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Far outside the base. A stretch of quiet road. A mostly clear Night.

A minivan took a turn off a branching street and drove onto the larger road connected to it. The car's headlights lit up the pavement and reflected off the bold signs and markings. Beyond that laid the darkness of the forest surrounding the road and the occasional small home in a clearing, most of which with their lights out for the night.

In the driver's seat of the van sat Lizzie, her hands on the wheel and her head facing straight forward. Her Perimian battle partner, Shimmark, sat on a blanket spread out across the trunk, viewing out the back window. The creature's eyes let off a slight copper glow in the dark vehicle.

Lizzie looked up at the rear view mirror and noticed Shimmark in the reflection with his back turned. The Mipedian moaned.

"Are we there yet?" he asked grumpily.

"We're getting there," Lizzie answered as she returned her attention to the road.

Shimmark sighed heavily. "Why does your friend have to live so far out here anyway? Especially here... I hate this place."

Lizzie shrugged her shoulders. "I guess her parents like the scenery."

"Well I wish they didn't," Shimmark mumbled. "So why are we visiting this girl again?"

"Didn't I tell you back at base?" Lizzie asked.

"I forgot, alright?" Shimmark snapped defensively.

"Well, we're buying some cards from her. We were talking online the other day and we were showing each other our decks. Some of them looked like something you could use."

"What, are you saying we're outclassed?"

Lizzie paused and breathed out, her eyes descending to the dashboard.

"It's not like what we got now is enough."

The car fell into silence. Shimmark faced the window again before looking back at Lizzie.

"Does she have a creature?" he asked her.

"Yeah," Lizzie answered.

"What tribe is he from?"

"Actually I've never seen him, or her, before. We haven't talked in person for a while and she hasn't had him very long."

"You didn't see him on webcam?"

"She says he's camera-shy."

Sometime later they made a turn upon the headlights shining over a blue mailbox on their left. Next to the box sat a smaller road breaking off from the main road. Lizzie took the car down the path and into the trees, shrouding them in a tunnel of bark and leaves as they became thicker and more compact.

Lizzie made a series of dull lefts and rights along the snake-like path, illuminated by small decorative lanterns planted along it. Shimmark eyed each lantern as he passed by them, moving onto the next when it vanished beyond the edge of his eyesight. Lizzie leaned forward as she focused on what lied ahead.

"She has to live all the way back here too," Shimmark complained under his breath.

The trees came to an end and they found themselves in a large clearing as the starry nighttime sky became visible again. In the center of the grass sat a two-story house with the lights inside piercing through the windows. Shimmark gazed at the home as they closed in on it.

"Is this it?" he asked Lizzie.

"Yep," she confirmed as she turned the wheel.

The car pulled over on the side of the trail. Lizzie turned off the car as she removed her keys, stashed them in her pocket, and hopped out her door. She walked around the car and stopped at the back, where Shimmark opened the trunk and stepped out. He closed it and began stretching.

"I think my legs fell asleep," he told Lizzie as he shook either leg. He looked up and no longer found found Lizzie in front of him. Looking around the side of the car he found her approaching the house.

He followed his human counterpart, who, just as she neared the front door, turned right and began walking around the side of the house. Shimmark rose a brow as he continued following her, catching up and landing right by her side.

"Why aren't you using the front?'" he asked her.

"She told me to meet her around back," she explained to Shimmark as she reached into one of her jacket pockets. Her hand emerged with a watt of folded dollar bills. She counted the money in her palms with her lips moving to the rising amount of it as her finger pushed each one aside. Shimmark watched her count.

"You're paying for them?" he questioned as he cocked his head.

"That's what we settled on," Lizzie told Shimmark as she counted the last dollar.

Shimmark's eyes turned to the home as he peered through the windows. In the first one saw, he found a silhouette staring back at him from inside the house – a figure with a pointed head, protrusions from its jaws, and glowing emerald eyes.

Shimmark stopped and growled at the shadowy being. It backed away from the window and vanished from sight. Lizzie halted as well as she heard him and looked over her shoulder, finding the Mipedian facing a window with his fists clenched and daggers showing.

