Episode 41: Rise of the White Flames.

Alright the massive event we have been waiting for, the name implies something massive will happen. Also note this episode was written in advance along with the next one.

After making it to Whirlpool island on his Dragonite's back, Ash and Salvia looked around the island to see the massive castle in the center of the Island, dark clouds rolling in from the ocean and the strong winds blew in from the west, Ash looked up with determination willing to rescue his mother and the king, "hold on mom and King Brian," Ash whispered under his breath. The trainer closed his eyes and remembered the battle against Team Rocket throughout his quick journey in the Johto region, "we saved the legendary beasts," Ash mumbled while the princess walked up to him serenely.

"Come on Ash, we need to get inside before the storm hits," Salvia suggested while grabbing the trainers hand. Ash opened his eyes and looked down at the young royal, "Ash, whatever happens here….." Salvia started before a loud rumble of thunder peeled through the dark skies.

"No need to say anything," Ash said while nodding his head.

Ash and Salvia approached the ominous building while staying close to one another, they approached the gates of the building feeling nervous, "open up Uncle!" Salvia called out to Chris who was in the castle.

Inside the castle Chris was sitting there with his friend while drinking a cup of tea, "let them in, I don't want them missing out on the main event," Chris laughed darkly allowing Alex to open the gates, "be sure to give them a proper greeting," Chris instructed before Alex saluted his friend quickly, 'so Salvia and Ash are finally here, time to see how well you will deal with what I have in store for you,' Chris thought as he walked out of his room.

He walked down to the dungeon with supreme confidence to see his brother and Delia, "brother I heard my daughter outside," Brian tld his brother before grabbing him to pulling him towards the bars, "what do you intend to do to her?!" Brian asked Chris in anger before being forced to let go of him by the guards.

"Yes do you intend to do to my son and the princess?" Delia asked with concern before coming face to face with Chris.

"Absolutely nothing, I have other plans," Chris laughed evilly at the brunette before walking out of the dungeon. "you know I will let you in on a little secret," Chris stated while turning his gaze to the trainers mother, "you won't have a say in what happens next," Chris said before closing the door to the dungeon. Chris looked over to his guard and smirked, "it is time to see the fruition of our experiments, bring the trainers mother to my office," Chris ordered the guards calmly before walking off to make the final preparations for his plan.

Delia sat on the bed with fear etched on her face, 'what is he talking about?' Delia thought as she heard her sons voice calling out for the gates to open, suddenly the doors opened and one of the guards walked in and handcuffed her, "what are you doing?" Delia asked while trying to run off while the king was watching.

"Hey let her go!" the king ordered before one of the guards punched him in the stomach, "damn you… you will not get…. away with this," the king declared while struggling for air as he collapsed to the ground holding his stomach in pain

Outside the complex the gates opened to allow Salvia in, the rain started to fall forcing them to get in quickly, they turned around to see the rain getting heavier and the strikes of lightning crashing to the ground with the wind howling with incredible force, "welcome to Chris's new castle, he had this built seven years ago," a familiar evil voice told the duo as they walked further into the main foyer, "you know this castle actually serves a powerful purpose, to raise an army to take over the world," the man said before lightning revealed his identity much to Ash and Salvia's shock.

"Alex, what is Chris planning?" Ash asked the man before grabbing his pokeball, his Raichu stood there with sparks flying from his cheeks, Salvia stood next to the trainer with pokeball in hand, "we are here to rescue our families," Ash declared while the princess glared at Alex before a loud scream was heard from the depths of the castle, "Mom!" Ash yelled out as the screams echoed through the halls.

"Ah it seems like my friend has started the party, no need for you to be alive any more little princess," Alex declared before clicking his fingers. After the signal a group of men surrounded the duo, "you two have trained very well, but your journeys end here," Alex announced before walking away as the battle was about to begin, "we hope you two enjoy your final battle together," Alex said before leaving the main foyer.

Ash tried to give chase but was stopped by a powerful Ice Beam, "get out of my way!" Ash demanded while his Raichu attacked the pokemon.

"Mew, it's time to shine," Salvia called out her pokemon, "Ash, go save your mom, I will deal with these guys," Salvia ordered the trainers.

