Chapter One

A.N.- I don't own either Batman, nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm just playing with the characters. This fic was inspired by Hellsinglover's "Poisoned Xander" Challenge. No set pairing yet. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Xander scowled at his red haired best friend. Willow just smirked at him and continued walking, trailing a little ways behind Buffy, their other best friend.

"A bet's a bet Xan."

Xander scowled at that, and intensified his glare at the red-head's back. Willow had bet him that he couldn't dust more vamps than her the night before, the penalty was the loser had to do what the winner told them to. Willow had dusted one vamp when Buffy accidently kicked it onto her stake. Xander had gotten zero.
Willow's task was contained in the plastic shopping bag in his hand. Neither of his two female friends appreciated his comment about spandex, so as punishment Willow had gotten him a costume. A spandex one. Made for a girl.

Xander's scowl transferred from Willow's back, to the bright red wig peeking out of the bag. She had picked his favorite DC Universe villainess, Poison Ivy. He was going to be a laughingstock at school, but he couldn't back out of it. Xander sighed and said his goodbyes to the girls, before heading home to get ready.

Xander cringed for the fifth time as he passed a snickering classmates, he really just wanted to sink into the ground and die. His group of kids, followed like little ducks, grinning and giggling after his little candy speech, ready to go out and get as much candy as they could. Xander led them down the street and took them from house to house.

At the fourth house, the two little demons in his group became scarily real all of the sudden and tried to attack the little fairy, who took off in flight. Xander told the little teddy bear to run and took off, trying to lead the two little demons away. He felt his skin start to prickle and burn and his vision spotted at first, then he totally blacked out.

The two little demons caught up to where Xander had fallen and looked around confused, their prey having vanished. The demons lost interest after sniffing around for a few moments, and left the spot. The grass rippled and vines sprouted out of the ground, twining upwards about five or so feet. The vines tangled around each other and then went outwards, revealing a slender woman with light green skin, bright green eyes, and vivid bright red hair. Remains of the spandex costume fell to the grass and were replaced by ivy leaves that covered the woman's breasts, and lower torso. The ivy spiraled down her thighs and wrapped around her feet to form high-heeled boots and covered her arms in elbow length gloves. Pamela Isley aka. Poison Ivy looked around in slight confusion. The last she remembered , she and Harley had been on a heist together, now she was in suburbia-hell, and Harley was nowhere to be seen. A vine curled up, rubbing against her cheek and she petted.

"It's all right my loves, Momma's just a little confused is all." She cooed at the plant.

The vines slowly retracted and Ivy started walking down the street, looking for any sign to tell her where she was.