Lucy helped her partner off the train. As soon as his feet hit the pavement he was jumping in joy. Lucy giggled at him, happy to see him as himself once again. They never did discuss the whole misunderstanding. She followed beside him, watching out of the corner of her eye. She was happy that things seemed back to normal.

"Alright Lucy, why don't we head to the guild so that everyone know's your okay?" Natsu asked.

"Sure," Lucy couldn't stop thinking about what Natsu had said. 'I need you', the words repeated in her head over and over. She wanted to talk to him about, ask him how deep those feelings ran but she was too scared. Before she was kidnapped she was determined to straighten out this situation with him and she was debating on confessing but now she felt like it wasn't an option.

They walked in silence down the bustling road, full of people and merchants. Kids were running around laughing and playing, smiles widely placed on their faces. Once again Natsu saved her, and she would never be able to pay him back for it. She regretted not listening to Natsu when he warned her about Hiroku but if it wasn't for him, she would have never realized how she felt for the dragon slayer.

They were rounding the corner to the guild, and she really wanted to talk to Natsu before they got there. What would she say though? They could see the full view of the guild now and she was nervous. She needed to clear everything up before they walked in but what does she say?

"Hey Lucy," Natsu said startling Lucy.

"Y-yeah Natsu?"

"About that day, when you got kidnapped," he started. He paused as Lucy remained silent waiting for him to continue. "I'm sorry about that stuff I said and making everyone think something that wasn't true."

"Oh, it's okay. Don't worry about it," Lucy said feeling a little disappointed.

"No Lucy, you don't understand," she looked up at him with a questioning gaze. She was confused, she didn't understand what he was saying.

"Lucy, I really didn't mean for everyone to think that way about us," now she felt crushed. She didn't want to hear anymore.

"Natsu stop, I understand. It's fine," The last part barely came out as a whisper but she knew Natsu could hear her.

"Just let me explain," Lucy lowered her head, knowing that she wasn't going to like where this was going. Her chest tightened, as she waited for her heart to break. "I didn't mean for them to think that way about us, I know that you don't like it. And it would be a problem trying to find another boyfriend if people think we are together."

Lucy froze. She was confused. Maybe she heard him wrong. Does he really think such a thing? About her? He really doesn't realize her feelings for him even though Hiroku clearly told him.

"Natsu...It's not like that."

"It's okay Lucy, you don't have to explain and try to make me feel better." Natsu said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Natsu, now it's your turn to listen," Natsu looked her in the eyes, he was nervous and scared at the same time. "Yes I was upset about everyone thinking something like that. Mostly because it never happened. Plus it was completely out of order. But I didn't care that they thought that it was with you..."

She trailed off, no longer able to look him in the eye. Natsu's eyes shot up to her face. They were wide and full of shock. She didn't care that the rumor was with him? What was she trying to say?

"Um, Lucy, I don't understand."

"Oh. What I am saying is that maybe in the future, the idea of what they thought...wouldn't sound so bad if...if it was with you," she couldn't find the right words to tell him how she felt. No matter how much she wanted too.

"So the whole idea of having kids, getting married and living together, you would like if it was with me?" Natsu really hoped that he didn't misunderstand what she said. His heart was racing, and he could hear his pulse in his ears. She nodded her answer as a blush spread over her cheeks. Natsu grinned, his big fanged face splitting grin, as he walked closer to her. He felt like he was on cloud nine. If he knew what that meant. He heard people use it in situations like these and it just sounded right.

Yeah, he definitely felt like he was up in the clouds. Like he had dragon wings of his own and was souring straight through the sky.

"You know, I never imagined myself doing something like that before. It was never something that interested me, nor did I ever so much as really think about it before." Lucy felt her heart sink. Tears burned the back of her eyes and a lump formed in her throat. "But if it's with you then, I want that too."

Now it was Lucy's turn to be surprised. Her jaw dropped, hanging open as she stared at him. Natsu took another step closer as his onyx eyes gazed into her chocolate brown ones. She felt like he could see into her soul, like he was invading her. His hand cupped her face as a shiver ran down her spine. Natsu smirked at her reaction. He liked seeing the look in her eyes that she was giving him. This look that was for only him. He leaned down, unsure of exactly how to do this but acting on instincts. His lips met hers as a fierce burning sensation quickly shot through their bodies. Natsu had never felt such a thing before.

Being the fire dragon slayer, he has never known what burning felt like. Even though his insides felt like they were on fire, I was amazing. The feeling stretched from their head to the toes. Lucy wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer. Their lips formed perfectly together, like they were made to be never wanted this moment to end, it was just too sensational.

"You liiiiiikkkkkkkeeee eachother!"