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Chapter 2 – Explanations, Answers, and Punishments

The Aurors came in and within moments, a shocked but protesting Dolores and Albus were placed in magical suppression bracelets. Both were checked for portkeys, spare wands, or any other means of being able to get away. Dumbledore tried to summon Fawkes only for the bird to land on Harry's shoulder and begin to groom his hair. The old wizard was shocked to feel the bond he had with the bird shatter. With his head hanging low, he left with the Aurors.

"Now the four of you have to have time to get accustomed to your new status here in the school," informed Godric. "This doesn't mean you are better than anyone else, it simply means that you are the best of the best and we need to hone your skill and knowledge. We have many things that we will be working on you all with. As Champions, you have the same rights and privileges as the Head Boy and Girl or an apprentice had the school still been doing that. In a way, each of the four of you will be an apprentice."

"There is something about the way the four of you carry yourselves that tells us that you will NEVER abuse this position," assured Rowena. "We know Scion Malfoy acts a certain way due to his upbringing and life. We are here to tell you that it is no longer necessary for you to behave as you do. As long as you stay in the castle, then you are safe from your father until we deal with him."

"The Ministry is currently rounding up all former witches and wizards that were accused of being Death Eaters in the past," explained Amelia. "We have had a boost in the budget thanks to the new Minister and we have expanded the Auror department. We have more officers to work with. We will have each and every person that was formerly accused take Veritaserum to prove that they were innocent. Those that we find are NOT will be sent to a new prison where they will not be rescued again."

"Who is the new Minister for Magic?" asked Harry with curiosity. "None of you has mentioned a name as of yet. Are we not allowed to know who it is for whatever reason?"

"You are more than allowed to know," said Sirius. "We just didn't want Dumbledore or Umbridge to find out yet who the new Minister is. It just so happens that I'm the new Minister for Magic. It was part of my demands for being sent to prison for no reason for twelve years. I have the knowledge and skill to be Minister with my prestige and rank. Amelia is the new Senior Undersecretary and between us, we are working hard to clean up the Ministry. We put Rufus as Head of the DMLE."

"Our first job was to get those that were abusing their positions out of power," stated Amelia to the assembled professors and champions. "We have found some other people in different departments that have been abusing the system and have in fact been working with the Dark Lord. We have had them arrested and we are working on making sure they stay out of his service."

"We have a few warnings for you four," said Helga. "There are certain students in this castle that have been totally underhanded to each and every one of you. Each of you has a so called friend that has been getting paid to spy on you and to tell Dumbledore what you are doing so that he can mold you as he wants you. Dumbledore knew that Luna is a seer. He was working on plans to alienate her from the rest of the school. We already know he has been manipulating Harry his entire life. Susan and Draco have also been under watch by different people for different reasons."

"Who and for whom?" asked Harry with fury etched on his face once more. "It's one thing for a manipulative old fool to do this to me, but it's something else for a supposed friend to do it to me as well. I want names and I want to know what we are going to do about all of this. I don't want someone being my friend if they are betraying me. I should have listened to Draco all that time ago and accepted his hand in friendship."

"Why didn't you?" asked Narcissa with curiosity. "He would have been able to help you with some of the problems we are now facing for you. While these students worked for Dumbledore or Voldemort, they are still students and technically we can't do them anything for what they reported. We can only prevent them from doing so again in the future."

"I didn't listen to Draco due to him mocking me about my parents being dead a few times," admitted Harry. "He didn't make a good first impression on me. Let's also add in that I was impressed upon from the very beginning that Slytherins were bad and Draco spouted off that he was going to Slytherin. I also heard from Ron and a few others that Slytherins were predominantly evil. Therefore, I was a little scared to go near that house and to make friends with its members."

"DRACO MALFOY," hissed Narcissa turning towards her son. "I raised you better than that. If I ever hear you doing something like that again, I will take you across my knee faster than you can say sickle. That was very wrong of you to do so and you will make amends for that. It's one thing to verbally spar with someone. What you did and said was totally uncalled for."

"I do apologize for my garbage mouth," said Draco looking at Harry. "You are so good at keeping what is told to you from affecting you that I used the one thing that could hurt you the worse. I am so sorry that I did that. I had no idea that your life before coming here was so bad. I was in the same mindset as Severus that you were some spoiled little prince that had everything. I had no idea that your life until this very moment was hell on earth. You have my word that I will never do something so crass again."

