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Summary: After discovering a shocking truth, Merlin leaves Camelot with Arthur believing because Hunith is very ill. After receiving letters over the growing weeks that Hunith is getting worse, Imagine the shock when a healthy Hunith turns up in Camelot informing the Prince it is Merlin who's dying.

This has romance, friendship, angst in the middle but a happy ending :D

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The great hall was packed full of people laughing and talking and dancing. It was a feast to celebrate Morgana and Leon's wedding. The feast had been had and the hall had been cleared for everyone to dance and walk around to talk among themselves.

Merlin was just congratulating Morgana and Leon again when Arthur walked up to them all and nudged Merlin. "Hey Merlin do you know what this is?"

Merlin looked at Arthur's hand. "Your goblet?"

"Yes Merlin but it is empty."

"Why are you telling Merlin? It is his night off. I do not want him working tonight."

"But I want a drink."

"Then ask one of the many servants who are working."

"But Merlin always-"

"Always gets what you need." Merlin finished as he took the empty goblet from Arthur and walked over to a servant.

"Hey Sarah."

"Hi Merlin." she smiled, taking the empty goblet from Merlin and refilled it. "The Prince having you working even on your day off?"

"Yep. I just don't know how he managed until I came here." he said, smiling and laughing when Sarah laughed.

"What are they talking about?"

Morgana and Leon looked to where Arthur was looking and saw Merlin laughing with a maid who was laughing and blushing.

"Why is she blushing like that?"

"Maybe because Merlin is flirting with her, no wonder he didn't mind getting you your drink Arthur." Leon said.

"Why would he flirt with her?"

"Because they are both single." Morgana answered.

"Merlin is not allowed to flirt with her or anyone."

"Oh? And why not?" Morgana asked, smirking now.

"Because I say so."

Merlin came walking back over. "Here you go Arthur." he said, handing the Prince the now full goblet.

"If you wasn't busy flirting I would have had my drink by now."

"I wasn't flirting with her."

"Then why was she blushing?"

"Sarah likes Merlin Arthur."

"She does?" Prince and servant asked in unison.

"Yes Merlin. Gwen did before Lancelot came. Even I did."

"You did?"

"Yes. Most of the women fell for you Merlin."

"Why him and not me?" Arthur asked as Merlin was still shocked.

"Because Merlin is kind and helpful, always goes out of his way to help people, makes people laugh and isn't arrogant."

"I am not arrogant. I can be all those things. I am all those things." he said and walked away.

Merlin stood and watched him go and talk to Princess Olivia before facing Morgana. "I wasn't flirting Morgana. How can I even think about doing anything like that when I-"

"I know Merlin."

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Merlin you are not working tonight. But now you mention it there is something you can do."

"What's that?"

"Dance with the bride?"

"I would be most happy to my Lady." he answered, smiling as he took Morgana's hand and led her onto the dance floor.

As the evening went Merlin couldn't stop the hurt and jealous feeling he had when he saw Arthur laughing with Princess Olivia. Dancing with her. Kissing her hand occasionally. After a while when he saw Arthur stumble a couple of times and nearly fall, Merlin knew it was time to get Arthur to bed before he embarrassed himself further.

Merlin walked over to Arthur and moved his arm out to help him keep his balance. "Arthur I think it is time for you to retire. You cannot even stand still."

"Can you use your magic on me please?"

"What for?"

"I need to bid farewell before leaving."

"Oh and you don't want everyone to see just how drunk you are."


Merlin sighed and looked at Arthur, his eyes turning gold and straight away Arthur felt a little bit more sober. "I don't feel sober."

"I have only sobered you up enough for you to stand without swaying. I am not sobering you up anymore so you can wake in the morning pain free."

"You are my servant and you will do what I tell you."

"I am your servant and never do what you tell me so what makes you think I will do on my day off?"

Arthur seemed to stand and think about what Merlin said before walking over to his parents bidding them good night and then walked over to his sister, hugging her and congratulating her on her wedding.

"Thank you Arthur. And shame on you for ordering Merlin to sober you up a little."

"Merlin has done no such thing."

"Yes he has Arthur. I can see he has as you seem more sober now than you did half an hour ago and you have drank since then."

"If it makes you feel better he refused to sober me up completely, telling me I should wake up with the hangover."


Arthur laughed a little and hugged Morgana and shook Leon's hand before leaving, Merlin following the Prince.

"I am dreading tonight."

"Oh thank you."

Morgana turned and smiled at her husband. "Not dreading us Leon. It is just that I have seen this in a vision. Merlin has seen Arthur to his chambers and he doesn't leave until morning."

"You mean they?"

"Yes Leon. I saw the next morning and saw Merlin leaving Arthur's chambers, making sure the door was closed before letting the tears fall."

"Arthur wouldn't do that to Merlin surely."

"This is one of my visions where I hope I am wrong."

In the corridor Merlin walked alongside Arthur holding him every now and then as he stumbled a little. Arthur smiled and threw his arm around Merlin, holding him close as he made his way to his chambers. "Well did you have a good night off Merlin?"

"I did."

"Me too. I spent most of it talking to Princess Olivia."

"I saw."

Arthur sighed and smiled at Merlin. "I'm going to marry her."

"Oh?" Merlin asked, feeling his heart break at those words.


Merlin sighed and helped Arthur into his chambers and started to undress the Prince. He helped him strip to his breeches and then moved away to turn the bed down so the Prince could get in it.


Merlin turned and felt his eyes widen and drop when he saw that Arthur had freed himself of his breeches and was now stroking his hard cock. "Arthur-"

"I want you Merlin."

