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DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. I only own the plot.

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Chapter 5 – Lessons and Seats

Within days, all of the Champions were released from the infirmary. They sat down with the Founders and Severus and decided that now was a good a time as any to cover all bases when it came to their lessons, safety, and whatnot.

"First things first," said Salazar. "Severus has agreed to mentor all four Champions as well as the rest of you that are staying in the Champion's Tower. The password to your entryway is going to be something simple so that others can't get into the dorm due to trying to be funny. As there are so few of you, you each have your own room. It also has a classroom and such so that you all can have your lessons with the professors as well as us here in the safety of the tower. There will still be a guard at the entrance, but the password is in case the guard is changing or a break is needed."

"We have had enough of the attacks on the Champions," stated Godric plainly when everyone started to look concerned. "While we don't want you to be a prisoner in this Tower, we don't want any of you getting hurt either. So we have come up with the decision that you are all going to sit your classes together here in the tower. Though Luna, Fred, and George are in a different year from the rest of you, they will still sit with you and study at their level. Luna is border line between fourth and fifth year thanks to Harry."

"Make no mistake," said Rowena ominously. "Should you get attacked once more, we will take matters into our own hands. We will either shut this school down to all but those in this tower, or we will bring you to one of our secondary castles and have you all trained there. We will NOT have you harmed. The attacks are getting seriously out of hand with their pettiness and vindictiveness. There is no reason for any of you in this school to be attacked due to who you are, what you have, or who you are related to."

"When we built the school, we never envisioned that it would turn out the way that it has," said Helga sadly. "We always thought that at least ONE of our heirs would always be here in the school to keep things going in the fashion that we built it. We want this to be a better world for ALL witches and wizards. We aren't sure what went wrong and when."

"There are a few things that are happening soon," said Minerva coming in with Pomona, Filius, Remus, Septima, and Narcissa. "The trial for Dumbledore is on Thursday. From that point, every Thursday, there will be a trial. Molly will follow Dumbledore, then Dolores, Ronald, and finally Ginevra. Sirius arranged it that way so that you don't miss that much school. All four of you will attend so that you can get the training that you need. Harry will have to place a motion to claim his seats of Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Luna and Susan will have to do the same for their seats of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. To make things easier for Harry, Draco can sit for one of his houses as proxy so that he can learn what he needs to in order to take the Malfoy seat when the time comes."

"You all have my word that I have no intention of being cruel to any of you," promised Severus with his hand over his heart bringing the conversation back to him and the classes. "My intentions are to teach you everything that I know. There will be some supplies that some of you will need to get from your vaults. This will be history books that we can use to help you understand about your status and so forth. Trust me when I say, that no one but you will look in those books, but we need you all to understand what it means to be WHO you are instead of WHAT you are. We can have Sirius act in your names if you like. In that capacity, he can get the goblins to send you the books of the Four Founders from their vaults."

"Each of us has volunteered to train you twice a week," assured Salazar. "Severus is skilled in DADA and Potions. He will work with you on both of those for one hour twice a week. The rest of the professors will give you two hours a week of their time as well. We don't want to overburden your learning capabilities, but the more you learn, the more you will get used to what we are doing for you."

"I will continue with your Transfiguration classes," promised Minerva. "We have someone from the Ministry that is skilled enough to work with Augusta to keep the other classes going so that I can actually run the school. They are going to split the classes so that they don't overload or overlap each other. This will make it easier for the students to learn in a less hostile environment. We are also going to have a secondary teacher for Potions, and DADA. Those classes are worse as they are more volatile when it comes to working with people you don't like. We are attempting to stamp out the rivalries here in the school, but it will take us some time to undo all of the damage that was caused by both Voldemort AND Dumbledore."

"Severus will be your Head of House," said Rowena after a moment of thought. "If you have ANY trouble what so ever, you are to find him and tell him immediately. He has some skill in healing as well, so he can help with minor things until Poppy gets to you. Make sure that when you leave this tower, you travel together in a group and not separate. Even if you are going to the loo, you are to go as a group and those that don't have to go can wait. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. I know this may sound like a bit much, but your safety and the danger are not to be underestimated."

"Can you explain something to me?" asked Harry before seeing everyone nod. "It isn't a big deal, but it's something that I'm curious about. If Susan has Hufflepuff blood in her, doesn't Amelia Bones have it too? Also, aren't many of the pureblood families related distantly? I mean, some of them would have a trace of Founder blood in them as well wouldn't they?"