"You are more than forgiven for that," said Harry with a smile. "Now that we know, we can work together to make sure that we keep our world safe as well as each other. I never hated you. I just didn't like what you had to say most of the time. Add in that Snape always made me feel bad and encouraged you to laugh while he did it didn't help matters. I will learn to keep my mind open about things in the future and learn to make my own decisions based on what I see rather than what I hear."

"Where was the money coming from?" asked Draco with a sick feeling in his stomach, bringing them back to the conversation they had beforehand. "You said some of the students were being paid to be Harry and our friends. So where is that money coming from and have you been able to put a stop to it?"

"It was coming from the Potter Family vaults," said Sirius angrily. "We not only put a stop to it, but we got all of that money returned and with twenty percent interest. Dumbledore accessed the Potter Family vault when he named himself as Harry's magical guardian. We have been able to fix all of that nonsense. I have the new keys to all of Harry's vaults here. No one but him will have access to the vaults from here on out unless he personally adds them."

Harry was fuming in anger at that statement. He took the key from Sirius and put it in his pocket. He was so angry that he was unable to articulate words. Draco, Susan, and Luna were trying to get him to calm down. Even Minerva was having trouble containing his anger. After a few moments, he calmed down enough to speak coherently.

"Who was getting my money?" he hissed through his clenched teeth. "Who was that old bastard paying to be my friend? I want revenge on those people at the earliest convenience possible. I can't believe that someone thinks they are so special that they have the right to get paid to be someone's friend. That is so callous and uncalled for that it makes me want to punch someone for their absurdity. I didn't even know about those vaults. I only thought I had the one. Why is it that I never was told about my other vaults?"

"Very intelligent wording that you have going on there Lord Potter," remarked Minerva with a smirk. "Have you been holding back in class so that you don't stand out? You seem to be a whole lot more intelligent than you let on. No one who speaks the way you are speaking now is an average or below average student. Your verbiage tells me that you are way more intelligent than you are letting on. As for your vaults, I suspect that Dumbledore placed a mail ward around your home to prevent you from getting information from the bank. We will rectify that situation as soon as we can."

"My relatives punished me for doing better than Dudley," answered Harry with a sigh knowing that it was time for some of it to come out into the open. "Therefore, I learned at a young age to hide my intelligence and just pretend to be average or below average. Some of my teachers in my primary school knew what was going on and helped me out. They knew what was being done to me, but they were threatened to lose their jobs and such if they got involved. So they helped me out as best as they could behind the scenes. I would still like to know who was getting paid to be my friend and I'm sure that Draco, Luna, and Susan would like to know the same."

"Miss Hermione Granger, Mr. Ronald Weasley, and Miss Ginevra Weasley were getting paid to be your friend," said Godric. "As the founder of that house, I learned about that within the last few weeks. They were also paid to spy on Mr. Longbottom during all of that. Dumbledore wanted to know what you were doing at all times. Ronald was also paid to distract you as much as possible from your lessons. That was to keep you from learning to much too fast. Miss Granger was to be the smart one and have the influence needed to guide you back to Dumbledore when the times were right and Dumbledore needed you for something."

"Too bad that didn't happen," sneered Harry. "I'm Madam Pince's favorite student. I'm the only one that she allows in the library after curfew. Many times when Snape has been looking for me, I was in the library the entire time reading the material that Madam Pince put out for me on certain subjects. I'm not as stupid as people think when it comes to Wizarding Customs and my lessons. I would leave a list of topics I wanted to read up on, and she would leave me a stack of books to look into. I also never needed a permission slip to get into the Restricted Section either. It was easier to hide that way. In my trunk, I have a secret compartment with all of my homework done correctly this year instead of what I turned in. I can hand it in to each professor later so they can give me the correct grades."

"Very clever Harry," said Salazar with a hearty laugh. "That is definitely a Slytherin trait. It also let Miss Granger feel like she was the smartest one in the Gryffindor House. I'm very impressed. As for who was getting paid to be Mr. Malfoy's friend it's rather simple. Severus Snape was being paid to not only promote Mr. Malfoy, but to abuse Lord Potter verbally. However he would never go so low as to physically harm you. He was being paid a hefty sum to do so. The only reason we have not fired him or have him arrested is due to the fact that he does have knowledge that we may use to assist you in the future. Time will tell if we have him arrested or not. It depends entirely upon his actions."

