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Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime

The Heart Guardian

Chapter 07

Night Sky and Mist Guardian

Most of the giant creepy black bats are covered by dark-silver flame and started turning into ashes; while 1/4 of the remaining black bats was retreated back to Sunny kingdom; while another 1/4 of them stayed on the air, wings flaking and glaring at the ground and the half of them are attacking the black haired, crimson eyes Guardian.

Before they get near at the Night Sky Guardian the bat army covered by dark silver flame. The final half gets back-up still glaring at the female guardian.

Ayumi smirked then she glared at the remaining enemies

"I guess even you were created on dark energy flame you still effected on my cursed flame, huh!" she calmly said to her enemies "And don't ever think to use them against me" Her eyes closed and one of the bats has engulfed by her dark silver flame that at that time was near on the Queen and Princess.

After the bat finally turned into ashes she glared again at her enemies who are in the air, far-away from the Night Sky Guardian.

"Wow she's cool, Kaa-sama!" Milky happily praised her older sister while watching.

Queen Moon Malia nodded with a soft voice "Yes!" came out from her mouth "I guess it's a great decision to let her go to Sky Planet. She able to learned how to control her will flame" Malia thought.

"Let's finish this, I getting bored!" Ayumi/Star snapped her fingers then all the remaining enemies eaten by her flame "The likes of you is not the one who can defeat us!" She calmly said.

Then all the remaining enemies are all turn into ashes.

Meanwhile on the Moon Kingdom, the shadow human army has already there and trying to break the barrier. Finally after of an hour of watching the enemies who didn't even give any little scratch on the barrier the Mist Guardian finally make a move.

"Oya oya! What are you guys doing there, huh?" Mukuro coolly said "Kufufufu Do you think you guys can break that?" he asked with his famous evil smirk "I getting bored on watching you, so..." then the enemies surrounded by a thick mist. Inside of the mist, all the shadow humans disappeared without a trace "Goodbye"

And on the cliff where the prince, princess and the warrior are

Hoshi finally get conscious. She had been holding by Shade who is wearing his eclipse uniform on whole the time since he catches her.

"Hoshi! /Fine!" Shade and Rein calls her at once

"What happen?" Hoshi asked to the two teen royals.

Shade smile in relief "You beat them all!" He said to her

"I… see, I'm relieve. What about you two?"

"We're fine, you protected us, Fine!" Princess Rein said.

Both Shade and Hoshi looked at her at the same time

"Princess, I'm not Fine-san!" Hoshi said to Rein.


The curtain has open...And puppets resemble to Mukuro, Ayumi, Shade and Hoshi shows

"Mukuro! Why didn't you tell us that Kaa-san and Milky tell you that they'll go on Moon kingdom's ruins?" Ayumi/Star yell asked to Mukuro.

"Yeah! You let us thought that they missing!" Hoshi supported the Night Sky Guardian

"We're so worried to them, you know!" Shade followed

"You make us crazy!" Ayumi said

"Kufufufu... Don't blame me... You didn't ask me, remember" Mukuro answered.

Silence... Dark background appeared at Ayumi, Hoshi and Shade as angry mark appeared on the head's.

"MUKURO!" The three shouts to easy going guardian



Rein is sat on the backstage and mourning this

"Why fate is so cruel... Where's my sister?" and so on.

While the other princes, princesses, queens, kings, and Guardian has keeping their distance away to the crazy princess...


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