Ash looked to the ground with a smile, "but Salvia, what about you?" Ash asked as he watched the battle between Salvia and the guards.

"no buts Ash, I will be just fine, Mew attack with Shadow Ball," Salvia assured Ash while attacking the pokemon from Chris's small army, "go now," Salvia demanded while calling out her large dragon type to back up her legendary pokemon in the battle.

Ash looked down to his Raichu and smiled, "buddy keep Salvia safe for me," Ash told his electric partner before forcing open the door, "Salvia, please make it back to me safely," Ash told the royal with a smirk. Salvia looked over to Ash and nodded with a grin before the doorway collapsed separating the bluenette and Ash, "alight I guess this is it," Ash said with a sigh.

Salvia looked back at her foes with determination before noticing Ash's Raichu standing next to her, "seems like Ash is always looking out for me, the Lake of Rage where he broke his arm, the Burnt Tower even with one arm he still saved my life," Salvia whispered to herself while smiling at the trainer who was on his way to save his mother, 'I promise you Ash, I will make it back to you alive,' Salvia promised silently before turning her gaze back to the enemies standing in front of her, "but first we need to deal with my Uncles forces," Salvia pointed out while looking over to the three pokemon before a fourth pokemon appeared.

'Seems like my friends are in trouble,' a large gray pokemon with a powerful purple tail said telepathically as the men inside the room panicked at the sight of the powerful pokemon, 'I Mewtwo am here to help Princess Salvia and Ash Ketchum,' it said with coolly before the eyes started to glow a bright blue causing an ominous blue aura to surround a group of pokemon, the powerful psychic force knock the pokemon back causing even more panic in the army.

"Mewtwo, we haven't seen you since Violet City," Salvia said with a smile as he legendary pokemon floated towards the genetic pokemon, "Mew, attack with Psychic," Salvia instructed her pokemon with great vigor. The small pink pokemon's eyes started to glow surrounding another lot of pokemon with a blue aura.

Meanwhile as the battle was raging on in one part of the castle and the dust starting to fall from the force of the attacks were starting to take its toll on the massive structure, "wow the battle seems intense," Ash said with concern, "but there has to be a reason, there is no way Salvia has a pokemon capable of destroying an entire castle," Ash told himself while placing his right hand on his chin.

While Ash was thinking about the battle his bag was starting to heat up, 'It's because Mewtwo has returned,' said a mysterious voice causing Ash to turn around to see where the voice was coming from, 'keep going I will help you soon enough,' the voice said causing Ash to continue down the hallway in search for his mother.

Ash rushed through the hall with the words echoing through his mind, "that stone has been acting up lately," Ash explained while getting to a flight of stairs, Ash looked around the corner to see an entrance, "strange, I can sense someone maybe it's my mom," Ash told himself as he approached the door, he pushed open the door only to be pushed to wall by a guard, "let me go," Ash ordered while trying to free himself. The trainer lowered his left hand and grabbed one of his pokeballs, "Lucario, I choose you," Ash struggled while calling out his pokemon.

A fox like pokemon stood his ground and used Force Palm on the guard, the guard flew out the dungeon with arches of lightning coursing around his body, Ash looked around to see an empty cell, "Ash, it's good to see you again," a familiar voice called out to the trainer, Ash looked to the next cell to see the king standing at the cell entrance, "your mother was taken away a little while ago," Brian pointed out with sadness as the rumblings of the battle, "where is my little princess?" he asked the trainer while more dust fell from the ceiling.

"Salvia is battling against some of your brothers men," Ash replied with a frown causing the king to look at the ground with a smile, "why are you so happy?" Ash asked Salvia's father in shock.

"I am happy because I know she is getting stronger under your guidance," Brian said happily as Ash nodded at his fighting type pokemon. The powerful pokemon made quick work of the lock and freed the king, "Ash, I will head to help my daughter out, you go and save your mother," the king instructed the trainer with a smile, "by the way your mom wishes you a Happy Birthday," the king said while extending his hand towards the trainer.

