*Please read* Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Shadows or these characters. I also do not own the book Shattered. This is solely for entertainment purposes. This short scene/chapter is adapted from the book "Shattered", you will not have any idea what is going on if you haven't read the beginning of the book. I like the concept of Angelique not dieing, but I have created my own twist on the story.

Angelique Tells the Family the Truth

Angelique (Still known as "Cassandra" to everyone except for Ardesia and Barnabas) stood with Barnabas in front of the whole family sprawled out over the furniture. Josette exclaimed "What's going on?", as she turned to her father. He looked to Angelique and stated, "Can you explain?". She quickly looked at him and snarled, "No, its your skanky little family, not mine!". He put his face in his hands and said, "Then can you at least start me off?", in a hushed tone.

She glared at the most of the family as they stared back at the two with a confused look on their faces. "Fine", she stated coldly, still keeping her eyes on them. "Ever since the day you were born your family has been constantly lying to you, about your and their true origin and there whole lives in general", she hissed as Barnabas looked up from his hand and gave Angelique a death glare in disapproval, but she continued,"Including the fact that that the three of us", gesturing to Barnabas, Josette (In Victoria's body) and herself "have known each other for what, over 230 years now?".

Everyone's face had a slightly different confused or awed expression, most of the adults looked as if they were fighting back jumping out of their seat and killing her when when angelique turned to leave. Victoria asked, "Who are you?", despite the fact she already knew the answer. Angelique turned around and added, "My name is Angelique Bouchard.", followed by a devilish smile and death glare towards her before magically opening the door and stepping out, Barnabas stood up and turned in her direction. Victoria stepped back in awe and the rest of the family started conversing all at once in a loud hum that filled the room.

Barnabas stepped out into the door frame and shouted to Angelique as she walked down the main hall, "That's not what I meant!". She turned her head to the side and answered back "Too bad. They should know the truth," a sly grin spread across her face as she reached for her jacket and put it over her shoulder and turning around. "Where so you think you're going?", Barnabas scoffed back. She replied, "Out," looking to him "If I stay here they'll go bezerk." and walked to the door. Barnabas simply watched her as she turned around once more and beamed, "It's good to be back".