Chemistry and Quantum Physics – EPILOGUE

Adalind's POV

Nothing makes Nick want something more than when he can't have it. That's what makes my hard-to-get kisses so effective.

I pull away a little on mid-kisses and tease him like I'm going to kiss him again and then I pull back before he can touch my lips. The kiss afterwards is always wonderfully passionate. Always. Even after eight years of being together.

My thoughts were interrupted when Nick came strolling into our bedroom and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm going, sleepyhead," he said, resting his blue green eyes on mine as he flashed his perfect smile.

I pulled him into a deep, long kiss and finally let him go.

"Don't forget to get a new set of pens for Caleb, okay?" I said as he was reaching for the door.

Nick nodded in concession and uttered, "Yeah. I won't forget." And he stepped out of the room.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him wrap his hands around Caleb's shoulders – as he does every day – and kiss him on the forehead. "Daddy's leaving," I heard him say.

I got up fast enough to heed Caleb's response. He tucked a few strands of his blond hair aside and pulled Nick into an embrace. "I wanna go with you," he hummed.

"Don't you want to hang out with uncle Leon?" Nick asked. I just stood there, listening to a typical father-and-son conversation.

"Not today, no. It's Thursday and all he's gonna do is water the plants all day. And that's boring," Caleb replied with an exasperated look on his face. It's really not easy to believe that a six year old could be so stubborn. But then again, he's my son so how is that surprising?

The thought made me chuckle and cut into their discussion. "Caleb, honey, you know dad's going to catch the bad guys, right?" I paused to gauge his reaction, "Why don't you just watch TV today?"

He shook his head and at last gave in, "Fine."

It was 10 AM and I was cooking lunch for everyone. Adrian was using television as a front to watch over Caleb. He's grown especially fond of him ever since he was born. Leon, as Caleb predicted, was gardening. Grace was helping me with the table and who knows where Phillip was at the time.

It was then when Caleb got up and watched the postman put letters into our mailbox. I guess he just likes watching postman Rick do his work.

A few minutes later, he went back to his seat to continue drawing.

"Mom?" he said as he lifted his head to look at me. "Our street is really noisy in the morning," he added.

"You're right, honey," I replied – not knowing why he would bring up such a random statement.

My attention went back to what I was cooking when he called me again.


"Mhm?" This time I didn't look because I was flipping over the fish that fried on one side.

"It's the dogs. They bark too loud."

"I know, baby," I smiled at his comment, noticing how observant he was.

"Mom?" he uttered again. This time, I handed Grace the spatula and asked her to take over for a while.

I walked to Caleb and leveled my face with his.

"Yes, Caleb?" I asked with a smile, hoping that he would cut to the chase.

"I hate postman Rick. I mean, we all know that dogs hate cats but he doesn't have to terrorize the dogs, you know."

"What?" I asked, renounced. I really couldn't grasp his point. He was speaking in riddles.

That was when he turned a few pages on his sketch pad to show me something. After what seemed like a long time, he rotated the pad and pointed at the left side of it.

"There. He wears that mask every time he puts mail in Mrs. Aber's mailbox."

I felt my heart beat a million times per minute, realizing what he's been trying to tell me. I saw Adrian's head snap at Caleb's direction to look over the sketch.

Adrian spoke up, obviously unintentionally. "Isn't that a Kla-" he cut himself off and looked at me, probably searching for an answer.

I stared at his drawing again. And all I thought of was the way my son drew perfectly the features of an upright alley cat - A Klaustreich.

I was speechless but I did my best not to look panicked around him. I wanted him to feel that it was normal because facing the facts, it really was normal. His father is a Grimm so it was only logical that he could be one too. But it had never crossed my mind that it would be this early. It's way too early. And what was weird was he didn't even seem confused or afraid.

"Don't be scared, mommy. It's fine. Uncle Adrian turns into a Locust sometimes and dad doesn't seem to mind so why should I?"

I smiled halfheartedly and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Close enough, baby."

"You should see my other drawings, mom. Some of them are really ugly," he said with a sinister smile, green eyes similar to Nick's staring into my own.

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