"But my Birthday was nearly a month ago," Ash said with sadness, the king placed his hand on the trainers shoulder, "sir, you better help Salvia out," Ash said as he started to chuckle for a moment.

"I know, the main foyer right? Even though I am not your father I am proud of you, you have shown great dedication in looking after my daughter, you have earned the right to be her prince in my opinion," Brian decreed while walking out of the of the dungeon, he looked back and nodded before running off to help his daughter, 'do what you can to save my friend,' the royal thought while running down the hallway.

"Well I saved Salvia's dad," Ash said with a small hint of pride, he looked towards the stairs and started to walk towards the first flight, "mom, I am on my way," Ash stated while taking his first steps up the steps. He slowly walked up the steps, he looked out the window to see the rain falling heavily and the powerful winds hitting the castle from every direction, "man that storm is nasty," Ash told himself as he walked down the next hall.

'Keep going, you're not too far off,' the voice told the trainer.

The trainer moved faster down the hall way until the item in his bag stopped him in his tracks, "here?" Ash enquired before the item leapt out of his bag.

Ash approached the door and looked over to the Light stone hovering next to him, 'I will assist you,' the voice said before the door opened Ash walked into the room to find his mother in the seat, suddenly the stone dropped to the ground no longer emanating a flaming aura.

"Guards!" Chris hollered for his guards, from out of nowhere Ash was restrained and pushed to the ground in front of his mother, "so good to see you again, but I am afraid you aren't invited to a special event in Olivine City," Chris declared before throwing a pokeball out calling a dark pokemon with a piercing blue gaze, "you see I have been experimenting, even Colin was a part of my experiment, now I have the perfect device to keep people under my control, all thanks to my failed attempts and to the power of Darkrai have helped one of my scientists create this item," Chris stated while showing off a black collar with a silver box, "you see once your mom gets hypnotized, you will do what I say," Chris declared as the sounds of the battle echoed through the halls.

"Ash, I will be fine," Delia stated while Ash tried to force himself up.

"Chris let my mother go!" Ash barked out in anger as the light stone started to emanate a fiery glow again, "what again?" Ash asked as the energy was released in a mighty blast causing part of the castle to blow up, Ash stood up first seeing a large white pokemon standing in front of him, "wait you're Reshiram," Ash said in shock as the pokemon looked down at him and nodded.

'Yes and my power now belongs to you,' the vast white pokemon declares, before glaring at Darkrai, 'the truth is, Darkrai, doesn't want to do this, in fact it wants to be your ally, so you need to prove yourself like you did to Mewtwo,' Reshiram explained before the flames on the tail began to spout out causing steam to build up.

"Ah the legendary pokemon Reshiram," Chris said as he got, he spotted the brunette and picked her up and grabbed a dagger, "now stop Reshiram from attacking or your mother loses everything," Chris instructed Ash, Ash pulled out a purple pokeball with a look of disdain, "well what are you waiting for?" Chris asked the trainer as the knife got closer to his mother.

Ash threw the Master Ball at the legendary pokemon capturing it immediately, "now let go of my mom," Ash barked at the kings brother.

Chris burst out into laughter before calling out a large pokemon, "well I guess this is where we part ways," he said before jumping onto the large brown pokemon with green wings, "you know, the party is just about to begin," Chris declared before flying off with the trainers mother, Ash stood there watching his mother being taken away from the castle on the back of a Tropius, 'my plan to start a war is almost in place, very soon every region will be at each other's throats,' Chis thought as he looked back to see the trainer turning his back to start running towards the main foyer, Chris picked up his pokegear and called for his friend to take care of Ash.

"At once sir," Alex nodded with a smirk before calling out his Electivire.

Ash ran down the hall to retrieve the princess and the king, suddenly a powerful blast of electricity prevented Ash from going any further, he picked himself up and looked over his right shoulder to see Alex standing there with a dark grin on his face, "get out of my way!" Ash demanded with anger, his fists clenched in rage as he got back up on his own two feet, Alex stood there with Electivire getting ready to unleash a powerful attack on Ash, "I take it that will be a no," Ash said while grabbing his master ball given no choice but to battle Alex for the right to pass.

