Lucy was sitting at her normal spot at the bar. Cana was a few seats over drinking from a barrel while Mira stood in front of Lucy. Mira was curious as to why Lucy seemed so upset. Lucy sat the with her head in her hands and was spaced out. Mira tried to get Lucy's attention but got no response from the blond. Mira put a hand on her shoulder and shook her a little while calling her name. That seemed to work since Lucy shook her head then looked at Mira.

"Lucy, are you okay? You have been really spacey lately." Mira said watching Lucy's reactions. "Oh, I don't know Mira. I guess I'm just bored." She said with a sigh and resting her head back onto the palm of her hand. "Why don't you go on a mission?" Cana added decided to join in on the coversation. "Well Gray and Erza are both busy and I am not sure where Natsu is right now. Have you two seen him?" She asked glancing between the two girls who both shook their heads. She sighed once more. "Why don't you go by yourself?" Cana asked after taking another chug from the barrel. Lucy glanced her way before answering. "It's not the same without them, besides there aren't any on the board that I think that I could do on my own." She said, and it seemed that she was getting even more depressed.

"I know!" Mira said excitedly. Lucy perked her head up with one eyebrow raised. "Why don't you check out that new magic shop in town. They may have some keys there." She said clapping her hands in front of her in excitement. Lucy took a second to think about it then smiled. "Great idea Mira. I guess I'll go do that now. Where is it?" She asked and Mira explained the directions to her. Lucy then walked out of the guild and headed in the direction of the magic shop. As she made her way there she couldn't help but imagine the different keys that they might have there. She was starting to get really excited.

She eventually made her way there and entered the building. There was no one at the counter so she figured that they must be in the back. She walked around the place looking for some keys. She saw all kinds of potions, spell books, magical weapons and anything one could think of seeing in a magic shop. But unfortunately no keys. She sighed before walking towards the door. She went to reach for the door knob when the door suddenly opened and knocked Lucy down. "Ouch." She said rubbing her head as she sat up. "Oh I am so sorry! Are you okay?" A guy asked and Lucy glanced up to see who was asking when she was greeted by an amazingly handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes that were almost purple. She was captivated by the color of them and was speechless.

Suddenly he reached a hand out to her to help her up which snapped her out of her dream. She grabbed his hand and she was pulled up onto her feet. "I'm sorry about that. I was just bringing in some boxes of stuff to stock our shelves with and I didn't know anyone was in here." He said in a smooth yet sexy voice. She felt her face heating up so she turned her head to avoid him from seeing it. "It's okay. I'm fine thanks." She said while laughing lightly. "Was there anything I could help you with?" He asked her. 'Yeah a date' Lucy thought to herself but quickly answered his question. "I was just looking for celestial gate keys. You wouldn't happen to have any would you?" She asked glancing up at him. He was really tall. He was almost a foot taller than her but she liked that about him.

"No mam I'm sorry we haven't had any keys in a long time. But your Lucy of Fairy tail right?" He asked and Lucy was surprised to find out that he knew who she was. And it wasn't that he knew her because of her family's business but because of Fairy tail which always made her happy. She nodded and he held out his hand. "My name is Hiroku, nice to meet you. I am a big fan of yours." He said and she watched his face to see if what he said was true. Not sensing any lies she grabbed his hand and shook it. "It's nice to meet you too but I have to go. I have my friends waiting for me." She said and she was about to walk out the door when he gently grabbed her wrist.

She quickly turned to face him and saw a light blush creeping on his face. " you go...I was wondering if you would mind...going on a date with me sometime?" He asked nervously. Her face lit up, She was so happy to finally have a date for once. She found it rather pathetic to be her age and never once been on a date. She nodded as they both agreed on a time. She told him to meet her at the guild and then she said her goodbyes then walked out. On the way back she was so happy that she hummed an unknown tune as she skipped her way back to the guild.

When she walked in she was greeted by all the usual people as she made her way to the bar. Mira had a gleam in her eyes and she greeted her. Cana was still sitting in the same place but with three barrels next to her now which clearly meant she was on her fourth one. How she manages to hold her liquor so well, no one would ever know. "So Lucy you seem really happy. Did they have any keys?" Mira asked in a sing song kind of voice. Lucy shook her head before answering. "No but there was this incredibly cute guy that worked there and he asked me out on a date!" Lucy said ecstatically.

She felt like she was going to faint from being so happy and Mira did her famous fangirl yelp while Cana choked on the beer she was currently chugging. "You got a date?" Cana asked in a tone that said she couldn't believe it. Lucy just nodded and ordered her usual drink. She started talking with Mira and Cana and explained all the details from when they were going on the date to what he looked like and when she described him even Cana had to admit that he sounded hot. Lucy couldn't believe her luck! She really couldn't wait till the day of her date!

~To be continued~