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Chapter 9 – Dead Man Walking

Things always happen for a reason. The lessons from the founders were both informative and interesting. Each person in the Champion's Tower treasured each lesson. Severus also learned much from the founders. He learned patience, humility, and forgiveness. When people looked to the members of this group, they saw a huge family of people that cared deeply for one another. Each person made sure that everyone else in the group had what the needed to ensure their learning and emotions were cared for to the fullest of capacity. This suited the group very well for all intents and purposes.

The trials of Ron and Ginny had been pushed back due to the importance of other trials that needed to be done. Sometimes Harry and company were asked to sit for learning purposes, and sometimes they weren't. Each member of the Wizengamot knew that Harry and company needed to spend as much time as possible in classes so that they could continue to learn what they needed to learn to be able to pass their OWLS then NEWTS. It was agreed by every member that Harry and his friends were learning rapidly what they were supposed to for when they would take their positions full time. None of the members had anything negative to say about the attitudes and actions of the youngsters. Each one in that particular group was both polite and intellectually sound.

Soon the Christmas holidays were upon the group. The castle was currently undergoing the festive decorating that it usually did. The Great Hall was once more decked out in festive garland. The trees stood out in spectacular color in the different corners. Harry was watching the set up when he had a sudden inspiration. He quickly drew the attention of the others.

"Why don't we make them different colors," suggested Harry as they were decorating the trees. "We can have one specifically for each of the different houses. I think blue and bronze for Ravenclaw would be pretty on a tree. I'm sure we can illuminate the ornaments so that even the green ones for the Slytherin tree would show nicely on the branches."

"That's a brilliant idea," stated Filius with happiness as he began to work on them. "Each one can be set up for each of the houses and we can have one for all four houses together. That way, we can unite the houses once and for all so that there is little to no rivalries."

"I'm going to decorate the sixth tree personally," stated Harry adamantly. "I know exactly what I want to do. I think it will be pretty. I want it to be a nature tree to represent the elements. I've been thinking about it since you all started to decorate the trees."

"Ok," said Severus with interest. "How do you want to do that? I'll help you in case some of the charms are some that you haven't learned yet. All you need to do is tell us what you have in mind and we will help you create your work of art."

"First, the tree needs to be white," said Harry flicking his wand and casting the color changing charm. "It will represent the innocence and creation of things. Next, we need some poinsettia flowers to represent the fire aspect. I always think of red for fire. I think it would be pretty."

"Oh that does sounds beautiful," said Hermione as Neville brought the plants over from around the hall. "We should use the whole plant instead of just the flower though. That way we can save the plant and do other things with it after the holidays."

Severus cast the charm on the flowers to keep them alive throughout the holidays. The team placed each of the flowers in their spot and waited for the next idea from Harry. So far, his tree was starting to look ideal. So far, everyone was on board with his idea. Even Filius and Minerva stopped to watch as the form took shape. Each was impressed so far.

"Next I think we should have ivy for the tinsel," explained Harry while picturing the look in his mind. "The green of the ivy can represent the earth. If Severus casts that spell again, the ivy will stay alive and we can always plant it and let it grow naturally once the holidays are over. The idea that Hermione had to use the whole poinsettia plant instead of the flowers was a good one. The ivy can continue to grow in the tree if possible."

Severus nodded as he cast the spells on the tree and ivy. The teens all helped out by flicking their wands and watching as all of the greenery draped elegantly on the limbs of the now white spruce tree. When they were done, they turned to Harry once more for the next set of directions. More and more, the tree was turning out spectacular. More of the professors stopped what they were doing to observe the creation that was coming to life.

"The last part is easy," he assured. "We can use blue lights to represent water and yellow decorations to represent Air. Then we can add something purple to represent Spirit. I was reading some extra stuff and discovered that while most people only think there are four elements, in all actuality, there are five of them. Many people don't count spirit. In some religions, they change them. There is a reason the pentacle has five points. So we can add both purple and yellow ornaments for the last two elements."

"We can have yellow flying creatures to represent the air," suggested Draco. "Things like hippogriffs and thestrals are flying creatures. We can slightly alter the color for them to be in different shades of yellow. Things like canaries and other birds can be used as well. For purple, just use orbs. Plain orbs won't take away from the elegance of the yellow pieces and the spirit aspect of the elements will still be represented."

"We can always use purple stars as well to make the aspect of it being an old way," suggested Luna. "To me, when I see stars, I think of the heavens and what they represent to each of us."

"Let's take it a step further," suggested Susan. "We can add golden suns and silver moons to represent the deities. I too, have read about the old ways, and they are brilliant in some aspects. If we are going to represent the old ways, then let's do it all the way."

With that, the teens and Severus got to work. The other professors and the founders all waited eagerly to see the finished product. None of them were disappointed. The tree was beautiful and very artistically arranged. Minerva had Colin Creevey come in and take pictures of the different trees so that people in the future could see what the Great Hall looked like this year.

"I think a well-rounded twenty points to each house is deserved for this marvelous creation of art and history," said Minerva as she examined some of the ornaments used. "This is absolutely beautiful and very well planned. Harry can take an extra ten points for the original idea. He can also have ten points for the idea to have a house tree. Each of the trees is beautiful. I love the idea and I think we will use it from here on out. Good job to all of you."

