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"…and you know what? Gale got accepted into the military school! Said he can't wait for you to go back home and tell you everything himself. Well, just pretend you don't know a thing, okay? I don't know why I feel like I have to tell you first before he does.

Keep safe, we're waiting for you.


Hazelle Hawthorne."

His face beamed as he shoved the letter back into his pocket. His eldest son got accepted into the military school, just like he did all those years ago. He grinned smugly to himself, silently whispered that he's going to go home. Soon.

"Check that out. Hawthorne is going crazy," a voice yelled. He glared at his team mates, and stood up. "My son got accepted! How could I'm not beaming? He is going to be an awesome soldier like his father." He said proudly. The others laughed, "Really? That's awesome, man. You know I wish Katniss would consider to be a soldier too, but… well," Rilee Everdeen faltered beside him.

He tapped his bestfriend's shoulder. "She is a girl and you love her too much to let her?" Rilee nodded weakly. "You're turning more and more like Matt, you know. Sappy,"

Rilee snorted and went about to get up from his seat. But then, he saw a dark shadow, seemingly dropped a box in front of the entrance of their tent, and disappeared as soon as he came. He grabbed his gun, and nudged Rilee's rib then pointed to the box outside the tent. Rilee frowned, but grabbed his gun anyway and followed him suit. Quietly, they walked towards the tent's entrance.

It was a black box. With a timer on top of it that showed a set of number. 00:03.

His eyes widened. 00:02.

"Bomb!" 00:01.


Ten Years Later


The one that was being called turned around. "Yes, Mr. Ludwig?"

"I heard you come from District Twelve, correct?" Mayor Ludwig asked. Gale nodded, "Yes. My family lives there."

"Good then. Do you know the mayor?" the older man asked again. Gale nodded for the second time, "Mayor Undersee? Yes, he was a good friend of my father."

The mayor clasped his hand. "Great. Now do you mind to help me with an errand? I can't go myself to Twelve, and you don't need to do much anyway since Matthew will know what to do with this. Just tell him some stuff and you should be done with him."


He shut the door behind him and strolled down the hallway back to the living room where he was before, only to see his best mate Cato snuggling with his girlfriend on the couch, watching a random comedy show on TV.

"You again, Glimmer?" he said as he put the documents inside his bag carefully. The blonde girl snorted. "What? My boyfriend has just got back from a mission. I have all possible rights to be with him."

Gale shrugged. "Whatever, then. I'm just starting to be so... fed up you know, seeing you two, snuggling and making out each time we hang out." He sighed.

Cato laughed and tightened his arms around his girlfriend's shoulder. "That is why I keep telling you, get a girlfriend, buddy. You're kind of pathetic."

To that, he got a death glare from the Hawthorne man. "Excuse me, I am not pathetic." Cato shrugged as he eyed Gale zipped up his backpack. "Any problem with my dad?" he asked.

Gale simply shook his head, then collapsed to the other couch across from the couple. "Nope. He was just asking me to deliver a document for my district's mayor."

Cato nodded as he rubbed his jaw. "You know him? The mayor?"

The dark haired nodded. "Yeah, he was a good friend with my father."

Cato nodded again. "I remember he has a daughter, am I right? Blonde, medium-height, with piercing blue eyes…" he trailed off as he turned to his girlfriend. "Although I'd prefer green," he winked as Glimmer swatted his arm—hard—at his silly, fail attempt to disguise his such compliment for another girl. Gale held back a laughter.

"Yeah, I know. But I've honestly never met her, though." He replied. Cato raised his eyebrows, "Really? How come?"

"My parents had already moved out to Two when I was born. Mayor Undersee, well I've met him some times since he is a mayor and he travels like, a lot; including some business trips to Two. But he never brought his daughter along with him, so I've never met her. And my family moved back to Twelve after I graduated, which you know yourself we were assigned directly for a mission afterwards. And everytime I had my recess time before, she didn't in Twelve. She is studying... health and medical study in the Capitol." He explained.

"Wait, do you mean Madge Undersee?" Glimmer cut them off. Cato nodded, "Yeah. You know her, hun?"

Glimmer nodded, "Yes. I thought I've heard Undersee before, then I kind of put two and two together since Madge once told me she is the mayor's daughter and all. We go to the same theatre club in the Capitol."

To that Gale laughed out loud. "Seriously I still can't imagine how on earth you and a goddamn theatre can ever be combined."

Cato glared at him. "Shut that hell up, Hawthorne. She is really good at it. That was what made me fall for her, anyway. You should see her,"

Gale rolled his eyes. Of course, he knew the story of how Cato fell for Glimmer already. About how Cato was in a trip with his father to the Capitol where he went to one of her play there and Cato said she was just amazing and I couldn't tear my eyes off of her, then all of those sappy romance things started from that point, until now.

"You're exaggerating," Glimmer blushed as Cato smirked and brushed a strand of her blond hair from her face.

"Oh my, I think I want to puke. Let me just get out of here. See you in a month, Ludwig?"

Cato finally tore his gaze away from his girlfriend. "Yeah, yeah Hawthorne. But really, I mean what I said. You're kind of pathetic. I know you flirt with so many girls, but try to find one you want to be serious with. You're not the only one that is starting to be so... fed up with the other's behavior you know," he mimicked Gale's voice earlier.

"Yeah, try to get to know Madge. She really is a nice girl. Pretty, patient, calm, smart, a great pianist…single." Glimmer said, but trailed off at the end. "It would be fun, we having a double date, wouldn't it?" she added excitedly.

Gale sighed. "You two are unbelievable. I haven't even met her, okay? I don't know how she looks like, I don't know who she is, and you're trying to like, set me up with her? Really? Once again I tell you, and I will not repeat this again. I am not that pathetic." He said as he slung his backpack over his shoulder, and started to walk out of the living room.

"Hey Hawthorne, Thresh is on his way here. Don't you want to stay a little longer?" Cato called out. Gale turned around and shook his head. "No thanks, I think I'll pass. I'm going to catch on the last train today. Need to pack up some stuff first. Just tell him I say hello or something."

"Tell Madge I say hi!" Glimmer yelled. He nodded as he shut the door behind him.


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Rilee Everdeen is Katniss's father.

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