She walked out of the apartments and joined the vampires on the roof. Both of them looked upset and worried. "What's wrong?" Sam said. No answered for a minute then Larten broke the ice, " Paris styles is dead." "No he can't be. Is this some sick joke?" Sam yelled. Vancha turned her around and hugged her. "no Sam its not. I just wish it was." Paris was Sam mentor ad the one that had found her. When she was abandoned by her aunt when her mother died. "No, no, no your kiding me and any minute now pairs is going to jump out of a box or something." Sam said balling her eyes out. "Vancha go get Darren before we have..." Larten said. Then Sam's eyes glowed Safire pink and she flew off. She was going to the ghost zone to blow of steam. There were natural portals all around the world. You just have to know where to look. Sometimes she would slip though portals from where she was to the vampire mountain. That is if she could find a portal to vampire mountain. They were harder to find than any thing else. She found one opening in a billboard. The place was dark and cold. There was no set landscape it was just shapes of green and purple. The ghost that live in the ghost zone live in doors that would lead to a different place or islands that just floated around. She was looking for something but she wasn't sure what it was or how to get. She soon grew tired and fell asleep on a small island no bigger than a box spring.