"There was something that Fleur said when she was here for the tournament," stated Harry. "Why don't we have non melting ice sculptures here as well? We can use the four animals that represent the houses in our designs. We can use things like a phoenix, unicorn, and certain other creatures as well. If you give them a slight hue, they will look awesome."

"The exuberance of youth," laughed Minerva as she and Filius gave the idea a try. They created the lion for Gryffindor and gave it the slight hue as Harry suggested, so they could see the finished product before they started on the others. When they were done, they started on the others as the first one came out wonderfully.

"Take ten more points Harry," said Filius. "This was an ingenious idea. Even if you didn't have the original one, the idea to use a color hue on the sculptures was pure genius. I think we can use these all winter long. There is no reason for us not to."

"In summer, we can always use stone ones," suggested Luna getting ten points for the suggestion. "I figure that the school doesn't have that many mascot representations. By adding some, it will give the houses more pride in their given house. By adding the magical creatures, it tells that this really is a magical school."

Everyone nodded as they went their separate ways in the castle. With many of the students going home the following day, they had a few things that they needed to do beforehand. There was the holiday leaving feast that everyone was looking forward to. Later that night, Rowena gathered the students together.

"Tonight, I'm going to teach you a bit more about the history surrounding Hogwarts," she said. "We have many things that we have done here in the castle, but some of them are unique due to the special gifts that we possessed back then. As you all know, I prized wisdom and knowledge beyond everything when it came to my students. While Harry does in fact possess extreme knowledge, he was chosen to go into one of the houses of his bloodline as was set by us founders. Though it isn't set in stone, we prefer those of our bloodlines to go into our houses. Harry was unique in that he has equal quality of all four. He would have been an exception to the desire."

"The hat did say that I would fit into all four houses," admitted Harry. "He said that I was VERY difficult to place. Things might have gone differently without all of the negative feedback that I was given before I even got to Hogwarts. Never having learned the differences, I was already prejudiced before I even got here. While that isn't a great excuse, it is the one that I give as it's the truth. Hagrid, Ron, and Draco all had hand in me not liking Slytherin before I even got to Hogwarts."

"As you all know, I made a diadem to enhance the wisdom of the wearer," explained Rowena smiling at Harry's honesty. "It wasn't so much for me as it was for those that were in the same situation as Neville. Now before he gets offended, let me explain what I mean."

Neville had started slightly at being signaled out, but relaxed at Rowena's placating tone. He knew she wasn't slighting his intelligence. She was just making a statement about the purpose of one of the most legendary pieces of history in existence. He also knew that from time to time, they would use one person or the other as an example to explain what they were referring to.

"Some people have intelligence that they don't know even exists," explained Rowena. "They can do things, but lack confidence to use what they know or in some cases, they lock it away due to not believing in themselves. I created the diadem to assist those people in learning how to unlock their talents so that they could be the best that they could. The diadem doesn't necessarily GIVE you wisdom. It just enhances the ability to use what you already know. Wearing it won't make you better in charms if you are abysmal in the subject. All the diadem does is make it so what you do know is better organized in your mind so that you can use it more efficiently."

"That would explain much," stated Draco. "You can't just give someone wisdom. Wisdom is what and how you use your knowledge base for. To enhance your knowledge and how you use it would be better than having the diadem whispering the spells in your mind. That would be cheating as compared to using what you already know in a more beneficial manner. This was great. I enjoy all of these lessons that you are all giving us. The more you tell us, the more we know about how the magical world is supposed to work. It makes things today seem so backward and stupid in some aspects."

"It seems like times have changed for the worse since the four of you died," agreed Luna thoughtfully. "It would appear that the ideals and ideas that were set up by you were made to be archaic. Now it doesn't matter how intelligent you are. It's all about who you are related to and how much money you have in your vaults that matter."

"To hear Binns talk, the only thing in history that matters is the Goblins and sometimes the giants," said Harry with a frown on his face. "What you are teaching us not only gives us actual facts, but it gives us a new outlook on how the magical world SHOULD be run. Let's face it, what Luna said is true. Most people think that they are better than others because of what they have and who they know rather than WHAT they know. Some of us are exceptions to the rule. I have a long line of witches and wizards in my family and I also have more gold than my great grandchildren will ever be able to spend, but I don't treat people like they are beneath me."

"It would seem that some people have a higher standard in their moral compass than others," said a thoughtful Hermione. "I'm at fault just as much as some of the purebloods. My line of thinking was that I was better than most because of how many books I could read and how much information I could retain. Sometimes you have to just balance things out in this world for it to all come together and make sense. I was bullied before I came here due to my love for books and my passion for learning. Once I got here, I became the bully using the same tools. Sometimes people walk on a fine line and don't even realize it until they do something extremely stupid."

"You made a mistake in trusting the wrong people," said Severus pointing a warning finger at her. "You had the thoughts going through your mind, BUT you were still used. I have been watching you since you got here. You are only human like the next person. Look at Draco! In the last few months, he too has made a complete change. Not only doesn't he walk around like an arrogant snob, but he has become a better person to himself as well. Even Harry has opened his eyes to certain things and walks around with pride and a sense of self-worth. Each of you has improved within your actions to others as well as how you look at yourself. I have opened my eyes and am enjoying life."

