrothed graduates from school."

"We have set a date," explained Luna as the others were wondering what he was referring to. "We are going to get married on Halloween of this year. We will still be in school, but we figured that we could get this done so that the bloodlines can combine under one name for now. We can make sure that I don't get pregnant until I graduate. We want to ensure that the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin line all continue. We decided that we would do a number of different things as well."

"We decided that we would ask Poppy to make sure that Luna has two sets of twins," said Harry. "I was reading in a book that it can be done and we would still get two healthy babies that will retain equal amounts of magic. That way, when we step down, we can pass the mantle of the three founders we are related two along with the Potter name when Luna and I are too old and tired to do much more than sit and rock."

"That's actually not a bad idea," murmured Salazar. "Each of the children could take the last name of Potter and just add one of the founding houses to it as well as one of them taking the mantle of Pendragon. Emrys will always be in their bloodline, so that won't affect them in the slightest. You don't really want to advertise that you are a descendant of Emrys anyway. It would bring you more harm than good as many people would want to kill you due to who you are related to. It's bad enough that between the two of you, you are related to three of the founders of this school."

The group all talked a bit more about what would happen in two days. Harry was still nervous, but he was a little more at ease knowing that each person vowed to help him through it. There were still things that Harry had to get done. He hoped that Sirius and the Ministry would have made some headway, but he knew that Albus and Riddle were both still at large. The remaining Death Eaters of the Inner Circle were caught, but the two main perpetrators of the evil of their world were still on the run. It didn't matter that both were weak in magic, they were still out there and that bothered Harry.

Finally the day came and Harry was walking around on pins and needles. He knew that once the magic started that there would be no end to it until it ran its course. He wanted to get it over with as his nerves were making things sound worse than they really were. With a sigh, Harry decided to go for a walk. Luna and Fawkes were not far in case he wanted something or needed someone to talk to. They also knew that the only thing they could actually do for him was to just be there.

The night started out fine. Later that evening, Severus and Poppy came in with potions and other things that they might need. Amelia and the rest of the teens were around the room as well in case they needed to do things like repair stuff in case Harry threw magical spikes around the room. Around fifteen minutes to midnight, Severus and Poppy dosed Harry with a pain potion and had him lie on a bed in the middle of the common room of the tower. The castle would take most of the thrown magic, but they knew that they would be around Harry while he was going through this better in the larger room.

As midnight hit, so did the pain. Even with the potions, Harry's body arched off the bed. Luna and Fawkes began singing so that Harry could hear them. As was predicted, a few spikes of magic flew from Harry and did things like break the windows and such. They were easily fixed by those that were in the room with him. Other spikes were absorbed by the walls of the Tower and the castle started humming along with the phoenix as she took in the extra power.

"You might want to enter his mind now," mentioned Luna halting her song. "Harry will need you in there as his mind is starting to play tricks on him. He is seeing things that aren't really there. His abysmal childhood is rearing its head again and it will cause him to fight what he is going through making his pain even worse than it already is. Another potion in his system wouldn't go amiss either."

Poppy nodded and spelled another potion directly into Harry's system. Susan and Sirius stood by Harry's head and when Severus gave the nod, they carefully opened his eyes to allow Severus to enter his thoughts. Upon entering, he saw the turmoil that Harry was facing and went into immediate action.

"Harry stop!" he called. "This isn't real. It DID happen, but it is over with. You need to separate yourself from this or it will drive you insane. The more you fight it, the harder it will be to end it. If you work with me, we can help you with banishing these horrible memories. They will only get worse if we don't do something about them. I can and will help you if you let me."

"So many people thought I was some pampered prince," cried Harry. "This is the life I had until the founders stepped in and saved me from all of the hate in the world. This is what my life was like while people like Dumbledore and Riddle were going around ruling everyone with an iron fist. I HATE MY LIFE! I wish I never had to go through any of this bullshit. It isn't fair that they can have everything while I get hurt through it all. I want it all to end. I am so tired of fighting."

"NOW YOU STOP RIGHT THERE HARRY!" yelled Severus in frustration. "You may hate what happened to you, but look at the rewards you have received for all of it. Your relatives CAN'T hurt you anymore. They are going to be in prison for a very long time. Albus CAN'T hurt you either. You took away most of his magic and you took back your wand making him a below average wizard at best. Thanks to the combined efforts of everyone, the Dark Lord is going to die. He can be killed like everyone else. You took his magic from his as well. Just like the other fool, he is barely able to hold a wand and it isn't the one that chose him."