"Lady Luna was targeted by Miss Chang and Miss Edgecombe," said Rowena. "They were being paid to encourage the house to bully Luna and to steal her things. Minerva and Filius will dole out proper punishment for the entire house. The only thing we can't do is expel them as they are just following orders of the former Headmaster. However, I see lots of detentions being done and some serious point loss coming up."

"There was only one person in Hufflepuff that needs to be addressed," assured Helga to Pomona. "Zacharias Smith has been spying on Susan. Dumbledore figured that what Amelia did was known by Susan, so he placed a spy on her. Smith was also being paid to be antagonistic to Harry. We know he thinks he is related to me, but he isn't. Smith is a very common name both in and out of the magical world. He is nothing more than a loud mouthed little boy who thinks he is better than everyone else. I think a small punishment and some harsh reality will calm him down."

"The parents will be notified of their transgressions," said Minerva as she finished writing it all down. "We won't expel them, but we may get away with punishing them severely for their actions. We will inform the parents of the role that Dumbledore played in all of this so that they understand why their children behaved the way they did. I will send letters out this evening. It's time for us to take back our school. For too long, it has been used as a training ground for the different factions of the war. It needs to be a school and nothing more."

"As it's getting late, why don't the founders show our Champions where their new suite of rooms is," suggested Filius. "We have more information that we need to discuss and I'm sure the four teens have many questions they want answered. If push comes to shove, we that are in a position of authority can sit with you all while those explanations are done. The rest of the staff can begin patrolling the halls for errant students. We have ignored them for the last almost two hours. It would be in our best interests to actually check up on them. Their safety is still important to us."

"You will see a door right near the entrance to the Head office," said Godric nodding in approval. "That is the entrance to the Champion's common room. The password is Noble. This way all professors have access to these four in case of an emergency. We will help get them settled while you check on the rest of the school."

With that, everyone went their separate ways for a while. Filius headed for Ravenclaw Tower with Septima. When they entered, all of the students ceased their conversations and projects to listen to their Head of House speak. One look told them that there were two very angry professors now in the room.

"It has come to our attention by the Founder of this house that some of you have been paid to rally the house to bully one of your own," Filius stated without his usually cheerful actions or bright smile. "I have been in this school for a very long time and I will tell you all that I am thoroughly disgusted by your actions. We don't teach our students how to be a bully. We teach them what they need to know to be efficient and dedicated adults when the time comes. If this is how you behave now, I have no doubt that the Dark Lord will have more servants when you graduate."

No one dared make a sound. For their Head of House to be this furious meant that all was not well in their world. Everyone that had a hand in the bullying of Luna looked morosely at the floor in embarrassment. They knew they shouldn't have, but Luna never fought back and soon it became a game to see who could hide her stuff the quickest. None of this was lost on either Filius or Septima.

"I will take a full two hundred points from Ravenclaw," said Filius. "Miss Chang and Miss Edgecombe, the two of you are hereby banned from all Hogsmeade trips for the rest of this year and quite possibly next. Miss Chang you will also lose your spot on the Quidditch team as well as your prefect badge. Letters will be sent home to your parents explaining to them what you have done and the actions we have taken against you. You will have a new Head of House as of this moment on. I have been promoted to Deputy Head as Professor McGonagall has been promoted to Headmistress. Your new Head of House will be Professor Septima Vector. My advice to all of you is to meet with your new Head of House tomorrow morning at seven sharp. For now, I want EVERYONE in their beds with lights out. If any of you have anything that belongs to Lady Lovegood, it had better be turned into Professor Vector tomorrow morning. If not, the consequences will be dire. You have been warned."

"Move out now," said Septima. "I shall return tomorrow. If you know of anyone that has any of Lady Lovegoods belongings that doesn't turn them in tomorrow when I meet with you, I expect you to inform me of the transgressor. We want this stopped now. You are dismissed for the night. Miss Chang and Miss Edgecombe will serve detention with me for the next two weeks. See me tomorrow for your schedule."