"That is an excellent question," said Severus before anyone else could speak. "While it is true that many of the pureblood families are related, it isn't true that the blood in many of them is strong enough to stake a claim. Many of the families are so inbred, that the blood is diluted to cross breed with their own relatives. It's one of the main reasons why so many pureblood families only have one child."

"Well said Severus," stated Rowena. "Also keep in mind that even if they are an old pureblood family doesn't mean that they family is from this area. Many of these old families have come from other places after the founding. The only person aside from Susan that would have Helga's blood would be Amelia, but she is no longer a student. Technically she would not have become Head of the Bones family, but thanks to Tom Riddle, she is. Therefore, she can't claim the title of Head of House for Hufflepuff. Susan, while she is the youngest and only Bones family member still alive, will get Helga's title. Amelia is still young enough to have a child. She can pass on the Bones line to her children."

"We know that Harry is the ONLY descendant alive of Godric and Salazar," continued Severus. "The lines die with Harry unless he and Luna have children. The same goes for Luna. The Ravenclaw lineage came from her mother and NOT her father. To be perfectly honest, we don't know what side of the family has the Hufflepuff blood. For all we know, the blood line came from Susan's mother. Therefore, it is possible that Amelia only has the blood due to being an old pureblood family that arrived in this area not long after the Potters and Blacks. We wouldn't really know unless Amelia does a heritage test."

"What about your family?" Harry curiously asked. "I don't want to upset or offend you, but I know your mother came from the Prince family. I read they are an old family. Are they not from this area? The information wasn't very forthcoming with an area."

"No they aren't," said Severus after a moment of thought. "My mother's family came from the Eurasian borderlands. Due to the fact that she married a muggle, she was disinherited. It is probable that I can inherit as I believe that I'm the only male Prince alive. I will have to look into it some more. I never gave it much thought as I was busy concentrating on my Mastery in potions. Add in that I wasn't happy with my family for what they did to my mother, and I never gave it much thought. Like you, I read a little, but I didn't dig into the heritage as it were due to mainly not being interested."

Harry nodded in understanding. He was still leery about Severus, but he knew that if the four Founders were alright with the way things were going, then he could relax and let things flow as they were supposed to.

"What do we call you?" asked Draco to Severus. "You are mainly a living sponsor and not technically a professor anymore. Do we still call you Professor Snape or do we just call you Mr. Snape?"

"Just call me Severus," answered the man. "If we work on calling each other by our first names, we can relax more around each other and have an easier time functioning as a cohesive group. So from here on out, I shall call you Draco, Harry, Susan, Luna, Neville, Fred, George Hannah, Daphne, and Blaise. We won't address each other by title as that would be redundant to what we are trying to accomplish. I will teach you how to work solo and as a group. This will teach you how to cover each other's backs should you be presented with the scenario."

The teens all nodded in agreement. Harry noticed that all four of the Founders were smiling brightly at the suggestion and agreed with it fully. Harry relaxed as he saw the Heads of Houses also smile and nod. He breathed a sigh of relief and noticed that Severus echoed it. Both looked at one another and grinned.

"Now before we forget, the password to your tower is Basilisk," said Minerva. "There is a special table in front of the staff table for you all to sit. This will help us keep a closer eye on you all and keep you safe from all forms of attack during meal times. While we don't want you to cower in fear, we don't want any of you under any more stress than necessary if we can help it. We also don't want any more sneak attacks happening. This will be explained to the students this evening at dinner."

"Just so you know, Miss Parkinson and her accomplices have been suspended for the rest of the year," said Filius. "They will repeat their fifth year with Miss Granger next year. We are still finding that certain students have charms or potions in their systems making them behave as hooligans rather than teens. As it is almost time for dinner, I suggest that the lot of you freshen up and head to the Great Hall. Dinner is now being set for everyone to arrive at seven sharp. Also don't forget that Harry, Susan, Draco, and Luna are all apprentice level students. You will still have the right to dock points and give detentions. If any student disagrees with you, just let Severus know and we will help him adjust the punishment. The rest of you with the exception of Fred and George are all prefects."

