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Summary: After discovering a shocking truth, Merlin leaves Camelot with Arthur believing because Hunith is very ill. After receiving letters over the growing weeks that Hunith is getting worse, Imagine the shock when a healthy Hunith turns up in Camelot informing the Prince it is Merlin who's dying.

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After a few more dances and listening to Uther, Balinor, Hunith and Ygraine give speeches it was time for Merlin and Arthur to cut the cake.

"Who will be giving a speech after the cake has been cut?" Ygraine asked.

"I will mother."

The servants brought out the three-tier wedding cake and the guests gasped at its beauty. There stood on a three stand tier were beautiful white cakes, each one smaller than the first, white icing covered all three, blue icing covering the rim of each cake, the bottom of each cake had a rich red ribbon that went all the way around, finishing at the front with a bow, each cake topped with three roses.

Together, Merlin and Arthur each held the others hand, a knife in their grip as they cut their cake before sharing a slow and loving kiss which made everyone cheer and applaud.

When they heard shouts of 'speech' both Arthur and Merlin let go of the knife and Arthur took Merlin's left hand firmly in his. "I would like to thank each and every one of you for being here and celebrating what will be one of the most memorable days of our lives. I especially want to thank my husband. Thank him for everything he has done. He knows everything about me and loves me just the same. I do admit I have my faults, yet Merlin still agreed to marry me. I am extremely lucky today to be the one to marry you Merlin and I hope this is the start of many happy years together Merlin-Merlin!" Arthur finished, looking at Merlin in surprise.

Everyone looking to what Arthur saw, began to laugh. "Baby needs food." Merlin answered as best he could with his mouth full of cake. He turned and looked at a servant standing nearby. "Can you get me some pickles to go with this please?"

It was after the speeches that Merlin and Arthur thanked everyone again for coming and celebrating their special day with them before retiring for the night. When the doors closed firmly behind the now married couple they both heard the music starting up again. "I hope they don't leave the party too soon." Merlin said, his arm around Arthur's waist who had his arm around Merlin's shoulders.

"Why is that sweetheart?"

"The only one I want to hear me scream Arthur is you."

"And scream you will."

Upon entering their chambers Arthur locked the doors behind them then turned to face his husband whose eyes flashed gold and within seconds they were both stood facing each other naked. "I really do love that spell sweetheart."

Arthur slowly walked up to Merlin and cupped his face. "The only thing I am not going to like about tonight is not being able to see you and face you when we make love."

Merlin stroked his stomach and kissed Arthur. "It can't be helped Arthur. As long as you are giving me the pleasure I know you will be giving me and you have me in your arms I am happy."

"I love you Merlin."

"I love you too Arthur." staring into the Prince's eyes, Merlin placed a hand on the blonds cheek. "Make love to me." he whispered.

Guiding the sorcerer over to the bed, Arthur laid him down and picked up the small bottle of oil, coating his fingers. "Knees up and apart baby, feet placed flat on the bed."

Merlin did as he was told and watched as Arthur got on to his knees and sat, his arse cheeks on the heels of his feet, looking down at the view in front of him. "Now that is a gorgeous view."

"I'll take your word for it, I haven't seen my cock in months."


"Yes Arthur. Just...please."

Arthur smiled and slowly pushed one finger into Merlin, smiling as he saw Merlin's hole suck on his finger greedily.

Using his free hand, Arthur curled his fingers around his sorcerer's hardened cock and slowly started to stroke as he added a second finger, watching from where his hands were and what they were doing to looking up at Merlin to see what his actions were doing to him.

Merlin was biting his bottom lip, making fists and scrunching the bed sheets. "Don't hold back sweetheart, do what you feel."

Merlin let go of his lip and moaned loudly, his eyes opening and locking with Arthur's as he started to move up and down on Arthur's fingers, wanting more.

"You want more?"

"Yes. Please Arthur. I need...I need..."

"What do you need Merlin?"

"You in me. Please."

