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Chapter 1- Seeing Is Believing

Curran growled at the sixtieth petition from some whiny shifter who felt he was being overlooked. One of the wolves stepped in. "What?"

"T-The n-n-new shifters a-are h-here, Your Majesty," he stuttered. Curran blinked, staring up at the clock by the wall. They are on time, he thought. Good. He rolled his sore shoulders a couple of times. Maybe Mahon was right; I should've gotten someone to take care of this shit. "T-They are i-in the meeting room, s-sire."

"Just give me a moment." Curran rose from his creaking chair, custom made to hold his size and weight.

The group was an unusual case; not unlike Curran and Kate's situation. The boy was a wolf shifter, the girl human. but they carried along baggage. In the size of a loud-mouthed, sharp-tongued fourteen year old of dubious background. Her name was Seleyda Farrer. Parent must've gotten a little too creative with naming the child. Anyway, as far as anyone could tell, the girl was bouda. Wolves and bouda don't mix well even in the best of situations. Something about wolves' innate need for reserve and sophistication and bouda's inability to stop cracking bad jokes at all times. They were hiding something; Curran knew.

Kate fell into step beside Curran. It was the day again. Kate sighed with reluctance. Barrabas (AlN: Sry dunno how to spell it) opened the door for them. The young wolf had conveniently made himself scarce. The new shifter couple, alongside their humongous pain in the ass, turned at the sound. The female flinched, and the shifter placed an arm around her small waist to soothe her. The girl simply glared at the newcomers, grey eyes flashing. Her scent screamed bouda, but also something else, something that Curran couldn't determine.

The couple stepped back as the Beast Lord and Consort brushed past them. The girl, Seleyda, merely stood where she did, causing her to brush just past them. Barrabas snarled. Seleyda smirked. "Cat got your tongue, sugarlips?"

"I could wipe the floor with you with my eyes closed," he hissed.

She smirked. "Funny, I fought a werejaguar twice your shifter size last year. Last time I checked, I'm still alive." Her eyes flashed red, but vanished. Control. Impressive as hell control. She bared her teeth. Bring it, she almost seemed to say.

"Barrabas," Kate warned. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Yes, Consort," he replied. Seleyda didn't miss the grimace that flashed across Kate's face.

"Consort?" She mocked. "So you're his widely known sugar woogums. What did you do, huh, duel to the death and end up on the bed?" They flinched. Curran growled. "I'm right, aren't I?"

"Didn't your mother teach you manners?" Curran snarled. Something flashed across her eyes, then vanished entirely. Her expression froze for the briefest second, before the sarcastic smirk came back on, full fledged.

"Sorry, sir," she drawled. "She didn't have a chance since loups and humans killed her when I was one." Curran flinched.

"I'm sorry," he apologised gruffly.

"No need. I'm sure I benefited from the lack thereof parents nagging me twenty-four seven." Kate opened her mouth, but the female beside the shifter beat her to the punch.

"Eda," she warned. "That's pushing the envelope." She turned to Curran, contrite and parental exasperation colouring her features. "I'm sorry, sir, but she'd been running wild for a very long time. My husband and I are still trying to teach her how to behave."

Curran picked up on the key word. "Wild?"

The female sighed. "Yes, she was running half-wild for most of her formative years." At this, Seleyda snorted. The female shot her a death glare. "Her pursuers didn't give her much of a choice." A fierce look filled her face.

"How young was she when she shifted, Miss..."

The female smiled. "Just call me Ana, sir." She bit her lip. "I'm not sure, since Eda never spoke about it."

"From birth." Seleyda's eyes were steely. "Mom had given birth to me when she was six months pregnant. Loupism saved my ass, helping me gain the weight I needed. That was how I escaped."

"How long did you stay shifted?" Kate asked.

Seleyda shrugged. "Dunno. I was captured by hunters after that, and shipped off somewhere. Didn't dare shift back." Her lips twisted into a smile too old for her young face. "Let's just say they had...unusual tastes in pets." Curran growled in understanding. Human trafficking, or more correctly, shapeshifter trafficking. "And then there was the White Coats." Kate raised an eyebrow, curious.

""You know, scientists. Researchers. Seekers of higher knowledge?" She ended in disgust. "Enough about me. Ana and Drew need to know; yes or no?"

They looked taken aback. The male shifter, Drew, and Ana, looked as if they were suffering the diatribe of a five year old. "What?" Seleyda rolled her eyes.

"Are they accepted into the Beast Lord's menagerie or not," she inquired sarcastically. Curran growled. Played, he thought. He'd been played by a child half his age. That's when he noticed her looks. The strong square jaw, arched brows befitting an Egyptian queen, her pale blond curls, and slender built.

"Whose your mother?"

"Angelique Maitland." Seleyda paused. "She was from Clan Bouda in Atlanta."

Curran felt his stomach lurch.

Fuck shit. Angelique.

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