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Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime

The Heart Guardian

Chapter 08

The Trial of Love...

It's already five days since Rein, Shade and Hoshi encountered Aria's dragon army, Ayumi or rather Princess Star of Moon kingdom with Milky and Queen Moon Malia encounter the Bat army and Mukuro defeated all the shadow humans all by himself.

Hoshi's new materialized armor become mysterious to all of them since the said Guardian cannot materialize it again, and even she described it to the two Guardian they've said no one in their batch of guardian make a armor that like Hoshi's description.

Ayumi/Star tried to contact their smartest Guardian companion/family/friend Conan the youngest. But he just said maybe it was the Heart armor/suit since it only appear when the Heaven Arcobaleno wield her determination, courage, hope and love all together at once. But Conan is still not sure on that one since Hoshi doesn't have the light that the guardian's mark given.

On the evacuation room at Moon Kingdom where the citizen of Mysterious star stayed, Hoshi the Heart Guardian is sitting at a chair with the kids that have smile in their faces and she singing softly, while the other citizens watching her

koko ni aru no wa
kimi ga ima made eranda michi no
kotae tachi yo
hora jishin motte susumeba ii
totemo shizen na no
ame agari no ASUFARUTO ni
niji ga kakaru you ni

Lonely kaze ga fuite
Feeling ki ga tsuita yo
kotae wa doko ni mo nai kedo
Call me wakatteru wa
With you ai wa itsumo
atae au mono

Rein and their friends, except to Shade were on there too, and listening to Hoshi's beautiful voice while hiding themselves.

While the missing prince, Prince Shade watching her from the entrance, while his hands are crossed near his chest with his older sister and the Mist Guardian is with his red hair companion.

For you
kitto kimi wa itsu no hi ka
kono sora wo toberu hazu dakara
nando tsumazuita toshite mo
For you
taisetsu na koto wa hitotsu
yume miru koto
kokoro dake wa tozasanai de ite

For you
kitto mo itsu no hi ka
kono sora wo toberu hazu dakara
nando kizutsuita toshite mo
For you
taisetsu na koto wa hitotsu
yume miru koto

It's getting late, after their delicious meal the kings, queens, princess and princes, except to Moon kingdom royals, takes their at least we can call it 'peaceful' sleep. While the Night Sky Guardian and the Mist Guardian decided to take patrol to whole place.

While the Heart Guardian walked towards of one of round pots who only one red flower was planted there. It's a rose and it's really a beautiful flower that it can shine in moonlight.

Hoshi stopped at it's front, she look closely to the beautiful rose, smile spread to her lips as admiring the beautiful bloom of it.

"Do you like it?" said of a so familiar voice of a guy to Hoshi.

Her smile faded and she quickly turns around and saw the voice's owner. She saw Prince Shade staring at her

"Prince! Why are you still awake?" The Heart Guardian asked. No trace of nervousness, but inside her heart is beating fast.

The prince smirked and walked towards her, but he passed her and kneels to the large pot where the rose is. Hoshi turn to him, she sigh deeply and spoke.

"It's that your flower?"


"It's beautiful. I didn't have an idea that your hobby is planting."

"You know what, in Seed kingdom, they have seed that will grow according to your feelings, according to your wish,"

"Wow that's great! And what is the name of this seed, so I can gift it to the other Guardians of Sky planet"

"It's called 'Dream seed'" He replied while watering the rose

"You didn't answer my question a while ago, Prince" she said as she really wants to change the topic. She heard that Shade's smirk because of his breath

"Sorry, I'm still awake because it's my duty as a prince of Moon kingdom to make sure that everything is alright here"

"I... see. You really like your duty as a prince of moon, aren't you."

"Yes! I really loved it, especially when I investigate the odd happening in our planet. To not let the other kingdom to be suspicious because of a traveling prince I decided to pretend to be Eclipse and then I able to met Fine. No one would thought that she would find out that me and Eclipse is an one person"

"I didn't see that coming from you Prince. This is the first that I heard you to talk that long"

"You think? Then, I want to say something to you, about this flower, want to hear it?"

"If you don't mind to telling me, why not!"

