Training the Princess 2:

Episode 27: devastating News.

Now the second part of their journey begins, 1 week after their first major date.

Lyra: 15

Marina: 16

Jimmy: 16

Ash and Salvia were walking around in New Bark Town with Misty and Cilan following close behind, Salvia remained quiet not saying a word to Ash and her other friends, she pulled out a letter and her father's pokeball from her pocket, she seemed lost at what to do next, she unfolded the letter and read the contents again, "what do I do now, my father and Colin have been captured, plus my dad has left me Latios," Salvia explained as tears started to roll down her face.

Ash stopped on the spot and looked at the ground, "Salvia, I promise you that I will rescue your father and our friend Colin," Ash stated as he took the letter from Salvia, he took the pokeball and called out the pokemon, "King Brian sent this pokemon to you to help guard you from your uncle and Team Rocket," Ash explained as the princess walked up ahead, the trainer recalled the pokemon and walked up to the young royal.

"Ash, I might hand myself in to save my dad," Salvia said with a saddened look in her eyes.

Ash walked up to the princess and grabbed her arm holding onto it tightly, "no, I will not allow you to do such a thing, I promised Colin and your dad that nothing will happen to you," Ash told the bluenette as she looked away from the trainer who was determined to look after her, "I know this is a trap, but if you fall for it alone, you will never be able to get out of it alone," Ash stated as he turned the princess around, "look into my eyes, I promise to help your father and our friend Colin," Ash dictated as the royal lifted her head up and looking into the determined eyes of Ash.

Salvia started to cry as she embraced Ash in front of Misty and Cilan, "I don't know what to do anymore, please Ash you must do something," Salvia cried as the trainer placed his arms around the princess.

"Shhhh, it will be all fine, I will make sure you're safe and I will make sure to stop your uncle and Alex," Ash said while the young girl continued to cry in his embrace, 'right now she isn't certain what to do anymore, but I will make sure she takes the right road,' Ash thought while petting the bluenette's long hair.

(Flashback) one week ago

Ash and Salvia we're walking back home holding each other's hands, having another day together while Misty and Cilan were busy helping out Professor Oak with Ash's pokemon, Salvia was the first to walk into the house only to find silence had dropped down upon them, "Lady Delia, we're home," Salvia called out to Ash's mother, the walked into the kitchen only to find that no one was there, "odd your mother is usually greeting us," Salvia told the trainer calmly.

Ash looked around the house and to find that his mother wasn't around, "I know, she is either cooking for us or she is gardening," Ash said calmly as he walked into the kitchen, "I will give Professor Oak a call, to see if he knows what's going on.

Ash walked up to the phone to call his friend, "oh Ash, good to see you have called me, I was hoping to see when you will be ready to take the next part of your jouney," the professor said with a smile before a loud scream was heard in the background, "Ash what happened?" the elderly professor asked in concern.

Ash turned around to find Salvia on her knees crying with a letter in her hand, "I will call you back later," Ash said with a frown before walking up to the princess, he was given the letter and quickly took a look at it, "what? The king and Colin has been captured," Ash said as he looked further down the letter, with great shock he found that his mother was also taken to Johto, "no this can't be good, they plan to lure us out," Ash said with shock.

He knelt down to the princess and looked into her saddened eyes, "my dad, my friend and Lady Delia all have been captured," Salvia said with regret written over her face, Ash looked around to see if there were any clues to what had happened, he walked outside to find if anything could help them out, "everything was going so well," Salvia said as she took the seat, she looked around to find a red and white device in a jar, "a pokeball, Ash, I think I found something," Salvia called over to Ash, she pulled the ball out of the jar and ran to Ash.

Ash walked over to the princess and grabbed the pokeball, "this will help us out," Ash said as he called out the pokemon.

Much to the surprise of Ash and Salvia a mostly blue and grey pokemon appeared in front of them, "my dad's pokemon, he must have left it here in case something like this did occur, but why?" Salvia asked as she recalled the pokemon, Latios hovered next to Salvia as a small pink pokemon appeared next to Salvia, "Ash, our most important people have been captured, what do we do?" Salvia asked the trainer who remained calm.

Ash walked out of the gates of the house, he looked over to the princess and nodded seriously, "we're going to Johto now," Ash declared with confidence as he walked through the town with Salvia walking next to him with the small pink pokemon flying next to them, "Mew, are you sure you want to follow us?" Ash asked the small pokemon, it nodded and continued to follow them to the professor's lab.

After walking to the professor's lab the two walked into the lab only to be greeted by Misty, Cilan and Tracy. "Ash, I thought you were going to give Professor Oak a call," Misty said with a frown as the trainer walked pass her with a serious expression on his face.