With that, the teens all headed to their rooms to check out their new accommodations and to shower and change. Each room was spacious. They had a magnificent view of the forest and could see Hagrid working with some of the animals on the edge of the forest. Harry smiled as he washed his hair, showered and got dressed in some clean clothes. Narcissa and Sirius made sure he had a full wardrobe of clothes that fit him. He had a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Being an apprentice status student, he didn't always have to wear robes. After selecting a soft sweater and a pair of black slacks, he put on his shoes and made his way to the common room. Severus nodded in approval at his attire as the two of them waited for the others to join them. He quickly waved his wand and placed Harry's House emblem and sponsor emblem on the right sleeve. He did the same for Luna, Susan, and Draco. When the group was all accounted for, they made their way to the Great Hall.

They entered the room and just as foretold, they noticed their new table. Harry sat in the very center of the table. Luna sat on his right, and Draco sat on his left. Susan sat on Draco's left. The others all made themselves comfortable around the four of them. They had a slight shock as Severus declined to sit at the Head table and joined his protégés at their table. Minerva and Filius both smirked at the man and waited for the rest of the student body to join them. Once there, she gave the explanation as to what was going on. She passed a few threats to the student body. Once she was done, she lifted her hands and the food appeared on the tables. Harry and his group were getting odd looks, but no one was looking angry or threatening. They ate their meal in good graces and then retired to their common room to work on their homework before their evening lesson with the founders. That evening, Salazar called them all down.

"It's time for your first history lesson," he explained as everyone got comfortable at their desks. "I'm going to tell you about the Chamber of Secrets and why I built it. Godric, Rowena, and Helga will also tell you about their hidden spots in the castle. Lastly, we will share with you a secret. However, it is to go no further than those of you sitting here. Most of the teachers don't know what we are going to tell you and we want to keep it that way."

"Minerva and Filius know about what we are going to tell you, as does Severus, but no one else," said Godric appearing and standing next to where Severus was sitting to listen. "When we are done with you tonight, you will have a better understanding of what happened all those years ago and where the rumors started. This will give you an edge over most people when you take your spots in the world once you graduate."

"Now as you all know, Salazar built his Chamber of Secrets," began Rowena. "He has two entrances to his Chamber. One is more intriguing than the other. We as Founders all know where the entrances to each of our Chambers are. It was never a secret to any of us. One entrance is in the girl's loo. The other is behind the portrait of Barnabus the Barmy and his dancing trolls."

"Despite what was said, none of us ever fought battles with one another," said Salazar. "We were best of friends and works as closely as Fred and George do. That is not to say we didn't have disagreements, but we never went to war and divided the castle as the rumor tells. I built my Chamber under the school due to the type of Guardian that I chose to help defend the castle. As you all know, a basilisk like places that are dark and cool. Unlike most serpents, they much rather the cold as opposed to heat signatures like your normal serpent does. I also built my Chamber there due to the nature of ingredients for potions. As you all know, the dungeons are the best place to store harvested ingredients as many of them react badly to heat until you are actually using them to brew the potion. Therefore, what better a place to store larger amounts of ingredients than the Chamber that never sees daylight and is always cool to cold?"

"The rumor that he and I got into a fight is just that," stated Godric. "We started that rumor so that people would think that things were falling apart between the four of us. We didn't want people to fear we were trying to take over the world, so we made it look like we were normal people to the magical world. However, it has gotten completely out of control now. Rowena was already dying and Helena was already dead. Her youngest daughter had left and was presumed dead. We know now, thanks to Luna, that she didn't die. Rosemary Ravenclaw did indeed survive and have children."

"The castle was targeted on more than one occasion by witch hunters back in those days," explained Helga. "When the fact got out that Salazar had such a dangerous animal in the castle, the darker families started to get upset and the lighter families didn't want their children in the castle. We didn't want things to get out of hand, so we staged the rumor that Godric and Salazar got into a fight about something. We decided to use a falsehood about him not liking muggleborn children and a desire to have better bred children coming to the school. This rumor is false. Salazar treated all children the same. It didn't matter who their parents were. He went out on more than one occasion to rescue a muggle born child from death and such from parents that were frightened of the child."

"We made it look like I left due to not agreeing with the other three founders," said Salazar simply. "When I left the school, I simply went to live in the Chamber with my protector. I never actually left the castle. It was my home until the day I died. All four of us died right here in the castle. My remains are in a special room in the Chamber. Rowena is actually buried near the lake. Helga is in her chamber as is Godric. This way, we could stay with the castle. We did more than just build it. We actually used ample amounts of magic to embed her walls. If you seek in special areas, you will notice that there are runes in certain places."

