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Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime

The Heart Guardian

Chapter 04

Plan: Succeed or Not?

Its been one week passed since the Heart guardian, Hoshi arrived at the Mysterious star in Moon kingdom.

Everyone is still sad because of the brought news of the girl that exactly resemblance of Princess Fine. But the thing she doesn't know is, Prince Shade is watching her.

While the Mist and Night Sky guardians are patrolling to the kingdom. In palace garden, Princess Rein and the other princesses and princes, but except to Milky and Shade that now are nowhere to be found, is making some 'stupid' plan to know that Fine and Hoshi is just one person. In other words they gonna search for evidence.

In palace hallway, Hoshi is patrolling. She walking without any weapons, just in her black sailor suit with chain attached from her right shoulder to left waist, her scarlet hair is down with white headband. She still wears the ruby gem in her left ear and in her wrist is white wrist bands one each and finally she wear white tying boots up to her knees.

On not-to-faraway, Rein, Leone, Mirlo, Sophie, Altezza, Bright and Auler is hiding in one of the poles

"Okay plan 1!" Rein whispered determined. While the others have sweat drops in their heads

"She really serious to it, huh!" Altezza whispered. Fortunately Rein is toooo busy watching the patrolling Guardian.

In Guardian's way, there's a large strawberry cake exposing itself and have a letter that written on it. Its say:'For Heart Guardian'

Rein and the others watchs her closely and hoping that Hoshi will do what they think Fine will/always do when the red hair princess saw a cake.

Unfortunately Hoshi ignore the delicious cake that Fine can't refuse and she just passed it. They really disappointment of what the red hair done

"No way!" Rein can't believe said. The Sophie clap her hands once and smile

"Okay plan 2!" she said happily

Sweat drops form in Leone's, Altezza's, Bright's and Auler's heads

Stupid plan 2::

Again in Hoshi's way there's a whole tablet buffet

"I'm so sure Fine can't refuse this one!" Rein said determined. Bright and the others except to Sophie already have sweat drops.

Just like what happen to their plan 1, she just passed it without hesitation. Of course they lose again.

On all Guardian's way are always have foods, all Princess Fine's favorite foods. But unfortunately all Hoshi done is ignored it all and passed it all.

Atlast they all came in palace garden. Hoshi sat in one of the chair in there, a round table in her front.

Hoshi's tapping her nail in the table, making small sound

"They still following me, huh!" Hoshi thought. She referring Rein's group "They still hoping it!" referring her and Fine's relationship as one person.

While sitting there a blue hair servant put on the table an one slice of chocolate cake in Guardian's. front side. She looked up to the servant but she can't see her eyes, thanks to servant's hair that shadowing her eyes.

"What is this for?" Hoshi asked.

"Our head chef, baked this delicious chocolate cake just for you. This is only a small gift for saving us from the enemy and for brought us here in Night Sky kingdom yesterday!" the blue hair unknown (?) servant stated and she vow and leave the place.

Hoshi looked at to the cake that have strawberry on top. She smirked "You can't fool me... Rein!" she thought.

Meanwhile the blue hair servant that obviously Rein is with Bright and the others now. They waiting to Hoshi to eat the cake.

But the Guardian stood and instead to eat the cake, she took it and walked towards of the exit of the palace garden. Fine's friends followed her.

"What do you think she going to do to that cake?" Sophie asked

"Maybe she gonna bring it to her room!" Rein guessed

"Maybe she gonna throw it somewhere" Altezza guessed

"Maybe she bring it back to the kitchen" Leone guessed

"Maybe she gonna give it to Ayumi-san" Auler guessed

"Or maybe... she will give it to someone else" Mirlo guessed

"We will see it!" Bright said

Hoshi passed her room. Everyone can't believe but they still follow her. She also passed Ayumi's room, even Mukuro's, she also passed the kitchen

"She passed it all!" Rein said while messing her hair.

But the plan is still goes on.

Then finally the Guardian entered one of the doors. They peak on it, they saw Hoshi gave the cake to a kid that they all know is... Uni is the name of the kid, she living all by herself in Waterdrop kingdom.

"Where is this from, Oneechan?" the kid named Uni asked.

She been calling Hoshi Oneechan because the Guardian saved her from the ogres yesterday in Jewelry kingdom and she given her respect to the scarlet hair Guardian

"Let's just say, its from a princess here, they gave it to me as a gift of thanks!" Hoshi replied.

Uni is just ten year old sweet little girl. According to Ayumi and Mukuro Uni is too resemble to first Sky Guardian, Luche.

"But it is alright to gave this to me?" Uni asked. Hoshi nodded

"Of course! Beside I'm not a cake lover, any(more)" She replied, whispering her last syllable. Uni smiled

"Thank you, Oneechan!" the kid thanked her. "Can I share this to my friends?"

"Of course!" Hoshi smile replied. Then Uni run towards to her friends.

"Mirlo was right!" Sophie said, smiled

"Rein, she's not cake lover, like Fine. That's means she's not Fine!" Altezza said

"Princess Rein" Bright whispered, concern to the blue hair princess

Rein smiled "Its alright. At least we able to see her kindness."

They all smile.

Yup! Even they didn't prove that Hoshi and Fine is only one person, they able to learn some little part of Hoshi's kindness.

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