The Sound of Bells

Summary: Ichigo still remembered the day that Suzu Himura came to his school. Some people might find it odd, since he was known to have the worst memory when it came to people. But how could he possibly forget someone who sounded like bells? FEM!Harry, pairing Ichigo/Harry.

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Warnings: FEM! Harry, bashing of the Wizarding World, mention of abuse, some swearing and violence. Separate warnings will be giving for each chapter.

Parings: Ichigo/Suzu (Harry)

Himura means: scarlet village

Suzu means: little bell

No longer a Stranger

For a person who always forgot the names and faces of even his classmates, Ichigo would never forget the person that was Himura Suzu. Reason why? Simple, the first time the fifteen year old entered she looked like no one special. Sure she was obviously foreign with her slightly tanned skin and the way she was build. The girl was slim and not too tall, but taller then most girls he knew. She kept moving her hand towards her face as if she was used to wearing glasses or something. Her pitch black hair was even messier then Tatsuki's, but the most startling were the bright green eyes which seemed to glow under her fringe. And if that wasn't enough, the moment Himura moved towards her assigned desk behind Ichigo, the orange haired fifteen year old was sure that he could hear bells as the raven haired walked past.

Himura was silent most of the time, but according to Tatsuki the new girl was easy to like. She joked with Ogawa, commented Inoue about her cooking skills and even asked Tatsuki about the dojo. Quiet Himura quickly turned into one of the more popular girls in school. Especially the boys liked to ogle at her, but she ignored the attention in favour for talking with the other girls in the class. At least that was how it looked like from Ichigo's point of view. Tatsuki had even asked him if he was feeling alright because he was spending most of his time observing the new girl. Even if it was awkward with her sitting behind him.

After observing her for a month he still hadn't approached her. Keigo and Michiro had tried to approach her. I said tried because Himura was always surrounded by the other girls, so the two flirts (well, Keigo is more a fool then a flirt) had been kept at a distance. Today it seemed as if Michiro had finally succeeded though. Ichigo spotted his friend talking with the new girl with all the charm he possessed. "You better watch yourself," Ichigo said as he walked towards them. "He is a real womanizer."

Silver bells echoed through the classroom as she laughed, her green eyes sparkling with mirth. Michiro pouted. "That's mean Ichigo. Don't pay him any mind Himura-chan."

"I'm sure it's all not as bad as it seems." Her voice had a calming effect on Ichigo and he felt his shoulders relax slightly. "I believe we haven't been introduced yet. My name is Himura Suzu, it's good to meet you." Her bow was polite and almost apologetic.

Ichigo blinked at the strange feeling he got when she introduced herself. Michiro elbowed him in the ribs and he quickly bowed back. "Kurosaki Ichigo. Nice to meet you too, Himura-san."

She was smiling brightly again. "So you are the famous Kurosaki Ichigo-san. Arisawa-san speaks very highly of you." Ichigo was surprised at that. Tatsuki talked about him? Probably about the amount of times she had kicked his arse in the dojo. She did hold the record. "I asked her about the dojo in town. Arisawa-san said I should ask you too if I was still doubtful about going there."

Ichigo tried not to show his surprise, he had been friends with a martial arts freak for years after all. "You interested in martial arts then?" She did seem to be fit and that in combination with her being as slim as she was, she could become lethal. If she wasn't already. It was now that Ichigo noticed that Himura's entire body seemed to be covered in fabric apart from her fingers and face. Underneath her school uniform she was wearing something with long enough sleeves to cover her hands as well. Her legs and feet were covered in long socks or leggings which reached till her school skirt. Her shoes were simple flats with a slight heel. Basic standard shoes which most of the girls wore to school and even his sisters seemed to like.

A hard and closed off look appeared in her eyes, but her kind smile remained. "It seems I am ill suited for other sport apart from the ones which required a bit more then running around." Amusement appeared in her eyes again, and it seemed to be a bit of self-loathing too. "Cold and dreary Britain is only known for its ball sports and pub brawls."

Michiro chuckled. Unsure of how to respond Ichigo just blinked before choosing to glance to his left. Chad, the giant of Karakura High, approached them with a curious expression on his usually blank face. "Yoh Chad, how's it going?"

Chad just nodded and stared questioningly at the new girl. It was Michiro, again, who introduced Himura to Chad. The gentle giant was his usual silent self, only nodding and making non-commented noises every now and again, shortening his sentences so he wouldn't have to speak that much. Himura seemed interested in him though, maybe because Chad used to live in Mexico that she was 'happy' to meet another 'foreigner'. Even if Chad lived in Japan before actually going to Mexico and moving back. She surprised them all by starting a conversation with Chad in Spanish. The conversation didn't last very long and the gentle giant of Karakura High seemed slightly flustered by her questions (or whatever it was she was saying). They were interrupted by the arrival of Inoue and Tatsuki, the latter claiming Himura after a curious look in Ichigo's direction.

Ichigo was slightly relieved to see the girl leave with his best female friend and Inoue. The strange bells still sounded through the classroom every time she moved and even when she laughed and spoke the silver bells rang through his head. The orange head could have sworn he had seen something else in those emerald green eyes. Something beyond the mask of cheerfulness and behind all the pain. He probably shouldn't dwell too much on it.

The day passed quietly and without incident, a nice change for Ichigo as he was usually tormented by gang members who had it in for him because of his bright hair. But today nothing happened, even the spirits seemed quiet today. Their usual haunting places were abandoned and with every ornament placed, silver bells had been added. Ichigo was almost certain that Himura had something to do with it. Not that he could prove any of it, he was just happy that the spirits seemed to have found peace, even if it would probably only be for one night.