"What is it?" she asked with concern in her voice.

Shimmark calmed down as he gave the window one last glimpse before moving on.

"Nothing," he assured Lizzie as he passed by her. Lizzie watched him for a moment before catching up.

The two reached the backyard, its boundaries set only by where the grass and the trees touched. Decorative items, plants, flowers, and pieces of outdoor furniture laid scattered across the yard. The sounds of a chilled song playing from somewhere nearby became picked up by their ears as they passed the porch. They spotted a small pond nearby with vibrant fish swimming below the surface of the water, giving them a gander as they walked by them.

At a circular table with a closed umbrella attached to it, a teenage girl sat with a book in her hand. Next to her on the table sat a small radio, the source of the music. The girl had dark olive skin and dark hair braided like dreadlocks. Over her brown eyes, she wore a pair of black-framed glasses that bounced off the light coming from her radio's screen.

Upon spotting her, Lizzie grabbed Shimmark's attention with her elbow, bumping him in the arm. He turned to Lizzie and found her approaching the girl with the book. He caught up with Lizzie as she approached the table and the music grew louder and more clearer.

Lizzie stood before the girl and awaited for her recognition. A few seconds after watching her nose remain buried beneath the pages of her literature, Lizzie rose an arm. Before she spoke, the girl's own arm stretched out, pointing her index finger at Lizzie for a moment's worth of patience.

"One moment please," she excused herself as she continued reading her story. Lizzie waited while Shimmark reached the two, standing next to his friend. Both stared at the girl, waiting for her.

Her head finally rose from her book as she sat it down on the table. She turned to Lizzie and Shimmark.

"Sorry Lizzie, I've just been hooked by this book," she apologized with a small smile. Shimmark gave her a look she didn't notice.

"What's it called?" Lizzie asked.

"The Great Gatsby, I found it in the bookstore last week," she answered.

"Uh, I think I saw that in the library the other day," Lizzie said as she looked away for a second. Shimmark's look shifted to the redhead as he groaned lowly.

"Can we just get this over with?" he demanded. The girl sitting down looked at Shimmark with a frown. Her attention returned to Lizzie.

"What's his problem?" Lee asked.

"He hates forests," Lizzie replied, turning to Shimmark. "Shimmark, this is Lee. She's the girl I'm getting our cards off of."

"Oh you're Shimmark? Nice to meet you, and Lizzie's telling the truth," Lee confirmed as she reached for her book. "Well then, have a seat and we'll get start –"

She stopped talking as she noticed something land on a page of her book. Lizzie and Shimmark stared at her as she examined her book up close. On the upper part of the page to the left, a pinch of water sunk into the paper.

"What's wrong?" Lizzie asked Lee. The girl looked up at the sky that suddenly lacked the stars sparkling across it. A thick patch of clouds began blocking the moon as they floated overhead of the three.

"Oh," she said as she pushed her chair back, stood up, and closed her book while slipping a bookmark hidden beneath the novel into her place in the story. "I forgot we're having a storm tonight."

"I guess we're taking this inside?" Lizzie asked Lee, who nodded in confirmation as she turned off her radio and scooped it up as she held her book under her opposite arm. She walked by the two and towards the backdoor of her house.

"Let's hurry up before it starts pouring," she stated.

Lizzie followed Lee inside while Shimmark didn't move. He simply glared at the house, spotting a window next to the backdoor. Something whizzed by the source of the light inside. The Mipedian exhaled angrily.

"Shimmark, come on," Lizzie told him. Shimmark looked forward and saw Lee opening the door for Lizzie as the two girls entered. His gaze broke as he suddenly felt the sharp coldness of droplets strike his scales. He looked over at the plate of armor protecting his shoulder and found it becoming wet from raindrops.

With a huff, he made his way towards the door as the drizzle intensified. Lee held the door open for him as he entered. She closed it as he stepped inside and the porch light died with the flick of a switch.

Shimmark and Lizzie entered the kitchen. Lizzie and Lee took a seat at the table in the center, sitting next to together on one side of it. Shimmark remained at the door, observing his surroundings and checking other areas of the house through the door frames leading to the living room and a staircase leading to the next floor.