"All it took was four dead people to start slapping others behind their heads to wake them up," snickered Harry with mirth. "Now that we have the equivalent of a two by four behind the head, we are helping to make the wizarding world a better place for everyone. I don't play the hero all the time. Hermione isn't acting like an arrogant know-it-all anymore. Draco isn't a snob anymore. Neville and Susan are more confident with their magic and knowledge. Luna is the least changed among us, but even she is happier than she was before all of this started."

"It is nice to see the houses starting to come around and work together," said Minerva from her spot. "Even at my age, I enjoy learning what the founders are teaching. This is just as much a new experience for me as it is for you. The school is becoming more like what is should be. I find that the students are getting into fights less and less these days as they are starting to work together to make sure that everyone has the chance they need to succeed in classes and such."

"With people like Dumbledore out of the way, we don't have to worry about how he is manipulating everyone," agreed Harry. "The more we work together, the better our world will become when we graduate. We are already seeing an improvement in the younger years. This will go a long way in helping our world outside of this castle. In the days of the founders, magic was feared. Today, acceptance is better. You have neo-pagans and wiccans out and about that are passing the word even if they don't have the actual gift of magic themselves. With many muggle born students coming to Hogwarts, we have more non-magical people understanding what's going on."

"I have to ask," said Neville suddenly looking at Hermione. "What happened after you got home? We know you were suspended for a few weeks, but we don't fully understand what happened to you. Would you be willing to explain it all to us? I don't want to pry, but that was something that wasn't really explained when you returned earlier than you were supposed to."

"Well," she said hesitantly. "Suffice to say that my parents were severely disappointed in me. I can't say that I blame them. I was under total house arrest. They made me do lots of chores around the house to insure that I knew that I had made a huge mistake. What made it worse was the disappointment in their eyes when they looked at me. That hurt more than the punishment or suspension. They made me realize just how often they comforted me when the same thing happened to me that I did to others."

"I was jealous of Harry," she said after pausing for a bit. "I knew he was getting help from somewhere and I didn't understand where or why. I was in the mindset that I was the smart one and he needed me. I keep forgetting that even though I memorize my stuff that Harry does know what he is doing as he actually lives it. I allowed the implied remarks from the Weasleys influence my jealousy even more. I was determined to be the top student and I couldn't understand how someone who didn't appear to care was suddenly better than I was. All I wanted was to scream in frustration. All I knew was that I wanted to beat Harry at all costs even if it hurt him in the process. I made me into the type of person that I would never be normally."

"How did you come to the conclusion that you had potions in your system?" asked Severus. "I have to admit that it sounded like you were just trying to keep yourself out of trouble and wasn't really all that sorry you did what you did. The explanation you gave sounded like the idea that Harry was supposed to be dosed would make a great scapegoat if it was possible that you were dosed as well."

"I started to evaluate my thoughts more," she admitted truthfully. "I knew somewhere in my mind that even though I wanted to be the best that it wasn't fair of me to want to harm others for also having the same dedication and desire. I couldn't figure out why I was getting mad all the time for no reason when I heard that others were doing better than me on a certain day and such. From there, I went into research mode and started to look into maybe being possessed. I actually did get the idea from Harry. He seems to be attacked by the Dark Lord all the time and I wondered if it was possible that I was under some kind of influence as well. When I heard that Ginny was going to slip a potion to Harry, it was like a light lit in my head. It made me wonder if I was under the influence already. I actually didn't know and wanted to be sure that someone wasn't messing with my fragile ego already. So when it came out that they were trying to get to Harry via potion, I asked to be checked out just to be sure. I wasn't willing to take the chance that someone was forcing me to act on my irrational thoughts."

"It's a good thing that you did," said Helga. "Had those potions stayed in your system for a longer period of time, they could have done irreparable damage to you and your system. You could have gone insane or even died. Severus and I went over some of the potion notes we found in the harlot's belongings and they modified the Compulsion Potion. Salazar admitted that the potion was starting to become a poison in your system. Had they continued to give it to you, it WOULD have killed you. They didn't know that."

"They talked briefly about just getting you to try and harm Harry," stated Severus while Salazar nodded. "They even mentioned some common side effects in their notes with notations to be careful with dose percentages and such so as to not harm you. That makes us believe that they never had any intention of killing you. They did their research, but apparently not enough. It didn't look like they were as thorough as they thought they were. It was never THEIR intention to kill anyone. They wanted to harm, but not kill. The idea was to get you to do things for them so that when the pieces all came together you would take the fall and not them. Thankfully, you were intelligent enough to realize that something wasn't quite right and you acted on impulse to rectify a situation."

"That's something that might save them from getting a more serious punishment than they are already getting," remarked Harry pondering the information he was hearing. "They are in enough trouble as it is for what they have already done. I may not like them for what they did, but I don't wish them into severe trouble. I have no doubt that Molly and Dumbledore was responsible for some of their thought processes. Those two are easily manipulated. It seems that Ron was taught to embrace his jealousy and Ginny was taught to live in her fairy tale world. I think that a good dose of humility and punishment will help. Even someone like them doesn't deserve to have to face a Dementor. I can tell you that the sensation isn't pleasant."

