* Please Review! So this is based on a movie called Bad Seed with Norman Reedus and Luke Wilson. In the movie, Reedus, Jonathan is the character name, has an affair with a married woman, Luke Wilson's wife. She ends up getting killed with each man thinking the other did it and they after each other. Jonathan ( Reedus) just completely falls in love with the woman when he first sees her. He thinks she is beautiful and amazing. He owns a bakery and takes care of his mental challenged brother, Art. Art has the mind of a seven year old. In the movie, something Jonathan does over and over again is write in a journal and it is read throughout the movie so that will come through my writing. If anyone wants to see the movie, pm and I will send you the link to it where you can watch it online. It's actually really sad. If you have any questions about the movie's plot pm me. This story is for knyte!

Aug. 3

Today I had to go to the accountant's office, boring. I was sitting in the waiting room when a young woman walked in. She was beautiful. Not like sexy beautiful but natural beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her while she sat across the room from me. Her hair looked like the color gold. She had it braided and it sat just over her right shoulder. She was messing around with her phone so I don't think she saw me staring.

I really wanted to talk to her but what was I supposed to say? Hey, I see you sitting over there, I think you're stunning, let's go out. By the way, I own a bakery and take care of my mentally slow brother who lives with me so I hope that doesn't creep you out. Yeah, no. I know my brother is a lot for women to deal with, hell, he's alot for me to deal with.

Aug 4

I had to go back to the accountant's office today. She was there. I sat at the cubicle next to the one she was at. Her name is Elliot. Elliot Nichols and when she rattled off her number to the accountant, I copied it down. I know I shouldn't have done that but ever since I first saw her, I just can't stop thinking about her. Her face is so delicate looking and I bet her skin is soft.

Elliot was washing the dinner dishes when her phone went off in her back pocket. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. It was just her friends, wanting to go out again but she had already said no. She couldn't. She had a bruise on her cheek that no amount of make-up would cover it. They would see it and know. Then they would yell at her about it. She just couldn't leave him. Elliot grabbed a towel and started drying off her hands. She tossed it to the counter and dug her phone out.

' Hi.' She frowned at the unknown number.

' Who is this?' She texted back.

' No one you know.' Was the answer.

' Than why are you texting me?' She answered.

' Good question. I saw you out, two days in a row and I thought you beautiful.' Elliot frowned as she walked out of her kitchen.

' And how did you get my number?' She asked, sliding the chain lock into place.

' You and I go to the same accountant office. I heard you give your number to the accountant. Creepy, I know.' Was the answer.

' It is creepy.' Elliot answered. " Madison!" She called out to her chocolate Lab.

' I'm sorry. I just really thought you were beautiful and I was too nervous to say anything to you.' Jonathan tapped against his lower bottom lip why he wanted for her to answer him. He prayed she wasn't completely weirded out by him.

' Lol, you're funny. No one is that beautiful. ' Jonathan smiled.

' You are.' He answered. He could because texting was easier than talking.

To his delight, they texted back and forth until she went to bed.

Aug 7

Elliot came into the bakery today. I had to wait on her. My heart was in my throat. I was sure she knew it had been me texting her.

Jonathan was wiping down a counter when the small bell over the bakery's front door chimed. He looked up and paused in his movements. Elliot walked in, making his pulse shoot up into his throat. He swallowed, trying to will his heartbeat to slow. He drew in a deep, sharp breath, hoping the blush he had would fade before she reached the counter.

' Holy fuck.' He whispered to himself. ' Holy fuck.' He brushed his hands against his apron then untied it and quickly stashed it under the counter. He stared at her while she stared at the menu above his head. He made his way over to her with his stomach in knots.

" Ah, hi." He said, making her jump and look at him. Jonathan felt himself frown. There was a fading bruise on her cheek. " Hi." He found himself saying again.

" Hello." She said. Her voice was incredible. It was warm, soft, and gave him goose bumps.

" Can I get you something?" Jonathan asked.

" Yeah, just a coffee, please." She said.

" Cream?" He asked, pushing a lock of of his dark hair out of his eyes.

" Yeah, thank you." He smiled and gave her his back. He moved to the counter straight ahead of him and grabbed a cup down from one of the shelve.

" How much cream?" Jonathan asked.

" 4." Was her answer.

Quickly, he poured out her coffee then added the cream. He didn't usually do that. Usually, he let the customer add their own stuff but he needed to keep his back to her, just a little longer. His hands were shaking and he was nervous. He needed to calm down. When the coffee was ready, he closed his eyes and tried to breath deep. She couldn't know it had been him she had been talking too. When Jonathan felt more steady, he turned around and smiled.

" On the house." He said, setting the coffee down in front of her.

" What?" She asked.

" On the house. You're new here, right?"

" Yeah, I am." Elliot said. " How did you know that?"

" I work here every day. I know who comes and doesn't and I have never seen you here before." Jonathan said.

" I can't take this for free." She said.

" Yes, you can. You want to pay for coffee then come back." He said. Elliot smiled and even laughed softly.

" Thank you." She said.

" No problem." He pushed it towards her.

I pretended to keep wiping down the counter and straightening things up while she sat by the window and drank her coffee. She looked upset, sad. I think she started to cry a few times because I saw her wiping at her eyes. I wanted to say something to her but I didn't. I wondered about that bruise on her skin and wondered if that was why she was crying.

' Hi.' Elliot found herself smiling down at her phone.

' Hello.' She answered her unknown texter.

' How are you today?' She bit into her bottom lip and looked out the window. She closed her eyes, sighing as she did it.

' I have been better.'

' What's wrong?' Elliot felt her eyes well up but she shook her head. She refused to cry again.

' Just a tough couple of days. So what's your name?'

' You want my name?' He was answering her so fast, she had wonder what he was doing, if he was a he at all.

' Yeah. I have a feeling that you are going to keep texting me.' Jonathan watched her texting him with a small smile on her face. He turned away from her so she won't see him checking his phone.

' Casey. My name is Casey.' He answered. It wasn't a lie. It was his last name.

' Hi, Casey.' She texted.

' Hi, Elliot.'

She spent the morning in the shop, texting me without knowing I was standing across from her. She was funny and it was hard not to laugh at some of the things she was saying. We joked around through the texts. In person, she kept trying to give me money for the coffee every time I refilled it but I didn't take it. When she left, I went to clean the table and saw that she had left it anyway. I hope she comes in again. I kind of like looking at her.

' Thank you for making my day bright.' Jonathan grinned down at his phone while he made his brother some dinner.

' You made my day good too, Elliot. I like talking to you.'

' I like talking to you too. I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow?' Jonathan nodded to himself at he message.

' You want me to text you tomorrow too?' He asked.

' Yes.' Elliot's answer made his heart race. ' Please. You made me laugh and I havent laughed in a while.'

' You got it. Have a good night.' Jonathan answered.

' Good night.' She said.