"It just hurts so much," whispered Harry hoarsely. "I just want to be normal like everyone else and I can't. I will always be known as the boy who lived and the boy who won't die. I don't want to be titled anymore. I just want to be happy."

"You will get that," insisted Severus patiently and calmly. "Luna is singing to you with no small amount of love in her tune. Fawkes is doing the same. You may have titles due to who you are related to, but to me, you will always be a brat and my favorite student to pick on. I don't think you are special. I KNOW you are a good person. You can't just give up because it's too hard. It has always been hard and you have always stepped up to the plate and took control. Do so now and things will get better. The war is all but over. You don't have to have so many titles and responsibilities now. You CAN be just you and nothing else."

Harry smiled at him for a moment before he went back to being morose over the images floating around. Severus took a deep breath before he continued with his commentary. He waved at the memories floating around before he spoke again.

"This is just what life threw you," he stated. "YOU BEAT IT! You have done more than any one wizard on the planet. If you can do that, then you can easily banish this nonsense. It can only hurt you if you let it. DO you think that I would not be here today had I let my childhood affect me? My childhood was just as bad as yours and I managed to get my mastery earlier than anyone else in history. If I can do it, then SO CAN YOU! It's time for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and look at what you are gaining from all of this. You have lost lots, but you are making up for it in other ways. Besides, who wants to be normal? It's highly over rated."

This had Harry laughing as one by one the images faded. Severus showed him how to place those memories into a locked vault and store them away until he wanted to look at them. He explained to Harry that the problem he was having was that, the memories seemed to gang up on him all at once. By showing him how to lock them away, he would have an easier time dealing with them when he was ready.

"It's almost over now," said Severus. "Things within your magical core should be starting to stabilize by now. Once that is done, we will help you get to bed so that you can rest and let your body get accustomed to the influx of power that you now have. If you look deep within yourself, you will have noticed that your core is probably twice the size it was if not more. That is NEVER a bad thing. It will make your magic even easier to do than it already is. You will have the title of Arch Magus when it's all said and done, but that isn't a bad thing either. Stop being so gloomy and look at the positive of the situation."

Harry grinned at the snarky man before the two of them finished with everything. Harry took a sigh of relief when he felt his body relax. He knew Severus was right. He also knew that from time to time he was allowed to feel sorry for himself. However, this wasn't one of those times. Severus was correct is saying that the gain was more than the loss. It was alright to mourn for the loss, but it was never alright to give up on life and not progress better. He needed to hear that he would be alright. Severus was certainly able to do that.

"Let's go home," said Harry with a smile. "This has been a strange night and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your support, kindness, and assistance. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I hereby release you from any life debt that you owe to the Potter family. There should never have been one in the first place."

Smiling, Severus guided Harry out of his mind and the two of them woke with a start. The others all breathed a sigh of relief when the two men hugged one another and started to relax. Hermione got out her quill and notes, and the questions began. Once she was done getting all of the information, she made copies so that the Ministry could have one and the Headmistress as well as Harry.

The last of the summer months bled away and school began. Harry adjusted his mind to how it was for his sixth year and let things happen as they were supposed to. Just like before, he studied hard and made sure that his homework and lessons were impeccable. When a student needed a tutor, Harry was one of the few that was sought out to give the assistance needed. That he, Draco, Hermione, and Susan were assistants to the professors helped as well. Blaise, Daphne, and Neville were always with the Tower residents learning together to help each other keep their grades up. Luna always had help when she needed it.

The days turned into weeks. Soon enough it was time for the wedding of Luna and Harry. The two teens didn't want anything big, nor did they want a huge turnout. They mainly wanted the people who were responsible for making them happy to be there. Thus it was a small wedding. The couple went down to the Great Hall where they knew Sirius and Minerva set everything up with the elves for their wedding. Certain people outside of Hogwarts were invited, but for the most part it was intimate and soothing to both Harry and Luna to know that there would be no press or people trying to take advantage of their wedding to make their own lives look good.

"We aren't going to get married until next year," said Susan while Draco nodded. "There is no reason for us to rush either. We understand why Harry and Luna did it, but we don't have any reason to do so. I know that it was easier for Harry and Luna to do it on this day as Halloween was always a bad day for Harry. Now he has something to smile about on this day. Draco and I decided that we are going to get married after we graduate."