"I agree with Harry," said Susan. "They did bad things, but they are still young. Between what they were taught, their ages, and things like hormones and such, they were easy to manipulate. Dumbledore was able to do it too far older and far wiser people than the two youngest of the Weasley bunch. I agree that prison time shouldn't be given, but some form of severe punishment and lots of counseling would go a long way in helping them to understand that they don't get to have things handed to them just because of whom they are and who they support. Harry lost his parents to get his money and titles. He would rather have his parents than all of that."

"I think we have a problem," said Harry suddenly standing. "The wards of the school are going a bit crazy. Someone is here, on the premises, that shouldn't be. We need to get the students to safety. I think we are under attack. I could be wrong, but why take the chance. I would rather be wrong and have the students safe from harm, than to be right and we not do anything."

Minerva and Severus jumped up at once and everyone started to move out. They were not getting the feeling through the wards that Harry, Luna, and Susan were feeling. Harry and his group would assist the Headmistress and the professors with rounding up the students. Minerva placed her wand to her throat to amplify her voice.

"All students are to immediately report to their common rooms," she called. "Heads of house are to do an immediate head count and send an elf with the tally. All prefects are to assist your head of house in defense of the younger students."

"All house elves are to assist in locating and bringing all stray students to their common rooms," called Harry duplicating Minerva's spell. "The students must be protected. Hogwarts is now under lockdown conditions. Any student causing problems for their head of house will automatically receive one month of detention."

"Good thinking Harry," called Severus as he jogged with the younger wizard to the Entrance Hall. "The elves can locate the students faster than we can and get them safely to their common rooms. All members of the Champions Tower are to assist the professors in any way that you can. Time is of the essence and we need to find out who is attacking and why."

"Harry, as you have better control of the wards than we do, look through and see what's going on outside of the walls," said Salazar as he floated alongside the wizard. "You, Luna, and Susan can use the wards to see with better than Minerva and Filius can. Godric and Rowena are already on the parapets trying to discern what the problem is. Helga is heading to the infirmary to wait with Poppy. I'll be staying with you. Right now, you need to pause and SEE through the wards other than through your eyes."

"Werewolves," said Luna with her eyes white and glowing. "We are being attacked by werewolves. They must have come from the forest. We didn't think to have anyone alert the creatures of the forest that we may end up being under some kind of attack. I think that Hagrid is still outside. I can't tell if he will be affected or not."

"He won't unless there is a powerful wizard with them," assured Draco quickly. "His giant blood makes him immune to lycanthropy. Even if he is bitten, he will never have to worry about turning into a werewolf. Harry, send him a patronus to stay IN his house. Even a half giant will fall prey to fifty werewolves attacking him."

"I'm already on that Draco," said Minerva waving her wand and sending off her patronus. "If he knows what's good for him, he will listen to me and stay inside."

"I'm already in the castle," huffed Hagrid coming around the corner. "Thank you for your concern, but I was already heading inside the castle. We need to get word to Aragog and the centaurs to help. If there are werewolves, then they aren't normal ones."

"That's right," exclaimed Harry in a worried voice with glowing green eyes as he looked through the wards. "It isn't the full moon. Remus is a werewolf and he's fine and in Gryffindor Tower. Hermione, go and tell him what's going on. Severus you need to contact Sirius and let him know what's going on. I know you have an easier way to talk to him as you are head of our tower and he is my godfather. Minerva, send a message to Aberforth and Rosmerta that Hogsmeade should stay indoors. We don't want them hurt."

"Why are Harry and Luna's eyes glowing like that?" asked Neville pointing. "Susan is using the wards and her eyes aren't glowing. Why are their eyes behaving like that? Why would they be different? She is a founder's heir as well."

"I believe they are using their Seer abilities combined with the wards," explained Draco before anyone else. "True Seers usually have a kind of light in their eyes when they are using their true abilities. From what I read, glowing eyes is just one way of telling. Add in that both are descendants of the founders, and that is a conclusion I will bet on. It isn't common knowledge, but all four founders had the gift of divination in their blood. Helga is the one that was the most comfortable with it, but in all actuality, all four were seers."

"That is correct Draco," said Salazar as the members of the party got things organized. "Harry being the heir of two will have more ability than say Susan as the gift doesn't always pass down. Luna has Seer blood from her other parent as well. Therefore, it was always our belief that she would be a seer. Harry had double the chance of becoming a mild seer due to his lineage. However, it would appear that he will be just as gifted as Luna. Even Sybil had the tiniest bit of the gift. Susan may end up with the gift, but it looks like it will pass her. Not all of our descendants had the gift."

"Sirius is here," said Harry suddenly stopping all conversations. "He has brought twenty Aurors with him. We need help in stopping the wolves. We need all available fighters to start rounding up the wolves. Some of them aren't magical ones. They are muggles that were bitten, but not magical."

"There is a sense of magic around them, but it's only to make them transform," said Luna looking with unblinking eyes. "Fifty wolves will cause problems. We need some more help. House elves and goblins would be preferable. Someone send an elf to Gringotts. The goblins can come here quickly and help stop this situation. I'm still searching for the leader of this attack. So far, I don't see any non-werewolf fighter out there."