They watched as the Ravenclaw students quickly left the common room for their dorms. When that was done, Filius waved his wand and created a box with Luna's name on it. He sent a message to each dorm that it was there and what it was for. When he was done, the two of them left to head to the Champion's Quarters. Hopefully, Luna's items would be returned before they made a sweep through the dorms to find them.

Minerva told Narcissa to take the spot of Head of Slytherin House and told her the current password. Narcissa headed to the dungeons as Minerva made her way to Gryffindor Tower. With her was Aurora Sinistra. The younger professor was trying to calm the older one down. Minerva kept it together as she entered the tower and waited while everyone gathered around.

"This is Professor Aurora Sinistra," she said pointing to the younger professor. "She will be your assistant Head of House. I am the new Headmistress of Hogwarts. I have to say that right here and now, there are a few students that I am extremely disgusted with. Evidence has come up that states that some of you have been getting paid to not only be the friend of Lord Potter, but have been distracting him from his lessons on top of it to keep him from doing well in his studies. Now normally, I wouldn't do something like this, but I am not allowed to expel you so I think that a healthy dose of humiliation is in order."

No one said anything at this. Many were staring at each other with suspicion. No one could believe that certain students would do something so low as to hurt another Gryffindor. Harry was the icon of their House and many considered him a part of their family.

"Miss Granger and Mr. Ronald Weasley will hand in their prefect badges to me immediately," hissed Minerva. "The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves for what you have done to someone that has been nothing but kind to you since the day he met you. Miss Granger, you would do well to remember that he saved your life from the troll. It was Mr. Weasley's fault that you spent the afternoon in the bathroom due to being upset. It was Lord Potter who decided to risk expulsion to save your life. Furthermore, the two of you are not going to be allowed to go to Hogsmeade for the rest of the year and next year on top of that. Mr. Weasley, you will lose your place on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Miss Weasley, you are just as guilty as they are and their punishment will be the same for you. I suggest that the three of you decide what you are going to do as I am taking seventy five points from each of you. Your parents will be notified of your transgression and I would think that a Molly Howler will be heading towards Hogwarts tomorrow for her two youngest. Let it be known that none of the three of you will be considered for prefect again nor will you be considered for Head Boy or Girl."

"As your assistant Head of House, I suggest that the three of you not leave this tower without permission," said Aurora. "You will each have two weeks' worth of detention with me for your actions. We know what the former Headmaster has done. Rest assured that the money he paid you has been returned to Lord Potter. Both sets of parents will be sent bills for the twenty percent interest you are to repay him plus anything that was not available due to you spending it. I suggest that the three of you head to bed. It doesn't seem like your housemates are very happy with you at the moment. I would ask that none of you do them any lasting damage. It would just cause us to have lots of paperwork to fill out."

"Miss Patel, you and Mr. Longbottom will replace them as prefects," said Minerva kindly to the pair. "Mr. Potter has an equivalent to Head Boy status thus him not needing the badge. Mr. Potter will no longer be residing in the tower. All will be explained tomorrow at breakfast. If the two of you would be so kind as to keep an eye on those three for us, we would appreciate it. Their feathers have been ruffled and they are likely to pose problems. If they cause any trouble, please don't hesitate to send me or Professor Sinistra a message via a house elf."

"As it is late, I suggest that you all turn in for the evening," said Aurora kindly. "Tomorrow is another day and we have much to cover. Most of you have homework and so forth to do. We shall see you all at breakfast. Please have a pleasant night and stay in the dorm."

Together, the two women left and made their way to the quarters set up for the Champions. They entered and saw a mix of all four house colors blending well with each other. Four doors were present with each teen's name on it. Dobby and Winky were busy putting their belongings in place with the aid of the teens. Each had a desk near their room entryway for them to sit and do their homework and so forth.

One by one, the other professors all entered the new dorm and sat on the comfortable couches. Those that didn't need to be present were out and patrolling the corridors. Severus was informed to start a patrol as well. Even as the caretaker, his job to protect the students was still something that he needed to do if he wished to stay in the castle.

"How is it that the three of you got started with the Founders?" asked Harry. "I didn't think the Black and Malfoy families got on that well even if they are related. That the four Founders got involved tells me that too many of you had enough and started to get things done."