"When the Head of the school gives energy to the ward stones, it passes through the entire building powering up the runes as well," said Rowena pleased to see the teens using the quick quote quills they were provided with and showing rapt attention. "What many of the Heads before now didn't know was that each time a student casts magic in the halls of Hogwarts, the castle will absorb the remains of the cast spell or the miscast spells empowering the school even more. Many of the wards on this school are powered by the students every single day. Dumbledore figured it out and tried to use that power for himself. In spite of everything, he is a highly intelligent man."

"People such as Harry, Luna, or Susan could probably go once a month and give a bit of their energy to make the wards and such even more powerful," said Godric after pondering for a moment. "While the Heads always give it a huge boost, you three could give it just a small kick and do just as much for the wards as the full power of the Headmaster or mistress. It isn't that hard to do and you will hardly feel anything. We will take the three of you to the ward chamber this evening and show you."

"When the wards are fully charged, there is no chance of anyone breaching the grounds that doesn't belong here," assured Helga. "It takes someone of the blood to actually state who they don't want on the grounds and make it so that person is never able to step one toe in the area without suffering some sort of damage to themselves. Now my Chamber is located near the Hufflepuff dorms. I didn't hide it. Pomona is actually using my Chambers as her quarters as they are called now. The only thing she doesn't have access to is my final resting place."

"The office that Minerva uses is more than it seems," said Godric. "If you look outside of the castle at that office, you will see that there is more space outside than there is inside. Many people won't think much about it as they will just think it is a quirk or structural support. My Chamber is there as the four of us felt that I was the best candidate for the first Headmaster here in the castle. Magic hides what we don't want people to see. You have to be OF our blood to access our special rooms in the case of Helga, or the actual Chambers in relation to the rest of us. Riddle got lucky as he was able to fool the entrance by knowing the language to access the room."

"Not even Dumbledore had access to any of our chambers, and you all know how powerful he is," said Rowena. "My Chamber is hidden within the Astronomy Tower. As Godric says, unless you are of our blood, you will not be able to gain entrance. Therefore, I suggest that those of you that are not of our blood to not even bother trying. You could be staring right at it and not know that you found what you were looking for."

"Now," said Godric. "We have been at this for a while now and we don't want to take away your study time or relaxation time. Therefore, Thursday evening, we will pick up this lesson again. If you like, we can show you all how to access the tunnels. The only thing that we ask is that you don't tell anyone about them, and you don't do anything foolish when you are using them. They were created as an escape route should they ever be needed for attacks and such."

Harry and his group all showed interest in the tunnels. They stood together and waited while Godric showed them where the tunnel was in their tower. He showed them how to open it and waited patiently while they and Severus entered.

"You will notice that each entrance to the tunnels in behind a mirror," said Rowena. "Each mirror is unbreakable. We designed them to withstand even the most lethal of spells. If you look to the entrance, you will see that you can see clean as day into the common room you just left. We designed them this way so that you can make sure no one is standing there or in the general vicinity when you wish to either use or exit the tunnels. This keeps them secret and accessible to those they are meant to be used by."

"We have each of you keyed into the entrances to the tunnels," said Minerva coming up to them from the tunnel. "I must warn you that any misuse of them will cause you to lose the privilege. Fred and George, while your pranks are not harmful I don't want you to think you can use the tunnels to prank students. As of yet, you have not done anything to anyone but make them laugh. Stick with that, and you will be fine. Do NOT use the tunnels to help you prank the students."

"Also stop using the tunnels to get out of the school," said Godric sternly. "So far, three of you have used the escape tunnels to go to Hogsmeade. Your safety is tantamount now and it would be foolish of you to leave the castle knowing there are people on the outside of the wards that want to harm you. Voldemort is not the only enemy some of you have. Now that some of the Weasleys, Dumbledore, and a few other students have been suspended or expelled from the castle, others will want to get revenge."

"We are still going to allow visits to the village," assured Minerva. "We want you to have fun and enjoy your youth while you have it. Add in the fact that there are always teachers around, and we can keep an eye out on you all while you enjoy yourselves. Lord Black will also be stationing Aurors and Hit Wizards in the village to assist on those days to keep the students safe."

"You might want to have the Aurors stationed in the castle to keep an eye on the Humped Back Witch," suggested Harry. "That tunnel leads to Honeydukes. We all know that the tunnel under the Whomping Willow is somewhat safe, but you might want to close that tunnel due to the enemy being able to get onto the castle grounds if they find it. The need for that tunnel is no longer there as Remus is able to safely stay in his room during the full moon."

