Sam awoke to knocking. The girl grabbed her knife knowing she couldn't be to careful. Hiding it behind her back she looked though the peaking hole. The was a short gray haired man at the door. She thought he was just a door to door sales man. She yawned and laid back down. She had been with the vampires hunting vampeze all night. She wasn't a vampire though she was a ghost girl with snow white hair and glowing green eyes. But only half the other part was human with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She looked to be about 13 but was about 200 This time the man knocked louder. Larten threw a shoe at her and said "Sam answer the dam door." She got back up and put her knife behind her back. Then opened the door. "Hello madam is your father home. I'm I am with the child protection agent." the man said. Sam raised a brow and thought he was crazy. There were no children here but then realized she looked like a kid and so did Darren. "I'm sorry you must have the wrong room." she said. "Oh is this not the residents of the Hourtson family." "Yes but we're home school." she lied. "Please I will explain. If you get your father. You are Samantha right?" "Yes...sir just a second." she said and slammed the door. "Everyone get your asses up!" she yelled an then with a more hushed tone" Theres a man out side that has our names and room number. Oh and that's not forget that he is with the child protection agents." When that failed she grabbed her knife and threw one a each of the boys. They were all up and dressed in seconds. She smile in satisfaction. Then stepped outside. "Please excuse my father and uncle there eyes are sensitive to the light. So I will have to keep the blinds shut." she said "Very well then" he said stepping in. "Hello I'm vancha." the green haired man said. Sam spied all the weapons sticking out from under the bed. She quickly turn invisable and inched the weapons under the bed. Then sat next to her so called brother. "I'm Darren." the teenage said. He had been badly burned in vampire mountain and didn't look very good. He looked older than me by 3 or 4 years was really about 7 years older. "Hello I'm Lantern." the orange haired vampire said. "So Larten why haven't these children been in school." said. "I didn't know they were enrolled." "Well you must of know." he said showing us the paper work. " Is this not your hand writing?" "Yes but do they really need to go to school." Vancha interrupted. "Just hypothicall and all but what would happen if we didn't go back to school?" Darren asked "Well I would have to come back and if you still refused I would have to call the police." "Well can't our father teach us." Sam said rolling her eyes at the word father. "My dear girl your guardians are not fit to teach your brother or you. If you don't show up at Maller academy by Monday 7am sharp or I will come back." Crash said with a stern tone that made Sam want to rip his head off. "Do you two understand?" as if he were taking to infants. "Yes sir." Darren said quickly. "Yes." Sam said but them heard a muffled sound come from . She almost got up and rip his throat out but managed a "Yes...sir." "Young lady you should learn your manners but I will let it pass sense you haven't been to school to have them." Crash said stand up. It seemed everyone but crash got the memo to stand back. When Sam was mad by all means don't smart off. She reached for under the bed but got pulled back by Vancha. When the man was gone only then did he let go. She now remember her powers and that she could shot him. That made here even more mad. Her eyes glowed bright green. She soon calmed and said "Ok time to kill who ever foraged the papers." "How do you know someone forage them." Darren said mockingly. "Well your to chicken to face me. If you did do it. I didn't and these two can read or write." "They can too!" he stood up for them. "No she's right we are illiterate." Larten said. Putting a confronting hand on Darren's shoulder. "But you said your favorite author was Shakespeare." Darren protested. "Evanna and Sam read them to me." Larten said. "We can't kill who ever foraged the papers anyway." Vancha interrupted "Why not?" Sam pouted "Because we don't know who it is."Larten said. "Who would do that and why? If we go we might be walking in to a trap. " Sam said. "she's right." Vancha said. "I don't care if we go or not." Darren said. "School is gross that's not go! Besides I've been to school more than once and I really rather stay away from those thing." San said. "Then we would run into police looking for us." Larten said."Ugh you know me to well! I hate cops. Hate them with a great passion." Sam said. "Fine I'll go but I won't like it."