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Princess Fine, Princess of Sunny Kingdom in Mysterious Star is the girl that speaking in the Prophecy of Heart.

She bravely go in Death planet, a planet cursed by the first generation Night Sky Guardian long time ago. Her existence sleep in everyone's mind. She met eight kids who are the Guardians. They are the kings and queens in Death planet.

She able to passed the trial of Courage, Wisdom and Knowledge, Humanity, Justice, and friendship. But she failed in trial of Love.

While the war is happening in Sun country. Fine able to passed the trial of Light and she received the sky armor.

The Sky and Night Sky guardian helped Fine at fighting the enemy using their combination attack called x-burner. But... Aria, the Fallen Guardian escaped and Fine lost consciousness and until now she's not waking to her slumber...

Every doors that closing is there always be new beginning...

Is really Fine will not wake up to her slumber?

Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime

The New Series

The Heart Guardian

Chapter 01

The Mysterious Star

After the battle in Sky planet, everything become more worst, because Aria, the tainted heaven arcobaleno escaped to Death planet.

Two month has been passed since the war in Death Planet, after her escape. Aria arrived at Mysterious Star and invade it. Fortunately the Moon kingdom is still safe from the invasion. Most of the citizens in the star is evacuate there, and its all thanks to the two of eight guardian arcobaleno of sky planet. The Moon and Mist guardian arcobaleno, Ayumi and Mukuro.

The two of them are the only ones who been able to recovered quickly in their injuries, but it thanks to Chrome's healing power, also they able to back most of their powers. Ayumi and Mukuro along with Prince Shade of Moon kingdom and Prince Bright of Jewelry Kingdom are the ones who protecting the whole Moon kingdom and fighting Aria's slaves. Ayumi put her Sky-moon barrier to ensure the safety of the citizens that evacuate in the said kingdom.

Even Aria able to invade the seven kingdom in Mysterious Star, the residence that in Moon kingdom is still hoping that someone or the princess of Sunny kingdom, Princess Fine will arrive in their planet to save them and defeat Aria. Yes! They all able to recovered their memories of Fine.

But what happen to the girl in prophecy, Princess Fine? From Ayumi's words. When they left the Sky planet the heaven arcobaleno is still unconscious and still didn't back her power.

What will happen next? Is someone will risk her/his life for the sake of whole universe, just like Fine?

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