Alex grinned as he waited for Ash to make his move, "better hurry up young man, I would say Lady Salvia and her dad are in a lot of trouble, you need to make a choice save the one you love or your mother," Alex stated Ash's predicament before bursting out into laughter, "what will it be?" Alex asked in a crazed tone.

Ash looked at his master ball and smiled at it for a moment, "I will save all three," Ash said before throwing out his master ball, "Reshiram, I choose you," Ash called out a large white pokemon with supreme confidence while Alex looked on in amazement, "you're amazed aren't you?" Ash asked the friend of Chris as he tried to walk back but the wall was behind him.

"So that was the reason behind the explosion, Reshiram," Alex said while his pokemon glared at the legendary pokemon.

"Use Fusion Flare," Ash instructed his new partner pokemon with anger. The large white pokemon's tail started to glow until it exuded a powerful wave of heat, a ball of fire formed above the mouth of the vast white pokemon before sending it out towards the electric pokemon, the attack ploughed through the thunder type knocking it out in one hit and dealing significant damage to the building. After recalling the vast white pokemon Ash felt the floor starting to give way and decided to run back to the main foyer, he made it to the stairs and heard even more of the battle echoing through the halls.

Meanwhile Salvia and Brian were fighting off the remaining remnants of Chris's forces before a part of the castle collapsed behind them, "dad, do you think Ash is alright?" Salvia asked with concern as Mewtwo finished off the battle.

"He will be just fine," Brian replied with a confident smile, before Mewtwo used it psychic powers to push a part of the ceiling away from the duo. "Mewtwo thank you," the king said with a smile after noticing the part of the ceiling.

'Mew open them a path, I will make sure they remain safe,' Mewtwo telepathically instructed the new species pokemon coldly.

The small pink pokemon used its abilities to remove some of the stone as more parts of the castle started to fall around them, "Mewtwo please make sure Ash returns to me safely!" Salvia pleaded with the mighty psychic pokemon, the powerful pokemon nodded and smiled at the princess before being escorted out of the crumbling building by her father, 'please Ash, come back safely,' Salvia clasped her hands together and closed her eyes as she prayed for his safety.

Mew made it out alongside its pokemon trainer and her father, "Salvia, I know Ash will make it out alive," Salvia's father assured his daughter before turning around to see more of the castle collapsing, Salvia ran up to the castle with tears in her eyes but as stopped by her father, "no my little princess, I can't let you go in there," Brian decreed while trying to prevent his daughter from going into the castle.

Salvia dropped to her knees as the trainers Raichu watched in horror as more of the building fell to the ground, "Ash!" Salvia cried out for the trainer while watching on helplessly.

After the final parts of the building fell to the ground a mass of psychic energy pushed out the parts of the castle, "what the?" Ash questioned as he looked around to see Mewtwo standing beside him, "Mewtwo? You saved my life," Ash said with a shocked expression on his face before realizing that he failed to save his mother from Chris, he looked around to see if Alex was around but he was nowhere to be found, "great he escaped," Ash said with disdain.

Ash walked from the remains of the building while Mewtwo teleported away from the scene, Ash walked up to the royals, Salvia ran up to Ash and placed her arms around him, "Ash, I was so worried," Salvia confessed while still crying.

"We need to go to Olivine now," Ash said while looking at the ground with guilt.

Salvia pulled back from her embrace to notice that Ash was hurting, "you didn't save Lady Delia," Salvia said with guilt.

The king walked up to Ash and Salvia with a frown, "Ash, what was that explosion?" Brian asked calmly.

"I have awoken Reshiram," Ash replied much to the delight of the princess and the king, "but it wasn't enough, he threatened that if Reshiram attacked he would kill my mom," Ash said while tightening his fists in anger.

"Well then we need to get to Olivine City as soon as possible," the king said before noticing a pokeball being handed to him by his daughter, "Salvia, you're giving me Latios back?" Brian asked his daughter, she nodded in reply allowing her father to take back his legendary pokemon, "you have indeed become stronger Salvia, I am proud of you," the king said with pride before calling out his legendary pokemon, "time to go, we have no time to waste," Brian acknowledged before climbing on to the eon pokemon.