Merlin stood still as Arthur slowly walked over to him. "I have noticed you watching me all night Merlin."

"I am always watching you Arthur."

"Not in the way you did tonight." Arthur stopped when he was inches from Merlin. "Please Merlin."

Merlin looked into the lust filled eyes and knew that this will be his one and only chance with Arthur so he nodded.

Arthur seeing the nod, wasted no time and opened his arms, pulling Merlin in and started to kiss him, stripping Merlin of his clothes, parting lips only long enough for Merlin's top to go over his head.

Joining lips once more, Arthur quickly started to undo Merlin's breeches, pulling them down along with his underwear. Merlin kicked his boots off and held Arthur as he walked backwards, falling onto the bed, the blond falling on top of him, both moaning when their erections touched.

"Please Arthur."

Arthur gasped when he saw Merlin's eyes glow gold. "What did you do?"

"Prepared myself. I want you Arthur."

Arthur moved them about and pinned Merlin to the bed, whispering in his ear, licking the shell and gently biting the lobe as he lined his cock up and thrust forwards. "Oh gods Arthur."


"Fantastic. Don't stop. Please."

Arthur smiled and held Merlin's legs, moving them so they encircled his waist.

"Touch me, please." Merlin moaned, biting his bottom lip as he thrust upwards, meeting the Princes thrusts that were getting faster and faster, the bed moving with them, banging loudly against the wall as Arthur's hand around Merlin's cock got faster. "Cum Merlin."

Merlin reached up and pulled Arthur's head down, joining their lips which caused Arthur to slow his thrusting but not the pumping of the sorcerers cock. Once they joined lips, Merlin came, screaming into Arthur's mouth.

Arthur moved his mouth away and carried on thrusting and lost it and came screaming Merlin's name when he felt Merlin clench around him.

Merlin's eyes glowed gold and the mess between them vanished and Arthur dropped down onto Merlin and held him close as he covered them both up. "Mine Merlin."

"Yours Arthur." Merlin whispered back, falling asleep seconds later in the blond's arms.

The next morning Merlin woke up in Arthur's arm and smiled at the feeling, he knew he would never get to wake up like this again so he decided to stay there and enjoy it for as long as he could.

After about ten minutes when he felt Arthur start to stir, he closed his eyes and feigned sleep to see what the Prince would do.

Arthur moaned as he woke and looked down and smiled when he saw Merlin asleep in his arms.

Merlin felt Arthur pull him closer to him and hold him tight, placing a small kiss on his shoulder before he moved back and shook him awake. "Mm?"

"Merlin. Wake up."

Merlin groaned and turned his head looking over his shoulder at the blond. "Arthur. Oh last night."

"Yes Merlin. And I am sorry. I shouldn't have taken advantage of you like that and I am sorry. I think we should forget about it and just move on."

Merlin sat up, his back to Arthur and answered when he was sure Arthur couldn't see his face. "I agree." Merlin bent forwards and put his breeches on, only standing from the bed to pull them up. So fast that Arthur who was hoping to catch Merlin in his naked state one more time, missed him as Merlin covered his self too quickly.

"I'll get your breakfast Arthur."

"Merlin-" Arthur started but Merlin walked from the room and shut the door behind him, leaning against the wooden door. Only then did Merlin let his tears fall.

If Arthur thought everything would be alright after that night, he couldn't be more wrong. For the first few days Merlin did his best to avoid him, act himself in front of others and then shut down when it was just the two of them. Arthur had had enough and surprised Merlin by entering his chambers and locking them behind him.

"Arthur what are you doing?"

"The only thing I can think of as this is driving me crazy Merlin."

"What is?"

"Us. Merlin since that night all you have done is avoid me and spoke when spoken to. You act like you when we are in company so no one knows but Merlin this is driving me crazy. I want my friend back."

"I never left."

"Come off it Merlin. Since the morning after you have been different."

"Since you told me to forget all about it and move on."

Arthur narrowed his eyes. "I knew you weren't fine with it. I just knew it."

"If you knew it then why didn't you say anything?"

"What would that solve? Nothing. That's what it would solve because you would just be in denial and plaster that grin on your face saying everything is alright when it isn't." Arthur sighed when Merlin turned his back and continued to scrub the floor. "Merlin why did you agree when you didn't want to."

"It was your suggestion Arthur and as Prince and me your servant I go by what you say."

"Not always you don't Merlin. You never do what I say so why was this time different."

"Because this time it would be best for everyone if I did do as you say."

"Merlin. Do you feel more for me then friendship?"

Merlin scoffed. "You sure think a lot of yourself don't you Arthur."

"Then what is it? Merlin please I am at my wits end."

"It is nothing to do with you. This is my problem, no one else's."


"Yes. My problem and I will deal with it my own way."

"And it has nothing to do with me?"

Merlin put his brave face on and stood up, turning to face Arthur. "No Arthur. This is just something that is going on with me." Merlin couldn't tell the prat he loved him. Arthur said it himself that night that he was going to marry that Princess who could give him everything. What could he give Arthur?

"You know I am sometimes like this when something only I can sort out is bothering me don't you."

"I do."

"And what do you normally do?"

"After talking to you I leave you to it and eventually you sort it out."

"Exactly. You have talked to me now so you know what is to come next."

Arthur nodded and smiled. "As long as you are alright Merlin."

"I'm fine. Honestly."

Arthur smiled and hugged Merlin briefly before leaving his chambers, Merlin dropping to his knees when the door closed behind the blond Prince.

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