"Good thinking," said Minerva. "Ten points for that suggestion. We will get right on that. Now, I'm going to let you continue with your tour. I will see you all at eight sharp for breakfast. I wish you all a pleasant evening."

With that, she left and headed down the tunnel and disappeared from sight. Godric led the group through the tunnels showing them how to navigate them with ease.

"We placed colored arrows on the walls with a chart telling you where each arrow is leading you to," said Godric pointing. "For instance, the white arrows lead you to the infirmary. The green and silver ones lead you to the Slytherin Common Room. Each color or combinations will have small writing on them telling you where they lead in case you forget. Just place your wand to an arrow and tell it your destination, and it will light up the arrows with their correct color and point you in that direction."

"Oh," said Severus suddenly startling everyone. "I almost forgot due to the fascinating history lesson. In each of your rooms, there will be a special badge that you are to wear on your clothing. While you don't have to wear robes per say, we still need you to show what house you belong to. In the case of Draco, Harry, Luna, and Susan, you will wear one over your heart and one on your right sleeve to represent your house and your sponsor. In the instances where you DO have to wear robes, your Family Crests will be on them with your Hogwarts Houses on the sleeve. Harry will have quite a few as he is related to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Peverell, Black, and Potter. The Potter and Black Crests will be over his heart and the rest will be on his left sleeve while his Hogwarts house emblem and sponsor emblem will be on the lower right. In his case, Gryffindor will be over Slytherin."

"You do realize that you almost scared the daylights out of the group don't you?" asked Helga with a laugh. "I have never seen so many people in one group jump so high in all my living and dying days. I do have to say that was a sight for me to always remember."

"I'm so glad that you were amused," said Harry trying to catch his breath. "I thought for a minute we were being attacked. Severus, if you are trying to kill us that is a good way to do it. My heart is still beating too fast."

"You and me both Harry," said Draco trying to calm down. "I was so focused on the explanation that I forgot that he was even here. He scared me half to death."

"I do apologize," said Severus trying not to laugh. "It wasn't my intention to scare you. I just wanted to let you all know what I forgot. I do have to agree with Helga that it is slightly funny."

"Revenge is best served cold," promised Fred, while George nodded. Both were pale from the fright. "We will get you when you least expect it. We aren't pranksters for nothing."

"Are you kidding me?" asked Severus with mild amusement. "I survived Harry's father, godfather, and his Uncles Remus. You guys are good, but if I can survive the marauders, then I can get by you."

"My father was a bully," said Harry quietly while they walked back to their tower. "Sirius wasn't much better. At least Remus had some sense of decency. We won't even remotely mention the abomination that hung out with them. At least Sirius grew up and is taking life with his head in the game instead of on who he is going to target with a prank or worse. One of these days, someone will have to sit with me for the day and tell me about my mother. I hear things about my dad all the time, but no one really has said much about mum other than she was a gifted student and was Head Girl."

"I'll sit and tell you all about her," promised Severus. "She was my best friend even before we came to Hogwarts. We were as close as two people could get before my mouth ruined it. Had things worked out just a little different, I would have been your father instead of James. However, everything works out as it's supposed to in the end."

"Hold on," interrupted George. "Are you telling me that Harry is the son of a marauder? Why didn't anyone tell us this? We have been in the presence of royalty this whole time and didn't even know it."

"My dad was Prongs," admitted Harry with a sigh and rolling his eyes with Draco and Severus. "Sirius was Padfoot and Remus is Moony. Don't ask about Wormtail because I refuse to talk about that slime ball. As for my fame and fortune, I hate it. I don't want you guys to add another title to my already long list. All I want is to be normal. I want to excel in my studies, graduate school, and get a good job based on what I can do and NOT who I am. The one thing I want more than anything in this world is the one thing that you and your jealous nitwit of a brother have. I want a loving mother and father that can be proud of my accomplishments. I want siblings that I can talk with and learn from. I would rather have that than all the money in my vaults."

"You have a family even if it isn't blood related Harry," said Susan softly as Luna put an arm around his waist. "We are your family now. We will love you and help you just like you do for us. That's what being in a family is all about. It's how we love just as much as whom we love. You may not be blood related to any of us except Draco, but we DO love you and we will always love you for you and not what you have."

"I always wanted a sibling," admitted Draco with his arm wrapped around Susan. "Now I have some. I will be your brother until the end Harry. We may not have always gotten along, but we have something we can share with our children. We will work to bring about the downfall of all beings that desired to rule through cruelty and murder. We will work as a family to show those that hide in the light and stand in the dark that they can't get away with hurting others just because they can."