"We're going to Johto now," Ash decreed as he walked up to the professor with an anger looking in his eyes, "we have a dire situation, I need Dragonair, Metagross, Infernape, Sceptile, Samurott and Raichu you will also be coming," Ash told his partner pokemon with confidence before being given his requested team. Ash looked over to Salvia who was holding onto her dad's pokemon, "She will need, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Ninetails, Raichu and she will be taking her father's pokemon the legendary Latios," Ash said while choosing Salvia's team for the next part of their journey.

"Ash, what happened?" Cilan asked with a frown.

Ash turned around with and looked over to his friends while Salvia started to cry, "my mom, King Brian and Colin have all been capture by Chris and Alex, all we have left is a letter and Latios," Ash explained while punching the wall next to him.

Misty and Cilan looked at each other as their friends walked out of the lab, Salvia called out her Dragonite allowing Ash to climb on with her sitting behind him, Misty and Cilan got out of the lab before they could take off, "wait up, we will go with you," Misty declared calmly forcing Ash and the princess off the massive dragon type, "Ash and Salvia, it will be better if we go by foot, it will take longer but we will not be found as easily," Misty pointed out with a smile.

Salvia recalled her starter pokemon and looked to her friends, "what do I do now?" Salvia asked her friends as she looked at the ground in frustration.

"We can't fall for this trap Salvia, we need to train our pokemon and prepare to rescue our family," Ash instructed the princess, "while we're at it I need to battle the three pin masters in Johto," Ash decreed while trying to keep calm, "Salvia, why not battle the gym leaders in an unofficial battle, they will provide great training for you," Ash pointed out as the princess looked up to the trainer but she shook her head in disapproval, "you only want me to train you," Ash said as Salvia nodded in approval.

Back from Flashback.

Walking up to the lab in the small town Ash, Salvia and their friends walked up to a large building near the exit of the town, "It seems like we should visit Professor Elm," Ash stated calmly as he walked up to the door with the princess standing behind him. The trainer knocked on the door of the lab only to be greeted by a young lady with short brown hair, wearing denim overalls with a magenta long sleeve shirt, white long stockings and a white hat with red shoes. "Lyra, so good to see you again," Ash said calmly as the girl allowed them in.

"Ash it's good to see you again," the young girl said happily as she walked them through the lab, "sorry we are pretty busy at the moment, we have heard news that Team Rocket has taken over Goldenrod City so Marina and Jimmy are heading there to inspect the situation," Lyra pointed out with a frown.

Ash and Salvia walked into the professor's research room and looked around to see if the professor was around, "Professor Elm, we need to talk to you for a moment," Ash said while looking around the lab.

A Professor with short brown hair wearing a white lab coat with a light blue shirt, green trousers and brown shoes appeared over his book, "sorry about that, I have been trying to find a way to diffuse the situation in Goldenrod City, but unfortunately nothing seems to work," the professor stated with a worried look in his face, "I can't even focus on my job, I am relying on Lyra to hand out pokemon and pokedexes to new trainers," Professor Elm explained as he picked up his phone to give his mentor a call, "I am sorry guys but I cannot help you at the moment," Elm stated with a frown while hiding behind his books.

Ash and Salvia looked at one another, they walked out to see Lyra who was standing there with her hands on her hips, "I am sorry Ash, but things got pretty bad over the last few weeks, it was sudden Team Rocket over ran the city, there was nothing that could have been done," Lyra pointed out as she escorted Ash, Salvia, Misty and Cilan to the lounge to talk about the terrible situation, "Professor Elm has been contacting the other professors to get assistance from other trainers but sadly that has fallen on deaf ears, I would love to help but I fear that I am not strong enough to face Team Rocket on my own," Lyra explained with a saddened look in her eyes.

Ash stood up and smashed his fist on the table, "this is stupid, how are we supposed to do anything if we have no one helping out?" Ash asked in anger as a small blue pokemon with red spines appeared next to Salvia, it walked up and started to leave the room and go outside to think about the next course of action.

After making outside Salvia approached the trainer, she grabbed his hand with both her hands, "Ash, I am lost, while in Kanto I was so certain of what to do, my road was set, but now it doesn't seem so easy anymore," Salvia said while the trainer looked to the ground, "you tell me not to hand myself in, yet my duties to my kingdom is important to," Salvia explained as she embraced Ash again, "I don't know what to do anymore," Salvia cried as the trainer returned the embrace.

Ash looked into the distance and glared at the setting sun, "I will make sure you have both, you said last week," Ash started while placing his hand in Salvia's long blue hair, "you said last week, you will remain by my side no matter what," Ash said while trying to keep calm.

