Strange Family

* Please Note*There is not much intro to this little scene, sorry. It's just a little writing exercise and I thought it was funny. This takes place a while after Dark Shadows ends and everyone's secrets are revealed (May contain spoilers). Sorry for no explanation on how Angelique is alive, this is just a little scene from my imagination.

Elizabeth Stoddard sat in the living room at Collinwood, which been restored after the fire some time ago. Her family was all pretty much in the main living corners, except for Carolyn because it was a full moon. Her eyes wandered around looking at her family. David and Victoria, now a vampire sat talking to what she assumed was Josette and David's mothers ghosts and playfully laughing. Barnabas followed Angelique as she walked by and they approached the door to the Left wing, not used at the time by the family. Angelique just open the doors with a slight nod of the head, despite the fact that the rest of the family couldn't even open it up with a chainsaw. Barnabas didn't seem surprised by the gesture and followed her to what Elizabeth thought used to be the servants quarters. Carolyn came down the stairs with Dr. Hoffman, Carolyn being still in her werewolf form, and Julia a vampire. At that moment she realized that she was the only normal human in the family. But surprisingly that wasn't very strange to her.

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