Chemistry and Quantum Physics

Chemistry and Quantum Physics – Chapter 1

Adalind's POV

That Grimm killed the shit out of me. Hell will be my witness on the day that I knock the light out of his eyes. The sight of him made my soul –or whatever was left of it- scream again. As soon as I'm done serving Eric, I will personally kill Nick Burkhardt.

Nick's POV

The witch is back… and I know exactly what she wants. I'm thinking about just handing it to her so she wouldn't go under too much stress trying to claim it, but then maybe I'll shoot her between the eyes when she bails out of jail. I'm no cop plotting a death of an innocent woman. I'm a Grimm finding a way to kill a Hexen.. human.

"Crap," Nick said as he spilled coffee all over his leather jacket.

"Well someone's a little jittery today," a voice from behind him noted.

"Maybe I'm taking too much caffeine, don't you think, Wu?" he replied and stood to take off his jacket.

Ignoring Nick's reply, Wu opened up a new discussion. "Schade is asking for you."

"Humor me."

"Maybe she's ready to admit whatever it is she's done?" Wu answered back smiling at him.

"Hope so. Or I'll have to force it out of her."

Detective Wu laughed in response. Clearly some other idea of 'force' entered his mind.

Nick walked the Juvenile hall to pay Adalind a visit - or give her a gift of warning.

Fur Elise. That was the only sound that echoed aside from his footsteps. Adalind was humming.

"Not bad for a witch," Nick shouted from across the hall, and then continued walking to her direction.

She was trying to lull herself to sleep, not thinking Nick would show up at all after many hours of wait. She sat up and watched him walk closer to the unit she was contained in.

Usually, when Nick was in sight, all she'd be feeling was sadness and hatred, a little fear at times and all that. Today was an exception. His presence hit her like she'd just been ran over by a truck.

Black pants, the usual perfectly done hair, a white v-neck shirt, and a pair of blue eyes was enough to reel her in.

"Holy Royal of Sexy," she caught herself thinking. It was all so new to her. Appreciating things as a human. Life was tough as a Hexenbiest, but she thought she'd been living hell on earth after becoming powerless. And it's all because of Nick. Her mind wasn't shaken. She was still going to kill him.