Arthur pulled his fingers out and gently rolled Merlin on to his side. Getting up close behind him, Arthur took his cock in hand and was about to thrust forwards when Merlin spoke. "Stop."


Merlin said nothing but whispered an incantation and Arthur watched as their tall stand up mirror flew through the air and stopped by the side of the bed, Arthur looked into the mirror and saw Merlin staring back at him. "Now you can see my face as you thrust into me, watch as the pleasure you give me crosses my face as I scream your name love."

Arthur groaned and thrust hard into Merlin who screamed when Arthur's cock hit his prostate. "Oh fuck Arthur. Do that again."

And Arthur did. One arm going under Merlin and the other going over him as he once more took the brunets cock in hand, giving the hard shaft hard tugs before slow strokes, his thrusting never slowly down.

Merlin looked into the mirror, fisting the pillow his head was resting on and watched Arthur behind him as he buried his face into his neck. Merlin stretched his neck, giving his husband more access, groaning when he felt Arthur's teeth sink into him before the spot was soothed by a hot tongue and soft lips, Merlin practically screamed when the fingers of the hand of the arm that was under him, brush gently over his sensitive nipple.

Keeping his left hand fisting the pillow, Merlin moved his right arm back and placed his hand on Arthur's arse, stroking the cheek, Merlin pulled his hand back and dropped it, a slap sounding the room as his palm made contact with Arthur's cheek.

"Of fuck Merlin." Arthur growled as he sped up his thrusts, squeezing the brunets cock and pumping it fast, in time with his thrusts.

"Arthur... Arthur I need to cum."

"Cum sweetheart." Arthur moaned.

And Merlin did, screaming Arthur's name as he came all over the blonds hand and the bed, his eyes never leaving Arthur's in the mirror, Merlin watching closely as Arthur lost it and came deep inside of Merlin, screaming the sorcerer's name.

Arthur dropped his head onto the pillow behind Merlin and slowly let go of his cock, gently pulling out of the sorcerer. Merlin used an incantation to put the mirror back and to clean them both up.

Panting Merlin turned over in Arthur's arms to face him, pushing the blond onto his back and resting his head on the hard, toned shoulder, his arm going across the taut stomach. "My husband likes to be spanked."

"Shut up Merlin."

Merlin laughed and placed his lips upon the chest he was resting on. "I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin, so much." Wrapping his arms around the brunet, kissing the top of his head. "Sleep sweetheart."

It was only when Merlin's breathing evened out to show he was asleep did Arthur fall asleep, a smile on his face as he felt his daughter kick his side, her way of saying goodnight to her papa, Arthur liked to think.

It was two weeks later and Merlin was now only nineteen days away from his due date, being this close Arthur got more overprotective and didn't let Merlin leave the castle, Merlin was going to protest but seeing how much Arthur worried for him, he agreed, happy when he saw how happy his agreement made Arthur.

Staying in the castle as much as he loved it, there was a downside. He was bored. He needed to be doing something, anything. Uther seeing this suggested to Arthur for Merlin to join them in counsel meetings and ask for his opinion as he would then feel involved and happy to be doing something.

Of course when Arthur told his husband this it very quickly led to Merlin pulling Arthur's breeches down and sucking him hard, swallowing all he had to give.

"I take it you are happy?" Arthur panted.

"Oh yes. When is the counsel meeting?"

"In one hour."

"I have time for-"

"Yes Merlin you have time to eat. Honestly I have never seen you eat so much."

"Well you can tell she is definitely your daughter as it is her wanting food and you are either eating, sleeping or shagging me. Whereas she is either, eating, sleeping or kicking me. She is definitely her papa's daughter."

After they had eaten, Arthur helped Merlin to his feet and held on to him as they made their way to the throne room. "What is the counsel about?"

"There are bandits terrorising some villages and we need to get in front of them and stop them before they strike again, last village they attacked they got Mary, she is alright, her husband brought her here and Gaius treated her, she is now recovering."

Merlin nodded and walked into the throne room with Arthur, kissing him in thanks when he helped him sit.