Salvia's tears started to dampen his jacket, "yes but my Dad was taken by my uncle and your mother has also been taken" Salvia pointed out while snuggling her head into Ash's chest, "all I have left is my dad's pokemon, you have very little left at the moment," Salvia said quietly as her eyes started to itch from all the tears, but Ash remained calm trying to put up a strong front for the princess, ÿet you remain calm, I am just wondering do you even care?" Salvia asked before being pushed back by the trainer, he gabbed both her arms and looked into her eyes.

"Of course I care, it's just at the moment we aren't able to do anything," Ash said in frustration before turning away from the young royal, "you aren't the only one to have a loved one captured, remember my mother has been captured as well!" Ash snapped at the princess before heading out to the route on his own with Raichu following him.

Salvia watched as the trainer walked alone, she wanted to follow him but her feet wouldn't allow her to move, she knelt to the ground as she felt the world around her had just crumbled beneath her feet, a small blue pokemon appeared next to Salvia and tried to comfort her as best as possible, "whatever you are, thanks for helping me," She told the big jaw pokemon gently as she pet it on the head.

Lyra walked up to Salvia and handed her the pokeball for the crocodile like pokemon, "it seems like Totodile wants to join you," Lyra stated with a smile as the royal recalled the pokemon quietly, "Misty and Cilan have told me what has happened, I will try and get Marina and Jimmy to help out but they might be too busy to do anything," Lyra pointed out quietly before turning back to the lab to walk in, she opened the door and looked over her shoulder, "Salvia, you need to trust Ash," Lyra stated as she enter the lab while Salvia looked into the distance on her own.

Salvia slowly picked herself up and walked into the same direction as Ash, "I will do whatever it takes to save the most important people in my life," Salvia told herself as she spotted Ash at the lake front with Raichu standing next to him, Salvia walked over to a tree and hid behind it so she could hear what Ash was saying without being caught, 'I am sorry Ash,' Salvia said with a down trodden look on her face.

Ash grabbed a stone and skimmed it across the water, "you know Raichu, I can't help it but to blame myself for all of this," Ash said while Salvia watched in shock as the trainer picked up another stone, "I mean, I have put more than one person in danger by looking after Salvia, all she wants is to travel and see the world, there is nothing wrong with that, I have done that since I was ten years old," Ash explained while Salvia placed her hand over mouth a gasped, "maybe one day when everything is settled, I would like to settle down as a trainer," Ash said quietly as the princess stepped back before snapping a twig, Ash suddenly turned around to find no one there, "who's there?" Ash asked in shock.

Salvia moved from behind the bushes while clasping her hands, she approached the trainer quietly and sat down next to him, "Ash, I am sorry, I should be trusting you more, but I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders," Salvia explained as she looked out to the lake she wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her knees, "maybe there is a way I can choose both, but what should I do to have both?" Salvia asked herself while turning her head to Ash Ketchum.

Ash placed his hand on the princess's shoulder and smiled at her, "the answer will come to you, at the moment, you really have two choices me or your kingdom, I know there is a third which is both, but that one doesn't look good either," Ash explained with a smile while placing his arm around the princess to let her rest on the trainer again, "I trust that you will find the answer Salvia, your dad and Colin trust you more than ever," Ash told the princess with a smile as he kissed her on the forehead. The experienced trainer stood up and threw another stone in the water, "come on Salvia we need to see how Misty and Cilan are going," Ash stated while extending his hand out to the princess, "I will hold your hand for as long as it takes for you to find your answer," Ash said with a grin.

Salvia took the trainers hand before helping her up, "Ash thanks for giving me guidance, I am sure that taking the third choice as of now will not lead me to a road of regret," Salvia told the trainer with a smile while placing her arm around the trainer, "please Ash, don't do anything that will make me cry," Salvia requested the trainer gently as they walked back to the small town.

Ash walked quietly as the words of Salvia rang in his mind, "Salvia, you don't have anything to worry about," Ash told the royal while holding her closely, he looked up and saw his friends smiling at them they approached Ash and Salvia while Lyra watched from the distance, "so where is the next road going to take us," Ash asked calmly as he let Salvia go.

Cilan looked into the distance an frowned, "It seems like we need to go thought Azalea Town and through Ilex Forest," Cilan replied with nervously as he pulled out a map, "the biggest problem for us is what we don't know, we have no idea what they are looking for," Cilan pointed out while Ash looked on the map, "all we know is that In Cianwood City they have your mother, the king and Colin there, in Goldenrod City Marina and Jimmy are stuck there," Cilan pointed out as Ash started to get an idea.

"They could be holding my mom," Ash started calmly as he looked over to the young royal, "her father and our friend Colin for ransom," Ash stated while getting his backpack, he opened his bag and pulled out a white stone from it, "Chris and Alex could be after this," Ash said in frustration while thoughts about their last battle flooded his memory, "back in Seafoam Island this stone sort of come alive and defeated two of their pokemon but nothing else happened," Ash stated while looking at the stone, "maybe I have to become stronger to see what kind of pokemon comes from this stone," Ash stated while putting the stone back into his bag and closing it up again.