"I need for Sirius or Aunt Minerva to talk to Ragnok and Griphook about adding Luna to my accounts," said Harry. "As my wife, she has all the rights to the money and items in it. I know certain things she won't be able to use due to not having the magic of my ancestry, but there is no reason for her to not have access to everything else."

"I believe that it's already done," whispered Luna. "We know that the goblins are the best at keeping up with these things. Don't forget that both Ragnok and Griphook were at our ceremony. They would have already begun to work on it as soon as they returned to the bank. They are the best after all. They will have everything set up in no time. Father is happy that you and I are together as man and wife. He was looking forward to it."

"Well I didn't want to disappoint him any more than I did you," assured Harry with a smile. "I love you and will be with you for as long as this body holds out. I have a few issues that I have to deal with, but with you by my side, I can face anything. For the Christmas Holidays, I would like to just stay here and relax while getting caught up on some sleep and things like that. Did you have anything in mind? We can always ask your father if he wants to come here and spend a few days. That way he will be with his daughter and son in law."

"That's a great idea," stated Minerva. "Xeno would be extremely happy with that idea. He may be unusual in his outlook in life, but no one can state that he doesn't love his daughter with all of his might. He will do anything and everything to ensure that she is happy and well taken care of. I'll write out the invitation to him, Sirius, and Amelia immediately. If you want, we can do another Yule Ball. That way, the people can have some fun. The students are behaving even better this year than they were last year. We can even invite the Granger parents if you want. Hermione would enjoy having her parents here to see where she lives. It will also give her the chance to show her parents what she can do with her magic and such."

"I like the sound of that," answered Harry. "We don't do enough for the parents in my opinion. I think that if Aunt Petunia and Dudley could see what goes on and learn about what we do, they wouldn't have hated me and the magic so much. I wonder if it's possible to even do something like that for them. They are family after all. They can learn so much by just listening."

"I'll speak with Sirius about that," assured Narcissa. "We might be able to do something for them. They do need to understand that you are the good guy here. They might even learn something about you that they should have known all along if we do what you are suggesting. I know that many muggle parents would love to come and see what their students are learning. We can make sure they understand that any abuse of the privilege will get it removed for the future."

"As long as we don't punish all for the mistakes of a few, I can live with that," answered Harry. "Colin needs to learn that he can't keep sending him pictures home. He is close to breaking the Statute of Secrecy. You might want to talk with his parents about some of his photos and such. I know he has taken many pictures of the castle, Express, and Hogsmeade. We don't want all the muggles to know about us. That is one thing that I do think we need to be concerned about. Dumbledore and Voldemort had that part of it right if nothing else. We do need to protect the students and the residents of the magical world."

"You just let us handle all of that," stated Minerva. "We can and will be able to deal with this. We have been doing this for some time now. We can stop the pictures from going to the mundane world. We agree that we need to stop things like that. It's hard enough when our muggle born students talk to their parents about Hogwarts. We don't need the parents having the proof to show their friends and neighbors and such. Creevey is our biggest concern in that aspect of things. He does tend to get overexcited when he sees something new in the magical world."

Harry let the others handle what was going on. He studied, did his homework, and lived as a happily married man. Minerva and Sirius were in constant contact with one another regarding the Statute of Secrecy. Finally one day, Sirius came to the castle and Minerva called an assembly of the students to the Great Hall.

"We are here today due to some things that we have recently found out," explained Sirius as he scanned the hall looking at the students. "We are here to tell you that there are certain things that you ARE NOT allowed to do as, it will disrupt the work the Ministry has to keep the magical world hidden from the mundane people. We are doing our best to keep all witches and wizards safe from persecution and even death. Therefore, we are mainly talking to those that are half blood and muggleborn."

"While we know that you want to talk to your non-magical parents about your achievements, there are certain rules that you have to understand," said Amelia. "Doing things like sending lots of pictures of certain areas is not being prohibited. We can't have you sending magical photographs to the non-magical world. If even just one of those photos gets out, we are in for a serious amount of trouble."

"While it is in fact difficult to catch a real witch or wizard, we can still be killed by those who don't have magic," explained Sirius. "We are therefore going to change certain things. From now on, if you want to send a picture home, you have to limit your scenery in the picture. You will also limit them to being non magical pictures. This means that you can no longer sending the moving wizarding photos home. Should a muggle get a hold of a non-magical picture, you can easily explain it. Moving pictures sent to those that don't live in the magical world falls under the category of breaking the Statute of Secrecy."