"Dobby!" called Draco and waited while the elf popped in. "I know that Harry is your Master, but he is otherwise occupied at the moment. Would you go to Gringotts and tell Griphook that Hogwarts is under attack by werewolves? From there, have the elves start using their magic to help defend the castle from the wolves. If we can keep them outside, they won't harm the students. Would you do that for me?"

"Of course," said Dobby before popping away. It wasn't long before he was back and placing the Sword of Gryffindor in Harry's hand. "Griphook be sending one hundred goblin warriors to Hogwarts. He be calling this a training exercise for the younger goblins. Kreacher, Winky, and Dobby be telling all elves to protect the castle."

"Are all the students accounted for?" asked Minerva as she looked out of the window. "We need to make sure that all students are in their common rooms or dorms. Even one werewolf inside of the castle can cause problems. We don't want any of the students bitten."

"Not to worry Headmistress Kitty," assured Dobby. "We is making sure all students is being in their rooms. We is even sealing the doors with magic so they is not coming out until Master Harry be saying it is safe."

"Thank you Dobby," said Sirius as he walked over to the group. "Severus, is everyone ok here? I have my Aurors working to stop the attack if they can. There are a few Hit Wizards and three members of the Unspeakables out there as well. We want to see if we can capture one of the wolves so that we can help you test the blood for a permanent cure."

"Everyone IN the castle is safe," assured Severus as Sirius breathed a sigh of relief. "Harry and Luna are using their gifts to watch out for any problems. Hermione ran to Remus to check on him. We have the elves watching out for the children and we have one hundred goblin warriors in route to the castle."

"The goblins are here," said Harry in his mystical voice. "The battle is commencing. While these goblins are not as battle hardened as the older ones, they are still effective. Things are going well with the aid of the Aurors. I don't see any human loss of life."

"One will be bitten," said Luna in the same type of voice as Harry. "He will fall and become a werewolf though he will not die. Someone needs to tell Poppy and Helga that there is a patient heading their way. Send an elf to grab the fallen Auror. I don't see if he will be passive like Remus or aggressive. Time will tell."

"There he is," said Minerva pointing and then sending a spell from her wand to blast the wolf. "Dawlish just fell due to separating from his group. Moody will have his hide for that. Dobby would you and Tipsy go and grab him and bring him straight to Poppy please? I'll have someone come there shortly."

"The tunnel," hissed Harry sharply. "One lone wolf has made it through Honey Dukes and is exiting the tunnels. I have had enough of this. It's time to put a stop to him and his pack of mutts."

With that, Harry raced away from the group. Severus, Draco, and Sirius gave chase. Dobby popped out to get the fallen Auror and brought him to the infirmary. Helga and Poppy started working immediately to get some of his wounds closed. From there, Dobby felt Harry running and popped away to join his master.

Harry arrived just at Fenrir stepped out of the tunnel. His training in DADA with Godric and Severus came into effect as he started firing hexes at the wolf. Fenrir danced on the spot for a few moments before Harry paused. He watched the werewolf wearily. This was the most dangerous werewolf currently alive.

"You can't beat me little boy," snarled the wolf. "The Dark Lord has added a little extra to my abilities this month. He wants some of your blood. Eventually he wants you dead, but for tonight, I'm allowed to have a snack. He wants you bitten so that you become an outcast. We all know that werewolves are dark creatures. If you won't join him, he will see to it that you become just as hunted as he is. He will also want that pretty sword in your hand. It will be a bonus in my pay packet if I get it and bring it to him."

Harry flung the sword behind him and did something that totally floored the trio that caught up to him. He also caught Fenrir by surprise. Harry's anger unlocked a new power and within moments, there was an angry panther standing in front of the half formed wolf. Black shadows surrounded Harry for a moment before he stalked forward to challenge the wolf head to head. Fury was evident in the way he walked towards his enemy.

"In his animagus form, he can't be harmed by a bite," said Sirius as he transformed into the Grim to stand with his godson.

"Draco run now," hissed Severus. "There is no way you can fight Fenrir if he gets by both Harry and Sirius. This is one werewolf that even I would be hard pressed to stop. I will NOT have you harmed. Go and get some help. If Harry and Sirius fail, we will need all the help I can get."

Draco took one last look at the large dog, angry panther, and upset mentor before he turned and ran. He raced back to where Minerva was standing and noticed that they were waiting for an explanation.

"Sirius and Harry are in animagus forms and are attacking Fenrir Greyback," he told them. "Severus said he was going to be the next line of defense should they lose. He said to get help. We need someone to get to them. I don't know who we can get there as many of the professors are protecting the students."

"I can use the secret passages and get to Professor Flitwick," said George. "He can come and help Severus and the others stop him from getting further into the school. Even a deranged werewolf won't be a big problem for a half goblin dueling master."

"Do it," said Minerva. "Make sure you exit just outside the common room as we don't want the other students to know about the passages. Use the password of Ravenclaw to get in. Come right back here when you are done. We want all of you from the Tower to be safe and under our personal care. Tell whatever other professor is with the students that I authorized this."