"When I heard from Susan what Dolores Umbridge was doing, I contacted Sirius," said Amelia. "I knew he was innocent due to the information that you sent to me Harry. I looked into his file and noticed that he never got a trial. Therefore, I got the balls rolling. As Head of the DMLE, I am able to stand in and do things within the Ministry of Magic. Thus I called for a special session of the Wizengamot and had Sirius turn himself in."

"Once there, I asked to be given Veritaserum to prove my innocence," continued Sirius. "By this time, Amelia told them that they had memories that Harry provided to prove that Peter was still alive. Amelia played the memories for the panel and they unanimously declared me innocent. A warrant is out for Peter as we speak. When he is caught, he will be given a one way ticket through the veil. When the trial was concluding, I was asked what I wanted in compensation for twelve years in prison. I stated that being the Head of an Ancient and Noble House meant that I had training in laws and customs. I was asked if I wanted to be Minister for Magic, and I accepted. That was about a month ago. We had to do something about Fudge and we had to keep it away from Dumbledore. The ICW was a great asset to us in that endeavor. They assisted us in keeping everything quiet on that end. Due to some of the things we found, we had Cornelius arrested and removed from office. It was proven that he was accepting bribes from not only Lucius, but Dumbledore as well."

"We began to work with some of the other members to get them to assist us in voting to have all former Death Eater suspects tried again with the Truth Serum," said Amelia. "The memory from Harry about the events in the graveyard the night Mr. Diggory died helped us immensely. We knew who to go after and we knew what we had to do. From there, we expanded the Auror department and had a hunt for those members named during the memory. From there, when we caught one Death Eater, we caught others. Some are still at large, but we are working hard to catch them all and bring them to justice."

"I was sitting in the Minister's office one evening when the Founders appeared," picked up Sirius. "They began telling me some of the things that they witnessed and heard that was happening around the castle. I didn't know who to turn to other than Amelia and Augusta. We had allies now, but not enough to really interfere here in the school. It was suggested that I contact other members of the Black family. The only one that I knew that was in a position of power to do anything was Narcissa. So I called her and we began to talk. We incorporated Andromeda, but she was only able to do so much."

"He asked me to prove my loyalty to Britain rather than one person in general," explained Narcissa. "He was going to dissolve my marriage for me, but I asked him to leave me there. That way I could help Draco until he came of age and was able to do it himself. Our goal was and is to get some of the other Noble families to work with us to bring about the downfall of Voldemort. We also want to bring down the power of the Order of the Phoenix as they have begun to lose sight of the main objective. Too many blindly follow Dumbledore without knowing the full story."

"I asked Narcissa to start snooping around to find out information on the backgrounds of some of the higher ranking Death Eaters," said Sirius. "My caution to her was to stay safe. If she needed to run, then she was to come to me as soon as possible. We began meeting at Grimmauld Place and we got Kreacher and Dobby to help. It wasn't long before we started making more headway."

"That's when things started to get out of hand here," said Godric entering into the explanation. "We wanted to keep the four of you safe. It is more than just that three of you have our blood. The four of you have something special that hasn't been able to be released yet."

"One day I made a prophecy about four teens that would bring about the renewal of the school," said Helga. "Rowena and Salazar were with me when I made it. It was said that four of Noble blood would ban together to bring about the downfall of one dark as night and one that hides in the light. I also prophesized that the four would become two soul bonded couples."

"We know that she was referring to the four of you," said Rowena. "There is no doubt about it. You are the first four nobles that have given us the signs we were looking for. Harry doesn't think badly of Luna when she talks about her strange creatures. Something in his mind is telling him that it is more of a defense mechanism than anything else. He is right. She only acts like that to stay out of the lime light."

"Together Draco and Susan can make changes for the wizarding world," stated Salazar. "Both have impeccable bloodlines with knowledge of generations of witches and wizards to draw upon. Now that is not a slight on Harry and Luna. THEY will be needed more for the school while the other two will be needed in the political games."

All four teens were nodding in understanding. They knew what was being said. It made the most sense for some of the things that were being presented. There were still a few questions that Harry wanted answered.

