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Behind Those Brown Eyes: Chapter One

Maria has always been an adventurous girl. Throughout her life the only thing she would do was go exploring in the forest near her home. She would even pretend that her backyard was like Jurassic Park or like a secret hideout of some sorts. Her father built her a tree house when she was seven, and that only expanded her already imaginative mind.

Because of her adventurous ways and imaginative mind though, she's sort of an outcast at school. They all think she's a freak or crazy person or something. She only has one close friend and his name is Jason. But unfortunately, he's turned into a giant douche bag like the rest of them. They talk on occasion but never hang out or anything. Sure, it's sad, but Maria would much rather be alone then have a fake friend like Jason was. He would talk about her behind her back, and tell everyone she was the spawn of Satan. She knows what everyone thinks of her, how weird she must appear to them since she ONLY wears black EVER. How she's only ever reading or listening to music, never interacting with anyone because they all dislike her. Heck, she gets dirty looks on a daily basis!

But, her attitude towards those who dislike her or mock her are nonchalant. She doesn't care if nobody likes her since she thinks the world is full of idiots and losers who are about nothing but themselves.

She's never been in a relationship ever, even though she doesn't consider herself pretty, she actually is.

She's 5'7" with long legs, she weighs about 105, if not less. She has almond shaped eyes with a deep chocolate brown color. She's a bit dark skinned, since her ethnicity is Mexican and Italian. She has high cheekbones, a heart shaped head, full lips, and extremely long eyelashes. Her hair is wavy, but mostly straight, and down to her narrow hips, bangs that are straight and stop just below her thin eyebrows. Though, despite her good looks, no she has not been in a relationship nor has any desire to be in one. She's been asked out numerous times, but shot them all down.

Now she is seventeen and has finally summoned up the courage to explore that dark and mysterious castle like home located in the coldasac near her home. She's heard the legends, the stories about what occurred here centuries ago. It fascinated her; she heard that there was once a man named Edward living in that place. The special thing about him was that he actually had scissors for hands! How amazing! From what she heard, a family took him into their home, but that all went to hell when Edward started attacking the children of the women who graciously brought him in. After that, he fled back to this very mansion but was killed by the roof caving in when a teenage boy came and attacked him. Who also died while trying to kill him.

They called him Edward Scissorhands, and Maria was standing in front of his home.

Maria was merely curious of what the inside looked like. She wanted to see how this 'Edward Scissorhands' lived like (if he even existed) and how his house looked like. She didn't know what she was expecting, torture devices or a dead body? She wasn't sure. But her curiosity always got the better of her and lead her here today.

She looked up at the gate she passed through with wide eyes. It was really old and rusted. The pathway to the castle was lined with tall bush and vines.

"Oh wow…" she murmured as she came upon a large water fountain, lined with neatly shaped and cut hedges. Some shaped like hearts or dinosaurs or ballerinas.

'Well that's interesting…' she thought to herself as she walked over to one of them and ran a hand along the leaves of the hedge, feeling the smooth foliage beneath her fingers, 'I wonder who's been bothering to design and trim these all this time…'

She shrugged to herself as her brown eyes landed on what looked like the front door. She bit her lip and circled around the large water fountain and to the front porch steps.

She made her way up the steps, her combat boots crunching the dead leaves beneath her. She reached for the handle to the front door and gave it a tug, expecting it to be locked.

To her amazement and surprise, it gave in and slowly opened. She yanked it wider open and peeked inside. It was too dark inside to really see anything. She took a gulp of fresh air, she got this far, she has to go all the way! Waving some cobwebs out her way, she walked into the dark house and closed the door behind her.

The main room was just dirt, dust, cobwebs, and an old rusted shelf that held rusted tools and looked like it was gonna collapse at any given moment. Maria sighed and waved a hand in front of her face, the dust in here was almost unbearable. Making it hard to breathe.

She went up the old staircase. It creaked softly beneath her weight; the railing was completely covered in dust and thick cobwebs. She brushed her bangs out her eyes and sighed as she reached the top. So far, she wasn't all that impressed with what she'd seen. It just seemed like a dusty old house thus far.

She came upon a hallway that leads to another room. He followed it and found herself in a large room, at the very top of the house. The ceiling was cracked and bright sunlight filtered into the room. The room would've been dark if the ceiling wasn't caved in.

Something in the corner shifted, diverting her attention from the ceiling. She looked over and blinked her large eyes, "Hello?" she called cautiously when the figure moved again. Was she not the only one that got curious about this old house?

The figure got up from where he sat and slowly made its way towards her. As it inched closer, Maria noticed that there was something odd about this stranger. It was his hands…. They were shaped weirdly. He was still too far away to really tell, but his hands were off….

When he stepped into the light, she gasped and stared in shock.

Maybe if Maria had the common sense to run, she would've. But she was far too curious and fascinated by what stood before her. So she sort of just stood there and stared with wide eyes as a very handsome man, dressed in all black, stepped towards her. His handsome face was covered in small scars, but it wasn't that that got her attention. It was the fact that this stranger had actual scissors for hands.

He stopped and they gazed at each other for a moment, her chocolate brown eyes meeting his mysterious black ones.

Neither spoke for about two minutes. Maria was still trying to process that he had huge scissors for hands. While the stranger looked like he expected that Maria would speak first.

Finally, she spoke up, "Hello."

He didn't respond, merely staring at her silently.

She took a few hesitant steps towards him, she didn't think he would try to hurt her, but her pretty eyes never left his face, "D- do you live here?"

He nodded a bit.

"I'm terribly sorry then, I had no idea that there was someone living here," Maria apologized as she neared him, now only standing a few feet away from him.

He gave her a small smile, "That's okay," he had a soft voice, sweet in a way.

Maria bit her lower lip to hide her smile, "Are you the only one living here?"

He nods.

"No mom?"

He shook his head.


"He never woke up."

Maria's heart ached for the poor man, he obviously didn't understand what death was.

"You've lived here by yourself for how long?" she asked quietly.

He was silent for a long moment, and then he replied, "I've lost count."

Maria was silent for another moment before asking, "What about friends?"

He looked sad suddenly, "Don't have any."

Maria felt sad for him again, so he really was all alone.

"You want one?" she offered, her eyes meeting his again, her hands shoved into her pockets.

His eyes lit up a bit, "Yes."

She smiled at him and stepped closer, "Then let's start off properly, shall we?" she smiled wider at him and continued, "My name is Maria, and yours?"

He returned the smile, it was the first time he'd smile at her. And even though it was a small smile, it had to be the sweetest thing Maria had ever seen,"Edward."