"Face it Harry," said Luna. "You are stuck with us now. We want you in our lives and you aren't getting rid of us that easy. We are here to stay and nothing will change that. I think we have many honorary Aunts and Uncles that care about us as much as we care about them."

"Twenty points to each of the four houses," said Severus. "Yes we may be slightly dysfunctional, but we are a family. It will take us some time to get used to one another, but if we work at it, we will succeed. That is one of the key things needed if we are to defeat the dark. Now, why don't you lot head up to bed and get some rest. You have classes tomorrow and the day after is Dumbledore's trial. I'll talk with Minerva and see if we can get the whole lot of you to the trial so that you can use it as a learning experience. If you need me, my room is off to the left side of the common room. Don't hesitate to come to me if you need something."

Each of the students bid each other goodnight and went to their rooms to sleep. Harry sat up late into the evening contemplating the changes that a few days made in Severus. It was like there was a light that went off in the former Potions Professor's head and made him realize that people are people instead of targets for his snarky comments and rude insinuations. Harry wondered if it was possible that the man had been under some kind of spell that was cleansed away when he went to the Chamber. He was not used to the new and improved Severus, but for the moment, he would just go with the flow and see where it led. He had to admit that he liked the helpful Severus Snape. With a small sigh, Harry scratched both Hedwig and Fawkes under their chins and climbed into his bed. When he was comfortable, he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next day, the group went to the classroom after breakfast to continue their studies. With the change in classes, Harry was able to drop Divination and pick up Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Wizarding Etiquette. He found that he enjoyed Arithmancy as he was always good in math, and this was just a magical form of math. With the help of Severus, he was sure he could catch up to his year mates in no time. The others were also getting adjusted to their new schedule. Herbology, Astrology, and COMC were still taught in their normal spots. Just who was in the class was all that changed. Each person no matter their year was in the same class. They were just being taught at the different levels. None of the professors complained about the change and each worked with the group as they would with any other group. Those that were free during a certain hour would come in and work with the students in that particular subject. Classes started at nine sharp. They stopped at noon for lunch and picked up again at one. They ended in the evenings at six for dinner. At seven, one of the founders would come in for their lessons that they wanted to teach the group if the students didn't have that much homework they were catching up on.

The day of Dumbledore's trial arrived. Severus went to the dorms and made sure that each student dressed in their dress robes. He wanted each student to be sharply presentable to the Ministry workers. He entered Harry's room though the open door and saw him fighting with is hair at his mirror.

"Here, let me help you," he said tapping his wand lightly on Harry's head and got the satisfaction of seeing it a bit more manageable. "Your mother used to complain about James' hair all the time. It is a Potter curse. Talk with Draco and he can tell you what products you can use to help manage it better. If anyone is skilled with getting their hair to look perfect it's him. I like the color of your robes by the way. It's a nice touch combining the Slytherin green with the Gryffindor gold trimming. Having your House Crests in scarlet and silver is very fitting. You better hurry or you'll be late for breakfast. Your group will be leaving right after for the trial. I will be with you so you can breathe a little easier. Also don't forget that Sirius and Amelia will be there with Augusta Longbottom. She is the new Chief Witch and she is one of the good guys."

"Thanks Severus," said Harry with a smile. "I feel better knowing that you all are going to be there. I've been studying in my spare time as to what is going to happen at the trial, but my nerves are getting the better of me. I'm rather scared that I will do or say something that will make me look like a fool in front of the Wizengamot."

"You have little to fear," assured Severus as the two made it to the common room. "Sirius will handle most of it and you will have very little to say or do. You just have to vote using your four houses. Draco can sit in one of your spots and if you want, I can sit in another for you. That way, we can all be seated together and we can be there for each other. Sirius has Moody and Tonks sitting with the others, so they will be safe enough without us there. Don't forget to bring the parchments from Gringotts that tells your heritages. It will help you prove your case for each seat you are trying to claim. I have no doubt that Sirius will ensure your success in claiming your seats. You ARE the last of four of the houses and the heir of the fifth one."

"All this power and prestige and I don't want it," said Harry walking with him down the stairs to meet up with everyone. "I'm grateful, but this is WAY too much for one person to have to deal with. I guess that I should stop complaining. If I didn't do it, someone else would have to and it would make them have that much more work to deal with."