As she sat her book and radio down, Lee turned her head and noticed that Shimmark hadn't moved. She tapped Lizzie's shoulder, grabbing her attention. She pointed at Shimmark.

"Do you want me to do something about him, or?" Lee asked her. Shimmark heard her voice and looked at the two.

"What?" he said with a hint of confrontation.

"I'll take care of it," Lizzie told Lee. "Shimmark if you want, you can sit in the living room until we're done."

Taking up her offer, Shimmark passed through the entrance to the living room. "Whatever."

The girls watched the creature leave the room quietly, their faces blank.

"Is he always like this?" Lee asked Lizzie as she turned to her. Lizzie sighed.

"Pretty much, yeah," she replied.

"That must be stressful," Lee assumed.

"Not really," Lizzie disclaimed. She looked down at her clammed hand and opened it. Inside laid the money. "Alright, let's get started."

Lee's eyes widened. She stood up and headed for the living room.

"I'll be right back," she excused herself. Lizzie watched her exit the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" she asked, raising her voice.

"I left my cards upstairs!" Lee answered, her voice loud as well.

Shimmark, who laid on a couch before a coffee table and the television, back turned away from everything else, listened in on the humans and heard Lee pass by him and take the stairs. When the sound of her steps faded away, he looked around the room. Hung upon the wall, above the television, a clock ticked.

"I wish I could tell their time," he said to himself quietly before facing the couch cushions and curling up.

When Lee found her cards, she returned to the kitchen and sat back down. While she showed Lizzie a card at a time and she forked over the money, Shimmark rested on the couch. Asleep, he snored softly as his tail wagged occasionally and he muttered the events of his dreams.

After handing Lizzie the last card, Lee collected the remaining ones spread across the table. Lizzie examined her new hand of weaponry as she shuffled through them. Lee slipped Lizzie's payment into her pocket.

"This should fix all your problems," Lee assured Lizzie.

"Thanks Lee, you don't how much this means to me," Lizzie thanked her deeply.

Lee pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Hey, I did owe you after that field trip to Fair Hill. Also..."

Lizzie looked up at Lee, whose head faced the table, her eyes obscured by her hair and glasses.

"What?" Lizzie asked, her eyes wider.

"I just wanted to ask you something," Lee explained. "It's nothing serious, I'm just wondering. Where did you get Shimmark from anyway? I've seen your parents around lizards before and they don't seem to like them very much."

"Oh," Lizzie said as she slouched in her chair. "It's kind of a long story, but –"

"I don't mind. I've got nothing to do besides read books anyway. My parents are at the movies and my sister's out of town for the week," Lee cut in.

Lizzie paused. "Well, I guess if it's fine by you."

With a breath, Lizzie commenced.

"My brother was into Chaotic a while before I was. I see him play the game with his friends whenever they come to our house after school. Sometimes they'll let me play with them if they're missing someone. And that's how I got into it. So, the next time he went to buy cards and I wasn't at school I tagged along with him."

"What did he say about it?"

"I could tell he thought it was weird, but he didn't mind."

"Oh, continue?"

"I bought my first Chaotic cards and started practicing. Well, then my brother told me I needed a scanner first to play it good. Until then I just practiced with that Joseph boy from school at lunch time."

"You mean that Sophomore who can't talk?"

"Yeah, him. We played at a lot and I always lost. But he told me I was getting better at it."

"How did he tell you if he can't speak?"

"He wrote on a sheet of paper."

"Well, that's... interesting."

"A couple weeks later my brother went to the store again and we bought the scanner. He told me it was the finest thing out there at the moment. He taught me how to use it, but I couldn't understand it at all even with his instructions. Well, Joseph helped me figure it out though. And for a while things were pretty slow. I learned from him and my brother and I began thinking I had a chance on the scene. And then... well..."


"Well, the creature thing happened."

"Oh yeah, that."

"I started meeting Joseph out of school. Him and his friends hang out in this abandoned warehouse by the pier. They made it into their hangout spot. When I got there, I learned Joseph was already part of it all."