"Ichi-nii," Karin greeted him the moment he entered the house. She sounded cheerful, different then her usual attitude. Yuzu was the cheerful and upbeat one together with their father. "Welcome home nii-san," Yuzu called from the kitchen, just as upbeat as her twin. The smell of her cooking greeted Ichigo in the kitchen and he wondered what had made them this cheerful. He dodged the flying kick from his father, who greeted him with his usual battle cry, only to land outside as the door was still open. Isshin quickly got up for another attack, but Ichigo already moved himself into the living room.

"You seem in a good mood Karin," Ichigo muttered as he watched work in the kitchen. Usually only Yuzu did the cooking, but for some reason Karin continued to help her twin, even if she was a little clumsy. The raven head nodded with a grin plastered on her face. "We totally kicked butt at football today!" No wonder she was so happy, but he could see that even she felt the loss of weight now that the ghosts in the area had disappeared (even if it would probably only be for today).

"I told you I'm fine," a familiar voice sounded from the door, making the three siblings turn to watch their father enter the living room, closely followed by Chad. He was holding the new girl in his arms, probably not even bother by the weight, and she seemed to be pouting. It was a cute sight… he did so not just thought that. Fighting down a blush Ichigo focussed his attention on Chad, giving the gentle giant a confused look. "Chad, what happened?" Ichigo asked, surprise clear in his voice.

"Hello Kurosaki-san, how are you?" Himura said cheerfully as if she wasn't just carried into a house of a doctor. The sound of bells echoed through their living room. "Sorry to intrude but Sado-san insisted in either the hospital or the clinic. I wanted to go home instead, but as you can see I'm not in much of a position to protest. Thank you Sado-san. You can put me down now." While she was smiling up at him, Chad kept her in his arms.

"Are you quite sure Himura-san?" he asked, looking at Isshin who had returned with his standard first aid kit. Isshin gestured towards the couch. "Place her here for now." Chad nodded, ignoring Himura's protests and placed her gently on the couch. "Now let's see that injury again young lady."

The side of her face which had been hidden by Chad's chest was finally revealed, showing an angry red mark on the side of her face and a cut just above her eyebrow. Her eyes had dulled slightly as she watched the first aid kit wearily and she winched when she moved to sit more comfortably. "Thank you for bringing her here Sado-san. Ichigo, why don't you see your friend out. Karin could you help me."

"Gracias Sado-san, hasta mañana en la escuela*," Himura said with a smile and a wave as Ichigo guided his friend back to the door. He nodded to her, then to the Kurosaki family before following Ichigo to the door. "What happened? And no cutting stories this time," Ichigo whispered as they were standing just outside, giving them enough privacy for the conversation.

Chad shrugged. "Didn't ask," he said softly with a slight frown of his own. "I found her a few blocks from here. She was already injured. She didn't say what happened."

Ichigo's own frown deepened. "Himura looks like she's been attacked though."

Chad nodded sharply. "She won't tell." He turned abruptly, like he always does. "Till tomorrow." Was all he said before he walked away. Ichigo stared after him. Had Himura been attacked? But she had only been here a month or so, so why now? Had she done something to annoy whoever it was that attacked her, if she even had been attacked. It looked like an attack though, not like a trip-and-fall.

"But you'll ruin them," Yuzu's voice came from the kitchen as Ichigo stepped back inside. "Don't worry about it," Himura answered and the orange head could almost here the shrug in her tone. "I have loads more at home. I'll do it." He wasn't sure if it was a good idea to enter now as he heard the sound of fabric being cut by scissors. Ichigo entered anyway. If she had wanted more privacy he was sure Himura would have been moved to the clinic by now.

He quickly looked away as he noticed what she was cutting. "I think I'll be in my room," Ichigo muttered to the room. "Call me when dinner is ready."

"Don't leave on my account," Himura called. She gave the scissors back to Karin, who accepted them with a smile and Himura started to remove the part of her sock which covered her right foot. She winched as she pulled it, revealing painful red skin and scarred, ivory skin. "See it's probably just sprained. Nothing to worry about." She sucked in a sharp breath when Isshin moved her foot so he could examine it better.

Ichigo watched his father work in silent admiration. The man really knew what he was doing, talking softly with Himura and making her laugh as he took care of her. She giggled along with his jokes and told them about her living arrangements. Apparently she was here on her own with no parents or guardians to provide for her, but she promised them that she was financially stable so they didn't have to worry about someone like her living on her own. Since she became friends with Inoue she had even shared a meal with her every once in a while. She admitted that it sometimes would be quite silent in her apartment, but she was used to being on her own.

"You can stay for dinner if you like," Yuzu offered cheerfully when Isshin finished treating Himura's leg.

And just like that the new girl at Karakura High School, Himura Suzu, stayed for dinner at the Kurosaki household, getting to know the eccentric family a little better. You would think that Ichigo would get to know her a little better as well, but she was very good at evading any other personal questions for that evening.

That night as Ichigo had already gone to bed he was staring up at the ceiling. He didn't understand why this new girl was so interesting to him. He had never really cared much for girls. Yuzu and Karin where his sisters and Tatsuki was his best friend. This girl was not part of the family and he hadn't known her long enough to call her a friend. Yet she was lying on their couch in the living room since she had fallen asleep shortly after dinner. Isshin thought it best to have her here anyway in case she had a concussion.

Her bright green eyes had sparkled as she talked with Yuzu about cooking, Karin about sports and joked with Isshin. Himura had even asked him about the dojo, but Ichigo (being his moody, quiet self) had only told her what he remembered from when he was younger and confessed that he didn't know about classes for older children. She had thanked him for the information and his father had claimed her attention once more.

Maybe he was making her too much of a mystery. Himura had only just moved here, so of course Ichigo didn't know her all that well yet. Yet… did he even want get to know her? Maybe he should, find out the mystery about those silver bells which echoed through his head every time she was near.

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