George nodded as he and Fred entered the passages from where they were standing. Minerva knew that Fred would never let his twin go alone, and didn't even bother to give the issue a thought. Luna would be able to tell where the students were using her gift and Susan would be able to tell where they were using the wards. Right now, Susan was watching outside and Luna was keeping an eye on Harry.

"It looks like Harry has finally had enough," said Luna while she watched. "His is literally ripping strips of flesh off of the wolf. He is a magical animagus. He is unique once more. He won't be happy about that when he learns of it."

"What type of animal is he?" asked Minerva. "We can always work with him as he grows more into his powers. We don't want him to feel isolated. Being a magical animagus isn't common, but it isn't unheard of either."

"Harry changed into a panther when I saw him," said Draco. "I didn't know that they were magical animals. I just thought they were large black cats."

"He only looks like a panther," said Luna watching Harry tear more flesh off of Fenrir. "In all reality, he is a Shadow Cat. They are the spitting image of a panther with the exception that he is larger than the normal predatory cat. He will be able to walk the shadows in his animagus form and appear anywhere he wants much like a phoenix flashes where they want. No wards will be able to stop him."

"Those cats are very rare," whispered Minerva in shock. "There are only about ten in the entire world that we know of. To be an animagus of one is even rarer. People rarely have a magical animagus form. They tend to be mundane animals. Harry is more powerful than we initially thought. We are going to have to find information and work with him."

"I'll find the information," offered Hermione at once. "You all know how much I love doing research. It would be interesting to see what kind of powers Shadow Cats have. With Harry being an animagus, will he have to register?"

"I doubt it as he is who he is," said Salazar. "Being a founder's heir should automatically give him exemption from that. Also due to him being a magical animagus would put him further in the spotlight and I can't see Sirius or Amelia doing that to him. They will want to make sure he is safe from people wanting to do experiments on him."

"It would also be good to keep it a secret as a surprise for those that challenge the school," said Draco thoughtfully. "That would be an extra defense for the school or anyone in Harry's party should he get attacked again. How much longer will this fight go on? I'm starting to get really worried."

"Harry and Sirius have teamed up to subdue Fenrir," stated Luna. "The stupid mutt made the mistake of dismissing Sirius. Sirius attacked him and when Fenrir went after Sirius, he made the mistake of turning his back on Harry. Professor Flitwick and Severus have Fenrir in custody. Right now, Severus and Sirius are trying to get Harry calmed down so that he can change back into a human."

"The last of the wolves has fallen outside," said Susan. "The Aurors and Unspeakables are now rounding up the ones that are still alive and are placing them in a transport cage. Others are busy making sure that the bodies of the dead wolves are cleared away once they get some form of recognition as to who they could possibly be."

"It's safe to remove the school from lockdown now," said Luna to Minerva. "The threat has been ended thanks to the combined efforts of Harry and the Ministry personnel. We can ease the worries of the students now. The danger has passed."

Minerva canceled the lockdown and then proceeded to call the occupants of the castle to the Great Hall. From there, she explained what happened and everything went by quickly. As a reward, she gave the students an hour to do what they were doing before the lockdown happened. From there, she gathered her party and proceeded to the entrance of the tunnel.

"I didn't know that many people knew about this tunnel," admitted Sirius. "I was already on my way to the castle when I received the patronus message. I sent word back to Amelia to send a squad to assist in stopping the attack."

"What were you coming to the castle for?" asked Harry as they began to thank the goblins for their timely intervention. "I'm always happy to see you, but why were you coming here? Is there something wrong that I need to know about or something?"

"No," replied Sirius. "I was coming to tell you that we retrieved the ring. Not only did we find it, but we managed to get our hands on the property that was formerly owned by the Dark Lord's family. The Gaunt shack has been leveled and cleared, and Riddle Manor is now under Ministerial control. We placed wards around it to prevent anyone from accessing it without permission. As the stone has the Peverell symbol on it, I was bringing the ring back to you. It is yours by birthright. We have had it cleared of all dark magic and curses. It's safe to wear it."

"Master of Death," said Salazar solemnly as Sirius placed the ring on Harry's finger. "All three of the Hallows are united again. There will be extra classes for Harry as he now owns and possess all three of the ancient talismans. We knew of the Hallows, but we didn't realize that Harry would come into possession of all three. It's too late to change it now. It mainly means that certain people will want them. They will know that Harry has all three and will challenge him for them."

"No they don't," proclaimed Harry to the astonishment of group. "No one knows that my cloak is a Hallow. The only one that is common knowledge that I have is the Elder Wand. Yes people know I own an invisibility cloak, but they don't know it's a Hallow. Even Dumbledore with his suspicions didn't actually prove that it was a Hallow. No one but the people standing here knows that the ring is a Hallow. Not even Riddle knew what it REALLY was. All he knew was that it belonged to a relative and he wanted it. He knew nothing of the history behind it."

"If you want to think about it, no one really knows that the Elder Wand is a Hallow either," said Hermione logically. "All they know is that it's the Death Stick and such. Mostly only your pureblood families will know about the history of the wand in LEGENDS. To them, it's just a powerful wand. No one really knows much about the Hallows except what's told in that story in the book. Dumbledore is probably one of the few that knows they are real. He is in the goblin mines in prison, so he can't do anything about it anyway. Harry is blood related to the original owners of these items. No one can really take them from him."