"What happened?"

"He showed me his creature. His name was Malvadine and he was a Mipedian like Shimmark. He found him wandering the beach one night and he lead him to the warehouse."

"Were you surprised?"

"Yeah. I was kind of skeptical about the creature stuff until he showed me him. And his friend's creatures. They had partners too."

"So what happened next?"

"Well, when I got home I looked up some sites his friends told me to look up. That's when I learned there were already websites for the new game stuff. I started lurking around and hanging out in chats rooms silently. For the next couple weeks I just hung around them, but I never really played with them. I just watched."

"What made you start playing with them?"


In the living room, Shimmark still slept on the couch. He mumbled beneath his breath as he turned on his side. He scratched his arm before he became still again and resumed snoring.

In the shadows of the staircase, emerald eyes lit up. Slowly down the steps they went until they reached the bottom. A red, armor-plated hand gripped the corner of the wall as its owner peeked around the corner. On the couch he saw Shimmark, snoozing. The eyes narrowed.

"It was late one night, actually it was a night like this one," Lizzie continued. "I went to the mall but the bus wouldn't show up. Turns out there was a pileup on the highway and it got caught in traffic. I tried to call my brother to pick me up but he was knocked out from SAT testing. So I ended up walking home. One of the sidewalks was blocked by construction and I had to use the alley behind Sandra's to get through. And that's where I found Shimmark."

"You found him in an alley?" Lee repeated.

"Yes, I did. He was lying against a dumpster. I went to help him and he sneezed on me."

"And he was sick?"

"Yeah. I managed to help him up and I took him to Joseph's warehouse. Malvadine took over and he gave him something he said would help him for the moment. I spent a couple hours there and Malvadine told me he'd be fine. Then Joseph told me no one claimed him as their creature yet. He asked me if I had one and I said no. And that's when I realized I could have my own creature. They showed me how to scan and he became mine. I stayed there a little longer until they left and I had to go too. They showed me a few shortcuts back to my house and I took them. When I got back I sneaked Shimmark inside and I woke my brother up."

"Why did you do that?"

"I was just... worried, scared, and tired. I was thinking maybe he knew what to do or maybe he had his own creature hidden somewhere."

"Did he?"

"Well he knew about the creatures popping up but he didn't actually own one. It kind of freaked him out when he saw Shimmark. He asked me where I got him from and I told him the whole story. He spent a few minutes pacing around until he put something together. You know that old house on my street that nobody's lived in since the fifties?"


"We hid him in there. Every day me and sometimes he would visit Shimmark, making sure he was okay and that he hadn't been dragged away by the government or something. Well, we stopped doing that after we learned our parents were pretty up-to-date on what was going on."

"What did they say to you guys?"

"They said Shimmark could stay with us as long as he doesn't wreck anything."

"Huh. My parents were just about the same way from the beginning, so I've never had that issue with Aimukk. So I guess you two just kept practicing until those other guys recruited you?"

"Yeah, pretty much. My parents didn't have a problem with us leaving, but my brother was kind of sad to see Shimmark go. He was starting to like having him around... and that's it."

The two paused and the room went quiet for a moment.

"Well that wasn't very long," Lee confessed. Lizzie shrugged her shoulders.

"Feels pretty long to me," Lizzie expressed. "So what movie did your parents go to see?"

Lee rose from her chair as she inserted her cards into her pocket. "Some horror flick. I can't remember the name of it."

Lizzie stared off. "I've been wanting to see The Fault in Our Stars for a while. Oh my god, have you read the book before?"

"I have it upstairs," Lee answered.

"I freaking love it!" Lizzie gushed as she stood up also. Her excitement rapidly diminished into depression. "Too bad it just came out."

"Actually," Lee started with a grin. "My sister managed to sneak a bootleg from one of her roommates."

Lizzie turned to Lee. "Is the quality good?"

"It's the best I've ever seen on a bootleg. Hey, you don't have to go back now, do you?"

Lizzie put her hands at her hips. "Well it's not like anybody really pays attention to us there. It'd probably take a while for them to realize we're gone... I guess me and Shimmark could stay longer..."