Halfway through this meeting Merlin stood up. "Wait. These bandits, you say you sent knights out and they fought them but couldn't as they had magic." Merlin looked down the table at Gwaine and Percival. "Can you describe them?"

Both knights nodded and set about describing them. "I know who they are. When Arthur used to go on patrol and I went with him I always checked on those who had magic with me having magic myself."

Merlin opened the map and spread it across the table. "Arthur hand me your sword, I can't reach with my stomach."

Arthur did so and everyone watched as Merlin pointed out each village where the sorcerers lived. "They are only attacking the villages where none of them live. You say they attack every two days. They live in these villages here, here, here, here and here." Merlin said pointing to each village on the map with the tip of Arthur's sword. "These are the villages they have attacked and there are only two left. My guess is one of those two villages will be the one they attack next."

Uther looked up and smiled at Merlin before turning to a servant. "Tell all knights to be in here in four hours to plan as they all ride out at dawn."

"That was brilliant sweetheart."

Merlin smiled and was about to reply when he felt wetness seep through his breeches. "Oh Arthur." Merlin gasped, holding his stomach and turning to his husband, panicking slightly but panicked even more when he saw his husband take one look at the wetness where his waters broke before his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Uther rushed round and supported Merlin. "Percival carry Merlin to his chambers, Gwaine fetch Gaius and tell him the baby is coming early."

Gwaine nodded and fled the throne room whilst Percival picked Merlin up and Uther hauled his son up before lifting him up and over his shoulder, following Percival as he quickly carried Merlin to his chambers.

"Someone wake him up please." Merlin cried through the pain.

Just then Gaius walked into the room and uncapped a vial and wafted it under Arthur's nose who coughed and sat up. He looked around before spotting Merlin and took his hand in his. "Merlin sweetheart."

"She wants to come and meet us Arthur."

Arthur nodded and kissed Merlin's forehead and faced Gaius. "How does this work?"

"I will give Merlin a potion that will make him sleep and be unable to feel anything, I will then cut him open and get the baby out."

"Is that safe?"

"Yes Arthur. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't."

After Merlin took the potion and fell asleep in Arthur's arms, everyone left the room and it was just Merlin, Arthur and the old physician.

Just under two hours later, Arthur opened the chamber doors and Ygraine and Morgana and Leon looked up as Uther stopped pacing, all looking at Arthur who was beaming. "I have a daughter."

Ygraine and Morgana hugged Arthur close. Uther and Leon shaking his hand and congratulating him.

"Want to meet her?" At everyone's nod Arthur led them all into his and Merlin's chambers where Gaius was just packing away and Merlin was sat up in bed with his daughter in his arms, the biggest smile on his face.

Arthur sat next to Merlin kissing his temple and putting his arm around him. "Merlin I must say you look really well considering what you have just been through." Morgana said.

"I have healed myself with magic; I am just a bit tender that's all."

Morgana and Leon stood beside Arthur and looked across and Ygraine and Uther stood beside Merlin looking down at their granddaughter. "What is her name?" Uther asked.

"Catherine." Merlin whispered, pulling the blanket back slightly, letting everyone see his daughter more. She had dark blond hair and Merlin's mouth but Arthur's looks, opening her eyes they all saw she had piercing blue ones like her parents.

"She is gorgeous. You both must be so proud." Uther praised.

After their daughter had been passed around and cooed over they all left the new parents to it.

That night after their daughter was fed, bathed and asleep, Arthur climbed into bed next to Merlin, gathering his husband in his arms. "I am so proud of you Merlin."

"I have added to the locket you gave me."

Arthur looked and saw it now said 'Princess' followed by her name. "Thank you for making me the happiest man alive Arthur."

"You took the words right out of my mouth. I never thought I could be this happy. I love you so much sweetheart."

"I love you too Arthur."

Wrapped in each other's arms, they both shared a tender and loving kiss before getting comfortable in each other's arms, waiting for sleep to take them, Merlin smiling, ecstatic that Arthur found out his secret as it gave him his happy ending.

The end.

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