"Very logical," deduced Minerva. "Twenty points to Harry, Luna, Susan, Hermione, Draco, and the twins. Another one hundred will be given to Harry as well as an award for services to the school for the capture of Fenrir Greyback. Well done to all of you. I think I speak for all of you when I say that we are very proud of all of you. For now, I suggest that you all go and enjoy your evening. I know that you have other things you might want to do."

The group all split up and went about their duties around the castle. Those that had homework went and worked on that. Hermione and Luna went together to the library to start researching Harry's animagus form while Draco calmly explained the situation to him. Oddly enough, Harry didn't get upset. He was rather proud of himself for being able to transform into such a magnificent creature. He spent twenty minutes telling Draco and Neville what it felt like and how graceful he felt in the form. He was also telling the others what it felt like to beat on Greyback.

Days passed and soon the holidays were upon them. Christmas arrived, and people exchanged gifts back and forth. Harry surprised many by finding and giving rare things. For Severus he got him some of the rarest potions ingredients known. He had been secretly going to the Chamber to start harvesting the basilisk. Thanks to Fawkes he was able to get tears and ash. With the help from Hagrid, he was able to procure acromantula venom and a few other things from the forest.

For Neville, Harry found and gave some rare herbology books. Hermione received books on her favorite subject. He also got her a signed book from two muggle authors. She loved the Edgar Allen Poe book and the Romeo and Juliet book signed by their respective authors. Draco was given a pendent that Harry found in his vault which the blonde loved.

Each person was given gifts that went with their strengths. Harry received just as many gifts as everyone else. For the first time in a long time, he felt normal. He knew he was loved and was grateful for the support of his ready-made family. The goblins also gave Harry a gift. They were able to obtain and destroy the Horcrux that was in the cup. Once it was cleaned of the darkness, the cup was returned to Susan as it was hers by birthright.

"That just leaves the snake left," stated Harry with happiness. "Once we kill her, Voldemort can be killed by anyone. This has been a great holiday for me. Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful presents that you have given me. I appreciate and love each of you for gifts and your thoughtfulness that goes with them. Most of all, I want to thank you for giving me my first NORMAL family style holiday."

Everyone gathered together to eat dinner and enjoyed their companionship with one another. Sirius stopped in long enough to open gifts and to tell everyone that Ronald's trial was set for two days from Christmas. It was time to serve a punishment to the red head for his atrocious actions.

The courtroom filled up with the representative of those that were needed. Harry and his party were sitting together as usual with Severus with them in case of an emergency. Augusta took her place as Chief Witch with both Amelia and Sirius on either side of her. When everyone was settled, they brought Ron in and the trial began.

"We are gathered here today to finally decide on a punishment for Ronald Bilius Weasley," intoned Augusta. "He is being charged with the following crimes. He willfully and knowingly dosed a fellow classmate with a Compulsion Potion in attempt to get her to harm another student. He also was attempting to give other types of potions to a different student. He is being accused to attempting to hamper the learning abilities of a fellow student in order to make said student compliant and malleable. He is also accused to receiving money from the vaults of an Ancient and Noble House illegally to spy on and befriend the Lord. Arthur Weasley, does this panel have your permission to question and ascertain his guilt or innocence? As the father of this minor, your cooperation is desired and requested."

"Yes Madam Chief Witch," proclaimed Arthur. "I, Arthur Bilius Weasley, give permission for my son to be questioned by any means from the Wizengamot members. I shall also abide by any decision requested for his punishment. It's time for this sordid annoyance to come to an end. I want my family to behave like the people they are supposed to be and not something that was born to hurt others. I thought I raised my children better. Apparently I was wrong on that account."

"What we decide here today will be final," stated Augusta. "Whatever punishment that's given will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. We don't have time for people who set out to harm or enslave others. Madam Bones, would you please see to it that young Mr. Weasley is appropriately dosed with the Truth Serum?"

"With pleasure," mumbled Amelia looking relieved at the thought of finally putting someone in their place that deserves it. "This potion was created by Potions Master and Sponsor, Severus Snape. We have had it tested by our own court approved tester and he signed that it was a legitimate potion up to the usual high standards given by said person."

With that, Harry and his party watched as Ron was given the serum. It took a moment before his eyes glazed over stating that the potion was taking effect. When Amelia turned back, she motioned to Augusta and Sirius to start the questioning.

"What is your name?" asked Augusta as a preliminary question. "Please state your full name and family for the record."

"Ronald Bilius Weasley," said Ron with a catch in his voice. "I'm the sixth son of Arthur and Molly Weasley. William, Charles, Percival, Fredrick, and George are older than me and Ginevra is younger than me."

"Did you dose Miss Granger with a Compulsion Potion?" asked Augusta. "If so, why did you do it? We need to know what was going on in your mind that made you want to harm another student in Hogwarts."

"Me and Ginny did dose her," admitted Ron. "We did it to get her to help us get to Harry. By dosing her, we figured that she would do what we told her and she would get the blame for everything once Harry died. She is a mudblood and she doesn't deserve to be in our world. She is always lording over us that she knows more."

