Chapter 2

Its was a week away from the concert. Kate was working on all of her homework trying to get it all done before we left. I just sat there watching her, looking up random facts about Niall and Harry. Kate looked up and yelled, "what are you doing?! You should be finishing your homework!" "haha nah, I'm gonna try and make a design for our shirts. Thats math and writing right there! The facts are history and reading. The songs are english and memorization. So yea I am doing homework if you really think about it." "well yea if you put it that way I guess so, okay haha!"

We continued to do that for another hour or so and we got hungry. "I want NANDOS!", I wailed. Kate looked at me and while laughing said, " yea if we lived in New York or the UK, then you could." we ordered pizza and watched more One Direction videos. 6 more days we counted as the days went on.5 more days…..4 more days…..3 more days…..2 more days…. Tomorrow was the day. We got to meet One Direction!