"We are NOT going to punish anyone who has already sent the magical pictures home," assured Minerva. "What we need you to do is come forward if you sent magical photos to your families that are NOT in the magical world. No harm will come to anyone. We just need to know who has them and we will then recover them. You may start bringing home scrapbooks with you to show ONLY your family, but we will no longer allow you to send our photos out of the magical world."

"We want you to understand that this is just as much for your parents and siblings that don't have magic as it is for you," explained Harry. "We want to ensure their safety just as we do for yours. We are happy to acknowledge that you are proud of your wizarding heritage, but for safety purposes, we should just limit how much interaction our world has with that world. I happen to know that once I get my shop and home set up for me and my wife, I will want all sorts of muggle technology in it. However, even I believe it is in our best interest to stay hidden."

Colin and Dennis stood up and approached the staff table with fear in their eyes. Harry stood with them and whispered encouraging words into their ears to help alleviate them. Both boys admitted that they sent multiple pictures to their family members. They both admitted that they didn't know if their family sent the pictures to other people. They explained the scenes of the pictures and so forth.

"I think each of you deserves ten points for your honesty and another ten points each for your courage," said Severus before anyone could speak. "THAT is what it means to be a Gryffindor. Thank you both for doing what was right."

Minerva and Harry grinned at Severus as other students walked up and told the panel who they sent pictures to. Each student received twenty points for their courage and honesty. When it was all said and done, thirteen students admitted to sending pictures. When it was all recorded, all students received a pamphlet that gave the new guidelines for sending pictures.

"Messrs. Creevey," called Sirius. "I don't want to discourage you from taking pictures. You both have a natural talent for it. Once you graduate, we can always help you set up a store that will sell your photos. That will make sure that the magical world has many shots of their favorite places. I know this place has special and fond memories for me. If you would be so kind, I would love to see some of the pictures that you have taken of this place. Also I would like to see any you took of Harry."

Laughing, the boys agreed to the request. When the meeting was done, the students were dismissed to tend to their activities around the castle. Harry went back to his Tower to read and finish the essay he had been working on. When he was done, he sat there for a bit wondering what Albus and Tom were up to. He knew that it wouldn't be long before the two old fools would try something. They had been quiet for too long. That neither had been caught wasn't lost upon Harry either. Even with the bounties, they were still at large.

"Sickle for your thoughts," called Sirius as he entered and sat near Harry followed closely by Severus and Minerva. Luna wasn't far and listened closely in case she was needed. "What are you thinking about? You have been sitting there for the last few minutes looking off into space. Is there a problem that we might be able to help you with? You know that all you have to do is ask and if it's within our ability, we will help you."

"I was just wondering if there was any word on Albus and Tom," admitted Harry with a sigh. "The two of them have been quiet for far too long. I wonder what they are up to. Whatever it is, it can't be good. Then again, I haven't heard you tell me anything about either of them in quite some time. Even the paper hasn't mentioned a sighting of them or anything. Do we have some new leads on them?"

"We haven't received any concrete news yet," said Sirius. "However, we have heard from our bounty hunters that Albus was spotted in the Middle East. We know he is running, but we do tend to lose him from time to time. Even with his magic reduced to almost nothing, in some areas, he is still known as a good guy and people are assisting him from time to time. We still have the hunters on his trail. From what we were told, it shouldn't be that much longer before he is caught."

"What about Tom?" Harry asked again. "What is he up to? The more information that you give to me, the less I will worry. I am quite aware that he still believes in the prophecy. I know that eventually he will turn up around here again. While he can't get to the actual castle, I know he will try something that will cause harm to someone that is close to me. I can't allow that to happen."

"Just trust me when I tell you that we are doing everything in our power to capture him," assured Sirius. "We have upped the bounty on his head even more than the one for Albus. We have also asked Ragnok to assist us. The goblins are working around the clock to get to him. They want him as much as we do. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is getting good grades. I want you to be able to graduate with high honors. From what Severus tells me, you are still at the top of the school academically. I would like for you to stay there."

"We do have some good news for you," said Minerva placing a book on the desk in front of Harry and using her wand to open it to a certain page. "Some of your spells are now published spells. The board of education, as well as, the publishing companies of these books has sent checks to your account for printing your work. You have earned some of this as you have no less than five spells in this book. We will begin next year teaching some of the students how to cast your spells. This book is for your private collection. It's always nice to see your name in print. Severus has a copy of each and every book that has ever printed his potions in it. We will ensure that you get copies free of charge as well. You should be very proud of your accomplishments."