"The witness will answer the questions asked and not add to the statements," yelled Harry. "That was an uncalled for attack on the reputation of Hermione."

"I second his remark," called Draco. "That was callous and uncalled for. The witness needs to remember that he is already in loads of trouble and every outburst like this will only make him appear more stupid than he already is."

"Sustained," said Augusta looking at the two fondly. "Mr. Weasley, you will kindly answer the questions that we ask or your punishment will be worse for you. We will now move onto the next question. Was it your intent to dose Mr. Potter with potions as well? If so, why would you do that? Why would you want to harm someone that you claim to be your friend?"

"We were going to dose Harry to make sure he got Ginny pregnant," said Ron to the astonishment of the panel. "We were going to claim that he raped her and she ended up pregnant. This way, he would forfeit his titles and money to us. The more we had, the better we could treat him like nothing. His fame wouldn't have been able to save him. Now he has the staff of Hogwarts wrapped around his finger and we are in trouble when he should be sorry to be alive."

"OBJECTION!" yelled Harry once more. "He is going too far. I want restitution for that remark. Apparently even under the influence of a potion, he can't get his mouth and brain to do what he is told."

"Objection is sustained," hissed Augusta angrily. "An extension will be added to your sentence for being in contempt of court. This is your last warning about adding on to your answers. We only want to know if you did it and why. We don't want your opinion of Mr. Potter and his actions or what he owns. Amelia, dose him again. For some reason, he is able to bypass the rule about not adlibbing. I want him totally compliant while we finish this."

"There might be a potion in his system that is allowing it," stated Severus looking on in curiosity and concern. "As the Truth Serum is of my making, it is stronger than most. However, there are certain other potions that will enable the defendant to add things such as an opinion. However, I can testify that he is under the influence of the potion."

"He was at home while waiting for his trial," said Arthur. "It is quite possible that he had potions hidden in the house that I didn't know about. I was only able to keep an eye on them personally when I wasn't at work. It's very possible that they obtained the potion when one of my older sons was keeping an eye on them."

"We are also going to add the charge of attempted line theft to this witness and his sister when the time comes for her trial," stated Augusta wanting to end this once and for all to pass sentence on the red headed twit. Have you been spying on Lord Potter?"

"Yes," said Ron. "Professor Dumbledore was paying me and Ginny to get as much information about Harry as we could. The more we could find out, the better our pay packets were. We were told that the money was coming right out of Harry's vaults. He never knew that most of the money was hidden away from him. We have a stash of money hidden in the Burrow. Harry will never see that money again. It is how we have been able to get the potions. Giving Percy a Sleeping Potion was enough for us to be able to get more potions and hide them away."

"A search of the Burrow will be asked for," stated Sirius as Arthur nodded in agreement. "We want all money and potions found and dealt with. Madam Longbottom, let's just end this. The more he speaks the more trouble he will get into. At the rate he is going, he will be eligible to receive the Dementor's Kiss. He has broken so many laws that the Dark Lord is looking like a good guy."

"All those who believe that the defendant is guilty, please light your wands," stated Augusta agreeing with Sirius. Every wand on the panel lifted and was lit. Even quite a few of the spectators had raised their lit wand in a guilty verdict. "Very well! This court finds the accused guilty of all crimes presented. For succeeding in dosing Miss Granger with a potion that would have killed her, you will be sentenced to fifty years in Azkaban Prison on your seventeenth birthday. For you attempted use of illegal potions on Mr. Potter, you will receive the Dementor's Kiss on your thirtieth birthday. This means that you will probably not live long enough to serve your full fifty years. Until you reach your seventeenth birthday, you will remain in a secured prison cell within the Ministry of Magic. You will have no outside contact. You will not be allowed to speak with or see your family. Guards take him away."

"I WAS YOUR FRIEND," Ron screamed at Harry. "How could you let them do this to me? I was your ONLY friend. Now you are acting like you are so much better than me. You are just a loser like the rest of them. I hope the Dark Lord kills you. You deserve it."

Harry lifted his hand and sent a powerful Bludgeoning Hex at Ron's stomach. While he was doing that, Draco, Luna, Susan, and Neville were also doing damage to parts of Ron. Hexes and curses of different colors were flying at the idiot. No one from the panel of judges stopped them. All knew that he finally went too far. After a few moments, Harry stopped his party and watched as the guards roughly dragged Ron out of the courtroom to his new cell.

"I certainly hope that you don't believe what he just said," stated Arthur looking to Harry. "He is an idiot and he certainly got what he deserved. You do NOT deserve to die and you ARE a good person. Don't let people like him get you down. You deserve to be happy just as much as the next person. You are still a part of my family. We only have one oddball left to get rid of."

Harry smiled at the man before he sat down and waited to be dismissed from the session. Life would be something interesting if things like this kept happening to the best of people. Harry was determined to get to the bottom of all of the insanity that many people seemed to possess when it came to his person.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This chapter just got away from me. I couldn't find a good spot to stop it so that I could start in the next chapter. I hope you all like my outlook on the history of what his going on around Hogwarts and the founders. I think it makes for a different and interesting read.