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People say the first year of marriage is the toughest but it has been nothing compared to our first few days. Tonight, I am ordering dinner in for my beautiful wife. It's our anniversary and we are spending it in, not that I mind. She's not ready to go out yet and I love being at home. I don't even want to go to work this morning but she's making me. I have had two weeks off now, they need me, she said.

Jonathan stomped his legs against their welcoming matt, kicking off the snow that had fallen so early. He opened the door quietly, stepped in and shut it to fend off the cold. He shrugged his jacket off and hung it up before he hurried through the house. The TV was playing softly from his living room, telling him right where he was wife was resting. With a grin, he rounded the corner and stepping into the living room, catching her eyes.

" Hey." She said.

" Hey. How are you feeling?" Jonathan asked, coming forward. Elliot's legs were resting on the coffee table and she was snuggled deep into her favorite blanket.

" I'm okay. Dick let me nap." Elliot said. Jonathan hurried around the coffee table then bent down when he reached her. He placed the knuckles of his left hand under her chin, tilted her head up and kissed her lightly.

" Good." He whispered. " Can I have him?" Elliot smiled and nodded.

" Yeah. He's all fed and changed, just been waiting for his daddy." Jonathan placed one hand under the two week old's head and the other under his butt. The baby grunted while Jonathan brought him to his chest.

" What are you grunting for, AJ?" He asked. He turned and sank down next to his wife. He settled the infant against him then kissed the top of his head. " Where is Dick?"

" Walking the dog. You know, I don't need him here. I can take care of AJ alone." She said.

" You're healing. In four weeks, Dick can go back to his work, besides, he loves this little guy." Jonathan said as the sounds of sharp nails on hard wood floor greeted them, telling the couple the walk was over.

" I do love him, even though he pissed all over me today." Dick said as he followed the yellow lab into the room. " You two have fun tonight. I'm taking off. I need to cash in some favors." He strolled forward and bend down when he reached Jonathan and AJ. " Arthur Jonathan Casey, no peeing on Uncle Dick tomorrow. Got it?" He said before he kissed the top of the baby's head. He leaned over Jonathan and kissed Elliot's forehead.

" I will see you in the morning, Sweetheart." He said. The couple muttered their goodbyes while staring at their newborn. Elliot leaned into Jonathan as their front door closed. Jonathan was smiling and rubbing the baby's cheek.

" Are you upset?" She asked. Jonathan pulled the baby away from his chest so he could bring AJ to his face.

" How could I be upset?" He asked as he rubbed his nose against his son's.

" Because it's our anniversary and we can't have sex." As the baby sighed, Jonathan kissed his cheek then settled the baby into him again. He smiled and looked at his wife.

" Are you kidding me? I am anything but upset. I have my wife, a baby, and a new pup." Jonathan put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into him. " I am very happy." He said. She smiled and rubbed her face against his chest.

" I love you." She whispered.

" I love you too." Jonathan said.

The little family cuddled up together on the couch. Wife nestled into husband, son cuddle up into father tiny tummy to broad chest. Little Arthur's legs were draw up and his hands were holding tiny handfuls of Jonathan's shirt. While the parents talked and watched TV, their new pup laid on the floor by Elliot. Jonathan's fingertips lightly rubbed AJ's back while he kissed the baby's soft hair. Was he upset that they couldn't have sex? No, not when the reason was the prefect mixture of the two of them sleeping on his chest.