"I also took the liberty of making sure that you have some of the other stock in your store," said Sirius. "Dobby and Winky have been a great help in that aspect. I'm sure you noticed that your music crystals have been decreasing in number. Every time you have a certain amount, I have the elves take a bunch and bring them to your stores. Kreacher has been making sure that your store in Diagon Alley is clean. Winky has been tending to your store in Hogsmeade. By the time that you graduate, you will have two very full stores of merchandise to sell."

"This is great," exclaimed Harry clapping his hands. "I knew they were not all there, but I figured that Dobby and Winky were just storing them somewhere for me so that I would have the room. Dobby has been wonderful in going to the muggle world and bringing me back all kinds of music. I can put up to ten songs in each crystal. I will be making about a two galleon profit from the sale of each crystal once I start selling them."

"As each of your stores has hundreds, you will make a small fortune on it," stated Severus. "I will be working in your Diagon Alley store. Thanks to Sirius, I have a potions lab set up already and from time to time, I give Winky money to stock it with ingredients that I will want and need to make a steady supply of potions. Together, we will make lots of money. Your potion skills are well defined. There is no reason why you can't make potions on the side while creating new spells to sell and such. I noticed that it doesn't take you long to make a dozen or so crystals. I figure if you take four hours to make crystals a day, you could take two hours to make potions with me. From there, you have the rest of your time to either spend with Luna, or create new spells."

The group all talked for an hour or so more. They had effectively done what they set out and caused Harry to place his fears and concerns about the two old fools out of his mind for now. They didn't realize that soon, one or the other would cause problems for Harry.

The Christmas holidays were upon them. Harry and Luna went to Diagon Alley to work in the shop for the day. Severus was with them and was working on the lab getting it set up how he wanted it. Harry had opened the doors and allowed people to come into the shop to buy the crystals. He figured that he could make some extra money while working on the new crystals. Dobby had outdone himself and was able to get his hands on hundreds of pieces of music from the muggle world. Harry was sitting behind the counter at his work bench with Luna sitting near him to work the register when a chilling and familiar voice called out.

"So here you are at last Harry Potter," hissed Tom Riddle walking into the store. "You think you have beaten me by taking away my minions. You think you are better than me by stealing my magic. I have news for you boy. Even without my magic I am still strong enough to take you on. The magic of Salazar Slytherin will enable me to beat you like the bad child you are."

"I thought we made it clear to you that you don't have the magic or the blood of that particular family," said Harry glancing up from his work. "The person you are related to isn't a real Slytherin. They are a muggleborn witch and wizard that adopted the name to make them more accepted in the community. You don't have one drop of Salazar's blood in your veins. Even if you did, I am the TRUE heir and I have the power over the blood. You don't even have the Riddle magic to fall back on as he was a muggle. The Gaunt magic was too inbred to be powerful and I recalled that magic from you."

"We aren't really sure how you are able to cast magic at all, but the truth of the matter is that Harry and I are more powerful than you will ever be," stated Luna with just as much a lack of interest as Harry was projecting. "Harry is the heir and NEW Lord Slytherin and Gryffindor, and I am the Lady of the family. Add in that I'm also the Lady Ravenclaw, and you have a powerful set of teens sitting in front of you."

"As you can tell, neither of these teens is particularly worried about you," Severus informed him while waving his wand to keep the Dark Lord in the store. "You don't have the power to do anything to either of them. I have cast an anti-apparition spell on the store. Portkeys will not work unless they are created by one of the three of us. I have been training Harry and Luna for two years now. Salazar and the other three founders have also been training the teens. Harry, Luna, Susan, and Draco are the Champions of the Founders. You are nothing more than a bad memory to us all."

Voldemort pulled his wand and was shocked to his core when Harry lifted his head. With a wave of his hand, the wand soared out of Tom's hand and into Harry's waiting palm. From there, Harry smirked at the Dark Lord and snapped the offending wand in half.

"Did I forget to mention that Luna and I are married?" he asked sarcastically. "That doesn't have any particular bearing on anything, but we have two more titles that you should know about. We have two more titles that we have kept from the populace. We are the current Lord and Lady Emrys Pendragon. Both of us are skilled in many forms of magic."

To prove his point, Harry waved his hand in a unique gesture at Tom and froze him from the waist down. He flicked his fingers and made him float around the store like he was nothing more that the feather that the first years had to levitate. From there, he sent visions into the mind of the most feared Dark Lord in history.

