Chapter 1.

I was in school not paying attention, like always, but instead of thinking of what I was going to do when I got home, my mind went right to Niall Horan and Harry Styles. "I wish I could meet them." I said under my breath. My friend Kate looked at me and with sarcasm she said "Niall and Harry?" "you know me so well!"

Both Kate and I were huge One Direction fans. We had all of their posters on our walls and we would have days where we would go to each others houses and just have a One Direction party. I looked at Kate. Kate had short redish brown hair and brown eyes she had on a Forever 21 floral shirt and a black skirt. I started to ask "who is your-" "favorite 1D member?" she finished for me, " Louis." She had never really told me which boy she liked before this moment. I wasn't surprised on her answer. I knew she liked boys who were open with anything and really funny.

An hour later we looked up some of their music and was looking up random things on google. One Direction In Wisconsin 2 Days Only! Kate and I looked at each other in surprisement. "Holly, your good with computers! Some how find a way where we can meet them!" I was looking and looking, almost forgetting what i was doing. "ummm Kate, I just got us backstage passes!" We both screamed and ran down stairs to go tell her parents. I called mine and told them what happened. In 2 weeks, we get to go meet One Direction!