"Very wise," said Minerva overhearing his comment. "I must say that all of you look splendid. You will definitely make an impression on the members of the Wizengamot. I have Tonks picking you up some extra Quick Quote Quills and some muggle notebooks to take notes during the trial. Having sat in a few, my suggestion is that if you have a question ask it with intelligence and reason. No one will fault you for wanting an explanation if you don't understand something. Sirius would have told them that this is a learning experience for many of you."

The teens took their supplies from Tonks. Each set was in a small leather satchel that resembled a small briefcase. It looked smart and Harry appreciated the sentiment of it. Together the group entered the Great Hall for Breakfast. Many people were outright staring at the group as they made their way to their table. Severus and Tonks walked on each side of the procession as they headed for their table. Luna dressed in blue with bronze trimming. Over her breast, she had the Crests for House Lovegood and House Ravenclaw. On one sleeve she hasd her Hogwarts affiliations. On her other sleeve, she had Harry's Houses presented showing her betrothal status. Susan was dressed in black robes with yellow trim. She had the crests for House Bones and Hufflepuff on her breast. Like the others, she had her Hogwarts affiliations on her right sleeve. Draco was also dressed in black with silver trimmings. The twins were dressed in green. Neville was dressed in black. Daphne was dressed in mauve and Blaise was dressed in green.

"We'll leave using Minerva's floo when we are done eating," explained Severus. "I suggest that you each eat something substantial as we don't know when or if there will be a break for lunch. Normally they will, but just to be safe, eat a full meal. I will bring a few snacks just in case."

With that, the group sat and ate. When they were done with their meal, Minerva led them to her office. Tonks went first so that she could meet them on the other side. From there, each teen took their turn and headed to the Ministry. Severus arrived last, and quickly took stock of the situation. Sirius and Tonks were amongst a few people that surrounded the teens to get them to the courtroom. The press was attempting to get them to give a few words and thoughts, but Sirius managed to keep them back. Harry saw Rita Skeeter in the crowd and stopped suddenly causing Severus to bump into him.

"Rita Skeeter," he called to the astonishment of their guards. "You had better remember your promise to me. If I see one word about me or my companions in your story that is nothing but the absolute truth, the next time we meet is when I will be sitting at YOUR trial. We have kept our end of the bargain and you had better keep yours. Consider this your ONLY warning."

With that, Harry turned to his astonished guards and beckoned them to lead on. Severus looked oddly at him for a moment, but Harry quickly told him that he would explain later when they returned home. Nodding in agreement, Severus let the matter drop.

"Question," stated Harry looking to Sirius and Severus. "Is it possible to stop by Gringotts when we are done? There is something that I would like to get from my vault if possible. I would also like to know where my Head of House rings are. I haven't received any of them yet. Griphook was supposed to look into it, but I never heard back."

"I'm sure we can arrange that," said Sirius looking at Severus who nodded. "We will have to limit how many of you are going to go however. I think that we should just take Harry as we will have an easier time protecting one than the whole group. We can look into the rings for Susan and Luna while we are there. It wouldn't be that difficult to do."

The group made it to the courtroom and Sirius had Luna, Susan, Harry, and Draco sit in one section while the others were taken to the viewing area under guard by Tonks and Kingsley. Severus didn't stray far from the Champions. As the courtroom filed in, many witches and wizards glanced at them and smiled or nodded. Harry and Draco would nod and smile back while the girls would give a small wave. Sirius, Amelia, and Augusta took their normal seats while everyone else got situated.

"We are here today to witness and bare evidence to the trial of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore," began Sirius. "Before we begin with his trial, is there any business that needs to be attended first?"

"I have business to attend," called Harry quickly at a prod from Severus. "If it pleases the court, I would like to claim my seats upon the Wizengamot."

"Which Houses are you wanting to claim and do you have proof that you are eligible to claim said seats?" asked Sirius with pride. "If so, please step forward and present your case. We will judge you fairly and accordingly. Just know that our decision is being based on your evidence. If you present it to us and the seat is there, you will be allowed to stake your claim. If your evidence isn't strong enough, then we will deny your request."

"Yes Sir," said Harry cordially presenting his first document. "In accordance to the laws that were written when this panel was first built, the last heir to a house can claim their seats if there is no other living relative to do so. The heir can give the seat to someone who can act as proxy if they wish to do so, but once they reach their fifteenth year, they may sit their seats themselves. In the case that the heir has more than one, he may sit them as a cluster, or may appoint voices to act in accordance with him or her."