"What's going to happen now?" he questioned. "The Dark Lord will know that you are taking his followers. Won't that cause him to act out and become unruly again? We don't want to go to war with him just yet. We don't have enough power to stop him. What do we do?"

"The four of you do nothing at all," said Sirius plainly. "Finish your schooling and let us worry about the Dark Lord. He will fall. We know some of what he has done and we have a team going out to put a stop to it. We just have to find them all. There is one in this castle. We wouldn't have known had I not found one in Grimmauld Place."

"What did you find?" asked Draco with curiosity. "What could cause that many problems for the wizarding world that would make the Dark Lord feared so much?"

"He created Horcruxes," answered Luna before anyone else could. "He has made multiple ones. Harry destroyed one in his second year. With the locket gone, that leaves a few more out there. There are five more, but I can't see them clearly. Yes there is one here in the castle. Something tells me there is more than one here, but like I said, it is fuzzy. I think it has something to do with the dark magic that was used to create them."

"More than likely," said Godric. "Let it be known that Lord Potter will be taking his place on the panel of the Wizengamot. He will not be able to attend all functions until he graduates, but he can attend a good many of them during the summer, holidays, and weekends. An escort will take him where he needs to go for his protection. We will not allow it to interfere with his school work. We want him to know that his studies are more important than anything else."

"He WILL need to attend the trials of Dumbledore and Umbridge though," said Sirius apologetically to Minerva. "I can always hire a tutor for him for his missed classes if you wish Headmistress."

"That will not be necessary," assured Minerva. "I can always tutor him myself. I need you to find Remus for me and have him come back as DADA Professor. I also need a replacement for me for Transfiguration. So until further notice, I will attempt to teach and run the school while a suitable replacement is found."

"Professor Grubbly-Plank can always do COMC," interjected Harry thoughtfully. "She is knowledgeable in the field and she is easy to learn from. This way, even Hagrid can sit with her and learn by observing what she does during lessons. We can always get HIM a tutor if we have to."

"Excellent thinking Harry," said Minerva happily. "Twenty points to Gryffindor. That is just what we are going to do. Please keep us informed if you have any more ideas. That was brilliance at its best."

The other teens were laughing at Harry's red face. He hadn't been praised like that in a long time. He thought quickly to what else he could come up with and had a sudden spell of inspiration.

"Isn't Arabella Figg a squib?" he asked and got a nod in return. "Well then why not ask her to teach muggle studies. Who better to teach that than someone who has lived their entire lives in that world while still on the fringe of the magical one? This will kill another problem now that Professor Burbage is the Wizarding Etiquette professor."

"Excellent idea Mr. Potter," said Filius happily. "Take another twenty for that idea. You are getting the hang of using your mind. I have no doubt that you will be giving the Ravenclaws a run for their money in grades soon. Do make sure that you stop holding back."

"The Sorting hat said I would fit into all four houses easily," admitted Harry. "Due to what I heard and what I felt that others wanted, I asked it to place me in Gryffindor. I should have just let it place me where it wanted. I know that no matter what house I would have ended up in, my parents and Sirius would have been proud of me."

"Well said Harry," said Narcissa smiling. "I knew your parents. You are one hundred percent correct in that they would have been proud of you no matter where you ended up at. I look forward to seeing what you do in potions now that you don't have Severus breathing down your neck or Slytherin's sabotaging your work. Like the rest, I sense a change in the line of marks with you leading the pack."

"I'll do my best," grinned Harry to the amusement of the rest. "Now that we have some of this done, I think we should head to bed. It's rather late, and I don't know about these three, but my brain is tired from all of the information we absorbed tonight."

Laughing the professors stood and after wishing them a good night, they left the teens to get ready for bed. Smiling at one another, the teens all entered their rooms and with a soft sigh, they got ready for bed.

Sirius and Amelia left the castle soon after. They both knew that Minerva, and the Founders would keep everyone safe. Sirius headed out to Grimmauld Place and told Kreacher and Remus what transpired at the castle.

"Does Master Harry need Kreacher to do anything for him?" asked the old elf. "Kreacher would be happy to help him."

