Since its Thanksgiving today, here is a little one shot about the origin of this holiday!

"Katniss, why do we celebrate


Katniss was just tucking in Prim's little duck tail when she asked that question.

"I'm glad you asked, Little Duck. Over a thousand years ago, the place was now call Panem was inhabited by unruly, wild people called the Native

Americans. Soon, people from other countries visited Panem and decided to settle in the new land."

"But why? Isn't it the Native American's land?"

"Yes, Little Dick. There were many conflicts between the Natives and the foreigners. Even so, sometimes the Natives and the foreigners got along."

"Gasp! Really?"

"Yes. These foreigners were called Pilgrims. They arrived during winter, and they had harsh conditions. There were diseases that spread like wildfire, they were cold, and they were hungry. The Native Americans found them and taught them how to make herbal remedies, huts, and how to grow corn. Without the Natives, the Pilgrims would have died."

"Really? What happened next?"

"I'm getting to that, be patient. Anyway, almost a year had passed and the Pilgrims were doing well. They were thriving, in fact. Then they decided on November that they should have a big feast to celebrate their friendship. The end."

"I like that story! But wait, what happened to the Natives?"

"That is a not so pleasant story. Eventually, all the foreigners either spread diseases to the Natives, got greedy and tried to steal their land, or fought with them. Now they cease to exist."

"Katniss, that reminds me of the Hunger Games."

Katniss tensed up. She never liked mentioning that subject.

"How, Prim?"

"The Capitol offers riches and endless food to the victor, just like the Pilgrims offered a Thanksgiving. Eventually, the Pilgrims and Natives, all the tributes, fight and it gets all gruesome and bloody. Finally, one victor emerges (the Pilgrim) and takes all. Don't you think that sounds like the Hunger Games, Katniss?"

"Yes, Little Duck. Just don't mention that story to anyone else."

"Why not?"

Katniss hesitated for a moment.

"It can be our little Thanksgiving secret."

Eventually, a few years from then when Katniss got selected for the Hunger Games, Prim long forgot about the story. But Katniss remembered. She remembered the whole time.

"Time for the Natives to survive." She even whispered before shooting President Coin and freeing Panem of its evil rulers.