"Since last year, I always felt that something so important inside me is lost, but I cannot remember what it is. That's when I decided to plant a dream seed; my love for this something grows more and more, then the result is this beautiful rose shining under the moon light. But I still don't have an idea of what is the reason why I'm feeling lost every time I looking at this flower. Then half of the year had been passed since then I read a letter of a someone that I don't know, but after I read it I suddenly remembered Princess Fine."

"Its a great story but unfortunately Fine-san didn't able to heard it and Fine-san is already dead... Sorry for that matter Prince... I think I'll go now, oyasumi no sai Prince Shade!" She excused herself to the prince. When she turns around Shade suddenly spoke that make her stop


Shade started "Why you must pretend to be another person to us? I need your answer Fine!"

Hoshi hesitated turning back to him "What are you sayin'? Alright! I know that I really resemble to her, the Warrior Princess, but I'm not her! I'm the Heart Guardian, Hoshi is my name!" Hoshi stated

"STOP JOKING AROUND! You cannot fool me, just like I cannot fool you!" Shade fight back

"Prince! Do you have any evidence that saying that I'm Fine-san?" But the prince just stares at her

"Okay! Fine! I'm sooo resemble to her, but that doesn't mean that I'm her! Cut it out Prince! I'm not her. I'm not a cake lover a food lover! I'm not a princess of some kingdom, I'm not a princess that unprincess-like, I'm an earlier waker, and I'm fighting using weapons, armors, and I cannot use magics!"

"Yeah, and you're not that so cheerful too" Shade added


"But a person can mature; can change in just flow of time. You know what you're a really good singer Just like Fine. Did you ask me if I have any evidence proving that you're Fine? Yes I have! First the song that you sang this afternoon it was Fine's song and I'm the one who compose it!" Hoshi's eyes widen and the prince saw this "Its look-like you already forgot that detail, Second... except to Fine's mark that in her middle chest, Fine also have birth mark in her lower waist in the right, I saw that accidentally before and it is a mark that shape like the crest of Sunny kingdom that only her and just her have that, even her twin Rein doesn't have that birth mark... So, if you not Fine then you can show your waist to see if you're not really Fine!"


Hoshi sigh in defeat and smile then chuckle lightly

"I really cannot beat you Shade!"

"Yeah!" he replied "So stop screwing around"

"I'm so sorry Shade!"

"I wanted to hear your explanation to all of this, Fine" Shade said as he walking towards her.

So while Hoshi or actually Princess Fine tells to Prince Shade the whole situation.

On the Sky planet at Sun country, Chrome or Nagi wearing a white with yellow priestess robe and praying on an almost dark room, candle lights are everywhere that given the dark room a little orange light.

While praying Chrome the Sun Guardian felt something warm in her right palm. She looks at it and saw the yellow mark heart glowing then it shot upwards. Chrome smile and said

"You finally understand the meaning of true love, Fine-san!" lowly.

The yellow warm light came to the Mysterious star to Moon kingdom to the palace garden and to Fine's white heart mark in her middle chest. The two royals surprised at the sudden event; then the ruby gem glow in yellow light. She's now wears a headband with yellow orbs with four line attached to both sides of her ponytails, black fishnet stockings, a pair of boots, a pair of purple gloves, and a dark blue leather tank top with a cut out yellow orbs with four line in the back.

"Did I?" Hoshi still shock cannot continue her words "No... way! Is this a dream? Tell me Shade!" she continued

"No Fine, your clothes really change!" The Prince replied

"Then that means... I'd past the trial of love!" she summarized "I see... so it's the true meaning behind the word 'Love', huh" she said after realizing the meaning of Chrome's trial. And the prince smirks

"Nee-san once told me that you not able to pass the trial of love..." Fine look at him "And that's your reason why you pretend to another person. To protect us all who you love. Now you finally understand, Fine!" Fine nodded with her usual smiled

"I'm afraid that if Aria learns about you guys, she will target you, and that's why I lied. But now I understand. The love given us strength to move on and to protect the people we loved the most... Shade thank you because of you I able to understand its meaning." Shade embraced her tightly

"Remember Fine, you're not alone! Don't forget that I and everyone were on your side and supporting you" Fine nodded while she embracing her Prince.

"Love cares what becomes of you, because love knows that we are all interconnected. Love is inherently compassionate and empathic. Love knows that the "other" is also oneself. This is the true nature of love and love itself cannot be manipulated or restrained. Love honors the sovereignty of each soul."

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