AC: This is a new story I've been thinking for a while about when creatures appear in the human world. The scanner has other options and I add a new type of card ability to help them. Hope you like it and please review if you can.

Summary: An ordinary day turns into a strange day when he meets a creature of Perim. With Vinta, he'll repel the creatures of Perim that try to invade the earth with the help of other creatures. But why are they appearing on earth at the first place?

Chaotic: Creatures in human world

Prologue: Meet Vinta

"Come on dear wake up or you'll be late for school again!" Says a voice.

"Coming mom!" Says his son.

He's waking up and put his clothes and prepares himself for breakfast. His name is Guy, who's 15 years old. He's a teenager with long ginger hair. He has peach skin and blue eyes. He's wearing a blue t-shirt and red short. He's also a good chaotic player game. He's good at improvising strategy with his favorite tribes; mipedian.

After his breakfast he runs to his bus and sit at his usual spot. Then his best friend sits next to him.

"Hi Guy!" Says his friend.

"Hi Alexander!" Says Guy.

"Call me Alex...How many times do I have to say that?" Says his friend.

Alexander is a great friend to Guy and the same age. He has dark skin, dark short hair and brown eyes. He wears a red t-shirt and blue jeans. One thinks about Alexander that causes him some problem with other students, except Guy, is the fact that he's homosexual openly and don't deny it. He's already having a boyfriend name Carlos. He's also a good chaotic player and always knows about new stuff. His favorite tribe; danian.

"Did you hear that today, they sell a new type of chaotic cards?" Asks Alex.

"No...What type of card?" Asks Guy.

"Enhancement card. You can use them to boost the creature's physical abilities and hide some of their weakness. You can make them stronger, faster, smarter, etc." Explains Alexander. "But it's only temporarily."

"We're totally buying this after school." Says Guy with a smile.

"Yeah. Too bad we can't do a quick jump." Says Alexander.

After school

"The day past way to slow." Complains Alexander.

"At least we can enter in the shop and pay those new cards." Says Guy.

"If they still have some." Says Alex.

They enter in the shop and move to the chaotic section of the shop. They find the cards they want at 40$ and walk to the shopkeeper.

"Hi boys. You've heard of the new cards." Says the shopkeeper.

"Yes. We're going to try those soon with our scanner." Says Guy.

"Those scanners?" Says the shopkeeper. "There's a new type of scanner for every player for 120$ or 135$ with the card you've buy. They are all adapting with the color of your favorite tribes."


Normally, Guy and Alex are not crazy buyer but when it came to's the exception of the rule.

"We'll buy it!" They both shout.

They obtain their scanner with the color of their tribe and walk slowly outside the shop.

"...You're entering soon in a great journey." Says the shopkeeper. "The earth is counting on you."

"...Sometime I think the shopkeeper is a little crazy." Says Guy.

"He says that lots of time. He says that last year you know." Says Alex.

"Yeah. I remember." Says Guy.

They both return home and separate their way in the middle part of the city.

"Well...Since I choose to walk, I'll past by the woods for a short cut." Says Guy to himself.

He enters in the wood and walk for a while. By the woods, it takes half the time to return home and Guy prefers that way. Then, Guy hears suddenly the sound of a battle. Guy moves closer of the source and takes out his cell when he sees something he never expects to see; a mipedian fighting an underworlder in an epic battle. Guy watches it closer and recognises Vinta who's fighting Dardemus. Vinta jump by the side to dodge Dardemus Flame orb but fail and got hit in back.

"Argh!" Wince Vinta. He falls on the ground. He tries to stand up, but the underworlder stop him to do so.

Guy searches something to help his favorite tribe, but he only find a stone. Dardemus was about to be finish Vinta by crushing his head.

"Better not miss this throws." Says Guy.

He throws the stone the best he can and hits the eye of Dardemus. The attack was unexpected so it was very effective and Dardemus was now more occupied by the pain.

"VINTA THIS WAY!" Shout Guy.

Vinta looks at him and decides to follow him.

They hide the best in the wood.

"What and who are you?" Asks Vinta. "How do you even know my name?"

"I'm a human." Answers Guy. Vinta nod, but this answers didn't help him. "My name is Guy. I know you name because...hold on a sec...Here." He adds when he checks and shows a chaotic card where Vinta is print. Vinta quickly takes the card and watch it carefully. It gives little detail about him.