"No thank you," said Sirius kindly. "However, there is something that you can do for me. I need you to go to Number Four Privet Drive in Surrey and see if Harry left anything in that house. He won't ever be going back to that hell hole. I will have Lady Bones file all of the paperwork. If possible, take down any and all wards you find. If you can't do it, just let me know and we can hire someone to do so. As a bonus to you, you may cause whatever havoc you wish provided that no one gets hurt. Make their lives miserable for us would you?"

"Kreacher is happy to do that Master Sirius," said the excited elf. "Mistress and Kreacher have been talking, and we are glad you have brought pride and light to our name. Kreacher will get some ideas from her on how to make the muggles miserable without harming them. Kreacher is happy to do it."

Remus and Sirius laughed as the elf trotted out of the room to go speak with Walburga. They listened as the elf and painting came up with some ideas that would have the fabled Marauders and Weasley twins blushing in embarrassment as amateurs.

The next morning, the school was astounded when they were all told that everyone needed to report to the Great Hall by no later than seven thirty for breakfast and a school meeting following. The students all made it to the Great Hall with curiosity. Upon reviewing the hour glasses, people were shocked to see that Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were almost out of gems in their hourglasses. They were also shocked to see Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, and Luna Lovegood sitting together at the Hufflepuff table eating together and chatting amicably.

"Draco what are you doing over there?" hissed Pansy in annoyance. "You are sitting with a blood traitor, one who is Looney, and a half blood. Where is your sense of pride? Come back and sit with us where you belong. You will cause us to get a bad name by associating with losers like those three."

"Let's see," said Harry standing up bringing the full attention of the staff to the situation. "That will be ten points from Slytherin for insulting Luna. Her name is NOT Looney. If I hear anyone saying it again, it will mean detention. I will take ten more points from Slytherin for calling Susan a blood traitor. She is a remarkable young lady that has a high standing in this community as she is one from a Noble House and has the blood of Helga Hufflepuff in her veins. I will take ten more points for calling me a half blood when you have no idea as to what you are talking about. Last but not least, I will take ten more for insinuating that we are beneath you when you are no better than anyone else in this school. Draco is allowed to sit wherever he wishes and with whom he wishes. My advice to you is to sit down and for once, mind your own business."

"You can't take points from me Potter," she snapped back. "Only prefects, Head Boy and Girl, and Professors can do that. For the record, my blood is better than yours, so you better watch what you say to me or I'll make you sorry you were ever born."

"Let's have another one hundred points from Slytherin for that remark," said Minerva standing and getting involved. "Now is as good a time as any for me to tell you what is going on. Dumbledore is no longer in control of this castle. I am. Professor Flitwick is the new Deputy Head. Lady Malfoy is the new Head of Slytherin. Professor Vector is the new Head of Ravenclaw, and Professor Lupin is the co-head of Gryffindor House with Professor Sinistra. Lord Harry Potter, Lady Susan Bones, Lady Luna Lovegood, and Scion Draco Malfoy are all equal in status to that of an apprentice here in the school. This means that all four of them have the right to take points and give out detentions. Lady Luna has Ravenclaw blood, Lady Bones has Hufflepuff blood, and Lord Potter has both Gryffindor AND Slytherin blood in his veins. After a bit of research in the Head office, I have discovered that Lily Evans was NOT a muggleborn. She is from the Slytherin line. We all know that the Potters are descendants of Gryffindor."

"We also have some other changes to announce," said Filius. "Severus Snape is no longer a professor in this school. He has replaced Mr. Filch as caretaker. Anyone witnessing him taking his anger out on a student is to report it to a professor immediately."

The staff all gave the students a list of the changes that had been made the night before. The Heads of House had worked for the better part of two hours that night with the Founders to implement new ideas and better ways of doing things. Some of the students grumbled about it, but were immediately silenced from a furious look from Minerva.

"Headmistress," called Neville nervously from the Gryffindor table. "My Gran can come and help with the younger years for Transfiguration until you find a permanent replacement if you want. I can ask her. She is always saying she wants something to do. She can come and teach first through fourth year freeing up some of your time."

"Please ask her for me Mr. Longbottom and take ten points for the suggestion," said Minerva kindly to the shy boy. "That would definitely help me out. I have much work to do to fix this school from where it was just last night."

"So what happened with Professor Dumbledore?" asked a Hufflepuff hesitantly. "This is all of a sudden and Professor Umbridge is missing as well. I don't want to be nosey, but everything is so different since last night."