"How did you like my taunting in Hogwarts?" asked Harry from inside of Tom's head. "Did you like that we made sure that the last of your Horcruxes were dead. The one inside of me was destroyed a long time ago. Salazar and Severus made sure of that. When you are a friend of the goblin nation and they call you their child, you tend to get things that most people couldn't or wouldn't imagine."

"We were wondering when you would put in an appearance," admitted Luna. "Even as powerful as we are as Seers, there are some things that we just aren't meant to see. Therefore, we didn't know when you were coming. We all knew that eventually you or Albus would show up and cause trouble. That was part of the reason why we opened the store for a few hours today. We were hoping that one or the other of you would show up."

"Now we have you," said Ragnok from the doorway with Sirius standing side by side with him. Behind them was a phalanx of Aurors and goblin warriors. "We have been searching for you for some time Mr. Tom. You aren't allowed to use the name Riddle as Harry recalled your family name and magics due to the Right of Conquest Act."

"You are not leaving us out are you?" asked Dobby. "Winky, Kreacher and I would like to do some damage to this deranged person as well."

"When did you start speaking so proper?" asked an astonished Harry. "Even Tom is shocked by your actions and diction. I must say that I'm very impressed with you. It's nice to be able to understand clearly what you are talking about."

"So much for being a fearful Dark Lord," said an amused Sirius. "You are no longer even powerful enough to deal with a house elf. Now you have three of them that work for the Potter and Black families that are after your blood. However, we have no time for each and every person to get their pound of flesh off of you. We want to end this chapter of our lives. The Aurors, Unspeakables, and our goblin brothers will escort you to the Veil Room. From there, you will be pushed through. You will never be able to harm another living soul again."

"If I understood some of my reading, you have condemned all of your remaining hidden marked minions to death right along with you," mentioned Harry. "By binding them to you, you have made our lives and jobs easier. Once you are dead, the magic will take them as well. For someone that claims they are so good, you really are a stupid individual. Your biggest mistake was to come after my family. There is only one gift that I will give to you."

"What do you possibly have that I want?" hissed Tom angrily. "You haven't won yet. Somewhere, someone will make a mistake and I will be free. When I get out of here, you will be the first one that I kill. I may not be able to get your magic, but I can get your wealth. You will see to that for me."

"Right," said Harry sarcastically. "My gift is information you idiotic twit. Albus No Name will join you in your punishment once we catch him. He has done just as many acts of darkness as you have. He will pay just as much as you will. Before you scream about how you will escape and do me harm, unless you read the book, my spell that I cast on you will hold until you are dead should I desire it. Unfortunately for you, it will hold until you are pushed through the Veil."

With that, Harry silenced the man with a wave of his hand. He also made sure that the Dark Lord's hands and arms were frozen by his side and unable to move. Harry was taking no chances with him.

"While I don't approve of killing someone, this isn't my choice or worry to make," hissed Harry in anger. "Yes I will feel bad about you being killed, but for everything that you have done, I will do my best to overcome my guilt and sadness quicker. You took everything from me and made me the enemy that you didn't really need. You should have realized that the prophecy was a fake. You WERE intelligent once. You should have known that Albus was manipulating you."

With that, Sirius and Ragnok took away the prisoner. The members from the Ministry as well as the goblins from the bank surrounded the former Dark Lord and carried him away. Harry took a few deep breaths. Luna wrapped her arms around him and kissed him slow and deep to show her love for him. Harry smiled at the young blond and the two of them went back to their work. Severus smiled as he squeezed both gently on their shoulders and went back to his own work.

Hours later, Sirius sent word that the deed was done and the demise of Voldemort was complete. Harry retreated into his thoughts for a little while, but he held his head up and knew that it was needed. It was stated before: This is a war and people will die in it. You will have to sometimes kill during a war. That doesn't make you a murderer.

On Christmas day, Harry was sitting at the castle and he and Luna opened their gifts. They had a lovely day together knowing that things were going well for them. They also knew that there was only one more threat to the Wizarding World. Once Albus was caught, then they wouldn't have to worry anymore.

Time flew by. Before anyone knew it, it was time for the fifth and seventh years to start taking their exams. Harry and his fellow seventh years had their noses pressed to the books to make sure that they were able to keep up with what was going on. Many a time, Severus had to tell them not to worry that even as seventh years, they were very advanced and wouldn't have any trouble with their exams.

