Happy Thanksgiving, Fanfiction world! This story just popped into my head!

Disclaimer: if I owned the Hunger Games, Team Gale would win :)

Katniss sighed and stretched. It was another cold November day in the Seam of District Twelve. She sighed and shoved Buttercup off of her boots and dumped him on Prim's bed. Prim sighed and wrapped her arm around the beast and snuggled in his fur. Katniss laced up her boots and went out into the living / dining room. Prim had left her some cheese which she ate half before taking some for Gale.

Katniss looked for Gale once she crawled under the fence. He was wearing his cargo pants slung low on his hips and his shirt tied around his waist. A thin sheen of sweat covered his pecs and perfect six-pack abs. "I just got done setting the traps." He said before drinking out of a canteen of water.

"Oh ok." Katniss said. "Um - Gale, aren't you cold?" He shrugged.

"Nah. Ya get warm setting up traps." And you're so hot afterwards, Katniss thought licking her lips. She took his shirt from around his waist and wiped down his front before accidentally / on purpose running her fingers down his muscles. "Thanks." Gale grunted. They began walking through the woods looking for animals and listening for any prey caught in Gale's traps. Gale was silent as he listened and contemplated his Catnip, meals for his family, Catnip, and how much he hated the Capitol. Katniss contemplated Gale, Gale's muscles, Prim, and whether she should make herself some new arrows.

Gobble! Katniss's ears perked up. She held out her hand to stop Gale. Slowly she lifted her bow and arrow as a fat brown turkey waddled across the grass. Gobble! It said a little louder. It blinked and looked at the two humans before wiggling its red things hanging from its beak at them. Gale picked up his bow and arrow. GOBBLE! The turkey began waddling away.


GAWK! The turkey sqwawked in pain as an arrow went through a wing it had lifted.

"DAMN!" Gale groaned before Katniss smacked him hard in the abs. The turkey was now waddling and trying to fly away while gobbling quite loudly. Katniss aimed and got the turkey through the neck.

GAWK! GOBBLE! GAAAAAWK! The turkey squealed.

"It's not dead yet, Catnip!" Gale gasped.

"Ya think, Gale?" Katniss asked rolling her eyes. She sank another arrow in its eye as it turned around. The turkey cocked its head before letting out one more loud GOBBLE before it fell to the ground. She pulled the arrows out and shoved it in her game bag.

"HEY!" Gale yelped. "I arrowed it first!"

"Find your own!" Katniss retorted. "I killed it." Gale sighed. Just then another turkey waddled quickly into view gobbling loudly for its friend who obviously wasn't answering. Gale raised his bow and arrow before shooting at it.

"I MISSED!" Gale groaned. He chased it to one of his traps. The turkey was caught around one of its legs before being lifted up two feet off the ground. It was squealing and skwaking loudly before another arrow went through its head. "CATNIP!" Gale yelped.

"It's still yours, Gale!" Katniss said rolling her eyes. They plucked the feathers of both birds to sell at the hob. "Well, happy Turkey Day." Gale smiled before wrapping his hunting partner in a hug.

"Happy Turkey Day to you, Catnip." He said in her ear before they walked hand in hand back to the district.