Minerva looked to Harry and his three companions and saw him shrug. That was the signal to tell her that some of the information needed to come out.

"Dumbledore hid me away from the wizarding world when my parents were killed," said Harry softly though everyone could hear him. "He has been using my vaults for his own personal use. He placed me with abusive muggles and didn't bother to make sure I was ok. Last but not least, he was paying certain students in this school as well as a former professor to either harm me emotionally, academically, or to spy on me and my three companions. The Ministry had enough of that and had him arrested. You will hear about it soon in the Daily Prophet. We have four guests in the castle that will be training Draco, Luna, Susan, and me in certain things. If you don't see us in class for whatever reason, please don't be alarmed. That just means that one of the founders is working with us. We will still attend classes with you all, just not all the time."

"Professor Umbridge was arrested last night for using illegal dark items on the students," said Minerva. "If anyone else besides Lord Potter has had detention with her and you were forced to do lines using a Blood Quill, please give your name to your Head of House. This means that when you used the quill, your hand started to bleed and words appeared in your skin. It was also proven that she sent dementors to Lord Potter's home in hopes of giving him the Dementor's Kiss. This is all that you need to know about this. We have already told you more than we intended. I suggest that you concentrate on your studies."

"We will be putting a stop to all of the bullying that is going on in the school," said Draco. "Harry, Luna, Susan, and I have decided that every time we hear the word mudblood, blood traitor, or any variation thereof, we will deduct fifty points from your house. Times are changing and you need to change with them. Lord Slytherin said it last night. Everyone with magic is special. It doesn't matter who your ancestors are. You were given this gift for a reason. It's time that we stop belittling others just because some have more money than others, or certain people in their family tree. Both Harry and I have the Black family in our tree. Harry has two founders in his family tree, and he NEVER calls anyone down due to their blood status. IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE! A magic user is a magic user plain and simple."

"Take twenty well-earned points for Slytherin, Mr. Malfoy," called Minerva. "That is a policy that we will also be enforcing as staff here at Hogwarts. One more thing before we allow you to finish your meal and head out for your day. The Four Founders will be around and watching. You can bet that they will assist in keeping you all safe. If I notice too many points being deducted to many times for certain students, you can bet we will take a harder form of punishment with you. You have been warned. Do enjoy your meal."

Harry and his new dorm mates knew that things would get very interesting in the next few days as parents learned about the shift in power inside of the school. Harry didn't want the power. He just wanted to fit in. Looking at his companions, he knew that he would more than likely have a hard time here and there, but for the most part, he would have some kind of quiet life that he had been wanting. Seeing some of the dirty looks thrown at him was not something he worried about that often. He knew that there was nothing that anyone could really do about it. The twins gave him a hearty greeting when he passed by. Smiling, he greeted them back with open affection.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all shot Harry a dirty look as he passed by. He gave one back to them that caused all three to look down quickly. They knew he knew and they knew he was pissed. There was no more chance for failure. This time, Harry was the one that was in control and all three knew it. Harry headed out to the lake to sit in the sun and get some of his reading done. He had met with Madam Pince and she told him to take a few books with him to sit and get some sun.

"You are too pale," she admonished him. "Take these four books and go sit outside in the sun and read. There is no reason for you to stay shut in the library all the time. These books are on the history of the four houses. I will look and see if we have some on the Ancient and Noble Houses, but I think that Dumbledore had them removed. We may have to get Lord Black or Lady Bones to see if you have some in your family vaults. All families from the Ancient Families have them. For now, go and get some fresh air. It will make you feel better."

Harry smiled at her and took her advice. He knew she meant well. So within a few minutes, he was sitting under his favorite tree reading. From time to time, someone would come and sit with him for a while, but for the most part, people left him alone. The professors kept a close eye out in case of trouble, but they too seemed to sense that Harry was alright for the moment. Everyone knew that until the Dark Lord was stopped and Dumbledore and his cronies were stopped, that life for the young man was long in coming before it got easier. Now they knew that they had to find five more Horcruxes before they could put Voldemort down for good.

Each person that was in the know knew that they could only do what they could and nothing more. Now that Harry knew the Prophecy was a fake, he could live a little easier knowing that his life was somewhat able to be lived in peace.

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