"What is that?" Asks Vinta.

"...That's a card representing you from the card game chaotic." Answers Guy.

"A game...This isn't a game!" Says quietly Vinta.

"It was just a card fight, not...this." Counter Guy.

Vinta suddenly put his hands on Guy mouth. Guy realises why when he hears the footsteps of Dardemus passing close to them, when he was far away Vinta free Guy mouth.

"I can't beat him...not with this injury." Says Vinta about his back.

"Maybe I can help you." Propose Guy.

"Can you use any elemental power?" Asks Vinta.

"No...Sigh. I don't have any power like you. No humans have power." Sigh Guy.

"We are doom." Says Vinta. "He'll find us eventually and kill both of us."

"All what I possess is useless...Do you have any battlegear?" Asks Guy.

"No...I...lost them." Vinta shout his mouth about how he lost his battlegear, but Guy knows he hides something.

"I think this scanner gives bad luck." Sigh guy when he looks at his scanner. He moves it to the side and discovers a special line hole made for the card code to pass and use them for the game. It was different from the others by the color, the symbol and some function have been had, but Guy didn't read the instruction yet.

Guy takes time to look at the real Vinta. He knows that Vinta is a strong and agile Mipedian. He has red skin; a little more dark red than the cards...his skins was more like scales. He wears blue and gold metallic plate on his shoulder. He also wears a tissue covering his butt and his...personal space.

Vinta looks at the scanner by curiosity. The scanner has the symbol of his tribe and it intrigues him a little. He then moves his fingers and touches it. Then something happen, the scanner suddenly open and light came out of the screen. Then the scanner stops to shrine.

"What sorcery is that?" Asks Vinta looking around, knowing that Dardemus sees the light.

"I don't know." Says Guy who loses his cool.

"Analyse complete, pact seal with Vinta!" Says the artificial voice of the scanner.

"Pact?" They both say.

"Found you." Says the voice of the underworlder.

They both roll to the side and dodge his attack.

"Listen human, this is my last fight so run away while I fight him." Says Vinta.

"Why?" Asks Guy.

"I'm a soldier and you not." Says Vinta. "Flash kick!" Shout Vinta as he attacks.

He hits Dardemus at his chest, but in the state of Vinta, it didn't hurt that much.

"Is that all?" Laugh the underworlder. "You can't win!"

There's must be something I can do! But what? Thought Guy in panic. Then an idea appears in his mind. He checks something in his pocket. He then checks his cards and find what he needs. It was the Torwegg card.

Guy opens his instruction book and moves to the card section and read it has fast as he can while Vinta barely resist Dardemus assault.


"Got it!" Says Guy about the card instruction. "CARD SLASH!" He then puts the card in the reading section of the card. "BATTLEGEAR TORWEGG ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, a Torwegg appears on Vinta's back and was operational.

"How?" Vinta says surprise, he then smiles. "You won't win underworlder."

He activates the battlegear and flies in the air and uses a powerful windslash at Dardemus and attacks him at every direction until Dardemus falls on the ground defeated.

"YOU'VE LOSE DARDEMUS!" Shout Vinta in victory. Suddenly, the Torwegg disappear. "Huh...AAAAHHHH!" BANG! Vinta crash on the ground.

The scanner of Guy shrine again.

"What now?" Asks Vinta furious about this as he stands up.

"Sending Dardemus to Perim..." A portal opens under the underworlder and he disappears in it. "Complete!"

"It's...What the hell is that?" Shout Guy. "I really need to read the instruction once I'm home!"

"...Human...No...Guy. Thank you. I would have been dead if you weren't there." Says Vinta.

"Well...I must go back home, my mom must be worry sick about me...What about you?" Asks Guy.

"I...Don't know." Says Vinta unsure. "I...Don't have a place to go.

"...Maybe...I can give you shelter at my home." Propose Guy.

"*Sigh* I have no choice. I don't even know where the rest are." Says Vinta.

"The rest? Other mipedians are here?" Asks Guy excitedly.

"No." Quickly says Vinta.

"Don't try this with me." Says Guy with a smile. "Come! My home is over there."

Vinta follow Guy to his home since he has no choice.

AC: This is the end of the prologue, chapter 1 will soon come.

Next chapter 1: A mipedian in my home.