Cilan placed his hand on his chin and started to think about what Goldenrod City had to do with it, "but there is one major question, what does Goldenrod City have to do with it Ash?" Cilan asked as he rolled up the map and placed it in his backpack.

The group got back up and started to walk out of the small town, "alright so what will be a big plan? At the moment we need to stop both Team Rocket and Chris," Misty stated as she spotted Salvia who was lagging behind.

Salvia clenched her fists in anger as she looked away, Ash walked up to the royal and took her hands, "come on Salvia, you have friends, you have me, I told you what I will do for you, my mission is the same as it was when we left the Sinnoh region together, I will look after you," Ash assured the princess as he guided her out of the town, "come on Salvia, you were so sure of yourself earlier, you even had your beautiful smile," Ash said while placing his hand on the princess's chin and lifted her head up, Ash looked into the hurting eyes of Salvia and smiled at her, she tried to look away but couldn't help but acknowledge that Ash was the only one she could rely on, "as our good friend Dawn would put it," Ash started before being interrupted by the princess herself.

Salvia looked up and smiled gingerly, "no need to worry," Salvia with a smile as she looked up to Ash, "what do you intend to do to save our loved ones?" Salvia asked the trainer who started to scratch his head, "we can't rush in to put a stop to all of this," Salvia told the trainer quietly as she removed her hands from the trainers and walked up ahead, she looked back and smiled at the trainer who made a promise to protect her, 'we both have an answer to find, I know we will find,' Salvia thought as she moved her hand closer to her chest.

Ash looked down to his Raichu and nodded, he looked up and ran towards the rest of the traveling group, "we have a lot we need to do, but first we head to Cherrygrove City," Ash told the group with his fist raised into the air, "we can't dwell on the bad," Ash said with a smirk as he looked over to the princess.

Meanwhile in Goldenrod City

"Is everything going according to plan," Giovanni asked smoothly as he walked up to a group of his best rockets, "I want you all to find those two trainers who have the Rainbow wing," Giovanni instructed a man with short green hair and a woman with long blonde hair, "battle them into submission and bring them to me," he said while turning to Jessie, James and Meowth, "I want you three to find the white stone and it's holder, also bring me the princess of Sinnoh who is following that trainer," Giovanni ordered the next lot of rockets.

Giovanni walked up to Pierce and Dr Zager calmly, "Sir what do you need us to do?" Pierce ask his commander calmly as he saluted to his boss.

"Pierce I want you to keep an eye on Chris and Alex, Dr Zager I need you to lead the research on the remaining legendary beasts of Eceruteak City and the legendary Celebi, also I need you to lure Mew out of hiding, we have evidence to suggest that Mew is following the princess and the white stone holder," Giovanni told his remaining best officers.

Pierce and Zager saluted and left the area with a group of their own men, outside the building two teenagers one with black hair wearing a yellow and black hat wearing a red jumper with yellow and black shorts and shoes and a young lady with short blue hair with pig tails on each side, wearing a pink blouse, a white skirt, blue and white shoes and a blue beanie. The two teens watched the members of Team Rocket leaving the Radio Tower, "Marina, we need to make sure that the Rainbow Wing doesn't fall into Team Rockets hands," the male told the young girl with coolness.

"But Jimmy, how are we supposed to hide? It's only a matter of time before they find us," Marina enquired as she looked down the building to see more members of Team rocket coming out of the trainer station, "we can't even use the rail station to go to Saffron City in Kanto," Marina pointed out as she looked into the distance, "how about the bug catching contest?" Marina asked as she pointed over to the exit of the major city.

The two friends turned around to sit down and think about their next course of action, "we are stuck here for a while, our food is almost gone, there is a chance we might have to resort to stealing food from Team Rocket," Jimmy told the bluenette which shocked her greatly, "isn't like we have much of a choice," Jimmy said in frustration.

"There is another, I can help you get to safety," said a man wearing mostly black with a cape and spikey black hair and standing on his Dragonite.

"Lance so good to see you, but if we get followed?" Jimmy asked while Marina was admiring the cape on Lance.

"Not a chance, I have the rest of the elite four and members of all the gyms working on solving this situation," Lance replied as he helped his friends climb onto his mighty dragon pokemon, "Dragonite, take us to the Lake of Rage," Lance instructed his pokemon quietly, the massive pokemon too off quietly and flew off into the distance.

The first Episode of the next part of the Saga continues. What will happen now? Will the pressure of saving the king, Colin and Delia split Ash and Salvia apart? Or will it make their bond stronger?

Next time episode 28: Team Rocket Strikes Back

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