Each day, the fifth and seventh years would sit and take their written exams in the morning and their practicals in the afternoon. The exams were spread out over the two week period, so the residents of Champion's Tower and their friends could breathe a little easier knowing they had time to prepare for each exam. The tests were grueling, but nothing that they couldn't handle. Each day, they would take their tests and then would sit and discuss where they might have gone wrong.

Sitting there, they waited as the final days past and they were allowed to enjoy themselves. The seventh years were enjoying the free time until the end of the school year as all of their tests and exams were done. They also were waiting patiently while the staff set up the end of the year feast. Luna was sitting with Harry with a smile. She had finished all of her tests. She knew without a doubt that she had passed her end of the year exams thanks to Harry, Severus, and the founders.

"This year we have the pleasure of announcing that Ravenclaw House has won the House Cup," called Minerva at the feast. "This is the first time in close to fifty years that the Eagles have won. Congratulations on all of your hard work. For those of you that are leaving us, please note that you will be missed. We would like to close the feast with a demonstration of a duel between Severus and Harry. The purpose behind this is to teach you all that even though you are leaving, you still have to be on your toes."

With that, the two men got ready. This was something that was agreed upon prior to the closing feast. Both men waited while Minerva set up the platform. From there, they took their stances. Both bowed low to one another and made ready. On the count of three, both men went into action. Harry was smaller than Severus and was easily weaving around in the spells. Severus was far older and skilled and was able to maneuver out of the way of Harry's spells. As the two dueled, the students were in awe as to how well both handled themselves. Finally Severus made a small mistake and Harry took advantage of it. With a well-placed stunner, Severus hit the ground and Harry was declared the winner.

Harry went to Severus and revived him and helped him stand. The two men saluted one another and then grinned to show there were no hard feelings between them. Both turned to the students and waved to them to show they were alright.

"We are going to attempt to have another dueling club next year," said Minerva as the two left the stage and she returned the hall to normal. "We want you all to be able to defend yourselves. We will not only teach you what it means to duel, but the rules that go with it. We want you to know the history as well as the protocol. Now as I know some of you still have packing to do, I recommend that you get to it. The train leaves early tomorrow and you don't want to leave anything behind."

With that, the students headed out. Early the next day, the train left and with it went Severus. Harry was looking forward to working full time in his store in Diagon Alley. Sirius wanted to ensure that Harry knew he could live in one of his houses or with Sirius himself. Harry smiled to the man and got busy with his creations. Hours of work and fun had Harry grinning as the customers bought his merchandise. He went with the schedule that Severus suggested and worked for a few hours on the crystals. He would then work for a few hours on potions. From there, he would just work around his shop making sure the shelves were stocked and the products dusted.

"Harry we have some great news for you," called Sirius a week later. Harry rushed to the front of the store and greeted his godfather. Severus and Luna were right behind him. "We FINALLY caught Albus. He will be transported to us in the next twenty four hours so that we can hold another trial for him. This time, we are pushing for a harsher punishment for his crimes. We don't want him to be able to get away from us again."

"I can be ready to take my spots on the Wizengamot," assured Harry. "Now that I don't have to worry about school, I can make sure that I have the store covered while I go to the trial. Hermione would be more than willing to work in the shop for a day so that I can go. I know that she wants to be a professor at Hogwarts when there is an opening, so she has been studying and making sure that she stays up to date on her information."

"Just come to the Ministry in two days and we will hold the trial then," mentioned Sirius. "It's more of a formality than anything else. He is already convicted, but we have to add the charge of escaping prison and fleeing. We can finally finish this whole sordid affair and move on with our lives."

As was asked, Harry and his party were promptly in the courtroom on the date of the trial. Luna was sitting for House Ravenclaw, while Susan and Draco were sitting in their designated spots on the panel. Narcissa was sitting for House Black. Severus was asked to sit for House Potter while Harry kept Gryffindor and Slytherin for his self. The trial got underway quickly.

"We are here today to make sure that the prisoner doesn't escape justice again," called Augusta. "We are to understand that Lord Gryffindor-Slytherin has called upon the family magics to strip him of his core of familial magic, but we want to ensure that he never gets out of prison again. Therefore, we have decided on the following and will put it up for a vote. We will place him back in magical suppression bracelets and collar. We will place him in a special cell within the Ministry so that he can be under constant guard. From there, we will have a dementor INSIDE the cell with him feeding on him constantly to keep him weak. His guards will be two goblins handpicked by Chief Ragnok personally so that no one can enter his cell until the day he dies. We are going to give the dementor instructions to kiss him immediately if he attempts to escape."

