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A Son of Reaver

Sparrow paced the length of her chambers, worried endlessly for her son. She considered visiting him in the infirmary but thought better of it, assuming Logan was still unconscious and knowing that when he did wake up- whenever that may be- Jasper would tell her. 'Even so...' she thought to herself. But before she could allow her thoughts to drift any further there was a knock at her door. She opened the door and revealed Jasper, her faithful butler, standing on the opposite side.

"Is Logan awake?" Sparrow asks him with hope in her voice as she anxiously awaits his answer, fidgeting with her dress as she does so.

"The young Prince is awake, yes. But I'm afraid he has a visitor." Jasper replied smoothly.

"Visitor?" Sparrow echos. "Who could possibly be visiting Logan at this time? I'm here and Gabe went to the Cock and Crown for a drink."

Jasper braces his ears for the verbal abuse they are sure to suffer from his Queen and friend after he tells her of Reaver's visiting with Logan. "Master Reaver is visiting him Madame."

Sparrow pales at this. All the color fades from her face as the blood rushes to her heart, which is, at this point, pounding rapidly within her chest. She feels the urge to scream at Jasper for leaving her son alone with a monster, she feels like slapping herself for lying to everyone for the last seven years, but mostly she feels the great need to shoot Reaver in the bloody crotch- which is what started all of this in the first place to be quite honest. Sparrow inhaled slowly and exhaled from her nose before speaking. "Jasper, I am going to yell at you later for leaving my son in the care of that-that... perverted bastard, but right now I need to go fetch my son." Hiking her dress off the ground so as not to drag it across the floor, Sparrow hurried away from Jasper and headed to the infirmary as fast as she could manage- which isn't nearly fast enough in her opinion.

Reaver's eyes widened at his words. "My my, you really are the clever one, aren't you your highness?" he smirked at the child. Logan's posture was straight as a bored, his eyes focused on Reaver, as if starring at his very soul. On the outside he looked strong, completely unfazed by what he had just deduced. But on the inside he was shutting down. First went his brain, unable to comprehend- much less believe- what was just said by the both of them. His thoughts jumbled, questions bouncing around in his skull wildly as he bore his eyes into Reaver's. The next thing to go was his stomach. Logan felt it tighten, large knots forming painfully as his mind malfunctioned. He felt nauseous, but couldn't throw up, too shocked for anything to work properly. Which is why his lungs went next. He began to hyperventilate, his breathing becoming labored and harrowing. Reaver noticed this, but before he was able to comment, the dams built behind Logan's eyes at burst, fat tears flowing down his cheeks and he began sputtering out choking sobs as the young boy tried to halt his crying and even his breathing. Logan was able to get his arms and hands to function properly and immediately buried his burning, red, tear-streaked face into his small hands.

Awkwardly, Reaver slowly reached a hand out to Logan, attempting to comfort the crying child. Before he could reach Logan's shoulder however, the infirmary doors flew open, revealing a fuming Sparrow.

Looking from her crying son to Reaver, back to Logan and then to Reaver again, Sparrow reached for her Red Dragon pistol that hung at her hip and aimed it at Reaver. "Get up. Get away from him," she ordered, swinging her pistol in a motion to signal that Reaver move his arse before she blew it off. He did so, slowly standing from his seat beside Logan and backing away from the bed to the opposite side of the room across from Sparrow.

"Now Sparrow, let's not do anything," he said as he pulled out his pistol and aimed it at her, "that we may regret." He gestured toward his aimed DragonStomper, trained on Sparrow's head. "I never miss, remember?" he raised an eyebrow at her, anticipating her next move.

"What the hell are you doing in here Reaver?" she growled at him.

"I told you earlier: I wanted to meet him, so I did." Reaver replied, shrugging as they continued their stand-off.

Logan finally gained control of his tears- now only hiccuping from his previous sobbing- unaware of the happenings prior to or during his outburst, and looked back and forth between Reaver and his mother, scared at the look on Sparrow's face and the guns in the Heroes hands. Eventually, they began to yell, or at least his mother did. This scared Logan more than anything, so he decided to test his legs. To his utter relief, they worked and managed to carry his weight. So while his two parents fought, he ran. He ran until his legs screamed in protest, and even then he continued. He would run until something stopped him physically. Which is when something did. Logan ran full force into a pair of legs and fell on his bottom, dizzy and out of breath. Then he looked up.

His breathing hitched, and he felt like crying all over again. 'He's drunk again,' Logan thought as he starred up at King Gabriel, the owner of the legs he had run into previously. 'He's drunk and he's going to kill me, this time I'm certain.' Gabriel gazed down at Logan and scowled. Then he noticed that the boy was alone and a sloppy, yellow toothed smile split across his face. With his free hand- the other busy craddling a bottle of open and half empty alcohol- he grabbed Logan by his hair and lifted the lad to his feet. "Shhh," Gabe slurred at the frightened seven year old. "say somethin' and I swear, I'll end ya." Logan nodded and Gabe smiled another tipsy, malicious and lopsided grin as he dragged Logan into the back of the library, prepared to finish what he had started yesterday.

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