"Reshiram, I choose you," Ash threw out his master ball calling out his mighty dragon type pokemon, Salvia recalled her legendary pokemon and climbed on with Ash, "Salvia, I am sorry I made you worry," Ash apologized while Salvia held on to the trainer relieved that he was just fine. The large white pokemon took off towards the next destination.

The flight didn't take long for the three people, they landed just outside the city to see guards all over the place, they even noticed a few members of Team Rocket around the place, "Ash, what do we do now? This place is crawling with guards," Salvia pointed out the obvious before they were ambushed by a group of men.

The trio were escorted to a mysterious building as the sounds of bells tolled through the air, "what? Where are you taking us?" Ash asked out in anger before being smacked across the back of the head, 'damn caught by guards again,' Ash thought while looking around to see if the princess and the king were alright.

"Hurry up you three, you have been invited to a special event," one of the guards stated while forcing the trio on.

As they got closer a couple of the guards were hit by a powerful attack from one of the roofs of the city, "seems like my friends could use my help," declared a familiar voice.

The group looked up to see Colin standing there please to see his allies, "Colin," the trio called out in unison relieved to see their friend was well.

"I was in the neighborhood when I saw something that was way out of place," Colin said with anger as he approached the trio who were bound.

"What did you see Colin?" Ash asked as an uneasy feeling entered his heart. "Tell me Colin!" Ash demanded in a furious mood.

"Ash, I saw your mother in a wedding dress, it seems like Chris is planning on taking the throne by marrying your mother," Chris replied as the trainer ran off towards the church of the city.

"So that was what the device was all about, as well as the use of Darkrai," Ash said while running through the city with his anger building, he looked up to see the church doors opening in front of him, he ran in but the guards drew their weapons to prevent him from getting any closer. Ash looked back to see Salvia, Brian and Colin running up to him but they were stopped by the guards.

Chris looked back to see the guests arriving, "ah, I had high hopes you would show up," Chris said with a smirk as Ash tried to break pass the weapons but he was tackled to the ground, "my plan was to bring your mother under my control, with this device, I can make Darkrai's power of sleep permanent, make her do what I want her to do," Chris stated with a dark grin, "even use her as a trump card."

"Let my mother go now!" Ash demanded with fury.

Chris burst out into laughter as the trainer watched in rage with his mother standing there emotionless, "you're in no position to tell me what to do, I hold all the cards and very soon your mother will be my wife and I will be the king," Chris pointed out as one of the guards took the priest to start the wedding.

Ash struggled to get back to his feet not watching the proceedings, his head was forced up by one of the guards to watch the event, "mom, wake up please," Ash pleaded as he started to cry at the sight.

Salvia watched with great disdain with her father and Colin, listening to Ash pleading with all his might to try and wake his mother up, but it was a sudden yelling that caught them off guard when the priest said he could kiss the bride, Salvia watched Ash get angrier trying to break free from the grip of the guards, 'Ash,' Salvia silently called out to Ash who was being held in place.

"Hope you all enjoyed the wedding," Chris said before leaving the area with a dark laugh, the guards soon followed allowing Ash to get back up in shock from what had happened.

He screamed out in rage while Salvia, her father, Raichu and Colin watched in sadness, "Chris you will pay for this!" Ash yelled out as he ran for the entrance. "Get back here you coward, I will rip to pieces!" Ash yelled out in a blind rage.

Salvia stopped the trainer as she embraced him again, "no Ash please don't go," Salvia cried as she used all her strength to hold Ash back, "we will rescue your mother I promise," Salvia said as the tears started to soak Ash's Jacket.

Ash collapsed to the ground and yelled out angrily while the King and Colin looked at each other and nodded with slight disdain, 'I was hoping it would never come to this,' Brian thought as he watched his daughter embracing Ash as he continued to seethe with anger directed at his brother, 'but my brother has left me with no choice,' Brian repeatedly told himself while looking away from the duo.

As per promised a dramatic ending to the Johto saga, with one more episode to go.

So close yet so far for Ash, what will happen next? What is it that was thought of by the king and his friend?

Next time episode 42: The New Road Ahead.