"We know that this is a harsh punishment," acknowledged Sirius. "We just don't want this criminal to escape justice again. Our Intel informed us that he was trying to take over for the Dark Lord Voldemort. He was going to raise an army of dark creatures and attack the Ministry building in hopes of kidnapping someone close to Lord Potter. From there, he was going to kill Harry. WE WON'T ALLOW THAT! All in favor of the punishment we decreed, please light your wands."

Every single wand on the panel of members lit in favor. Each person knew that it was time to end this once and for all. With the Dark Lord gone, it was time for the one that hid in the light to go as well. Each knew that it would only be a matter of time before the old fool tried something again and would be put out of commission once and for all. For Harry, it was a new chapter in his life and he could now breathe easier knowing his last enemy was gone.


Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Things were going well for Harry. He was making money due to his inventions. His partnership with Severus was beneficial to both men. When one wanted to go and do something away from the stores, the other would ensure that it ran smoothly.

School started and Luna was entering her final year. She was doing well with her ability. She and Harry would meet up every weekend to spend some quality time together. She was also happy to know that Harry was waiting for her to graduate before he took her on a long honeymoon.

Draco and Susan got married and were happily expecting their first child. They didn't want to long after being married to start their family. Both decided that it would be great for Harry to be godfather of their child. Remus and Tonks were also expecting and had also asked Harry to be godfather. Harry was looking forward to bringing his own children into the world.

The heirs of the founders started to move on with their lives. Harry and company would sometimes go to Hogwarts to teach for a year or so to make sure that others knew what was going on. Professors were watched closely as they wanted to make sure the level of education was just as high for future generations as it was for Harry and his friends. Each time that Harry entered the castle, it would hum as one of her champions would boost her wards.

Years started to flow for the Champions. Hermione got her wish and took over as Transfiguration Professor. She was also delighted to be Head of House. Each house has two heads so that they could better help the students. They had also added a second Deputy Head so that the work load lessened for those in that spot. Harry, Luna, and Severus would go to Hogwarts and teach from time to time. Draco and Susan became prominent figures in the Ministry.

Harry and Luna became parents to a set of twins. Both had the green eyes of their father and the blond hair of their mother. Both were loved. Severus, Neville, Hermione, and Susan were asked to be godparents. Each child brought to the heirs of the founders was something special. Even at their young ages, they were powerful in magic.

Harry and Luna had another set of twins. When it was all said and done, they had two boys and two girls. Neville ended up marrying Hermione and between them, they had three children of their own. Draco and Susan had a little girl to join their older boys for a total of three children themselves.

The years passed and those that were older started to die. Albus died in his cell at the age of 183 years old. Minerva passed away shortly before her 123rd birthday. Severus and Harry were still enjoying the quiet life with their stores. They ended up opening one in France and Bulgaria so that they could show their European counterparts that the magic was all that mattered.

As the years continued on, more of their friends and family passed. Severus died at just over 100 years of age. Sirius died a few years later. Things were quiet for the Champions. Each retired and spent their time working in one of Harry's two English stores. Their children had taken over prominent spots. Harry's oldest daughter married Draco and Susan's oldest son thus combining all four bloodlines into their children. Harry happily turned over the titles of Lord Gryffindor and Lord Slytherin to his boys while giving the titles of Lady Ravenclaw and Lady Potter to his girls.

Luna passed away fist of the Champions. She was close to 150 years old when she went to sleep with a smile on her face and didn't wake the following morning. Within a few years Draco and Susan were buried next to her on the grounds of Hogwarts. Harry would visit their graves every other day. One of his children was Headmistress of the school, so she always allowed her father to visit whenever he wished.

Sadly Harry lived for about fifty years more than his beloved Luna. He filled his time making crystals and potions or dedicating time to teach at Hogwarts. When he was around two hundred he passed away. He would always be remembered for his contributions to the magical world. He would also be remembered for his kind heart and peaceful ways.

The Founders of Hogwarts went back to sleep. With their heirs in charge, they wouldn't have to worry about the school. Over the decades and centuries, they would awaken and work with the current Head, but they were always willing to do so to make sure their dream would stay alive.


AUTHOR'S NOTE – This ends this fic. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was easy to keep it flowing. However, we all know that good things much come to an end sometimes. I look forward to being able to start posting some of my newer works. Thanks to each of you that has stayed with me throughout the whole thing. A special thanks goes to my dad for actually printing a copy of this story for his collection of books.