In the living room, Shimmark slowly awoke as he blinked heavily before his eyes, though still halfway shut, opened. He propped himself up as he lightly shook his head and looked up as he heard the ambient sounds of thunder. He sighed.

Turning around, he came face-to-face with a Danian with emerald eyes. At first he didn't react, but seconds later he snapped awake.

"Gotcha," the insect said to him.

"Alright, I'll head upstairs and get it," Lee said to Lizzie in the kitchen as she turned for the living room and the stairs.

Both Lee and Lizzie froze as they heard the sounds of Shimmark shrieking and a struggle, emanating from the living room. They looked at each other before dashing for the exit as thumps shook the place.

Lee raced into the room while Lizzie remained at the entrance, poking her head around the corner. Before the girls, Shimmark and the Danian, locked onto each other with the Danian on top, rolled across the floor.

"I got him!" the Danian shouted repeatedly.

"Get off me!" Shimmark told the creature while latching onto his arms, failing at prying them off him.

Lee folded her arms as the Danian looked at her, noticing her in the room.

"What?" he asked.

Distracted, Shimmark forced the creature off him. He rolled backwards and got back on his feet as he held a fighting stance.

"What are you doing?" Lee asked.

"I was stopping the intruder!" the Danian explained as he pointed at an offended Shimmark.

"Intruder?" he yelled back.

"Uh, Aimukk, is that right?" Lizzie inquired from the Danian as she emerged from the kitchen and joined Lee. The Danian turned to the fire-haired girl as she entered.

"Yes? Who are you?" he asked of her. Lizzie rose her scanner as she pulled it out of her pants pocket. The Danian, Aimukk, paused. "Oh, are you his..."

"Yes, I'm his partner. He wasn't intruding. We're guests," Lizzie explained to Aimukk.

"Oh," the Danian said. He crawled over to Shimmark and stretched out his arm. "I'm sorry for attacking you, Shimmark. Will you forgive me?"

"After jumping on me like that?" Shimmark said.

"I don't mean to... jump in, but..." Lee chimed in as all eyes went on her. "It'd be best if you forgave him because you're going to be here a while."

"What do you mean I'm going to be here a while?" Shimmark yelled as he turned to Lizzie. "Lizzie?"

"Yeah me and Lee are going to watch a movie in her room," Lizzie explained to Shimmark.

"Well... well, well don't you think the others will notice something?" Shimmark claimed.

"Shimmark it's not like we're going to be here until the crack of dawn," Lizzie told the Mipedian.

Shimmark turned and found Aimukk, still stretching out his arm for him. He eyed the Danian before, slowly, raising his arm and grasping his, shaking them together.

"There, was that so hard?" Lee commented as she turned to Lizzie. "Alright, how about we grab some snacks and head upstairs?"

"Sure," Lizzie agreed. The two returned to the kitchen.

Aimukk turned to Shimmark but no longer found him standing there. Looking around, he saw him approach the couch and lay back down on it. The Danian rose his arm to his mouth before crawling over to him.

He held onto a couch arm as he leaned forward.

"Did I hurt you badly?" he asked him.

"No I'm fine, just leave me alone!" Shimmark snapped as he shooed Aimukk away with the swipe of an arm. The Danian did not move from his spot. He clasped his hands together and stared elsewhere.

Reaching into a small pack by his abdomen, he removed a small piece of cactus. He placed it on the coffee table before beginning a slow trip back to the staircase.

"I left something there for you if want it. I'll be upstairs if you..." Not receiving an answer from the unresponsive Shimmark, he gave up and climbed up the stairs with a moan and a lowered head.

When Aimukk left, Shimmark checked nearby and didn't see him in the living room anymore. He sat up as he looked at what Aimukk just left for him. His jaw dropped as he realized what it was. He picked it up and rotated his wrist, examining it. He took a bite out of it.

"A Mipedian Cactus. I haven't seen one of these things since Perim," he told himself with a full mouth, frowning.

He turned to the staircase, then looked at the cactus again before standing up and walking to the stairs.

"Aimukk!" he called as he climbed his way to the second floor.

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