"Very well," said Amelia impressed. "You have presented your argument. That law is definitely in effect for what you are aiming for. I can see your Family Crests upon your robe. Should we find that you are not the legal heir, we will ask that you remove them from your person or be fined for false advertisement or attempted theft."

"Yes Madam," said Harry politely gathering a few more documents. "As you all are aware, I'm the last Potter. It is a proven fact that is written in the books that my father was the last and I'm all that's left. Therefore, at the very least, I'm eligible to claim the seat for House Potter."

"That is granted," said Augusta. "You are quite correct in your evaluation of the scenario. You are in fact the last of the Potters and you are eligible to claim that seat. Please state your case for your next claim."

"It is also written in the archives that the Potter family is direct descendants of Godric Gryffindor," said Harry passing up the next set of documents. "As the last of that line, I can claim that seat as well. Should I need a proxy, I'm sure that we can come to an agreement as to who would hold that seat for me. However, once again, I'm within my rights to claim the seat."

"You can claim that seat," said Sirius looking at the documents and passing them around. "We know that the Potters are direct descendants of Gryffindor. Therefore, the seat is yours by birthright as the last heir alive."

"Thanks to the goblins of Gringotts, we discovered that I'm related to Salazar Slytherin on my mother's side," explained Harry passing up the next document to the astonishment of the group. "While my cousin is older than I am, he doesn't have the magic and therefore isn't eligible to take his place as Head of House. Therefore, he and his non magical offspring will not be able to claim the title. His magical heirs can't either unless I don't have children myself."

"The Dursleys are going to be in jail for a long time," explained Amelia. "They would have lost their right anyway due to being a known felon. From what I can see of this report, the goblins have proved that you are an heir of Slytherin. You also can speak the language of snakes which further backs your claim. Our own workers here in the Ministry have learned that the ability can only be passed through blood and NOT through magic."

"Finally, I would like to claim the seat for House Peverell as both the Potter line and the Slytherin line are descendants from all three of the brothers," said Harry passing up the final document that he wished to present. "There is one more house that I could claim, but I think I have more than enough with the four that I have. Add in that I'm the heir to the House of Black and I have MORE than enough to deal with."

"Give us a few moments to deliberate and we will give you our ruling," said Sirius winking at him. "It shouldn't take but a couple of minutes as you have presented telling evidence of your claims."

Harry nodded and watched as Sirius waved his wand to enclose the panel behind a Silencing Spell. Everyone could see them talking with one another. The documents were passed around and they talked some more. Finally, Sirius nodded and waved his wand to bring down his spell.

"The panel has decided that your documents are more than proof of your claims," he stated giving Harry back his documents. "We also know that Susan Bones and Luna Lovegood are going to request their seats as well. Therefore, we have decided on the following. Lord Potter may claim all of his seats. This will be for House Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. In future if he wants to present evidence on the last house, he may do so. In the event of Madam Susan Bones, we have decided that as she is of age in accordance to the laws found by Lord Potter, that she may take the seat of House Hufflepuff."

"On a sad note, we must decline Lady Lovegood her seat until next year," said Amelia. "We would like to ask her to appoint a proxy to sit in her spot until she is of age to claim her seat. This way, her seat can vote and so forth."

"Thank you," said Luna standing. "Due to Lord Potter already having so many seats, I was wondering if it was possible for Madam Longbottom to represent House Ravenclaw until I come of age and am able to fulfill my duties as Head of House. During all of this, I will ask that I be allowed to at least sit in my spot even if I don't have a voice yet so that I may observe and learn what I need to before the position comes into effect for me."

"Your request for me to act as proxy is an honor," said Augusta. "I accept gracefully. As for you sitting in the seat to observe and learn, I grant your request. As Head Witch of the Wizengamot, there is no reason why you shouldn't or can't that I know of. Therefore, the three of you along with Scion Malfoy may sit in the block set up for your seats. Severus Snape, we ask that you join them to aid in explanation and defense."

Nodding, the five made their way to where Augusta indicated and took their seats. As they were sitting in the seats of the Four Founders, they were a little away from the rest, but near enough to receive assistance should they require it. When they were comfortably seated, Sirius, Augusta, and Amelia moved on to the trial.

"We are gathered here today to pass judgment on Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore," said Sirius. "Bring in the prisoner."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop here. This chapter got away from me. I hope that some of my descriptions and explanation help you understand what I'm doing. Thanks for the support. I will begin with Dumbledore's trial in the next chapter.